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Lolcor bunker thread #012 Anonymous 192964

When will we be free from the mines?
Temp Doodle Board: https://aggie.io/oyfgrhxl5_

Anonymous 192976

I said we'd be back by thread 12, I was very wrong kek

Anonymous 192977

is /w/ gone?

Anonymous 192978



Anonymous 192979

when we hit thread 69, lolcow will enable posting for 5 minutes before breaking again

Anonymous 192980


All boards are gone technically, nothing has been moved yet

Anonymous 192982

the leading zero is ominous, n*nnie.

Anonymous 192983


i hate dark themes

Anonymous 192984

but I mean I don't see /w/ on the list of boards or am I retarded? good riddance tbh

Anonymous 192985

I don't think admin is planning to move old threads over, unless i've misunderstood her statement.

Anonymous 192986


literally my greatest fear

Anonymous 192987

That would be retarded because linking back to old lc would become a hassle and beat the purpose of an imageboard that doesn't delete its threads. Hoping that won't be the case kek

Anonymous 192988

thats what I thought she meant and I don't like it. it should be reasonably easy to transfer the posts in the database to the new database of lynxchan. I get it that most threads rotate and will have new editions but it is inconvenient and anything that might make people give up the site is no good, unless it makes the right people give up the site i guess, kek. speaking of are people using VPNs to connect rn or no?

Anonymous 192989

How did you get those colors? Is it something custom you did? Because all the themes are gross and dark for me except for girltalk, which is pink and i shall settle for i suppose

Anonymous 192990

plz say sike



Anonymous 192992

please be lie please be a lie please be a lie please be a lie, I rebuke you Shaytaan you will not and cannot hurt me, this is a blessed space. GET AWAY FROM ME!

Anonymous 192993


just sent a risky text im gonna throw up

Anonymous 192994


holy shit Aleksandra Waliszewska actually made KOTY vol 2 !!! I never thought it would happen

Anonymous 192995

Ngl, I think the anons throwing a fit over the new server are being kind of retarded and throwing it out before the site is even fully functioning with all of the features. Change isn't always a bad thing. It will certainly take some time getting used to and no doubt I will miss oldcow but I think this new lolcow will be nice. Plus, this server change is supposed to fix a lot of actual issues with the site, it's not just about appearance. I just hope admin will add all of the themes, but I think most of the themes we can see are just the ones promised to the donators. I definitely have some questions for admin…

Anonymous 192996


but n0nnas are autistic and autists don't deal well with change

Anonymous 192997

The new layout itself already screamed toxic. Who's brilliant idea was this?

Anonymous 192998



Anonymous 192999

F U shatmin

Anonymous 193000


imagine if we made it to 100 threads haha shaymin wouldn't abandon us for that long right ha ha right

Anonymous 193002

the only worry i have with transfering the database is that if it was already shitting the bed beforehand it'll just make the new site thrice as broken and the admin doesn't seem the brightest when it comes to web tech

Anonymous 193003

Do I miss anything if I don't catch up with all bunker threads

Anonymous 193004


Anonymous 193006

Anonymous 193007

Anonymous 193008

Sorry most of us are too autistic to handle this well

Anonymous 193010

I'm mostly just confused, admin and mods were always so silent and then they change fucking everything, pretty unexpected.

Anonymous 193011

i laughed my ass off reading them

Anonymous 193012

I am a database person, it's doable, I'm thinking about asking her if I can come up with a solution but I don't know if not moving over the database is planned or if it is because of some limitations. I'm also the anon who maintains the unofficial archive so I've planned on getting into some imageboard internals for that to enable a better search function, etc. But I dunno if she is even gonna answer if I reach out or if it will seem like I'm trying to tell her what to do, idk.

Anonymous 193014


Anonymous 193015

It wasn't unexpected, where have you been anon? Everyone always knew there was going to be a server change, we just didn't know when until like 2 weeks ago since admin is so elusive.

Anonymous 193016

the bunker thread before the last was the best. This one? No, the spirt is gone. I feel dead inside. I've been on all day because neet and diarareha

Anonymous 193017

I complain about shaymin abandoning us but I've probably used these bunker threads more than lolcow in the past month
bunker threads are comfy

Anonymous 193018

I do pray they can find a cure for autism.

Anonymous 193019

This was planned for like a year

Anonymous 193020


bring back lolcow

Anonymous 193021

If shaymin does not move the old threads then she's a fucking retard and I hate her and her fugly new lolcow

Anonymous 193022

maybe if we all do a collective prayer lolcow will be back by the time us eurofags wake up tomorrow

Anonymous 193023

so..i heard there's a ritual that will summon lolcow.farm…he he

Anonymous 193024

Should I make a frozen pizza? I had fast food earlier so I wanted to go light for dinner, but me hungry.

Anonymous 193025




Anonymous 193026

inb4 LC is kill

Anonymous 193027

Can we just make a new website with the old layout? Like hypothetically is anything stopping us

Anonymous 193028


Anonymous 193029

frozen pizza sounds good rn tbh. I'm gonna make some gnocchi in a little bit.

Anonymous 193031

The world would be better if men were afraid of this shit happening to them and just left women and girls alone.

Anonymous 193032

Anyone played, "What remains of Edith Finch" and think that 75% of the deaths and adults were careless assholes and shitty parents??

Anonymous 193033

Just edit the layout with CSS. Making an entirely new website that's the exact same as oldcow with all of the old threads and features would probably be way too difficult. You guys are being kind of childish tbh.

Anonymous 193034

I actually have one more or less ready to go, with the idea if the site goes down suddenly we have somewhere to migrate to, but I also don't want the hassle of running a fucking imageboard on top of what I already have to do. If it becomes necessary though, I will do it.

Anonymous 193035

h-how did you do this?

Anonymous 193036

Go for it , maybe drink some water before and just eat slow so you don’t hurt your stomach

Anonymous 193037

>vaccines for autism
>inhaler made out of of asbestos

Anonymous 193038

(​) in between the parentheses is an invisible space

Anonymous 193039

This reminds me of the anon who had a Tsurumi nightmare and he was eyeless

Anonymous 193040

But what about a demon husbando?

Anonymous 193041

Are you the Taco Bell anon from earlier? Live your best life

Anonymous 193042

No it's mostly boring infighting with the same typical infight-bait topics

Anonymous 193043

Kek same, I love anonymous group chats. Hope LC comes back soon but I enjoy these a lot, the dumbass shit threads dont hit the same for some reason

Anonymous 193044

Yeah. I want another chalupa but I will not spend anymore of my money on fast food.

Anonymous 193045


Anonymous 193046

Yes, and I think that was the point.

Anonymous 193047


i thought it was fun

Anonymous 193048

Do you mean heat up a frozen pizza or do you plan on making a pizza and then freezing it? Because yes

Anonymous 193050

infighting IS fun

Anonymous 193051


I'm a heathen and don't know any prayers tradcath s show yourselves

Anonymous 193052

You knew there would be a major UI change (for the worse)?

Anonymous 193053


Anonymous 193054


Anonymous 193055

Anonymous 193057

I’m not sure why the game was hyped so much honestly. Most the deaths seem very too over the top. The last indie game I really enjoyed was celeste and that was only until they retconned her as trans

Anonymous 193059

I can’t stand my parents and I don’t want to see them for Christmas, I just want this fucking weekend to be over already

Anonymous 193060


Anonymous 193061

omfg i think this was my dream. the one where he was in a church or something? unless another nonie had anightmare about him too?

Anonymous 193062

Nah I've seen some discussion of an actual curse or "Edie was just trying to keep everyone alive through her stories and the mom was trying to shut it down".
No she was fucking crazy and traumatized. The way she senstisationlized Barba's death annoyed me.
How did she really die?

Anonymous 193063

They all look bad and inbred so it's very accurate

Anonymous 193064

Please do it.
>But I dunno if she is even gonna answer if I reach out or if it will seem like I'm trying to tell her what to do, idk.
Who gives a fuck? Do it. She should hear what her site's fucking anonbase wants. I mean she's the one who fucked up perfectly good lolcow, without telling us what EXACTLY she's planning to do with it, let her hear our grief and autism. And if she can't handle anons telling her sooper cool lolcor updates suck, well maybe she shouldn't be a lolcow admin.

Also you're doing a god's work with the archive, please stay around in case we can't ever retrieve them!

Anonymous 193066

Well, in that case, why didn't you stop her?

Anonymous 193067


Anonymous 193068

the deaths were simple it was the story that were over the top. Like leaving the baby in the tub, or putting a swing near a fucking cliff, or sending a child to bed with no food and then leaving berries around

Anonymous 193069


I would give u fast food money just to make u happy

Anonymous 193070

this is going to be a lc-less christmas and what's even worse is that heather finally got her claws into a balding ryan just as the site went down

Anonymous 193071

N o n n i e s lets talk about games pwease

Anonymous 193073


I hate these so much I don't know why I'm posting them

Anonymous 193074

Yeah? I thought we all expected the layout to change since it's an entirely new server.
I honestly really liked that game.

Anonymous 193076

>What is your favorite story game?
>What game is overhyped and why?
>Whats your favorite game of 2022?
>do you love me?
Lets chat Nonners

Anonymous 193077

Screenshot 2022-12…

radtwt pretty lit right now

Anonymous 193078

I would give you a million smooches.

Anonymous 193079

There's too much infighting in the dumbass shit threads, I feel like I could say I have a headache and someone will accuse me of being a troon kek
maybe the vibes on bunker threads are better because there's not as many newfags and trolls who just want to derail every discussion

Anonymous 193080


Anonymous 193081

delete the parentheses, there is a character in between them that you can't see, so yo can put it in the middle of the word:

Anonymous 193082


Anonymous 193084

n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie

Anonymous 193085

My ex and I broke up three months ago and the longer I’m away from him the more clinically depressed I get. Not even exaggerating

Anonymous 193086

Anons figuring out how to get around the n word ban is so funny kek

Anonymous 193087

All my posts… gone. What the fuck

Anonymous 193088


don't ban me cc mods

Anonymous 193090

it didn't work noooo

Anonymous 193091

It's been a while since I've played, but I had the impression there was no curse, just shitty parenting, but I guess shitty parenting my itself is a curse in a way.

Anonymous 193093

Im surpised that the CC mods are watching, I truly believed this was a dead site unless you summoned

Anonymous 193094

the vibes, derailment, and random troon accusations here are pretty much the same as those threads depending on the time of the day if you check the previous bunkers

Anonymous 193095

INTP here and OF COURSE, of course they had to use the ugly "wise owl" bullshit. why

Anonymous 193096


I think it was you! I always think about it when I see fanart of him with hollow eye sockets

Anonymous 193097


Anonymous 193098

so lolcor is moving closer to being a forum and away from being an imageboard? Who asked for this? Apart from null.
I swear to god this is still forearm-admin with her autistic dreams of making lc her own personal site. 'a new engine' was her big dream that no one else gave a fuck about and she never achieved it. Shayna posters can barely read let alone code a website.

Anonymous 193101

true, it's a very pretty and sad game though. I did enjoy it and the story about the scrote with the fishes and Barbra really got to me. Almost cried at some points.

Anonymous 193102


Anonymous 193103

Nona, wtf is this creature?

Anonymous 193104

Omfg I think I phrased it like it was an edgy creepypasta or something haha and he kept getting closer. Hehe I need to reread what I wrote in that post when lc is back up

Anonymous 193105

In what ways is it becoming a forum?? It's not like we have profiles

Anonymous 193106

there you go nоnniе

Anonymous 193108

>so lolcor is moving closer to being a forum and away from being an imageboard
why do i feel like Shaymin is trying to make us a new PULL

Anonymous 193110

>Shayna posters can barely read let alone code a website.
Brutal. But seems accurate.

Anonymous 193112

The part with the fish is the best one, it's a interesting gameplay integrated with the narrative. I personally love the game.

Anonymous 193113

using the cyrillic alphabet works nоnniеs

Anonymous 193114

TINFOIL Shaymin is an old PULLfag who wants to restore PULL to its former glory.

Anonymous 193115


Anonymous 193117

you should email her, if she's smart she'll take helpful advice. I only emailed her once but I got a response so that alone made my opinion of her much better.

Anonymous 193118

nonnes like you ruined the later half of lolcor and now you ruined my bunkers i hate you

Anonymous 193119

But pull actually looked cute.

Anonymous 193120

and yet admin trusted her enough to have it. I believe our dear ms.admin knows what she's doing

Anonymous 193121

sounds possible, cause there's been like 100 team/owner changes on PULL to the point it's not even PULL anymore

Anonymous 193123

not their ugly header though, lol.

Anonymous 193125

What posters don't know is Shayna posters are the smartes on the damn board. The worse are moo posters

Anonymous 193126


post christmas pictures

Anonymous 193128

guys i just texted my ex boyfriend throw rocks at me

Anonymous 193129

i feel like she doesn't at all. Shaymin may know how to manage lolcow, but not how to make a goodlooking new site. and she certainly doesn't know how to listen to her own damn userbase.

Anonymous 193130


Anonymous 193132


Anonymous 193133

Tinfoil but at this point i feel like Anon Who Archived Entire Lolcow back in kiwifarms death scare days would make a better job at remaking lolcow than Shaymin.

Anonymous 193135

insult him on the next text you send him

Anonymous 193137

We have to stop doubting people because what cow they follow. When the sad truth is Shayna posters keep the lights on at lolcow.farm.
We are the smartest brightest posters on that shit hole. So anyone of our shaysisters is 100% percenmt fit for the job. I believe in her because years of reading Shayna's thread does something to youre brain and it's all good things.
I know because i am one. We are one.

Anonymous 193139


Anonymous 193140


Anonymous 193141

I don't like the staff but this shit is so autistic kek. You guys are losing your minds over something that hasn't even happened yet and may not happen at all.

Anonymous 193142

I’ve been on the shay threads for years and I do not claim to be whatever it is you’re claiming kek

Anonymous 193143



Anonymous 193144

I can’t stand my mother, and she always does this super annoying thing where anytime someone makes a joke, reference or quotes a movie in front of her, she stares like a deer in headlights and goes “What? What’s so funny…why is everyone laughing? What does that mean?” until someone explains the joke and she goes “….oh. strange. You always had a bizarre sense of humor, [my name].”
Or if someone quotes a tv show she’ll say in a meek voice “….oh. I didn’t know. I’ve never had time to sit and watch tv.” or “…..oh. I’m glad you have the luxury of [going to the movies/listening to music/insert any pop culture exposure ever]. I’ve never been able to.” It happens every time, she acts stupid every time someone mentions a reference or joke and I honestly don’t understand what she tries to accomplish with this, I guess she wants everyone to feel sorry for her or something? Always ruining the mood and bringing the energy down.
I think I actually hate this woman

Anonymous 193147


Anonymous 193149

download (2).jpg

my report finger itchin'

Anonymous 193150

sine nomine

Anonymous 193152

boooo pussy

Anonymous 193153

there's movement on the farms

Anonymous 193154

i'm just here for the cat posts at this point

Anonymous 193156

that's me kek. I expressly don't want to take over the site though. I would've applied if I did. I'm >>193012 and >>193034

Anonymous 193158

my nigel just admitted he's into piss idk what to do

Anonymous 193159


Anonymous 193160

Jesus Christ that's annoying.

Anonymous 193161

send caps it aint working for me

Anonymous 193163

you may not know it yet Shay Sister, but you are what you are. You cannot change that. I refuse to believe you can go through what we have as a system; and leave uneffected. Don't run, embrace it.

Anonymous 193164


Anonymous 193165


you know what to do

Anonymous 193166


Anonymous 193167

Agreed, this admin has such a strong track record. We should trust everything will be fine.

Anonymous 193168

Send him my way

Anonymous 193169

I wish cats actually looked like this

Anonymous 193172

kill him

Anonymous 193173

so you can report him to the Holice right??

Anonymous 193174


Anonymous 193175

whats this norse code?
(hopin my grand ma brings me some beers for christmas)

Anonymous 193176

something something elaine

Anonymous 193178

lynxchan is webscale

Anonymous 193179


Anonymous 193180

I have one word of advice I want you guys to remember and pass onto your daughters
Do not. and I mean, DO NOT. get into gacha games. just don't.

Anonymous 193181

It's time to dump him, because at some point he's going to be comfortable enough to ask if he can pee on you/you pee on him

Anonymous 193182

NTA but pretty sure that's a dog fighting a leaf blower

Anonymous 193183


nоnnies catposting

Anonymous 193184

can't wait for lc to be back and the n0nnies in the vtuber thread explain the current drama.

Anonymous 193185

I'm not saying you should trust her (I don't either), I'm just saying that the "admin hasn't moved over the threads! all the threads are gone! omg no nnies i'm so scared! this is so creepy! lolcow is gone!" posts are dumb because we can clearly see that the site isn't done yet and there's some shit that needs to be fixed and moved over. At least wait for it to actually be properly up and running to see what's up.

Anonymous 193187

this is so beautiful i love the font nonnitia

Anonymous 193188

nta but I just wish she would have been clearer about what is going on throughout the whole process. When Josh Moon has better communication skills than you there is a problem.

Anonymous 193189



Anonymous 193190

Why are you speaking in dots this is murrica. Someone translate.

Anonymous 193191

My Nigel caught me drawing Sonic yaoi and laughed at me

Anonymous 193192

>One of the Morse code systems was invented in the United States by American artist and inventor Samuel F.B. Morse during the 1830s for electrical telegraphy

Anonymous 193193


>always makes everyone angry
Keeby is my kirbsona

Anonymous 193194

if you're familiar with website and sys admin stuff then the whole migration has been nonsensical.
also if she couldn't fix /m/ expecting her to import ppsts from mysql to mongo is pipe dream

Anonymous 193195

he's already rushed me to get out of the bath once so he could pee in it

Anonymous 193198


Anonymous 193199


Anonymous 193200

I want to alog your bf. Also burn the tub.

Anonymous 193201

The 'properly' bit is the concern, though. When did these problems start? Last couple of years. Who is going to fix them? Person who accidentally nuke /m/. When are they going to do it? The 4th or 5th 'scheduled maintenance' of the year.

Anonymous 193202

I think she’s one of those people who genuinely enjoys being unhappy. I think she loves feeling like a martyr and will purposely do things slowly and inefficiently, and take over a project and not let anyone help so that she can later scream and cry that “I worked so hard and so long and nObOdY eVeN hELpED me!!!!” She’s so exhausting and miserable and I’m so glad I at least don’t live with her anymore

Anonymous 193203

my nigel caught me on lolcow and asked me, "how are you on the site's down". I asked him how the fuck he knows what a lolcow is. He tells me he lurks. I'm marrying and divoricing him and I hate him so much

Anonymous 193205

> if she couldn't fix /m/ expecting her to import ppsts from mysql to mongo is pipe dream
archive-chan here I don't know shit about LynxChan and not much about Mongo but it can't possibly be that hard. I'd be surprised if there wasn't something on github to do just that. And if there isn't I'm tempted to spin up a lynx instance and get a rough draft of a solution

Anonymous 193206


Jenna and Julien got married and I'm so happy. Of all e-celebs, I love them the most.

Anonymous 193207

kek luigi

Anonymous 193208

I agree with that, but I still think anons are jumping the gun here.

Anonymous 193209


sensitive catposters it's our time

Anonymous 193210

My Nigel just hung himself

Anonymous 193211

It will be confirmed that all the threads have been permanently deleted, screencap this.

Anonymous 193212

Luigi Fags tell me whats so great about him?

Anonymous 193214


Anonymous 193215

wish mine did the same

Anonymous 193216

Awwww omfg I'm happy for them. Jenna was so chill

Anonymous 193217

I love you so much, anon.

Anonymous 193218

oh my god!!!

Anonymous 193219

I mean Josh has always been very active in his fat community. It's a different vibe on lolcow. People know what Josh and his feet look like.
Plus he's constantly under attack for the site, we thankfully are not

Anonymous 193220

My Nigel's boat just sunk 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland

Anonymous 193221

I've been complaining about her lack of communication skills since the beginning. I'm lead to believe shaymin is just a puppet or something. But I also agree, we gotta give her and whoever might be helping her at least until after Christmas before we start freaking out over lolcow being fucked. This type of thing takes time, especially since they're doing it for free by themselves.

LC probably won't be functional for the weekend. And it will be buggy well after new years. If they get it together faster that's great but lolcow has years worth of posts to transfer over.

I don't like the forum approach it seems to be taking on though. The myspace/gaia online kid in me is happy to finally have a website that's customizable again but at the same time it feels kind of pointless because it's not like other people will see it.

Anonymous 193222

samefag as >>193205
that took 5 seconds to find, might work out of the box, might need a little messing about but for real

Anonymous 193223

My Nigel was miraculously resurrected after having been dead for three days.

Anonymous 193224

I honestly don't even really know anything about Elaine. Just a joke, 'non.

Anonymous 193225

He is tall

Anonymous 193226

if new lolcor doesn’t even have jungle theme then what is the point?

Anonymous 193227

I'm not saying it's hard just that it's too hard for shaymin.

Anonymous 193228

>He tells me he lurks
that explains alot. i'm going to kill every """nigel""" itt btw

Anonymous 193229

My Nigel was just publicly executed via beheading ordered by Queen Victoria

Anonymous 193230

my nigel is eating a burger and he's smacking so fucking loud. It's annoying. Everytime I tell him to stop he says, "Stop what?" and right now i'm very unstable and don't know how to explain it to him. so we are just in a endless cycle of me giving hima evil eye. He has mustard on his face and it's getting on the bed sheets next to the piss stains and blood stains (period).
He never washes the sheets and he always is like, "What?" dumbly with his big eyes and I hate that he doesn't know how to clean up after himself.

Anonymous 193231

> I'm lead to believe shaymin is just a puppet or something.
there is the tinfoil that shaymin is just the same as oldmin who pretended to give up the site to escape the bullshit. I dunno if I believe it or not, but tbh I don't really care, I just need her to get the site working and let us know wtf is going on

Anonymous 193232


Keeby is really cute, I like how he got assigned as Hammer Lord in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Super Kirby Clash.

Anonymous 193233

this made me so happy to see. They both look so happy, Jenna was always wholesome as shit and I'll never forgive the fags that ran her off YouTube over a fuckin fish or whatever.

Yet the cat fucker and Jeffrey star still lurk about.

Anonymous 193234

post the fucking yaoi now

Anonymous 193235

I am divorcing my Nigel and living in a hotel room right now. We'll have Christmas with the kids but shit is done. It is my fault tbh. Have a drink with me n o n n a s.

Anonymous 193236

what if shaymin is Admin's alter?

Anonymous 193237

drink up hoe, Nigel Free 2023 it rhymes

Anonymous 193238


𝕸𝖞 𝕹𝖎𝖌𝖊𝖑 𝖜𝖆𝖘 𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖚𝖑𝖔𝖚𝖘𝖑𝖞 𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖚𝖗𝖗𝖊𝖈𝖙𝖊𝖉 𝖆𝖋𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖍𝖆𝖛𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖇𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖉 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖙𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖊 𝖉𝖆𝖞𝖘.

Anonymous 193239

My mom does similar things. She asked me to help decorate the Christmas tree this week, and I kept waiting around and waiting for her to be ready to do it, even coming home early from stuff so that I would be available to help. She kept putting it off like "Oh I'm too tired tonight, let's do it tomorrow" and then the one night I was out and busy, I come home to her having decorated the tree without me. Now this morning she comes to me and says "did you see how your dad trimmed up the tree?" (translation: did you see how I decorated the tree all by myself?) and I respond "yeah it took great!" to which she says unhappily "well get a good look at it, it's the last tree we are ever going to do." probably hoping that I would take the bait and ask why and feel guilty, but I just said ok. I swear she did this on purpose or something. Like she purposefully waited until I was busy to decorate it herself so she can be upset at me.

Anonymous 193241


Anonymous 193242

jenna is too good for julien, I could never stand that manchild when he was on her videos

Anonymous 193243

What are we drinking tonight?

Anonymous 193244

admin is gonna rm -rf / the server by accident and realize she did not pay the host for backups

Anonymous 193245



Anonymous 193246

My Nigel's soul just integrated into my wall. Pray for him ノニー. At least I finally have somebody to lean on unconditionally.

Anonymous 193247

, I used lc for 6 years and I have never encountered lc have such terribly irresponsible admin. People keep asspatting newmin and oldmin when they do something extremely small once in a bluemoon, and I am convinced that a lot of people who do that are newfags. They didn't even bother having better moderation when lc kept being raided by pedos this year.

Anonymous 193248

I saw my Nigel at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.
He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

Anonymous 193249

white wine but I also have a little whiskey

Anonymous 193250

I'm going through big shaynus withdrawals ngl. But not enough to actually go on her Twitter

Anonymous 193251

ultra rare based nigel

Anonymous 193252


If it's a forum we can all make cutesy signatures. I'm excited.

Anonymous 193253

My nigel threw the first brick at stonewall

Anonymous 193254


translate this post or so help me god

Anonymous 193255

Oh my god, yes that’s exactly my mom!
Last year my mom was almost in tears because “none of the decorations are done!” when my boyfriend and I came to visit. The house looked perfect and everything was great, so I had no idea what she was talking about. I tried to make her feel better and said “and besides, we don’t care about the decorations! We’re just happy to see you.”
And she physically recoiled from me and said “That’s right, you don’t care. You don’t care about anything. You don’t care about the decorations? FINE, I’ll just tear them down and throw them all away!!!”
Fucking lunacy I swear

Anonymous 193256


Anonymous 193258

tears of Nigel

Anonymous 193259


Anonymous 193260

From my experience cc mods are pretty good and they always delete what I report but sadly there weren't many of them

Anonymous 193261

My mom sounds like a mix of both of you with some alcoholism on top. The best thing you can do is move away and don't fall into their stupid baits.

Anonymous 193262

Anonymous 193263

I lol'd

Anonymous 193264

I hate lyhnxh chan.

Anonymous 193265

green and peggable

Anonymous 193266

ikr. im glad jenna is happy but julien is a bottom tier moid. you can see him being chivalrous and sweet to her but his sense of humor is making vomiting and coughing noises, gaslighting her as a joke, being disgusting and annoying as possible like an obnoxious child.

Anonymous 193267

anons who are currently able to access the site are you using VPN and where are you/your VPN because it's doing nothing for me

Anonymous 193268

cosigned it's garbage unless it has the ability to filter out all tranny posts I don't know why we needed to change

Anonymous 193269

nu-cow waiting music theme

Anonymous 193270

fucking kek

Anonymous 193271

are the farms alive??? I just posted something omo

Anonymous 193272

this 2013 tumblr ass humor

Anonymous 193273

My Nigel plays the guitar with his teeth.

Anonymous 193274


Anonymous 193275

Screenshot 2022-12…


Anonymous 193276

I sitll have an error page someone please put their nigel on the backburner to work thanks

Anonymous 193277

>But I also agree, we gotta give her and whoever might be helping her at least until after Christmas before we start freaking out over lolcow being fucked. This type of thing takes time, especially since they're doing it for free by themselves.
This is pretty much what I mean. I've been let down by the past 2 admins a lot but I'm willing to wait and see what she actually does and for the site to be finished before I start complaining about how the new site is completely shit.

Anonymous 193278

where are you logging in from? i still can't access

Anonymous 193279

I just wanna hornypost I am craving some good dicking

Anonymous 193280

That's horrible. Is she especially bad during holidays? My mom is. It's like she needs to make everyone miserable on what are supposed to be the happiest times of the year for some reason. She can be fine most of the time, but I am especially wary of her on holidays and birthdays.
My dad is the one with the alcohol problem, but no temper problem. I can't imagine what both combined would be like. Awful.

Anonymous 193281

respectfully no one cares n0nny

Anonymous 193282

I asked my nigel to take care of me while i was sick and he said "I don't know what that means" so I said, you know, do the household chores that need done and make me some soup for dinner and he said "that's fake stuff from the movies"
wow wow wow

Anonymous 193283

can post but don't want to bc GIMME MY PRECIOUS THREADS BACK

Anonymous 193284


Anonymous 193285

I can log from the normal address, /m/ and /meta/ work for me

Anonymous 193286

dump him

Anonymous 193289

No I never had to use a vpn

Anonymous 193290

For anons having trouble, go on your phone and use data to access the site. It won't work on wifi for me for whatever reason

Anonymous 193291


>I really think new admin might be the choachan mod/admin because the sites look insanely similar now lol.

Anonymous 193295


Late, but I gotchu girlies

>>193131 - N0NNIE

>>193162 - IHATELYNXCHAN (repeated 14 times)

Anonymous 193297

was just able to log in but I had to disable VPN. which honestly I am ok with if it will weed out CP spam and Blaine the Tranny. but if I need a VPN to use KF and need not a VPN to use LCF that's a pain…i'll unironically probably use a different laptop for lcf if that's the case lol

Anonymous 193298


This is for him

Anonymous 193299


Anonymous 193300

if you get >>193294 on vpn it's just the dns propegation being slow

Anonymous 193301


Admin post

Anonymous 193302

Nta but I don't know anything about this. Details?

Anonymous 193303

My Nigel misgendered the first troon on 9/11

Anonymous 193305

wtf my nigel makes me soup when im sick without asking, you have a testosterone tumor not a nigel

Anonymous 193306

My nigel found a notebook that fell from the sky

Anonymous 193307

Isaac newton ass

Anonymous 193308

/w/ is gone lol
I guess those girls are gonna be folded into /snow/ which is fine but some /w/eebs are nutcase who will have trouble integrating with/snow/ nönnies

Anonymous 193309

thanks cc mods/admins/whoever for letting us shitpost

Anonymous 193310

kek same, I thought it was just a default interface ccc and shaymin used because they don't know how to code

Anonymous 193311

My nigel did 9/11

Anonymous 193312

Anonymous 193315

my nigel flew into my cup and i accidentally drank him

Anonymous 193316

Yea I figured. Migrating all of that autism would have been one hell of a task. Especially for free.

Anonymous 193317

admin seems nice and cute

Anonymous 193318


>we're opting to scrape old threads

Anonymous 193319

God doesn't give the hardest battles to His toughest soldiers, He gives his toughest battles to Korean men.

Anonymous 193320

> instead were going to scrape the threads
Kinda what I would do too but as long as the results is the new threads are integrated

Anonymous 193321

nona I was literally about to use that exact image fuck

Anonymous 193322

racist caricature

Anonymous 193323

i’m watching first dates on tv on mute and guessing who is homosexual. so far i’ve been right

Anonymous 193324

REEEEEEEEEEEE i dont have phone data fuck fuck fuck
one of them banned and deleted a bunch of shitposts lol

Anonymous 193325

that sounds annoying as fuck for staff just tell people to make new threads if she isn't willing to migrate databases
not hard to copy/paste/edit text

Anonymous 193326

He basically had some sort of Haram with farmhands and handed of LC to his bottom bitch or something after the regular userbase caught wind of how autistic, weird and … Male he was. Iirc it was the first time Joshua moon tried to get his grubby autistic fingers all over our precious cow chan board.

Anonymous 193327

ghost of /m/ shaking its damn head

Anonymous 193328

I can only get in using my phone

Anonymous 193329


dropped pic

Anonymous 193330

How is it racist, it looks exactly like the gif the other n0nnie posted.

Anonymous 193331

I wish I had a nigel…

Anonymous 193332

She doesn't mean scrape as in delete but scrape as in extract content from old LC and put it on the new one I'm pretty sure kek

Anonymous 193333

My Nigel licks me sparkling clean after every shit.

Anonymous 193334

quiet, you racist trash

Anonymous 193335

It's cute you think it's that easy kek.

Anonymous 193337

Did we really need to read that?

Anonymous 193338

guess what nоnnie

Anonymous 193339


a bunch of white women trying to animeify asian men will never be funny

Anonymous 193340

I thought Ian was gay? And yes I too recall Josh Moon trying to take over the site. Imagine if he had succeeded, we'd be shit out of luck when the trannies went after his infrastructure because God knows we wouldn't be the priority. Josh views lcf as his "beauty parlor" but as an image board which is bullshit. He never got the culture.

Anonymous 193342

It looks bad…
Also kpop is allowed now. Is the admin the same one as choachan's? They loon so similar and kpop is back ugh

Anonymous 193343

is that a fucking bolo tie, she deserves better

Anonymous 193344


My condolences. Here, have a flower

Anonymous 193345

kys (insert appropriate racial slur for nona)

Anonymous 193346

yeah I assume she means scraping from the html files on the old vichan server which is a reasonable way to do it, it's structured data after all, might be easier than mucking with SQL if that isn't her thing. either way would work fine. I just hope that it happens.

Anonymous 193347

this >>193299 is anniemay to you?

Anonymous 193349


this is revenge on the nonas who refused to aknowledge kpop fujos

Anonymous 193350

agahahahaha there are ppl who ant post on lolcor rn?????????

Anonymous 193351

What is the dog boy name

Anonymous 193352

what is ALR even doing these days?

Anonymous 193354


Under the /m/ specifies fujos, kpop, animu…….. SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS (kpoop is allowed)

Anonymous 193356

it’s josh null from bts



Anonymous 193358

Ayrt I’m laughing so hard

Anonymous 193359

Right now lolcow is the cool girl club. Only cool girls can get in.

Anonymous 193360


Anonymous 193361


idk i stopped watching her when she broke up with becky
we rise

Anonymous 193363

this is fun it’s like a sleepover

Anonymous 193364

fucking kek

Anonymous 193365


>lolcor dies
>i start drawing again and doing excercise
i think i found what was stoping me from thriving in life

Anonymous 193366


Anonymous 193367

use cold turkey blocker and never come back (i mean that in the best way possible). i believe in you

Anonymous 193368

and shine baby

Anonymous 193369

angery cat.jpg

the new layout sucks and i hate it

Anonymous 193370

I don't know that he had a harem with his farmhands. I think he was friends with some of them, which made for a shitty work dynamic. He was an autist, but I liked him personally. He cared about the site and handed it to someone else for the good of the website because people caught wind of his scrote-ness and his tism was placing a strain on the farmhands.

Anonymous 193371

last i checked she was dating a new fatty

Anonymous 193374

I didn't know cats could post on cc

Anonymous 193375

I think it needs to be touched up a bit more but I kinda like it

Anonymous 193376

download (7).jpeg

my face looking at the new lc layout and accepting that this is the way things have to be now.

Anonymous 193377

didn't he have a thing for sh0eonhead and almost let her take over or mod or something like that?

Anonymous 193378

okay but you know she wont answer

Anonymous 193379

never, i enjoy infighting and baiting pakichan way too much

Anonymous 193380

Also, Josh was absolutely trying to get a hold of the site back then. He wanted to build a monopoly on gossip sites and was trying to acquire all of them. Of course, he didn't get his hands on a single one afaik.

Anonymous 193382

Tinfoil Shaymin is a kpoppie

Anonymous 193383

me with romanianon

Anonymous 193384


you really are obsessed

Anonymous 193385


i want to get in so i can complain too

Anonymous 193386


Anonymous 193389

someone tell me to stop shitposting and finish packing my bag for my flight tomorrow

Anonymous 193390

I wonder how many nœnnies are here right now and how many don't know about cc and are just confused as fuck

Anonymous 193391

To all miners passing by: pakichan posted CP in /ot/

Anonymous 193392

did you try resetting your router nona?

Anonymous 193394

I remember when that rumour spread. Honestly, I don't have a clue where that came from. I might've missed something, but I don't think she ever was a farmhand or mod on the site and I'm fairly certain she was never a potential future admin/site owner.

Anonymous 193395



Anonymous 193396

Jillybean's alter Sandwich here: I miss reading all the things you have to say about our system…

I'm just a lonely sandwich trying to help Jillybean cope. And you took that from me.

Anonymous 193397

stop packing your bag for your flight tomorrow and shitpost more.

Anonymous 193398

why do i have to do that, what the fuck

Anonymous 193399

I want to know I’m sorry he’s the only kpop person I know from lc

Anonymous 193400


I just finished watching season 2 of Physical and that was a lot of ED triggers jfc. the way the show said having an ED is "cheating" if you are a hot woman I am not sure if they were joking…bulimia is not why anyone looks hot. Sheila is not well, the rehab arc was pathetic and rushed.
I wish there had been more BUNNY in the 2nd season

Anonymous 193401

honestly i’m enjoying the bunker threads more than i usually enjoy being on lc

Anonymous 193402

Is that what the post is? Someone made a thread that is like keyboard smashing but I don’t see a picture

Anonymous 193403

awwww shaymin used a couple banners I made. it makes me happier maybe even than it should, kek.

Anonymous 193404



Anonymous 193405


i'm the one coughing in everyone's popcorn

Anonymous 193406

oh wow, its shit. what is going on?. I am sad the banners are gone

Anonymous 193407

I have a huge crush on this moid and idk what to do about it

Anonymous 193408


same, it solidified my decision to be a strictly cc girl henceforth, i hate everything i'm hearing and seeing about the new site and this site seems to be chiller anyway

Anonymous 193409

Same been lurkin to see if other anons can post freely but seeing all the screenshots make me not want to go back to lolcow.

Anonymous 193410

If he’s not Jesus don’t do it

Anonymous 193411


lana put the popcorn down NOW

Anonymous 193412

to flush the DNS cache. it might work.

Anonymous 193413

stop being straight

Anonymous 193414

Josh's fixation on this site (trying to take it over, making the derisive thread about us on KF, and then when KF was down some years ago making a note that said we were the "official imageboard alternative" to KF) is so male. He wanted to own the female site and when he could not he wanted to undermine it. Around this time or a little later too he was fixated on growing his female userbase. The whole thing had a strange tinge of AGP to it, I don't even know. Meanwhile reminder that George Lincoln Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi party, once edited a magazine for women.

Anonymous 193416

i unironically love romanianon, i don't even care

Anonymous 193417

um kill him lol

Anonymous 193418

That's honestly so rude to mock someone trauma ! She was loved by her parents and spoiled as a child. In fact she was so traumatized she shaved her head Britney style and formed Cliffe !

Anonymous 193419

again I thought he was gay???? I'm confused now

Anonymous 193420

i thought she was okay then watched one of their streams and she’s fucking insufferable. and this is coming from an insufferable bpdchan

Anonymous 193421

Men think they’re into a whole bunch of degen shit because porn until it actually happens to them. Just eat junk and then take your first piss of the day on his face. Make sure he doesn’t mention it again

Anonymous 193422

why, she's a tryhard pickme and not even funny. At least pakichan is truly unhinged and her retarded need to pakisplain her country lore to unsuspecting anons is funny

Anonymous 193423

the image that started a 30 hour slapfight in /ot/, kek

Anonymous 193424

Is she the one who raped kids or was that pakichan?

Anonymous 193425

yeah pakichan is just an autist and her special interest is pakistan

Anonymous 193426

none of them did that what the fuck

Anonymous 193427


playing plants vs zombie

Anonymous 193428

yeah that was romanianon pretty sure she killed animals too and lied about being disabled amongst other crimes and strange behaviour

Anonymous 193429


oh he's jesus

Anonymous 193430

pakichan is great too don't get me wrong. and by "love" I mean that I am happy when either of them post because it is usually an amusing shitshow. I'd probably rather hang out with pakichan though.

Anonymous 193431

I dunno if I believe that. Shayadmin seems at least a little bit TERF friendly. She did link Spnister, after all.

Anonymous 193433

that and fujos. I like how easy it is to bait her.

Anonymous 193434


what if we could synchronize online

Anonymous 193435

just want to confirm- is pakichan also (c)rapchan?

Anonymous 193436

I think Shaymin is a team

Anonymous 193437


Im finally off work and i have a 5 day weekend now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 193438

Anonymous 193439

Too gluttonous to be Jesus

Anonymous 193440

romanianon and pakichan are both awful, I don't believe anyone who says they want to hang out with either of them, you know you would hate it in real life

Anonymous 193441


pretty birb

Anonymous 193442

Anonymous 193443

Jesús vs Joshua bull of Bangtan boys who would win

Anonymous 193444

according to some redtexted posts, yes. i'm not sure myself tho

Anonymous 193445

Josh absolutely has a weird fixation on lolcow. He wants to be the site for gossip and seethes that there are women who not only use a gossip site he doesn't own, but said women also don't want to suck his ass.
Pretty sure Ian being gay was a rumour.

Anonymous 193446


I feel solidarity with her because I also hate fujos and pakistan

Anonymous 193448

did romanion really rape a child? never heard of it before

Anonymous 193449

If Jesus was that fat, he wouldn't have died on the cross. Or ascended to heavens.

Anonymous 193450

The story goes she grew up in a very impoverished part of Romania where basically the adults were raping the children and the children just freely molested each other and she took part but was also molested. She meant when she was like, eight years old.

Anonymous 193451


Interesting. I'll have to go through her old threads and find receipts.

Anonymous 193452

god why did all this shit have to happen before christmas why couldn't it be during summer or some other holiday-free time goddamnit

Anonymous 193453

Jillybean I know it's you, you must stop looking at sites like these… hide behind my bread

Anonymous 193455

She also made that random post where she said she would protect women's rights to free speech or something. I think it was because of troon attacks on sister sites.

Anonymous 193456

me too nona and what’s even more embarrassing is he used to use 4chan

Anonymous 193457

One time in elementary school I let the door slam on a scrote in a wheelchair because I was tired of holding the door open for people also I looked back at him as it happened and didn't apologize or anything because it was the end of the day and it was time for me to go

Anonymous 193458

>used to

Anonymous 193459


remember for every ugly male post like the one a few minutes ago i will provide eyebleach!

Anonymous 193460

yay n0nny!!!

Anonymous 193461

Romanianon also started the "romanianon isn't actually the girl from the screenshots, she is actually the girl who pimped romanianon (girl from screenshots) out and has an insane vendetta against her and is trying to ruin her name" 4D chess psyop.

Anonymous 193463

I mean he has no reason to lie about it, he knows I still use imageboards myself.

Anonymous 193464

The site is up and why does it look like that.

Anonymous 193465

sid is so pettable, i have never watched the show but he cute

Anonymous 193466


picrel, I'm so fucking tiered did I put in the site wrong or something? this is scary I'm too autistic for a big change like this

Anonymous 193467

kek I guess the unhinged Josh-anon who calls everyone who doesn't like Josh a tranny isn't here or else she'd be screaming about your Y chromosome right now

Anonymous 193469

Welcome to the website.

Anonymous 193470


it's not autistic to hate huge changes, don't let the undercover farmhands gaslight you

Anonymous 193472

> The story goes she grew up in a very impoverished part of Romania where basically the adults were raping the children and the children just freely molested each other and she took part but was also molested. She meant when she was like, eight years old.
Romanian orphanages in the communist era and immediately after are legendarily horrific and schools were probably pretty fucked up to, this story is believable tbh

Anonymous 193473

its a blessing, i think this is the final push to quit lolcow for me

Anonymous 193474

Romanianon x Pakianon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 193475

Elaine behavior

Anonymous 193476

i know that feel sis, my autism makes me freak out at little things like theme changes

Anonymous 193477

I was able to get in using my hotspot instead of wifi, so maybe try that. I think another anon said that mobile data worked for her too.

Anonymous 193478


Anonymous 193479


ccstacies where are we

Anonymous 193480

did you just quote the entire post ? what the point ?

Anonymous 193481

It works for me only on my phone with VPN turned off. If she banned VPNs honestly I'm good with it because it will eliminate some problems except that would probably cause some anons to leave and the last thing we need is losing good users too

Anonymous 193482

I was just thinking this too kek.

Anonymous 193483


Anonymous 193484

Everything is so fucking ugly it actually makes me want to vomit, and every single post is gone so I can't continue convos I was having with anons. I hope they fix this or I might just browse here
Same, I can't handle this. I want to shake admin violently and talk some sense into her. The userbase already fucking hates the site, a big change like this is just going to scare the userbase off

Anonymous 193485


this is pakianon's hand
say something nice about it

Anonymous 193486


hate it, i feel comradery in this chilis tonight

Anonymous 193488

She is so fucking autistic.

Anonymous 193489


what the fuck is this embarrassing shit

Anonymous 193491

Aww they have identical hands <3

Anonymous 193492

That one’s been around for a while. It’s pretty ugly though I have to agree.

Anonymous 193493

>the retarded hornyposting thread is on /m/ instead of /g/

Anonymous 193494


i feel like out shaynatard admin is also trying to force the gossip side of the board more than the /ot/ side, which fucking sucks because i dont like the gossip boards outside of the ftm and mtf threads. I just want to horny post on /g/ and shitpost on /ot/, its ogre

Anonymous 193496

Nta but it won't work on my phone without wifi even without a vpn
That was on the original site too tbf

Anonymous 193497

I like your rings n0na. I wear mine facing me, because they’re for me

Anonymous 193499

her house is so fucking pakistani, kek



She is seething because I shouted at her to stop knocking over the new lamp. So she jumped up immediately to a spot right above her enemy the lamp and is staring at me like "OK, bitch, when you leave the room, I'm ready." I love her so much.

Anonymous 193501


I can’t stop laughing at this holy hell

Anonymous 193502

Anonymous 193503

i hate it too tbh, it's the same template as choachan and it's so much worse than the old lc
>no arrows to go at the top or the bottom of the page
>all your posts are marked with (you) next to anonymous and anyone who uses your computer can see your post history
>overboard is just the front page but messier
>ugly themes

Anonymous 193504

Someone said it should be on /m/ instead

Anonymous 193505

I actually like the (you) thing, but I'm sad since guessing if someone samefagged won't be as fun anymore

Anonymous 193506

I have a feeling that won't go so well

Anonymous 193507

Literally /g/ is basically just horny post about media and men & /m/ is for "intellectual" discussion. I hate this shit. Give me old LC

Anonymous 193508

memes aside I have been to Pakistan and it's a pretty fucked up place for women. I just put on the headscarf and tried to blend in. only place I have been that's worse is South Africa and I've been all over. I don't begrudge her for being fucked up about stuff.

Anonymous 193510

Where are the best places you've been?

Anonymous 193511

Yeah this, I thought they already had a "normal" husbando thread on /m/ and the retarded hornyposting one on /g/ was made because the /m/ girls were annoyed with the posts that were too retarded and horny

Anonymous 193512

why are some of you typing n0nny instead of . weird.

Anonymous 193513

(You) is fine for me, it's actually convenient to find people talking to you in threads and most chans have it, and the ability to follow threads is good but if it brings a bunch of other trouble it's not worth it. the aesthetic is hurting me though.

Anonymous 193515

next thread pic pls

Anonymous 193516


I hate it. I'm too fucking autistic for this shit nonas I want old LC back

Anonymous 193518

New threads are being created. So looking like all the old threads did get nuked huh?

Anonymous 193519

genshin thread was for high iq only

Anonymous 193520


Anonymous 193521

and now you understand why faggot

Anonymous 193522

Anonymous 193524

why did you go to pakistan anon?

Anonymous 193525

You hate hornyposters on /m/ so it's a win that the hornyposting thread is on /m/ now?

Anonymous 193526

Anonymous 193527

having to scroll all the way up to the top of the page is unforgivable

Anonymous 193528

that fucking sucks the (you) thing is the thing that made me quit 4chan, its just going to spam a bunch of (you) farmers. Its supposed to be an anon site after all.

Anonymous 193530

the /g/ one was actually made as a result of hornyposts in the shitpost thread on /ot/. it was intended as a mix of shitposting+hornyposting

Anonymous 193531


Oops, I thought you meant that it was moved away from /m/. Now I'm sad

Anonymous 193532

I apologize I originally put it on /g/ and then deleted it and put it on /m/ because I thought that was the place new husbando threads should go, please excuse my retardation.

Anonymous 193533

My favorite countries, not because they are necessarily better for women, were Colombia, Sri Lanka, Latvia, and Ghana. That's a lot of answers but I loved them all for different reasons. Sri Lanka as a very Caucasian blonde woman was pretty shit but it's an amazing place. If you mean in terms of being able to walk around it'd be the Nordic countries but this was 10 years ago that I was there and things are changing with regards to the demographics there and it has an impact.

Anonymous 193534

>no arrows to go at the top or the bottom of the page

Anonymous 193535

the hero we deserve

Anonymous 193536

working for an NGO to do with women's issues

Anonymous 193537

It was never there.

Anonymous 193538

did shaymin at least lower the bump limit? imagine having to scroll through 700+ posts

Anonymous 193539


>high IQ

Anonymous 193541

samefag and also cause it was clogging the shitpost thread too much so some nonn!es got a bit annoyed

Anonymous 193542


white women do b travellin

Anonymous 193543

i agree but keekweek…

Anonymous 193544


Dey banned me!!! But I'm back

Anonymous 193546

kek it really do be like that… i want to have a group holiday with all my brown girls

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