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/BTG/ - BED THREAD GENERAL Anonymous 19045

>What is Bed Thread General?
It's a thread where you post about going to bed.

>Can I go to bed?

Yes, most people can and need to.

>Why should I go to bed?

Experts believe sleeping is good for your health. If you're an active person, you'll need to sleep to maintain such a lifestyle. If you're depressed, sleeping might just be the closest thing to being dead without doing permanent harm to yourself.


Too hot to sleep: https://pastebin.com/PmTCTAMh
Sleep Calculator: https://sleepcalculator.com/

I'm going to bed, I hope you all have restful sleeps. Goodnight.

Anonymous 19047

I want to go to bed

Anonymous 19060

I was in bed, but had to get up to pee. I'm going to bed again. Okay, I'm in bed.

Anonymous 19076


Anonymous 19233

Night night~

Anonymous 19267

watching one more epi of detectorists and then BED.

Anonymous 19270

that is a very lovely pic and I want to thank you for posting it, I shall enjoy watching it on my bed

Anonymous 19273


Aww, you're welcome.

Anonymous 19281


It's 1:51, about to go to bed.
I hope you were able to go to bed.
Sleep up, pups.
Sounds like a good show to watch in bed. I'll have to check it out.
>I shall enjoy watching it on my bed
I hope your sleeps were restful.
And goodnight to crystal cafe. I'll be back tomorrow to say goodnight again.

Anonymous 19286

Just had to get up from my bed. I'm very unhappy.

Anonymous 19361



Anonymous 19393


I'm going to bed early. If I'm lucky, I won't wake up. If I'm unlucky, I'll wake up in the middle of the night because I went to bed early. Just the kind of dangerous game I like to play.
Good night, cc.

Anonymous 19396

good night, and good morning for when you come back to glance at this

Anonymous 19397

twin sized beds are better than queen sized beds and you cant convince me otherwise

Anonymous 19398

Thanks, anon! I actually got up right after posting that to fill up nalgene bottle, and now I'm wide awake. C'est la vie. I will take this post with me when I do actually go to bed, though.
Explain. I have a twin, but feel like it's a foot to short.

Anonymous 19417

it's too hot to sleep

Anonymous 19423

Thank you, you're the fairy of good restful sleep in this wholesome thread

Anonymous 19499

>A moist cloth over a fan will do wonders
Keeping a fan on overnight will kill you.

Anonymous 19500

w-what? I leave a fan on every night when I go to sleep because I like the ambient noise.

Anonymous 19501

Goodnight, anon.

Anonymous 19502

Anonymous 19515

>Fan death is a well-known superstition
>Despite no concrete evidence to support the concept
>researcher Larry Kalkstein says a misunderstanding in translation resulted in his accidental endorsement of the fan death theory, which he denies is a real phenomenon

Anonymous 19583


Anonymous 19758

I am going to sleep but before I do so I want to thank OP for creating this wonderful and comfy thread and wish her the best sleep of utmost quality and also wish for great success in your endeavors thanks to a comfy sleep!

Anonymous 19768


Welp, it's 2:47 time to get some sleeps. Goodnight, cc.
Thanks, anon, that's really kind of you. Honestly I was a little hesitant about making this thread, because I thought it might be a little too sh*tposty for cc. But I'm glad there are people here who like nice comfy sleeps, too. I hope you were able to get the rest you need, and have a good day when you wake up :)

Anonymous 19785

Considering bed.

Anonymous 19786

Just do it friend.

Anonymous 19793


I wish I could be with my bf today. It's raining and I'm comfy in bed. I just want to cuddle with him.

Anonymous 19808



Anonymous 19812


gooodnighty cryscafe

Anonymous 19814

Goodnight, enjoy cozy restful sleeps.

Anonymous 19815

1 big pillow or 2 smaller pillows.

Which is superior?

Anonymous 19819


giant pillows!

Anonymous 19820

Did you call him?

Anonymous 19822

I did not.

Anonymous 19824

Do it, anon, or at least next time.

Anonymous 19834


…Are you that anon from the tfw no bf thread?

Anonymous 19839


I'm going to get ready to sleep now~~ zzz

Anonymous 19851

thanks to OP's sleep calculator linked, I had the best nights sleep

what do bunnies dream of?

Anonymous 19880


Just got up from bed, had the best sleep in weeks thanks to new meds and clean sheets. Gonna buy a new pillow soon to be even comfier. What kind of pillow does /btg/ recommend? My current one is old and full of bumps so anything would be better.

Anonymous 19885

Probably treats and making more baby bunnies.

Anonymous 19927

am not gonna go to bed anymore

Anonymous 19938

snug cece.png

sounds like a bad idea tbh

Anonymous 19959

Sleeping anywhere else is going to be uncomfortable in the long run, I would strongly recommend bed instead

Anonymous 19965


I just took a shower and I'm in bed now!

Anonymous 19968

Thank you!

Anonymous 19972

I need to fix my sleep schedule asap. During the summer I usually go to sleep at 3 am and wake up at 10/11 am, other times I just stay up all night, fall asleep at around 5 or 6 am and wake up at 12/1 pm. My favorite time of the day is night, I like when it's dark and silent, I'm calm and relaxed, I usually read, watch a movie or browse imageboards.
I've noticed that I'm always tired though, I have a terrible headache lately and bags under my eyes.
Hopefully I can break this cycle fingers crossed
Goodnight and sweet dreams everyone!

Anonymous 20168

Ideal vs. current pre-sleep routine?

>skincare routine
>pre bed relaxing (reading, talking to bf)
>brush teeth
>maybe sexytimes if up to it

>do random shit until it's time to sleep (hang with bf while he's on the computer, read, do last minute things to prepare for next day)
>brush teeth
>get into bed
>on phone

What do you want to change to help you sleep better?

Anonymous 20174


im not going to slep adn int he moring ii'm going to eat loads of eggs
im not amending this post of typos ekther, just to exemplify my contoempt fot bed

Anonymous 20194

its my understanding that sleeping on your side is the best, preferably the side that doesn't put as much weight on your .. liver? which i think means sleeping on your right side. after that it's sleeping on your back.

Anonymous 20472


I keep going to bed at 3am and waking up at 9am.

Anonymous 20480

i lucid dream ! : O

Anonymous 20481

>If you have nothing to do all day
I don't, I just indulge in my hobbies. :(
>does that really matter?
whenever I wake up, I feel rough as heck.

Also, all good tips. I have blackout curtains, but my parents (I live with them) got air conditioning installed a couple of months ago. It's been nice, I feel like I'm upper class.

Anonymous 20482

Teach me how to lucid dream

Anonymous 20492

okay ! very easy : ) but also long
: / try keeping a dream journal first !

Anonymous 20499

Outside of my volatile sleeping “schedule”. Anytime I sit or lay on my bed for over 6 minutes I cant help but just end up taking a half hour to hour nap. I once read (in depression advice, although I dont consider my self depressed) that it’s not recommended to lay down on your bed except when sleeping. I can’t help it if it is only comfy place to sit and read a book since my desk is full.

Anyone else can relate?

Anonymous 20500


I'm going to bed now! I hope everyone has a good day or a good night of sleep!

Anonymous 20653


I'm in my bed just chilling and listening to music.

Anonymous 20656

Thank you!

Anonymous 20658

What are you listening to my nigga?

Anonymous 20659


Anonymous 20662

Anonymous 20702


I just got in bed, and it's 3:47am. I hope the day is over when I wake up.

Anonymous 20736

I recently got a weighted blanket and it's 10/10. My sleep routine has definitely improved now that I have this thing. Only downside, it's so comfortable that it makes it really difficult to get up in the mornings.

Anonymous 20743

I woke up at 10:30am D:<
holy crap, I had no idea such a thing existed. I usually just boil myself by having a lot of blankets because I like that comfy/secure feeling of the weight. I'm going to have to look into getting one.

Anonymous 21283


ugh, i need to go to sleep so i can get up early for my therapy appointment tomorrow. 'night, 'nons.

Anonymous 21295


Anonymous 21297

sleep tight

Anonymous 21299


Posted this in the ventru thread already so my apologies but I've been sleeping about 16 hours each day so I don't have to think about my ex.

I'm tired and I should go to bed but I might keep watching youtube vids. There's some Animal Crossing and rain white noise videos I found that help calm me down a lot.

Anonymous 21309

>Animal crossing and rain white noise

You have good taste.

Anonymous 21339


Nice. I really like rain white noise too. It's very relaxing and great for sleeping or reading.

Anonymous 21340


This is the one I like in particular. It's a nice combo

Anonymous 21343


Hey I'm going to bed soon. Sleep well, CC. <3

Anonymous 21346


I hope your sleeps are restful and fulfilling.

Anonymous 21363

I-Is this the right thread to ask questions? Where do you buy mattresses that don't cost an arm and a leg?

Anonymous 21366

Hmm where are you from though?

Anonymous 21367

Haha I guess that's important isn't it. I'm from the US, in the MA area

Anonymous 21369

It is! I wish I could help you, but I'm not from America. I hope someone can!

Anonymous 21372

What's your budget? Costco has good mattresses.

Anonymous 21373

Is something under 500 too good to be true?

Anonymous 21374

You might want to look into foam mattresses but they'll need a frame that can support them and that can be expensive.

Anonymous 21375




Anonymous 21387

Yesterday I spent all day in bed. Only got up to feed myself and wash dishes and I have to say, I feel much better. I know not getting out of bed is peak depression crap, but just zoning out for a full 24 hours has really alleviated some of the stress I was under and stopped the cycle of "try thing, fail at thing, get sad, try thing…"

Anonymous 21394

Thank you for sharing this video, i slept really well because of this.

Anonymous 21404

I don't feel very well so I will spend the whole day in bed today.

Anonymous 21420

Fuggin' nice. I love when bed rest works.
I hope it works for you, too, anon. I hope you can get comfy and feel better.

Anonymous 21422

i really wish i could sleep without having nightmares about my roommate trying to kill me/running away from my roommate/being ignored in a crisis because my roommate decides to throw a fit

the worst part is waking up in the mornings and realizing i still live with her.

Anonymous 21639

I'm in bed but I can't sleep it's too hot and I feel so uncomfortable in every position (I have to sleep on my stomach because when I'm on my back I get really hungry but when I'm on my stomach my neck is too twisted) I will get back to trying to sleep now

Anonymous 21647


You haven't reached the sleep nirvana until youve slept with one of these (pic related). My mexican friend had one and it was like sleeping on God's bossoms.

Anonymous 21654

My husband was bitter about our "Prussian" custom of having blankets that are 1,40x2 metres, so I sewed two together for him and also made some custom sheets, and now he has a massive 2x2,80 blanket. He says he's finally able to roll over while asleep without worrying about exposing half of his body to the cold.

Anonymous 21845


I'm going to bed and wanted to say I love you guys and send all my good vibes

I have to go to work tomorrow and my job is really abusive, wish me luck!

I'm hopefully quitting soon though

Anonymous 21848

Thanks, and good luck. I hope you have a restful time in bed, so you can face the hardships of tomorrow.

Anonymous 21850

I love everyone here but especially YOU! Have a good day at work!

Anonymous 21858


thank you! I got some good sleep in, I'll be off now!


Thank you, you're so sweet <3 only a 6 hour shift but I hope it flies by without my manager bullying me!

Anonymous 22613


I keep going to bed around 4am and waking up at 12pm.

Anonymous 22616


I'm going to bed. I don't want to go to bed, but I've been up for a while and I'm not awake enough to do anything properly.
What can I do to sleep really long except to stay awake really long?

Anonymous 22617

it might help you sleep if you drink warm milk, it helps me at least, but don't drink too much or you'll have to wake up do use the bathroom, also I guess you could make sure that everything in your bed is comfortable and in its place but you probably did that already. Because sometimes I'm kept awake by the blanket that keeps sliding off of my bed so I have to keep fixing it.

Anonymous 22622

I've been sleeping so much lately. No idea why. I slept almost 12h yesterday and I'm very sleepy today

Anonymous 22627

Maybe you should try to eat more fruit? I also noticed that i have been more sleepy and i think it's because of the lack of vitamins i have been getting lately.

Anonymous 22631

get something you're excited to get up for! and getting too much sleep can keep you feeling sleepy and groggy, it's weird

Anonymous 22643


I have been sleeping a lot as well lately. Is this why my memory is going bad?

Anonymous 22658

Thanks guys, I'll try to eat more fruit again. I'm very excited about the upcoming days, no idea why I've been so sleepy :s

Anonymous 30625

go to bed & wake up early

Anonymous 30627

Consistent schedule >>>>> more hours

It is better to maintain a consistent regimen of say going to sleep at 12:30 and waking up at 7:00 everyday than to go to sleep at 10:30 and aim to wake-up at 6:30. Yes more hours are important (with min reccomended threshold) but at some threshold you start to get decreased gains.

But then again I read a article on how people who sleep in during weekends live longer/sleep better or somethin

Anonymous 30628


How do I make myself stick to a schedule? I'm a NEET, have few irl responsibilities, and all my friends are in timezones at least 6 hours ahead of mine, so my usual bedtime is anything between 5 and 11 am. Please help. I have no curtains and sleeping during the day is terrible.

Anonymous 30631

>establish nightly routine
>go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday (even if you go to bed later make sure you’re still getting up at the same time)
>only use your bed for sleep, get out of it as soon as you wake up
>if you can’t go to sleep within 30 minutes get out of your room and go do something low maintence for 15~ minutes then try going back to sleep
>make sure your room is cool
>don’t look at any phone/computer/tv screen before bed
>avoid caffeinated drinks or rigorous exercise in the evening
>if you wake up in the middle of the night avoid turning on any lights or looking at your phone

Anonymous 30934

Christ, I just slept for 13 hours

Anonymous 30935

I sleep on the floor now because it's less comfortable so I wake up more easily.

Anonymous 30961

washing the sheets today

Anonymous 31113


I've been sleeping much better lately since I've been going to bed early. Who'd have thought sleeping at night is better than during the day. May you all be blessed with good sleeps.

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