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Lolcow Bunker Thread #005 Planned Downtime Anonymous 189027

Anonymous 189028

What kind of porn was Samuel Jackson liking? Black male celebrities have all been caught liking tranny porn kek.

Anonymous 189030


Spoiler for porn but it was just basic porn videos, nothing too weird

Anonymous 189031

kek just checked and it's still there https://twitter.com/SamuelLJackson/likes

Anonymous 189032

i saw a couple on the metro yesterday and got so angry. what is wrong with me???? why cant i get a boyfriend???
im so sick of being alone. i hate my life.

Anonymous 189033

I always forget why burgers have a boner for this guy.

Anonymous 189034

It's pretty much just memes

Anonymous 189035

Lsa gonna be mad it's white porn kek, gross fucking scrote

Anonymous 189036

two are ordinary bad porn and one is a public sexual harassment j/o fantasy video

Anonymous 189037

Oh wow

Anonymous 189039


Jinguru bay jinguru bay
Suzu ga naru!!!!

Anonymous 189040

Aw, the threadpic gives me a little nostalgia even though I never got through this game

Anonymous 189041

it's cute tho

Anonymous 189042

You anons and your obsession with LSA is really weird to me. There are sites with more similar userbases and more cross-posters to lolcow, and yet they don't get mentioned even half as much as LSA.

Anonymous 189043


I want my /g/ threads back so I can go back to Mikeposting

Anonymous 189044

He also seems to be obsessed with Brie Larson. Most of his likes are her tweets (selfies)

Anonymous 189045

I am living for retarded celebrities using twitter as their social media of choice, the website that tells your followers about literally all your activity

Anonymous 189046

he's edgy because he says the hard-r nword >>189044
I was just gonna say, what the fuck lol. it's like he likes every single video she has ever posted of herself

Anonymous 189047

What is the pic from??

Anonymous 189048

My useless brother is at home all day long and couldn't be bothered to get the door for me? Fuck off. I'd always get everyone's shit when I was unemployed.

Anonymous 189049

maybe they have the same social media manager who likes their own posts to boost engagement..? he doesn't really tweet like a normal human being

Anonymous 189050


Crayon Shin Chan.

Anonymous 189051

Eh? Finish it some time anon

Anonymous 189052

a shitty social media manager that is too retarded to understand that people can see their client's likes on twitter. i can believe that though.

Anonymous 189053


Anonymous 189054


i never understood the way celebs use social media. it makes more sense to use your public twitter with your name attach to promotional stuff and then have an anonymous twitter for anything else. it feels unprofessional seeing two celebs fight each other over twitter. The way celebs act on social media reminds me of the 13 year old kinnies I used to follow back in 2014

Anonymous 189055

Anonymous 189056

Anonymous 189057

lolcow is down and within the last four days, apparently my IP was range blocked by 4chan
I hope cc will allow me to stay, cause I am lost now

Anonymous 189058

Yeah it genuinely is! I listen to that album and some of Trhä’s other stuff quite regularly, and I generally like harsh-sounding music (I listen to a lot of noise music and classical composers like Bartòk and Ligeti as well). Different strokes for different folks I guess.


This is really cool, thank you!

Anonymous 189059

Anonymous 189060


why is the manga thread on /m/ so bad?

Anonymous 189061

I use lsa, I'm black, so I talk about it. I also tall about kiwifarms. Who cares

Anonymous 189063

I was supposed to write 3 positive things about myself every day except I didn't do it properly because I genuinely couldn't think of anything beyond "I went outside today" and "I studied today" so now I have to fake it or seem like a lazy unwilling fool. help me think of some positive things I can write down please

Anonymous 189064

I wish 4chan had a manga board.

Anonymous 189065

This is a psy-op

Anonymous 189066

because everyone would rather post in the fujo thread

Anonymous 189067

Fran Bow and The Cat Lady

Anonymous 189068


The site is still down? Seriously? Did anyone catch what the supposed maintenance consisted of, if admin even said anything?

Anonymous 189069

why do you have to do this? is it meant to be inspiring? sounds like a depressing chore.
any positivity i might have felt would be cancelled out by having to write about it as an assigned exercise.

Anonymous 189071

do you want the list I posted in /ot/ again?

Anonymous 189072

adding banners

Anonymous 189073


Have a warm day nonas

Anonymous 189074

also tried doing similar shit in the past, but if it feels really awkward just start jurnaling and be honest about your struggles and negative thoughts
its les fussy that the positive bullshit

Anonymous 189075

I kind of want kids but like

what if they’re ugly

Anonymous 189076

Same. I only read manga nowadays. Anime is boring.

Anonymous 189077

idk I wasn't told why just to do it.

yeah I guess I must've missed it, thanks

Anonymous 189078

There are plenty of positive things about you, anon. You use your reading and writing skills to contribute to an online community, for one. Whether the community itself is positive may be debatable, but you're utilizing skills, which is good.

Anonymous 189079

feeling cold and horny. I need my husbando's warm sausage fingers NOW

Anonymous 189080

I'm terrified of my kids being autistic like me.

Anonymous 189081

not really. she left a message replying to an anon, explaining there will be something similar to lainchan where we'll have a board with bumped threads. she said something like ''we'll have that by then'' but didn't say that it would be this downtime exactly

Anonymous 189082


there'd be plenty of people to use it too
instead they add like 8 video game boards

Anonymous 189083

should it really take two days just to do that?

Anonymous 189084

I'm scared of both of these. I just wish they'd be a better version of me but it's kind of selfish to push those expectations. Maybe I should just be content with no kids idk.

Anonymous 189085

i started using 4chan again while waiting for lc to be up. i completely forgot why i stopped using 4chan in the first place

Anonymous 189086

Mike Stoklasa? Because same

Anonymous 189088

Every time I try to use 4chan I remember exactly why I stopped using it

Anonymous 189089

did visiting jog your memory

Anonymous 189090

Does the thing from monster Inc even have fingers?? Is he your husbando?

Anonymous 189091

dude it genuinely feels like it's improved since the last time I was actively using it
I was posting very happily for a few days, then out of nowhere, IP range ban
I'm extremely disappointed, I wonder what the fuck someone in my town was doing to get all of us blocked for abuse

Anonymous 189092


I follow my intuition in uncertain situations

I hold myself to high standards

I treat others the way I want to be treated.

I have been practicing looking for positivity in all things

I am a tough person who has made it through tough times

I am a responsible person

I am a reliable person

I am a punctual person

I am grateful every time I've ever received help

I am making a difference in my life and my mental health by showing up here for these meetings with you (councilor)

Anonymous 189093

nah I'm keeping mine a secret, but I get you

Anonymous 189094

I don't know about you, but the whole horny scrotes part made the site pretty insufferable for me. Even /cgl/ is overrun by them; there's no escape.

Anonymous 189095

the art is gorgeous but it's weird that their bodies looks three dimensional but the eyes looks so cold and soulless. I haven't read this manga though so I assume it's on purpose

Anonymous 189096

on what boards?

Anonymous 189097

>instead they add like 8 video game boards
Now that you mention it, it pisses me off. Manga is always sidelined or thought of as some niche interest.

Anonymous 189098

All of them, I kept trying to post on different boards that I actually visit and they were all blocked, so then I started checking random ones like papercraft & origami, and it's apparently just all of them

Anonymous 189099

Why do straight women care so much about ugly old celebrity moids? Samuel L Jackson fans and Jim Carrey fans bewilder me

Anonymous 189100

I meant which ones were you enjoying, cause I've been bored and tired of 4chan for awhile.

Anonymous 189101

I agree. Having a board dedicated to lolita sounds nice but it's run over by horny cosplay threads. Even if /cgl/ was a lolita only board scrotes would probably still find a way to ruin it

Anonymous 189102

I really just love making a simple banana smoothie. Just milk, with some frozen banana and a bit of cinnamon tastes so good!

Anonymous 189103

the ladies at my job all cheered when Johnny Depp won the court case

Anonymous 189104

I think there are several anons who have had IP range bans because mine has been blocked by a while. I guess it's probably a bot. The reason is due to "abuse". Using a VPN maybe? Kinda stupid.

Anonymous 189105

I can't wait for some dark terrible shit to come out about Jim Carrey and/or for him to have a very public schizo breakdown (he already half-did this but petered out)

Anonymous 189106

I’ve been on the comics/cartoons and TV threads again lately, there’s still creepy fetish and pedo shit but I’ve enjoyed some of the actual discussions again

Anonymous 189107

Call me a piece of shit but I want every woman who supported JD to get what's coming to them. Not like they'd learn, though.

Anonymous 189108

this sounds delicious anon. DUmb question but how do you freeze a banana? Do you peel it before or after putting it in the freezer?

Anonymous 189109

Didn’t he give his ex a bunch of STDs and he was the reason she committed suicide? That whole thing ruined him for me

Anonymous 189111

The papercraft & origami board is so dead. Surely they can merge it with another craft board and reduce the clutter in their board directory. I checked that board earlier this year and found a thread on page one that I saw back in, like, 2018.

Anonymous 189112


I am good at buying presents for people
I am good at anticipating the needs of others
I always have dinner ready on time
I keep a clean house
I know how to mix many classic cocktails
I won't kill myself

Anonymous 189114


I think it's just her style but it fits since it has horror vibes.
kinda makes me think of asano who just traces over photos/3d models then draws in the characters
yeah, I don't know where most english manga discussion happens now

Anonymous 189116


So, what are you guys doing during lolcor's downtime?

Anonymous 189117

Same with the Gen X and Boomer women at my work. They were the same ladies who were passive aggressively rude to me all of the time at work. I swear those generations are the worst pickmes and they just hate any young attractive woman because they feel bad about themselves

Anonymous 189118

No vpn, the major ones are all blocked anyway
I mean if you don't like it, you're probably still not going to like it, plus I'm a huge loser and I like /r9k/ a lot. After you hide all of the racebait and tranny buttholes, it's actually a remarkably empathetic place, I've posted a story on LC in the vent thread that got me dragged for over an hour, and copypasted it to /r9k/ later out of sheer curiosity and got a couple of sympathetic (You)s instead
Are there other craft boards? Besides /diy? And /cgl/ probably

Anonymous 189119

thanks anons

Anonymous 189120

Nonitas, how do you deal with Christmas blues? I do not want to drown myself in alcohol in front of people on Christmas just so i could forget that none of them cares let alone wants to get to know me.

Anonymous 189121

Nta but yes, you peel them and cut them before freezing it.

Anonymous 189123


>Argentina Fans chant racist remarks while holding a burning coffin and body bag with Kylian Mbappe’s face
I don't get these scrotes. They won, and they're still doing this vile shit? And where is the Argentinian anon from the twitter hate thread who was fighting peolpe and insisting "Argentina is NOT racist"?

Anonymous 189125

Whichever farmer had it on John Wolfe being a tranny. He’s having a fuvking fit over the female cosplay shit and going pro TRA

Anonymous 189126

im bored

Anonymous 189127

when will he start painting his nails

Anonymous 189128

All football fans are insane. They all are extremely violent and i don't understand that.

Anonymous 189129

I use free apartment building wifi and a year ago it got range banned on 4chan. it's fine though I don't really post, I used to dump strange oneshots on /a/ and somtimes post ED self-help pdfs in the thinspo thread on /fa/

Anonymous 189130

Why do people (moids) go absolutely rabid over sports? I've never understood it. It's almost like a religion or something. Sports is the opium of the masses

Anonymous 189131

>use to watch him
>stopped for no reason
>saw him in drag for "charity"
>went to check his twitter to post more shit about how I think he may Troon
>see that he's lost a lot of family members (last I checked his dad and aunt)
>Feel bad
I see it coming. He's probably depressed, coom brained and likes the attention he gets. Janice Wolfe coming 2023

Anonymous 189132

no you are a psy-op!

Anonymous 189133

Let them have their moment, they'll never win another World Cup again.
Vive la France !

Anonymous 189134

I know I shouldn't feel bad about trying to leave my job, but I do because starting next month it's going to be super fucking busy and in my department it's only me and my boss. I need to do better for myself and get a better paying job, but I just feel so bad because my boss is such a sweet person. She's overworked as hell. I know business is business but I still feel bad.

Anonymous 189135

take her with you

Anonymous 189136

Even before his dad died he had a pissy attitude and always replied to the most retarded comments in a bitchy way. I get the feeling he loves negativity and hates himself. I hope he troons out tbh that'd be hilarious.

Anonymous 189137

no wait find her a job and take her job? i feel like you could be thinking outside the box here

Anonymous 189138


They opened a maid cafe where I live and god it's so cringe. The owner is an ugly moid and it mixes DDLG shit onto the cafe and the women working there. They even have to walk around with giant teddy bears and feed eachother/put stickers on the other's face. I'm aware maid are already a fetish, but I find gross how he has to make it even more sexual, specially when it's children stuff.

Anonymous 189139

What retard is going to western maid cafes. Guaranteed the women there are smelly weebs and the men in charge are worthless coombrains who should have been aborted. Hope it's shut down.

Anonymous 189140


"I made 30k, but I lost subs whine whine whine!!" You look fucking gross and maybe charity or not people don't want to see you in fucking drag??

Anonymous 189141

Does anyone know any female you†ubers I can watch play horror games instead of him?

Anonymous 189143


Anonymous 189144

no idea who this is but if he was really "cosplaying" he should have shaved his fucking beard. disrespectful to the character.

Anonymous 189145

Anonymous 189146

why do they talk like this

Anonymous 189147

Trying to resist the urge and call my ex

Anonymous 189148

do not fucking do it
break the phone if you must

Anonymous 189149

It's doing well unfortunately, specially since it opened in the centre of a huge touristic city and it keeps advertising on tiktok. I kind of feel bad for the workers there but also they're so performative and fake, it feels like all of them sell nudes om their free time kek.

Anonymous 189150

Do you have pics of this train wreck? Kek
There's a maid cafe that opened in my city as well, but it's just cringy and ugly (ugly maids and there's even troops iirc)

Anonymous 189151

the huge increase in online "sex work" or whatever you want to call it is so gross
seems like it really took of in 2020 and now it's just super open and accepted that if you're on social media you may sell nudes on the down low
and on tiktok/insta any underage girl will have tons of comments about asking them to sell softcore erotic stuff or worse probably
and then some of them get groomed into and play along

Anonymous 189152

Screenshot 2022-12…

World Central Kitchen is an extremely stupid charity and definitely just one of those rich person tax racket things.

Anonymous 189153

is he being lady dimetrescu, couldnt even make a dragsona

Anonymous 189154

Nah I want to leave this field and go back to doing basic bitch admin work. My boss wouldn't leave, she's here as an expat on a visa and has a family to support (who is overseas) so it doesn't make sense for her to leave. I also wouldn't take her job after seeing how overworked she is, and her salary definitely isn't worth the work she does.

Anonymous 189155

>yeah, I don't know where most english manga discussion happens now
This is something I'm really curious about. Anilist seems pretty dead forum wise, and mal seems kind of circle jerkish due to it being so old
Are there any other spaces where you could talk about manga online?

Anonymous 189156

I gotta waste 3 more mins at work til I'm free I HATE THIS PLACE I HATE THIS PLACE I HATE THIS PLACE I HATE THIS PLACE

Anonymous 189157


Where do you people work where you're just allowed to/have time to be on your phones, besides on breaks??

Anonymous 189160

office jobs

Anonymous 189161

I want to be a plumber

Anonymous 189162


Anonymous 189164

Latent desire to show buttcrack and piss loudly in people's homes?

Anonymous 189165

am an office worker, can confirm. sometimes i put my phone away out of habit as soon as i hear someone approach, but in reality no one gives a fuck if you fuck off a little here and there.

Anonymous 189166

I want to be an electrician

Anonymous 189167


So lucky, I hope to be an office worker someday… maybe even in charge of something important hehe

Anonymous 189168

A clothing store, my boss is a jaded latina and doesn't give a fuck about what I do in my time. I could literally sit in the back all day and she wouldn't care or pay attention to what I'm doing. Almost nobody walks in anyway, so I only have to talk to people like once every 4 hours

Anonymous 189169

reddit and discord maybe
I prefer imageboard format or at least forum to either of those so it's a bummer there isn't a good one.

Anonymous 189170


take this with a grain of salt but I read somewhere that the first maid cafes where more historical based and meant to appeal to people who wanted to larp as european aristocrats but then it got turned into a fetish thing.
both things sound stupid in my opinion. Im glad that themed cafes and restaurants aren't popular in my country and that they close whenever someone tries to open them. The concept of them sounds too painful but then again our work culture here isnt too bad so people don't feel the need to escape reality with weird roleplaying cafes
what makes you think that men who runs maid cafes in japan arent coombrained? they are better at management and business that western maid cafes owners but it does take a special kind of mental illness to want to run a cafe with beautiful women who acts like anime characters in front of smelly otakus

Anonymous 189172

I feel all discussion online now happens either on social media or om discord unfortunately. The only site I have seen active is My Figure Collection

Anonymous 189173

I'm a software engineer, work from home and barely do anything ever.

This reminds me I need to change jobs asap but it's the fucking holiday period and no one's hiring and it's not gonna pick up till January arghghghhhhh I need to gtfo and get something better paid quickly, it's giving me so much anxiety. I don't mind Christmas but this year it's really pissing me off. I was super super ill throughout November and now I'm seeing lots of peeps on LinkedIn starting new jobs in January and I'm still stuck being underpaid in this shithole.

Anonymous 189174

I want to do plumbing but here you have to work shitty job as apprentice for like 4 years or something due to licensing requirements.
I wish I could just do a 1.5 year plumbing course at night school.

Anonymous 189175

Wow, sounds kind of boring though.
why do we have so many aspiring plumbers? it sounds like such a gross smelly job

Anonymous 189176

oh. yeah you should leave. why can't she leave just because she has a work visa? I'm not familiar with the rules, it seems like she is a hard worker who needs to make more money.

Anonymous 189177

i have that same habit from work as well lol

Anonymous 189178

are you worried about job market?
I've been slacking off more and more and now I keep seeing headline about hiring freezes and layoffs form other companies.
I feel burnt out but at same time it's good pay so it'd be retarded to quit or get fired.

Anonymous 189179


Anonymous 189181

>why do we have so many aspiring plumbers?
I was high and reading about AI and had panic attack that most jobs will be automated in my life time. But plumbing seems hard to automate.

Anonymous 189182


Heather has a new ryan

Anonymous 189183

cannot fucking believe we're missing new ryan milk with a lolcow outage. admin pls it's milkmas

Anonymous 189184

Soon we will have SmartPipes though

Anonymous 189185

>are you worried about job market?
I'm in the UK and it's nowhere near as bad as the US currently but I'm definitely gonna try and avoid silly pre-revenue startups this time, need something stable.
I still get inundated by recruiters but nothing's gonna happen till after the holidays. My main worry is that I'm a bit rusty with interviewing - need to change jobs asap but first gotta improve my abysmal interviewing skills - been slacking off in this job for 3 years.

Anonymous 189186

He looks like the kind of unwashed scrote favored by Kikikannibal, STD saga when

Anonymous 189188

One of the goals was to “step on the viewers” . He also did another charity stream a while ago where one of the goals to dress in drag with makeup and stuff. Immediately tipped me off. As another tella said I think with his family members passing away he’s going down the troon route

Anonymous 189190

same I have anxiety attacks trying to practice again for interviews
I've done 4 job interviews in my life.

Anonymous 189191

fuck admin for not fixing the site yes, finally she has real milk. Also, he's not bad looking compared to her last neanderthal inbred ex

Anonymous 189192

Screenshot 2022-12…

me too. I just googled "average life expectancy of a mailman"

Anonymous 189193

If you watch his controversy video he spends waaayyy too long professing he’s just doing it for the “charity” makes it seem sus

Anonymous 189194

I wish I could skip ahead 10 years in my life where I will be done with university and I hopefully have my dream job and I can fully dedicate my free time to my hobbies and vidya

Anonymous 189195

>frizzy haired druggie with multiple wolf tattoos
>not bad looking in comparison
Jesus Christmas

Anonymous 189196

Being a mail woman would be the best job for me after being a plumber. I could walk all day and just enjoy the weather. But I can't drive

Anonymous 189198

Shay check??

Anonymous 189199

I hope they found each other again

Anonymous 189200

He cute-ish

Anonymous 189201

you people have a disease

Anonymous 189202

Honestly just take some benzos or propranolol before the interview but don't go overboard. I always stock up on some valium when I know I'm gonna be interviewing lots.

Anonymous 189203

why do fat old moids go the troon route
do they not realize how ridiculous they look

Anonymous 189204

be a mailwoman by bike or on foot
or learn to drive

Anonymous 189205

ayrt kek her last ex was so so so bad. shockingly bad. i didnt know someone could be that hideous. so in comparison this new ryan is a model kek

Anonymous 189206

Shut the fuck up, what's with anon getting mad at people talking about what lolcow is about? Posting in /ot/ and cows. It annoys me like why the fuck do you even come to the site? This is the bunker thread other cows got posted about.

Anonymous 189207

True but the last guy was literally an inbred shark and another one looked like a tween woman. So this is an improvement. Without the Tats he’d be uggo

Anonymous 189208

His hair is disintegrating

Anonymous 189209



Anonymous 189210

jesus christ calm down, I don't think you literally have a shanya related illness

Anonymous 189211

Anyway, what's Luna up to?

Anonymous 189212

shut the fuck up

Anonymous 189213

>need to bitch about moids
>lolcow is down
anyway my computer is currently getting the battery replaced so it was sent to a repair shop for a few days and my father clearly thought it would be funny to tell me that he hoped I didn't have any "artistic pictures" of myself or anyone else on there because it's allegedly a regular thing for dudes in repair shops/tech shops to search your hard drive for shit like that which makes me physically ill. even if it's true or not i hate the idea of some stranger having access to my property, even if i don't have stuff like that on my computer i don't want them touching my shit. also raging at my dad's retarded sense of scrote humor

Anonymous 189215

i work an "office job" where i just help my boss do random bullshit related to his businesses, so i have an unnecessary amount of free time (yes i'm bragging i love my job and am a lazy fuck).

Anonymous 189216

take the gigantic stick out of your ass, jfc no wonder the rest of the site hates shaynafags

Anonymous 189217

listen nonita the last guy looked like he had been dropped on his face as an infant. but in any case this guy looks like he's getting a major bald spot on his head where those bits of hair are sticking up so he's not exactly that much of a winner

Anonymous 189218

Anonymous 189219

some cities have walking routes where you just go to a relay-box and pick up a bag of mail and never drive, just walk. but they're rare and you probably could't get the job in the first place without a drivers license

Anonymous 189220

To be clear that's not me, in the original anon who freaked out, I have Apologized

Anonymous 189222

I think the one thing I dislike about anonymous imageboards is that anyone can pretend to be you but more retarded

Anonymous 189223

yes it's very common
I would never let repair have access to computer drive

Anonymous 189224


Anonymous 189225


i'm gonna die s

Anonymous 189226


stop fighting wtf

Anonymous 189227

God, that sounds like the dream. I hope that I can get a government job that allows me to do the same.

Anonymous 189228

I did some newspaper delivery once. It was miserable work during the winter and the pay was shit. But I think mailwomen have better working conditions and pay

Anonymous 189229

the bunker's making everyone cranky again

Anonymous 189230

It's incredibly strange I've had happen a couple months ago was someone replying to my post, and then someone replied to them claiming to be me to keep the conversation going. Like… why? They weren't infighting but it was just like. Why.

Anonymous 189231

I do not believe that shaynaism is an actual mental disorder, I am very sorry

Anonymous 189232


It's a kawaii tactic

Anonymous 189234

I back up onto an external drive, then wipe the laptop first. so paranoid about them snooping.

Anonymous 189235

Bluey is such a cute and comfy show. Nonita who recommended it, I love you.

Anonymous 189236

right now shaymin is manually copying every post to the new server
she is half way done

Anonymous 189237

full disk encryption is good to if your computer makes it easy to use
that way if it breaks unexpectedly you can still take it in

Anonymous 189239


Speaking of interviews, I have a very good feeling about the next one that I am scheduling. I am even practicing and correcting the mistakes I've made on my most recent interview for a similar position. I am way more confident now. If I get this, it'll be such an improvement from my current retail job. Also I'd be hired to start next year, so I wouldn't feel guilty for "abandoning" my boss and my coworkers during the holidays.

Anonymous 189240

nta but damn now i'm regretting the time i sent my computer for repair, but couldn't back anything up nor wipe anything cause the whole system was unusable and stuck blue screening

Anonymous 189241


Goodnight nonniieeessss! Stay lovely and polite. <3

Anonymous 189242

i'm op, i'm sad to hear that this is true hope they enjoy all my lolcow related memes and then die i guess

Anonymous 189243

im in the same position but my boss never asks me to do anything or asks me to do the smallest jobs ever that take half a second to do. i spend so much time at work on imageboards or reading wikipedia articles its almost embarrassing to admit. sometimes i try to come up with random tasks to give myself.

Anonymous 189244

what kind of job is it?

Anonymous 189245

ayrt and I did it once before too, before I learned it was a "thing" to be wary of. I also once borrowed a male colleague's spare laptop for a month once, when mine broke. then afterwards, a couple of other guys warned me (too late) he was probably spying on me with it. gross.

Anonymous 189246

I m bored

Anonymous 189247

it sucks when you first realise but now you know for next time. hopefully there was nothing too sensitive or that they're too busy to snoop. unfortunately nothing we can do about men being disgusting.

Anonymous 189248


Hi bored pleased to meet you

Anonymous 189249

The Biden leaks came from a repair store FYI

Anonymous 189250


ngl i kinda like how fast this thread is moving and how random the discussion is. its comfy

Anonymous 189252

yeah I'm glad I have nothing really sensitive on it, but I bought an external hard drive while I was out so I'm going to start backing things up as I go for the future. thank u nonas

Anonymous 189254


in the US the pay is good unless you live in an expensive city, then it doesn't really feel like a cushy wage for how hard it is on your body. and yes being out in all the shitty weather does suck

I looked up the pay for letter carriers in Portugal once and it was the equivalent of $12,oooUSD per year maximum. I don't even know how mail carriers afford to eat in Portugal, what the fuck

Anonymous 189255

Any nonitas remember the old Kpop threads? They were the first I actively kept up with, I miss the unhinged retardation from everyone involved. Some of the best times I ever had on LC kek

Anonymous 189256

>want to see fanart of dbz character
>look up her name on Instagram to check out tags
>find an account that literally posts hentai like tits out and everything
>report it
>instagram says it doesn't break their rules
I hate coomers I hope all those tards die

Anonymous 189257

Interesting .jpeg

I like Zendaya and the girl next to her outfit

Anonymous 189258

late but fujochan and choachan exist

Anonymous 189259

Was thinking about that “would you date the male version of you” post in the last thread and I think I actually do know a guy that is extremely close to being the male version of me in a number of very specific ways. We are both nuts (I mean this in the nicest way possible kek) and dating would either be extremely fun or one of the worst things I could do to myself, possibly both.

Anonymous 189260

I was too lazy to cook so went to the chippy and the guy there gave me a decent sized portion for free because they were about to close. Now I'm eating fat, greasy, salty fried potatoes, that cost me nothing, and watching Home Alone. The sweet dopamine hit (and this thread) are pulling me through these LC-less times.

Anonymous 189261

Im going to qsk this question again when lolcow comes back up

Anonymous 189263


Kek, same. It's why I haven't even been using my desktop after spending 200$ for the repairs + new motherboard. I probably should rip off the bandaid and system restore it or something. Guess I'm paranoid because long ago, someone knew something about me that was pretty much impossible to know by normal means + extremely specific.

Anonymous 189264


I just wish to shitpost about transformers

Anonymous 189265

that's sydney sweeney, i believe. speaking of which, who watched the latest season of white lotus?

Anonymous 189267

alarm clocks are d…

Browsing VN tumblr, this character is a canon misogynist who thought it was a good thing that his female classmate almost got molested as it would teach her to be more ladylike fyi.

Anonymous 189268


Anonymous 189269

he cute

Anonymous 189270

well hello there

Anonymous 189271

Does Mia goth just not have eyebrows? I thought Mia goth was the girl from euphoria, when I watched a recap of the Pearl movie

Anonymous 189272

It’s nice but it moves so quickly that posts get lost… I miss having specific threads to post in!

Anonymous 189273


creepy or healthy coping?

Anonymous 189274

Any updates other than the discord post from the last thread?

Anonymous 189275

aw little guy

Anonymous 189276

Creepy as fuck

Anonymous 189277


was the discord post real
seems like there'd be more info from there by now

Anonymous 189278

Is this the guy that made the fashion model manga?

Anonymous 189279

anyone else paranoid that the lengthy downtime is because lolcow is becoming honeypotified?

Anonymous 189280

sorry anon, could you elaborate?

Anonymous 189281

Anonymous 189282

I can feel an ingrown hair under my skin but I don't know how to get it out.

Anonymous 189283

Why would it become a honeypot? I guess there's the cp poster and the raids, but those are taken down as soon as jannies wake up. There's not anything suspicious posted by actual farmers

Anonymous 189284

surprised there aren't more people on the discord to report back. i joined once but have since deleted my discord now so can't check in. anyone with access to it pls post any updates. any crumbs for us to feed on

Anonymous 189286

collecting data on terfs. it's unclear what the motive is for the admin to want to run such a controversial and highly targeted site that generates no income

Anonymous 189287

We should have a sanic thread here lol

Anonymous 189288

coping with what? his fetish?

Anonymous 189289

the discord is weird and cringe and full of people who never even actually post on LC

Anonymous 189290

Cuz she wants to talk about Shayna, duh?

Anonymous 189291

I mean null does the same, I guess because they like the space they have part in creating

Anonymous 189292

I can understand why you'd be concerned about that, but wouldn't it be kind of a pointless endeavor since probably only a small part of the lolcow population interact with terf-related threads

Anonymous 189293

ayrt. when i went on i was surprised how normie and dull the conversation was. so that checks out

Anonymous 189294

Because of autism. Duh.

Anonymous 189295

I have an account that was on the discord, but I can't access it since it was mostly deleted. Or maybe I can but I'm not familiar enough with discord to figure out how…
This is a pretty stupid tinfoil. Admin's motive would be to keep the site alive (even though she's not doing a very great job at it) since she's also a farmer.

Anonymous 189296

you've sent a streak of white-hot panic down my spine
first they track our periods, then they take our birth control, then they set your social credit score

Anonymous 189297

>-1000 credit score

Anonymous 189298

let's be honest, 95% of lolcow users don't need birth control

Anonymous 189299


Well I'm fucked.

Anonymous 189300

Anonymous 189301

nta, it's not that farfetched, the only reason 4chan still exists is because it's a honeypot now
shaymin could have sold out telling herself that they'd only use it to dunk on troonies and goonies, and that it would keep the site alive and she'd still be able to post in the shayna thread
I don't believe this, but it could be

Anonymous 189302

Well can they get lolcor back up already

Anonymous 189303

what does being a honeypot mean in this context though? where does the data collected even go?

Anonymous 189304

Samefag, now after looking around my discord some more I realize that all the remaining users in the discord must be in the private channels that I didn't join when it was still open. Sucks that our only form of communication is on a discord that's not even publicly accessible instead of like, the twitter account that was abandoned.
>shaymin could have sold out telling herself that they'd only use it to dunk on troonies and goonies, and that it would keep the site alive and she'd still be able to post in the shayna thread
Ok anon.

Anonymous 189305

well like I said, I don't believe actually believe this, but in 4chan's case it's the fbi
like I said, I don't believe this

Anonymous 189306


I'm so afraid when I see an artist drawing these two together (because rampant incest shipping in the fandom) but sometimes it's just wholesome and nice.
then again the wholesome art also makes me kind of sad because my brothers are horrible and we are 10+ years estranged

Anonymous 189308

I know the feeling of having disappointing brothers all too well, nona.

Anonymous 189309

what's their twitter

Anonymous 189310

nta but probably something boring like consumer marketing analytics sold to companies targeting females

Anonymous 189311

Have you ever considered that maybe women want to provide a space so you can talk about your discharge and husbandos in peace

Anonymous 189312

is a guy liking BL a red flag?

Anonymous 189313

do many s feel like the current admin is lacking? the end of /meta/ conflict between the users and admin makes the site feel like a more functional community, but that also could be from silence on admin's end, not because this current admin has thick skin and doesn't sweat kvetching from the users

Anonymous 189314

Depends on what BL he likes, chances are it just means he's gay though.

Anonymous 189315

I don't think LC is being honeypotified, but shaymin doesn't give a rat's ass about providing women with anything, she literally took over so she could have control over how autistic the shayna threads are

Anonymous 189316

didn't she get $1k+ in donations?

Anonymous 189317

Anonymous 189318

Half of the admins and jannies are trannies, it's not "women wanting to provide a space" at best it's admins wanting to stalk women dumb enough to post on the site and collect data on them

Anonymous 189319

no, not for free

Anonymous 189320

it's a gay flag

Anonymous 189321

I was there to watch them turn into what they became and I know exactly how it happened and it's not surprising but it does suck

Anonymous 189322

so why do you post on there then?

Anonymous 189323

I never said I cared, I'm just telling people what the truth is

Anonymous 189324

take the tinfoil hat off, retard chan

Anonymous 189325

that's the schizo tranny posting

Anonymous 189326


Every new thing I see about Ciconia just makes it look more and more cringe

Anonymous 189327

Ok tranny

Anonymous 189328

Can I get a kith… and can you make it latht forever….

Anonymous 189329

I was briefly in the fandom on tumblr a few years ago but left because there was too much discussion about the new episodes and I'm a purist. I yuck. The people I followed mostly shipped Lisa/Nelson, Bart/Milhouse and Homer/Ned.
I once read a sweet short fic that explored Bart and Lisas relationship(sibling relationship there where no romantic undertones) and how it was like growing up in a dysfunctional household. I'm so attach to these two characters and I probably read way deeper into them than the show ever has

Anonymous 189330

Busted admins/jannies seething in this thread
>Lolcow ISN'T a honeypot, w-why would we, I mean they, ever do that hehehe!

Anonymous 189331

not everyone who disagrees with you is the tranny, you have to stop calling everyone the tranny, it dilutes the weight of actually being the tranny

Anonymous 189332

image board users are very conspiratorally minded and imagine things
most image boards are just run by bored people as hobby because they think it's fun diversion

Anonymous 189333

found it it's https://twitter.com/0rmts
also nevermind it's not nice and wholesome the doujin teases incest during drunk antics but they don't cross the line

Anonymous 189334

cauth i'm abouth to go to war..

Anonymous 189336

he made Stop Hibari Kun. Which is about a crossdressing boy who wants people to treat him like a girl

Anonymous 189337



Anonymous 189338


Anonymous 189339


Anonymous 189340

awww nonner this is my google background!

Anonymous 189341


>hxh is going on hiatus again

Anonymous 189342

aren't you the tranny that larps as a lesbian?

Anonymous 189343


I'm just obsessed with a few of the husbando/fujo artists lately. some of them are so prolific it's scary

Anonymous 189344

but what useful info are they getting other than the IP? the authorities aren't going to be interested in tracking down TERFs.

reminder to block fingerprinting, use a vpn or tor and regularly clear cookies though, as general practise nonas. never hurts.

Anonymous 189345

kill yourself(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 189346

Stop telling people to kill themselves

Anonymous 189347

It is the cruise that never ends

Anonymous 189348

You are just asking for spammed images of naked anime boys aren't you

Anonymous 189349

same thing they get with your old FB private messages; information
most likely, whoever's watching just wants to sell you shit, but then again, maybe not

Anonymous 189351


Last night was so peaceful, are you nonas really going to start with the infighting again… I'm disappointed in you

Anonymous 189352

go ahead idc, but don't lump husbandofags and fujos in together like it's the same thing

Anonymous 189353

I want a cat.

Anonymous 189354

Genuinely curious, but what are some big fujo ships and husbandos in this fandom? Also do you mind recommend me some artists? I have been meaning to get back into the fandom

Anonymous 189355

Which one are you

Anonymous 189356

take a wild guess

Anonymous 189357


why must husbandofags and fujos fight like this? Can't we be friends?

Anonymous 189358

Look, the authorities don't even give a single fuck about people in the fucking kkk. You really think they're going to track random imageboard users who are laughing at retarded troons? Come on.

Anonymous 189359

NTA but I'm a himejo

Anonymous 189361

tbh it's weird how much nlog behavior I've seen from women desperately trying to separate themselves from fujos even in contexts where it makes little sense to be so aggressive.

Anonymous 189362

sadly this always happens in every bunker once everyone wakes up

Anonymous 189363

i'm a fujo you tard, it's husbandofags who are annoying

Anonymous 189364

confession: i'm a bitter sexless cretin with a lot of intimacy issues but sometimes i get drunk and pretend i'm a sex positive porn artist in the vein of erika moen. idk why i find her overly tryhard quirky completely unerotic sex comics so endearring but i do. also i think she's cute

Anonymous 189366


why are you so fucking triggered what the fuck lol

oh. you think I was lumping them together. wow. ok. I wasn't, first of all. those are the two types I'm interested in. but also don't pretend there isn't some crossover.

Anonymous 189367


Anonymous 189368


but, nona, I am both.

Anonymous 189370

okay well first of all most fujos don't want to fuck a member of our ship, it's why we're fujos and not yumejos. we're different from husbandofags in every way

Anonymous 189371


oh boy here we go

Anonymous 189372

based miner janny

Anonymous 189373

Was it ever even confirmed shaymin is truly a shayna fag? The whole thing is just based on what some nonn y said in a town hall (?) I believe. Also remember when there was an emergency town hall planned for November?

Anonymous 189374

Samefag i wanted to give Shaymin the benefit of the doubt but she’s been so silent and acted so weirdly it makes me lose hope she cares for the site

Anonymous 189375

pretty sure it's just the anti-fujo sperg

Anonymous 189376

Chalmers is kinda sexy

Anonymous 189377

i spend hours on imageboards every day and i have no idea what fujo or husbandofag is. i hope i never know.

Anonymous 189378

There better be a fucking townhall after this shit.

Anonymous 189379

iirc the old admin said it

Anonymous 189381

i am a fujo and you're the sperg lol. "yumefujo" is a MEME and most fujos don't want to fuck a member of our ship

Anonymous 189382

It wasn't a random anon, it was the old admin.

Anonymous 189383

its the anti-husbando sperg. she's unhinged.

Anonymous 189384

you are missing out. the fujo vs husbando fights are annoying but being a fujo or husbandofag is fun

Anonymous 189385

So, we live here now? How do we overthrow the english only thing?

Anonymous 189386

Fujos are women who want to be gay men. Sometimes they become ftms/aidens. Hope this helps(bait)

Anonymous 189387

Anonymous 189388

fujochan is acting like her honor is on the line here kek

Anonymous 189389

I'm sorry I'm a burger and I forgot so many farmers are ESL so you have to be really careful how you relate two words in a sentence (and, or , a slash, etc.) lest they think you are lumping those things together or saying those things are mutually exclusive or whatever would piss them off the most lol

Anonymous 189390

I hate how the quick reply box saves stuff in after you close it.

Anonymous 189392

this isn't scary if you make use of a vpn, incognito mode and block or spoof fingerprinting.
anyway, it's not like we use lolcow as facebook. these rumors are dumb and probably spread by blaine, just like when he posted "lolcow has been sold" in these threads before

Anonymous 189393

it's possible to be both, plus ironically from the outside, it's not really that dissimilar; it's being very parasocial about characters. Plus not all fujos are invested in ships. I like reading BL but I find it awkward to ship characters in most fiction.

Anonymous 189395

I guess you are husbandofag

Anonymous 189397


kys cp, gore and porn spamming ugly xy chromosomoid

Anonymous 189398


Anonymous 189399


Yesterday nonas were posting about feeling sick, and today I feel sick and my throat is sore. Is it possible to catch sicknesses through the internet?
pic unrelated

Anonymous 189400


which one would you go on date with

Anonymous 189401

This is why I was saying that it might be a tranny saying this stuff but if nonn ies tinfoiling this stuff aren’t trannies I apologize. He was always saying stupid shit like admin was being blackmailed and other schizo shit

Anonymous 189402

it does make him a perfect Troon material though ironically

Anonymous 189403

Why did you tag me in this, I'm the 2nd to last post? I'm the one calling that person a retard for saying such stupid things come on don't lump me in with them

Anonymous 189404

bottom 2

Anonymous 189405


You'd still be able to sympathize with the obsession if you actually were a fujo you falseflagging looser.

Anonymous 189406

bottom left

Anonymous 189407

Anonymous 189408

And there he is, lol.

Anonymous 189409


Anonymous 189410

This pic always makes me laugh KEK

Anonymous 189411

bottom left is the only one who doesn't look like an insane coomer

Anonymous 189412

obsession with what? lesbian fujos exist anon. we don't necessarily want to fuck characters just because we ship them

Anonymous 189413

i was looking for a download link to a movie and accidentally signed up to a still active made in the early 2000s pedo site. well i haven't seen anything sexual so far but there's a section called "child actresses" in which brooke shields has a thread and i noticed lots of users had children as their profile pictures, i think that tells me enough. i feel seriously sick to my stomach and there's no way to delete my account. i'm freaking out i should have checked beforehand but the thread i was on was of an innocent movie made by a woman which i've read the reviews of. i wasn't expecting this i'm so freaked out right now and i used a username i've used before.

Anonymous 189414

top right just looks nervous

Anonymous 189415

Has anyone else seen Drama MD or know what Sillypoo is?
I genuinely really like these zoomers and they are for sure lolcow natives

Anonymous 189416


Anonymous 189417

As a very girly fujo, please kill yourself

Anonymous 189418

She's only allowed to stay long term in my country because she's on a work visa! If she left she'd have to not only deal with job hunting, but finding a company willing to sponsor her (i.e. give her a new work visa) and that can be really difficult because I think it's really expensive so a lot of companies don't do it. I think she was just offered the opportunity to go work overseas and took it and came here. I heard previous people in her position didn't do as much work (not that they weren't overworked too, but its like 10x worse with my boss), plus she does get to do some fun things sometimes like cool business trips (and she'll fuck off for a mini vacation for herself and do touristy shit on the company card). She's contracted to be here for 3 years and she's halfway through that time anyway, so it makes no sense for her to leave and find another job here anyway since she does want to go back to be with her family.

I get by a lot easier than she does since there's a lot of stuff she does that I can't do (mainly because I can't read/write/speak the language). I mainly want to leave because the salary is really bad. I'll be getting more work piled on starting next month which is meh but I don't want to be in this field anymore so the combo of low pay+lots of work in a field I don't care for makes me want to leave.

Anonymous 189419

I love them all.

Anonymous 189420

Bottom left is the cutest. Wish he had blood on his face as well

Anonymous 189421

sorry, I was meant to quote the post who's quoting you.

Anonymous 189422

It's winter so its easy to get sick

Anonymous 189423

Lmao, who would buy lolcow? Josh?

Anonymous 189425

Anonymous 189426

>implying fujo shipping isn't somewhat excessive
You aren't even trying

Anonymous 189427

I need to call in sick from work tomorrow. gonna say I caught something on an anonymous image board.

Anonymous 189428

To be fair a female dominated website sounds enticing to a gross male. I don’t think lc is male or tranny owned or whatever. I don’t doubt one of the jannies is a tranny though but k guess we will never know

Anonymous 189429

Speaking of, it's impressive we've managed to go two threads without the joshfags coming back

Anonymous 189430

Contact the admin maybe?

Anonymous 189431

??? i don't know what that means? i'm a fujo and would never fuck the characters i ship. many fujos i know feel the same, especially lesbian fujos

Anonymous 189432


Real talk hours since I'm about to go to bed.
When I fantasize about my fotm character before sleep it'll be mexcharacter
When I want to masturbate to that character it will most likely be yaoi
Now let's all hold hands

Anonymous 189433

I got sick last week and even though I'm getting better now I'm waking up with my eyes glued together from sinus infection fluid ugh (yes I went to a doctor it's just some random random virus, not even the flu)
I haven't been sick since 2019 and I've never had a sinus infection make my eyes hurt like this it sucks

Anonymous 189435


Yumes are mentally ill freaks of nature and it only takes a brief encounter with one to realize why everyone hates them including eachother. It's pickme shit. Idk why that fujo hating guy chose to larp as one of them of all things, but "radfem yume" is a more abstract concept than radfem fujo has ever been or will ever be.(bait)

Anonymous 189436

im glad there isn’t an elainefag like in one of the previous bunker threads

Anonymous 189437

>top left
Blood on guys is hot but glasses are a turn off if he got contact lenses then I would consider dating him
>top right
I refuse to date ginger men
>bottom left
he is cute. Love how he looks slightly deranged. I would probably go out with him
>bottom right
He also looks deranged but in a different way. Wouldn't mind dating him either

Anonymous 189438

Anonymous 189439

i dont want to contact a potential pedo, but thank you for the suggestion. ugh im so stupid

Anonymous 189440

just stop being offended by the existence of different kind of fujos lol

Anonymous 189441

But yumes don't hate each other? Not on principle.

Anonymous 189442

I'm saying fujos share the same passion for animu men as yumejos hence why they for example often crossover in things like fanart. They are our comrades.

Anonymous 189443


need a big coat bf

Anonymous 189444

I think anime guy is cute, I never reslly saw the appeal of shipping and being obsessed over gah ships but it doesn’t bother me. People can like what they like

Anonymous 189445

It's okay anon thank you for clarifying

Anonymous 189446

>lesbian fujos

Anonymous 189447

I always stuck up for fujos when they were getting shit on and now I regret it, eat poopoo

Anonymous 189448

Gay* so sorry im half asleep and retarded

Anonymous 189449

kys blaine, no one cares

Anonymous 189450

>tfw I'm a shipper but I only ship female x male characters and I don't really self insert with my favorite male character but instead ship him instead.
Does that just make me a cuck?

Anonymous 189451

who old up in here

Anonymous 189452

i dunno if you're talking about me but i'm the furthest thing from yume anon, i actually get enraged by the sight of them trying to enroach on fujo spaces lol. i agree with what you said about yumes.
yume and fujo will never be alike and you can't change my mind.

Anonymous 189453

The fujo vs yumejo debate is so tired. It's been done a million times on lolcow and both sides never come to any sort of conclusion or agreement. It's such a pointless argument. It's like dogs vs cats where even though both subjects have problems, in the end it comes down to personal choice and there's no solid conclusion

Anonymous 189454

To be fair, I think it's bait. It reads like a mad lib filled with common LC terms.

Anonymous 189455


Anonymous 189456


Rachel Newman from American Psycho 2 is such a lolcow. She'd also post in her own thread.

Anonymous 189457


s don't forget to get your bowl of soup and piece of toasted french bread from the pot i placed in the middle of the bunker thread

Anonymous 189458

Im the one who mentioned the Elainefag. I just thought it was weird that was brought up in one of the bunkers. Not the tranny.

Anonymous 189459

there's a sequal to american psycho?

Anonymous 189461

Ty I’m hongry and sick

Anonymous 189462


is she still making comics? I feel like there was a period of time where I would constantly see people make memes whenever she released a new comic

Anonymous 189463

stop larping

Anonymous 189464


I think we all know who is behind Lolcor's destruction…

Anonymous 189465

just give it up. a while back a troon literally admitted to loving starting in-fights between husbandofags, yumes, fujos, etc. it happens because it works.

Anonymous 189466

my childhood

Anonymous 189467

thank you it's delicious

Anonymous 189469


Thank you nona, I'm sure it's yummy. I'll wait a while because my soup is still hot

Anonymous 189470


Feliz lavidad

Anonymous 189471

elaine anon no..

Anonymous 189472

this made me do a double take when i realized who they are kek what is this from? their tv show?

Anonymous 189473

American Psycho 2.…

william shatner and mila kunis in american psycho 2 literally 20 years ago what the fuck is this

Anonymous 189474

Ty nona the soup was delicious. May I have another bowl?

Anonymous 189475

Oliver Twist ass mf

Anonymous 189476


lets form a Rockband

Anonymous 189477

This must have been a massive flop because this is the first time I've ever heard there was a sequel.

Anonymous 189479

of course you can it's a very big pot

Anonymous 189480

Please nona, may I have some more?

Anonymous 189481

it was not good

Anonymous 189482

same, we should watch it in the movieroom sometime

Anonymous 189483

does anyone else like to watch train vids muted while listening to music? i find it comfy

Anonymous 189484


Lolcow and Crystal.cafe are the superior imageboards to 4chan simply because they dont have a captcha

Anonymous 189485

nonnuette just go out and ride a train yourself while listening to music..

Anonymous 189486

are you 40 years old yet or is is just fast approaching?
congrats on being alive all this time by the way. here's to many more years!

Anonymous 189487

Maybe she lives somewhere with no trains.

Anonymous 189488

wow I love that we have 80 year old s here with us!

Anonymous 189489

What is everyone browsing to pass the time aside from cc?

Anonymous 189490

twitter and /vg/

Anonymous 189491

the cutting room floor
pokemon has some good entries

Anonymous 189492


Anonymous 189493

when I finally visit japan I will ride the trains around

Anonymous 189494

Oof I'm in mid 20s

Anonymous 189495

This is how I'm gonna be if I go to sleep for 3rd night and wake up with LC not back up

Anonymous 189496

Eyes like sans undertale

Anonymous 189497

Twitter and YouTube. LC is the most online / social media interaction I do. (Despite having Facebook and Instagram) I don’t really browse 4chan either

Anonymous 189498

Yes. The main character is a little girl who killed Patrick Bateman after he killed her babysitter. The movie's about how she's this super scary 8 billion IQ sociopathic serial killer who can get away with anything. She wants to be a renowned criminologist's teaching assistant and myrders all competition. And gets away with it. Girlboss.

Anonymous 189499

lurking on Agora Road forums

Anonymous 189500

Samefag i use messaging apps for messaging of course but that’s it

Anonymous 189501

It isn't bait, it's my honest feelings. Their self awareness rivals that of troons. I've had low tolerance for true and honest autists my entire life tbf so that probably has something to do with why I personally can't stand even the ones that aren't that one anon. You need a very high autism powerlevel to even get into it.

Anonymous 189504


Anonymous 189505

Eiji more like cutie

Anonymous 189506

i can't stop thinking about that bathroom in japan where the giant face wall kisses your knees

Anonymous 189507

i'm in

Anonymous 189508

Stop that scared me when I was like 12

Anonymous 189509

america sucks so no comfy train rides for me

Anonymous 189510

also twitter and /vg/

Anonymous 189511

Watching Youtube videos, drawing christmas cards for my college friends & talking to my girlies on the gram then I'm gonna hit the hay

Anonymous 189512


planet zoo just isn't the same…. </3

Anonymous 189513

The first time I visited Tokyo I didn't know there were JR lines that went into Odaiba and google maps told me to take the Yurikamome line and it was fucking awesome.

Anonymous 189514

Kek I missed this

Anonymous 189515

/t/ just for calibre and music threads and kiwi farms

Anonymous 189516

Anonymous 189517

Bottom right

Anonymous 189518

come again?

Anonymous 189519

As a yumefujo, I have been really sad to discover that apparently most women aren't also yumefujos. I thought we all liked hot 2D guys in general. Please tell me it's just gaslighting. I don't want to be alone or have to pick a side.

Anonymous 189520

big happy.png

miss lolcow

Anonymous 189521



Anonymous 189522

Mumsnet aibu

Anonymous 189524

I like cute 2D boys too!

Anonymous 189525

alien organs.jpeg

I am eating purple rn

Anonymous 189526

Anonymous 189528

nta but I believe she is referring to this nightmare

Anonymous 189530

i've just been watching marx brothers movies and knitting, today i listened to a fiction podcast called Sink which was amaaaaazing

Anonymous 189531

yum! i love beets and pickled everything

Anonymous 189532

my experience is just shipping everyone but my husbando (and reading BL manga alongside that, though i'll read whatever as long as it's good. i don't even have anything against shipping my husbando, i just prefer him as the series insert's endgame). i think anon is just baiting. your worldview has to be pathetically black and white (and in a lot of ways, hateful of other women) if you think that women can't enjoy media in different ways than you without being fakers. i think some lolcow fujos assume that when you draw parallels between yumes and fujos you insinuate that it means fujos want to fuck the guys, when like anon said, it's just the passion. being a yume may be autistic, but it isn't some bizarre anti-gay crusade.

Anonymous 189534

classic christmas.…

what are your honest thoughts on frosted sugar cookies?

Anonymous 189536

Why the fuck does trogdor make you remember your childhood then that shit is ancient

Anonymous 189538

nona i love the marx brothers! which ones have you been watching?
I recently finished Harpo's autobiography and it's now one of my favourites.

Anonymous 189539

I like to watch it but with the sound on. But only for foreign countries (Japan, Swiss)

Anonymous 189540

Screenshot 2022-12…

my exes who are all blocked keep finding ways to message me. idk what to do except keep changing my usernames and going on private. letters in the mail, email, google voice numbers, second accounts, even adding me as an uber emergency contact. it's been years

Anonymous 189542

They are the sweets equivalent of heroin.

Anonymous 189543

Ew the same thing has been happening to me. There must be something in the air.

Anonymous 189544


Tasteless and gets stale easily. You might as well just make shortbread, it looks the same but is way more delicious

Anonymous 189545


I think I have too simple of a brain for all that. I just see hot 2D guy, and imagining being with him is hot, and imagining him with another hot 2D guy is also hot.

Anonymous 189547

err this sounds like harassment/stalking. very creepy. please be safe.

Anonymous 189548

this is my though process as well

Anonymous 189549


POV: Sugimoto is about to have sex with you

Anonymous 189550

Nikocado Avocado's face must be tired from constantly using his face for dramatics sake, he's got like a set of emotions to use like some sort of animatronic with set emotes and movement

Anonymous 189551

Yeah it's my abusive ex so it's 100% stalking. I tried to get a restraining order years ago when I finally dumped him but apparently there was insufficient evidence, so I'm saving screenshots and recordings at the moment. Insufficient evidence my ass.

Anonymous 189552


this comic came to my mind when watching this. Why?? what is even the purpose

Anonymous 189553

>too simple of a brain
nah, you just interact with media differently. there's a variety in how people like their 2d male stuff. dumb purist thinking on both ends helps nobody.

Anonymous 189554


Real OGs remember Hammy Hamster

Anonymous 189555

for me (im op) it's 3 different exes, not just one. it is very creepy, but can't make any sort of case against it. if it was all one person, it would be enough evidence. i just have to sit with it and brace for when it happens again lol.
my account was off private for two days..i dated my ex 4 years ago. she cheated on me. idgi lol

Anonymous 189556

Christ. that's horrible, i'm sorry. keep recording everything and send evidence to friends and family too. Hugs

Anonymous 189557

cute and based

Anonymous 189558

I can still hear "that's a story for another day…"

Anonymous 189559


Thank you sweet anon. I'm staying with my parents for Christmas and I work remotely, so I may just stay here for the foreseeable future. He's the first and last scrote I dated. Never again.

Anonymous 189560

Is matt from supermega legit gay luke sucking penis gay

Anonymous 189562

? Is he gay?

Anonymous 189563

The guy from only is gay dating a Troon, but he probably doesn't identify that way

Anonymous 189564


Anonymous 189565


this gave me the urge to poop

Anonymous 189566

Anonymous 189568


>be autistic bpd anachan (all diagnosed)
>not pro ana twitter tourist at all, just retarded
>start using lc as a distraction during meals
>get really upset about the shit relating to weight
>especially hate the red scare cows (hilariously the pro ana ones don't bother me much) and get convinced i "have" to restrict or else
>bmi hits 13 after months of it being 14, go days eating nothing, vomit every meal


Anonymous 189569


mmm boba

Anonymous 189570

… congrats!!!!

Anonymous 189571

i thought this was in response to the anon above and it made me laugh

Anonymous 189572

nice boba tea nony..

Anonymous 189573

I'm sorry not to sound ana chan too but i'd love to see a bodycheck of yours kek I bet you look Gorgeous

But I wish you a happy recovery… Are you meds? Therapy? Are you a neet? Find some purpose it'll make you feel better and eventually you'll eat again

Anonymous 189574


>i'd love to see a bodycheck of yours I bet you look Gorgeous
Anon-chan that's fucking creepy

Anonymous 189575



Anonymous 189577

I made my husbando's favorite food and ate it while replaying my favorite scenes from his game's route. Feels good s

Anonymous 189578

I keep forgetting n o n n i e s is censored on this site

Anonymous 189579

dunno if this is bait but no i don't look gorgeous. i have osteopenia and haven't been able to shit without using laxitives since september. kill yourself btw

Anonymous 189580

Lately I've been pooping so much. Like 4 times a day. Am I dying??

Anonymous 189581

It makes me remember my childhood because I loved homestar runner as a child? The early 2000s were 20 years ago, I'm in my mid 20s so I would have been… a child

Anonymous 189582


I did literally no work all day and just lurked this thread and twitter.
why am I self sabotaging my life so hard

Anonymous 189583

go for a walk tomorrow

Anonymous 189584

I just spent my whole day on YouTube when I could have been reading. We're gonna make it! Tomorrow is gonna be different. I'm gonna write a small list of things I want to get done and actually do them then. Also i want to break this screen addiction. It's not good for me. I believe in us

Anonymous 189585

Honestly the only thing that helped me get over my anorexia was staying at a facility and making the choice to take it seriously. I'm in america so phones and access to the outside world was banned at my facility, they took shit seriously unlike the UK and New Zealand do. The main point is, you have to make the choice to get better. It's hard and sucks ass but the only cure is yourself

Anonymous 189587

if either of the two other ranfren nonas are here the new chapter dropped today!

Anonymous 189588

I want the stroke his eyebrows

Anonymous 189590


Anonymous 189591

I believe in all of us! I'm depressed as shit at the moment and have been festering in bed for a few days, but I'm gonna force myself to do shit tomorrow. We're gonna make it ladies.

Anonymous 189592

it's very cute i'm happy she finally updated the site after not touching it for a week or so

Anonymous 189593


as much as it sucks lolcow is down i'm really enjoying these free for all types of threads, i like popping in and seeing what my fellow n0nnies are sayin

Anonymous 189594

thanks for replying. i was in an inpatient unit once but it was years ago, at the time it helped a lot but this time i said no to attending a day unit when given the option because i was worried it wasn't bad enough. i'd say about 50% of my brain knows i'm suffering and it can't continue and the other 50% lives in denial and normalises it

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