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Taking men seriously emotionally is like pissing yourself in public Anonymous 188398

Letting a man worm his disgusting way into your head at all emotionally for any reason, is death.

You should be high on yourself before anything else. God wow especially if you have no reason to, at least then you can get off your ass, kick ass in school, and fake it till you make it. Men want women to feel like shit. 9 times out of 10 men pursue women as a joke, so why should we not detach ourselves from them and only think of them as the snacks they are? Why should we ever treat them as more than a fling and a laugh?

I've always wondered why women don't do the same thing. Men are the ones who are desperate for sex anyway. It seems like the logical way for things to work themselves out.

Anonymous 188403

Yeah no you sound like a psychopath. Go back to fds

Anonymous 188405

calm down handmaiden. op is right

Anonymous 188416

>9 times out of 10 men pursue women as a joke
This makes me feel like OP fell for some fuckboy who didn't want to be with her

>only think of them as the snacks they are


Having one night stands and giving sex to moids isn't the own you think it is. Men still benefit. They love nothing more than getting pussy with no responsibilities attached.

Anonymous 188419

>This makes me feel like OP fell for some fuckboy who didn't want to be with her
as if there are men who are not fuckboy or porn addicted
the solution is not to have one night stands. the solution is not to engage in romantic relationships with men

Anonymous 188511


Men are also sex-crazed animals. Every man nowadays has a porn-infested coomer brain and usually spends 2-3 times a day jerking off, resulting in erectile dysfunction most of the time. They crave sex so badly that they base their entire personality off of it (incels) and spend their days hating women because they can't access sex. It's like they were programmed to fuck and just drop dead afterwards, not sure how people aren't disgusted by these coomer brains.

Anonymous 188520

Yeah good luck getting straight women to separate. This has been tried before and it never works out

Anonymous 188535

I agree. I'm a lesbian btw

Anonymous 188700

I love Ange

Anonymous 188734

You are so right

Anonymous 188940

Thanks for proving the point.

Anonymous 189026

Because they have it coming and I honestly think it would be good for men to stop being pandered to emotionally. It would force men to get over themselves. Men expect to get everything they want, the way they do, precisely because women spoil them to death by empathizing too much. Most especially when they shouldn't.

I don't think womens empathy towards other women and animals would change much.

Anonymous 189124

Same, she's my wife.

Anonymous 189307

Way to be, honestly. Maybe it's because I look butch as fuck, but I've started responding to male disrespect by talking to them like they talk to women a while back (they get upset, you make fun of their ape rage hormones. If they're gaslight-y, gaslight them first and do it harder so they look too crazy to speak. Respond to entitlement towards young girls with "but maybe I want a smooth, hot 18 year old boy who's dick hasn't been shaved down to a nub from being used too much" etc). I don't let it be known that I hate men per se (I'm more subtle than this sounds), but they fuck with me way less because I demand respect in ways they don't have enough emotional intelligence to verbalize. It seems to make women around me feel more comfortable speaking up too.

Anonymous 189396

I want this

Anonymous 189541

Women make up the majority of many animal-related professions, disproportionately represented in things like animal grooming and direct care, rehabilitation, and most interestingly, all forms of amimal rescue. I don't think what you said there is entirely true, especially if you live in a rural area. Otherwise yeah everyone stop caring about the human male and care more about everything else, we can agree there kek

Anonymous 189627


Women also make up the vast and overwhelming majority of people in real non-profit work. As someone who works with the homeless population (focusing on women and kids) its super obvious that almost all of the few men there are in it for the wrong reasons.

Anonymous 190623

cope and seethe

Anonymous 190727

But this is true? Women are more empathetic by far, we don't objectify men in the way they do to us (literally buying and selling us as objects) and women are smarter in most decision making processes (we are stupid when it comes to "should I kill this thing because it will bring me power", we always make the wrong choice there! Oops silly girls!)

Anonymous 198706

Kek, scrotes are so fucking retarded it's just funny.
> Muh you're so vain for pointing out women are more empathetic and less violent and vile than men who commit 90% of all violent crime etc.
Yet thousands of years of male propaganda shilled to uphold mens vanity is somehow not vain? Pointing out women are less shitheads then men is vain? Because women just are.
Men identify as special/important/empathetic etc. which is why more trannies are men. They think their belief = reality, while statistics and reality says otherwise.

Anonymous 198711

This can be proven by having eyes, existing in society, and having any understanding of history or current life at all kek.

Anonymous 200145

true, i believe around 70-80% of men are on the narcissistic spectrum
this is why they are so entitled, make up corrupt pseudo-morals that only serve their desires and bend facts to fit their narratives

Anonymous 207124

So why in gods name would anyone live with one in the long run? Can someone explain why ANY female that isn't brain damaged could benefit from it at all? Only 10-20% aren't like that. Kicking yourself over anything they want is retarded

Anonymous 207218

Anonymous 208991


I don't think this is quite what OP is referring to, but I used to have very low self-confidence regarding my image because I'd get disgusting moids fetishizing me for being short and I guess looking young. So I was completely turned off from dating. But for the past few years I have been in a physically demanding job and also lift frequently, I've gotten pretty defined musculature, according to standards listed on https://strengthlevel.com/ for the lifts I tested I'm stronger than an intermediate male lifter, so anyway all this completely changed my image and gave me more self-confidence. Now I get completely different moids interested in me that want a dominant woman, which I much prefer because it puts the power in my hands. I did end up getting a bf after this, and the power dynamic is much more in my favor; I'm the provider physically and emotionally which is also what he wants.

The reason I bring this up is because changing your image to one where you are looked at as someone more "dominant", whatever method you use, will give you all the power in relationships with moids so you don't even have to worry about this stuff. I lifted to make up for my height, but if you are taller or have a certain appearance you may be able to give off this impression just by the way you dress and your mannerisms. Actual confidence is probably the most important part, and also your income. The moid will stand to lose much more from the relationship ending than you are. I'm aware this is all pretty FDS sounding, but I still remember how I was treated before, unfortunately the majority of moids have bad intentions, and you need to beat them at their own game.

I think women have been conditioned to be dependent and desire a "dominant" man, which is the main problem causing emotional hurt since these type of men will treat you like nothing more than a quick fuck or trophy gf. I agree with half of the OP, but treating moids as flings or avoiding them is not the solution, this toxic culture will just remain the status quo. You just need to make sure he is dependent on you.

Anonymous 209011


i have worked and volunteered for various non profit orgs and let me tell you, most men who actually care and are there to help are gay… unsurpisingly, the straight men use it purely to boost their 'status as a male' in order to be respected by other chimps and adored by women. pathetic and disgusting MENtality

Anonymous 209015


sex pest mentality is a reason why despite men only making up 49% of the US population, males only make up 20% of the US prostitution population

Anonymous 209016

Don't cape for gay moids either. They do everything to imitate women and insult them at every turn.

Anonymous 209020

I find their jealousy about women is pretty odd too. For years, I witnessed gay males whining about women "stealing male attention" and having mini tantrums when hot men are straight and not gay. Except the thing is, if a man is straight, how is a woman "stealing" him away from gay males? You can't miss what you never had, yet gay males just don't seem to understand this. I've heard of gay males trying to make moves on men they KNOW are straight, but at this point it seems like a fetish amongst gay males. Quite a number of them really seem to believe that all men belong with them, and it's so absurd to me.

Anonymous 209083

I haven't interacted with many gay men but that sounds like it's just biphobic lesbians in reverse?

Anonymous 209086

My bench 1 rep max is 210 lb, deadlift 345, squat 295 and according to the website I linked, the dl and squat are slightly higher than an intermediate male lifter of all weights while the bench is slightly lower. I've seen that reddit chart before and admittedly I have not tested my grip strength but based on anecdotal experience I am very skeptical, I bet what they considered an "elite athlete" was very liberal. You need to have a certain level of grip strength to even hold a bar with enough weight on it, and I've seen many men lose grip on amounts I didn't. Not just me but other female lifters, although there definitely aren't many serious ones. If I ever get hold of a dynamometer I will unironically post a picture of my reading here, but I'm definitely not going to buy one just to prove something to someone on a forum who probably won't change their mind anyway because of some chart.
Here's an article I like with a lot of peer reviewed studies linked. Just food for thought. If you don't think you're able to do it, you won't.

Anonymous 209087

Please the reading for our curiosity?

Anonymous 209088

I don't have a dynamometer and don't know where to find one. I heard some gyms have them but mine doesn't.

Anonymous 209193

inb4 >muh heterosexuality
If you know how men make up the vast majority of pretty much every statistic of violent crime like homocide, beatings, and arson, and especially how men are overwhelmingly the perpetuators of domestic abuse (93% of perpetuators arrested in one study were male for instance), how 83% of DV victims are women, and how around 1 in 3 women will experience dating violence, why in the world would you take all those risks for a relationship with a man?

Anonymous 209216

I'm always really weary about gendered crime statistics because the amount of people who are convicted of a crime is not always the same as the amount of people who attempt that crime. For example stats like,
>In 2014, slightly more men (4.2%) than women (3.5%) reported being victims of spousal violence during the preceding 5 years. This translated into about 342,000 women and 418,000 men across the provinces. Similar declines in spousal violence were recorded for both sexes since 2004.
have me convinced that men and women hit each other about the same amount and the difference is that most women would have a much harder time injuring their boyfriends.
Like at the end of the day women are still more at risk than men, but I don't think it's as one sided as you make it sound.

Anonymous 209217

I'm feeling really misandrist today

Anonymous 209218

Does anyone else just find it exhausting to hate men? I don't want to hate them. I want to love them. I want to believe they're better than what I see on imageboards and Reddit and the internet at large.

Anonymous 209219

No i was just born that way.

Anonymous 209241

The problem with this interpretation of that stat is it doesn't account for whether spousal violence is in retaliation or self defense.

It has been theorized that men tend to overreport DV while at the same time abusing their female partner. And when women do get violent, its likely either in self defense or retaliation against a partner who abused them first. In addition to this, men consistently deliver more physical damage in their IPV to women than the other way around.

That's only considering IPV, when you take into account who makes up the majority of rapists, 99% of men, and the fact that 51% of rape victims had their rapist be a current or former significant other, it starts to form the picture that the danger men pose to women overall in intimate relationships does seem to be one sided. And that dating men is too much of a risk to be worth taking.


Anonymous 209242

Formulating any study to properly understand sexual violence seems like it's impossible, not just because it is easily politicized, but because violence always involves more complex dynamics than can fit in any study checklist. In studies of prison rape since the 1970s it's been extremely consistent that female prisons have much, much more inmate-on-inmate rape reported and less staff misconduct, and male prisons report more "staff misconduct" but less inmate-on-inmate rape. But the inmate-on-inmate rape in female prisons had historically been because inmates were nonconsentually and forcibly searching each other's body cavities for drugs and contraband, not because they wanted sex. Male inmates seem to just have more hangups about touching another man's body even if it had a possibility of scoring drugs. But when male prisoners dropped those hangups it would be actual penetrative rape for the purpose of orgasm, and not a nonsexually motivated attack that happened to replicate some of the physicality of a sexually motivated attack. And the staff misconduct in male prisons was almost always a female prison worker's illicit behavior going no further than a kiss or a consentual affair, where staff misconduct in women's prisons involved staff actually raping an inmate. So there were misallocations of resources motivated by extremely misleading statistics. I've even seen some comments that trans sex offenses in prison just reflect the existing qualities of the prison population, transmen get raped by staff because male prisoners get raped by staff, and not because women are vulnerable, and transwomen commit rape in women's prison because the larger and stronger women in prison would be expected to rape weaker prisoners. Everybody knows there's a completely different dynamic at work.

There was a study I can no longer find which had been an online questionnaire, filled out mostly by Mechanical Turk respondents. I don't remember the exact (very low) numbers, but I do recall that a surprisingly high number of cisgender female respondents claimed to have perpetrated rape, somewhere around half as many as male respondents. We're obviously not living in a world in which 1 out of 3 rapists are women. Even if the survey were actually accurate, which is rare for survey based studies which have to work with very small responses, there would likewise be a hidden dynamic at work.

Anonymous 209244

That's true, when the circumstances surrounding certain statistics are not taken into account, then it ends up painting misleading views about the true nature of events. Like how you said in female prisons what was written off as "staff misconduct" was often times the staff raping inmates.
And in my example, this is seen too, when women who are retaliating against their male partner who hurt or hit them first are seen as "just as bad" or "mutual abusers" and counted as female IPV perpetuators, even when they didn't perpetuate anything and were fighting back.
Ever more the reason to stay wary of people trying to downplay the dangers men serve to women, especially as romantic partners, by bringing up some fringe edge cases or misinterpreting statistics.

Anonymous 209245

>It has been theorized that men tend to overreport DV
I'm sorry that just seems unfalsifiable. You can say that about any statistic and nobody could ever definitively prove you wrong.
>In addition to this, men consistently deliver more physical damage in their IPV to women than the other way around.
That's kinda my point. Men beat there spouses more severely, but not necessarily more often. It's sexist but hitting your boyfriend is obviously not the same as your boyfriend hitting you in terms of physical results, so I understand why they're not treated the same, and if your sole concern is avoiding risk, don't date men, but I think people look at discrepancies in crime statistics attribute them to differences in behavior more than ability a little more often than they probably should.
It's like when people use the male suicide rate as proof men are oppressed while ignoring the fact that women attempt suicide more often.

Anonymous 209248

Attempts at suicide are an extremely poor statistic to use as evidence of anything, since they're almost always self-reported including last-minute 911 calls. I've never felt that an attempted suicide that reaches a report is representative of actual attempted suicides. Discrepancies in attempted suicide reports seem more likely to be closely related to differences related to men's characteristic reluctance to report any medical issue whatsoever whether physical or mental rather than a difference in number of attempts. Men see their general practitioner half as frequently as women do despite having clinically proven to have weaker immune systems, higher mortality rates per single year of age at nearly every age after turning 20, higher susceptibility to death causing conditions which medical intervention can prevent e.g. high cholesterol treatable by statins, and also being worse at controlling their own weight without say a personal trainer or dietician. Even men with type 1 diabetes will only see their endocrinologist and no other doctor for decades at a go, and even that only because the endo insisted on being seen, because an endo's going to want to know whether or not he's lost his eyes or his limbs yet before signing his insulin refills.

Anonymous 209295

>lesbian couples treat their relationships like it's an MMA match
What does this mean
>i think you mean trannies
No, the male suicide rate is higher because males are more likely to shoot themselves in the face and it's hard to survive that

Anonymous 209299

Pretty sure it refers to suicide attempts or even suicidal ideations.

Anonymous 209310

NTA but the 55% is a complete misinterprentation of a study which also included psychological violence and whether they had experienced it or not, not necessarily in a lesbian relationship. Males are much more violent than women.

Anonymous 209316

It makes sense when you consider that women are more likely than men to attempt suicide, but men are more successful in suiciding themselves than women. I'm sure if you took the proportion of trannies that actually kermit sudoku the ratio of XYs to XXs would be similar to non-troon an heroes.

Anonymous 209336


Males make it hard to take them seriously when they try to list all the ways in which they're "superior" to women.
>list out the fact that men make up the vast majority of violent crimes across the globe
males start to divide themselves and point their fingers at one another in a competition to make themselves seem like they're better for the human race than they actually are. Black men will say all of the world's problems is because of white men. White men will use that 13-50 statistic to have you believe that white guys are never a threat. Asian men will tell you that everyone else is an uncultured, shameful idiot, and that they're the rightful males of earth. So on.
>point out that in any racial group, men are the common denominators of degeneracy and abuse
males then try to dig up those rarer cases where a woman is a fault for something horrible, and use it as a pathetic attempt to prove that society's problems have shared blame….when it doesn't.
>males try to argue they're more intelligent than women
>point out that women and girls generally get better grades
now moids will tell you that grades don't reflect on intelligence at all.
>picrel is a girl who's a "genius" by IQ score
Like clockwork, moids like the one in the comments will now say that IQ tests don't matter and never have, despite using it to flex on groups like the "nigs".
>women dominate in other sports such as gymnastics
moids immediately shit on it for being "boring"
>women make up the majority of teachers and nurses, two valuable positions in society
scrotes will still tell you that these jobs "don't matter" because "anyone can be a teacher or a nurse".
>bring up that women do more volunteer work
I've seen moids laugh at the phrase "volunteer work" because their sociopathic brains can't comprehend helping someone without ulterior motives
>women lead nonviolent protests and organize their movements better than males on reddit do
yet males will still say that they're the face of "freedom n shit" just because they make up the majority of war fodder
>males are the majority of people who abuse animals, which leaves women as the better caretakers
but when women care for animals, they're called "crazy cat ladies"
>men claim that they make better parents and that the custody system is unfair because it's misandric
yet men are actually more likely than women to kill or molest their children, and these numbers get worse when the father doesn't have a biological connection. males also make up the vast majority of people who commit murder-suicide, but for some reason they think it's unfair when fewer people trust them with children. How many more times are men going to flail to scream that they're better than women when they're not?

Anonymous 209394

>are just the teacher testing whether or not you retained and regurgitated whatever literal bullshit they spouted during class
This is part of intelligence though. It's a big cope for people to disregard memorization and academic success as markers of intelligence. If you can't retain information and work with it, you can't do shit, whichever your field is. That's just the truth.

Anonymous 209398

It's a ridiculous nonsensical cope.
>"oh so just because I'm unable to answer a single question about world history that means I'm uninformed?"

Anonymous 209402

I disregarded it because it's incredibly stupid. Both maths and physics still require you to memorize knowledge. Yes, knowing how to solve problems requires remembering how to solve similar problems. Other "softer" scientific courses like biology still require you to understand complex mechanisms and use your long-term memory to form hypotheses about why shit works the way it does. Even in the humanities, philosophy depends extremely on working with previously acquired information (and in fact logic is a field of philosophy), history requires understanding complex dynamics in collective human behavior/economics, etc. Only considering maths and physics as "logical" also outs you as a pseud who is probably not even in STEM.
The rest of your post is also full of bs.
>cheer squads
Are not even considered a real sport everywhere outside of the US. Even in the US, how many people can name a "cheer champion" (if there is even such a thing) vs know who Simone Biles is? It should also be obvious the reason men take an interest in cheer (hint: it has nothing to do with athletic performance).
>flight attendants used to be required to have medical degrees
Do you have a source for that? Because I doubt it very much than anyone would go through medical school only to be a flight attendant. Unless you're talking about a nursing degree, which is not the same as a medical degree.

Anonymous 209408

Bit sus link. Can you screenshot?
Simone Biles is a gymnastics champion and she is massively famous worldwide. No one knows anything about cheer squads outside of the US.
>my instructors personal political beliefs
You are right about that one, but that's just a bad teacher. A bona fide teacher would allow for any arguments as long as correctly justified.

Anonymous 209414

Short history of f…

>Bit sus link. Can you screenshot?
Certainly, I just prefer to use archive links because they cannot be altered at a later date.
>Simone Biles is a gymnastics champion and she is massively famous worldwide.
Good for her, doesn't change the fact that I don't know who she is.
>No one knows anything about cheer squads outside of the US.
Sounds like such a shame. But, then again, it probably has to do with how schools and sporting events in Europe and Asia operate far differently than they do here in the states.
>You are right about that one, but that's just a bad teacher.
But, that's part of the issue. Saying that "Test Scores" are higher for one group doesn't mean squat when the style and goal of the teachers, the school, and/or even the government is based towards favoring and benefiting people who think, act, and answer a certain way. The way they want people to think, act, and answer. And, any opposition to the matter be damned because "How dare" people want to be independent and have their own thought.

Anonymous 209432

This is CNN commenting on the study the number 41% is taken from:
>Among female to male teens, the language the study uses for transgender male teens, more than half (50.8%) said they’d tried to take their lives, according to the study, published Tuesday in the journal Pediatrics.
>In addition to high rates of suicide attempts among female-to-male transgender respondents, 41.8% of adolescents who identified as neither male nor female said they’d attempted suicide; 29.9% of male-to-female transgender respondents, 27.9% of questioning adolescents, 17.6% of females identifying as female and 9.8% of males identifying as male responded the same, the study found.
50.8% for FtMs, 41.8% for "nonbinaries" and other genderspecials (which I understand to be about 90% AFAB at a low estimate), and only 29.9% for MtFs - I don't believe this multiplies down to 41% overall but it does follow the same pattern as all the other studies which metastudies came out with the 41% figure. Keep in mind that the baseline for the LGB community is also much higher than for heteros too. MtFs are only a little over half as prone to attempting suicide as FtMs, similar to the ~10% for standard males and ~18% for standard females. If we were to consider MtFs as being in some way associated with women, then they would be only ~50% more likely to report attempting suicide than natal women. But if we were to consider FtMs as being associated with men then they would be 4X more likely to report attempting suicide than natal men. And it is FtMs who usually "pass," so if it were a matter of people and society treating transgenders differently than others based on how they look and reactive institutional prejudice then transgender suicidality would be almost entirely an issue of manlet problems or heightism in society beyond anything else.

Anonymous 209490

>Men will stop pursuing women if they think they aren't interested
Lol that would be nice.

Anonymous 209844

>Taking men seriously emotionally is like pissing yourself in public

I've never posted in this thread only scrolled past it but I came so close to saying this to my moid during an argument this morning lol one of these days it's going to slip out

Anonymous 209974

Because they aren't aware of that fact. We live in a culture favoring abusers, in which we are gaslighted and vilified before we can even begin to formulate the thought we're being abused. Plus, it is painful to accept something you're powerless to do anything about and how crazy the world is. They'd rather believe they just have to work harder and compromise, as they were told. Men also work hard to shame and pathologize single women since their quality of life greatly depends on our labor and emotional ressources.
As long as the general population doesn't understand the mechanics of dark triad personalities and how prominent they are in men, this will not change.
I know I would have never understood that by myself.

Anonymous 209977


Normalize shaming and bullying teenage scrotes for watching porn. Pornography does have a negative impact on women, children, and even men. Of course, males and pickmes will tell you this isn't true, but it IS true: https://archive.is/s2jan
Some pickme Jr. tried to "put me in line" for bullying one of the middle school's bullies for admitting that he watched porn. Her defense was "stop being over dramatic, porn is how people learn, it's just what guys do". I rolled my eyes and ignored her because she did and said anything for the boys' approval. My mother told me again and again at that age that porn is gross and turns people into maniacs when they watch it too much. I used that lesson to predict that the bully would grow up to be a degenerate, and I was exactly right because it's been ten years since and he's currently a registered sex offender for rape. Pornography is garbage, pickmes can fuck off, and degenerate males shall burn in hell.

Anonymous 210017

What can we do about this? What's our best line of defense to defend ourselves and other women against dark triad personality trait moids?

Anonymous 210022

Live life without giving a fuck, only nab passionately socially concious guys while ignoring the rest. Otherwise maybe don't get in a relationship at all, which is what I'd prefer. Those kinds of guys are exceedingly rare and it's no shock if you didn't find the kind of guy you match with, because mwn dont exist to genuinely attract/ love women they exist for themselves. We need to breed the corruptness of men out of existence God maybe breed them to be more attractive too since they hold us to such high standards

Anonymous 210023

For any women here that have faith in males. Please watch this, I know it’s on tiktok… sorry


Anonymous 210028

Educating them about abuse and toxic personalities is the essential first step, but it won't always be enough. We are facing actual indoctrination here. Creating women-only spaces is important because oftentimes they need a safe and fulfilling place to deal with the cognitive dissonance abuse brings. Separatism is the best solution, ideally we'd bring back same-sex schools since males impede young girls' development and harass them into submission at such a vulnerable age. Unfortunately it is not realistic right now, men will oppose any action on a remotely large scale, we can only try to help the women we know. I'd like to say that maybe one day enough women will care about this and take action, but evil is pervasive.
Besides, abusers adapt quickly and spread a lot of misinformation, they especially groom people on twitter and tumblr.
For now you can support and educate, and if you have the resources to provide woman-only activities and protect these places from troons, go for it.
"Why does he do that" by Lundy Bancroft is a good start to understand abusive patterns (though the author doesn't believe most abuse is caused by narcissism), and there is a lot of great content on cluster B and antisocial personalities on youtube.

Anonymous 210048

Doesn't prove anything. Yep most males are garbage, but some aren't they're just very rare. We need to breed only with men tha aren't garbage.

Anonymous 210695

yea men have this troublesome habit of responding to data with data

Anonymous 210719

That's utopic thinking. There will always be BPD + narcissism pairings, and not pairing with the majority of the male population creates incels which are a waste and a detriment. They should be drafted to a shadow war.

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