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Anonymous 19347

itt: reasons why r u NEET and singles

going to post my story later

Anonymous 19348

i have lazy eye, i can't fix it even through operation, I am wearking glasses since i was five (big glasses), now im 26 and my eye looks better but i still do have a problem with lazy eye. kids in school laughed about that so i was lonely all my life. never had bf, even though i tried to do something with my body: became fit, doing good makeup, good hairstyle, good clothes.

also besides this lazy eye, im ugly as fuck

Anonymous 19349


Because I like it and my parents have no problem with enabling my NEET life-style, I already have 2 other sisters and a bigger brother so they're not worried about not having grand children at all, and with me being the youngest all kids they have, they just enable me to do whatever the hell I want as long as I don't cause them any major problems.

Anonymous 19352


aww ;_; this makes me want to cry,
kids and teenagers can be so cruel and shallow.

I feel even worse because I know that if we met when I were younger, I'd probably avoid you too, not because I'd particularly dislike how you look, but because hanging around you what make me an object of ostracism too. I feel like such a piece of shit.

Anonymous 19356


Socially inept, dumb as a door. Given up on any kind of relationships. I'm a shit friend and GF. Can live with the social isolation. But not on the NEET part. It got old through the years. But there's still a bit of hope. Everything feels better after I got on mood stabilizers. Rn, waiting for my second psychiatrist appointment.

Anonymous 19357

you're socially isolated but have friends and bf? how did you do that?

Anonymous 19359

2018-07-28 14.50.5…

I just finished uni, I accepted a job while I was still in school but there's currently a 6+ month wait time for all the paperwork to be processed so I'm just waiting I guess. I'd get a job in the meantime, but my car broke down a couple of months ago. It sucks, I've been trapped in my bedroom for like a month.
I thought I'd start trying to date and apply myself more socially once I moved out of my parents house (surprise, that never happened!). Now I'm 26, and I have no idea what you're supposed to do in a relationship. I think I've socially stunted myself in many respects, not just dating.
Are you a neet as well?
Actually sounds kind of nice.

Anonymous 19360

I don't. gave up on relationships years ago.

Anonymous 19363

With all that you've done with your body, you stand a great chance of finding a cute boy, anon. Your deformity and the mockery you've gotten with it can only hold you back as much as you hold back your courage. I believe in you anon!
>I'm a shit friend and GF
How do you figure that?
>mood stabilisers
Don't do this to yourself, anon. It's not too late.
The best way to cure social ineptitude is to socialise as often as possible, anon. Start today! Not tomorrow!

Anonymous 19364

is there any virgin older than 25y? how do you deal with that? i've never had a boyfriend, i'm 26y and i never imagine to have first sex and being deflorated while i'm old. i would make my hypotetical boyfriend laugh after he would notice that i do still have a hymen.

Anonymous 19365

I'll be one in a few months. I really don't care anymore.

Anonymous 19366

It isn't too late, anons. If you push yourself to socialise, you can find someone to make you whole.

Anonymous 19367


>not looking forward to becoming a witch

Anonymous 19368


ah yes, i'll just push myself to socialize with my nonexistent socialization skills and the zero people that i know anything about around me, good plan..

Anonymous 19369

if there is a possibility to be a such cute witch anime girl than why not, but i'm gonna be an old hag with 50 cats

Anonymous 19370

do you have a job? do you socialize here?

Anonymous 19371

>nonexistent socialization skills
>zero people that i know anything about around me
You need to start, anon. Please start. Don't stop. Push yourself.

Anonymous 19372

>i'm gonna be an old hag
You can change this anon, and you have no excuse not to. Do it.

Anonymous 19373


>do you have a job?
not right now, not anymore. used to work as a cashier and barmaid, didn't get much attention or anything anyway.

>do you socialize here?

yeah, sometimes. and i usually socialize with other people online like on discord and so but it's always through text, never voice, so i'm a complete idiot when it comes to try and voice out anything.

no idea how to even start really, im just super awkward and im scared as fuck of people judging me for anything i say so i never try to bother myself with any of it

Anonymous 19374

i wish i could give you some tips but i am in the same situation as you, but like >>19372 and >>19371 said if we don't make a step nothing gonna change. if we want bf we need to socialize, ideal man, unfortunately, not gonna drop from havens.

Anonymous 19375

I have a job, that used to be a "real" job, but became a part time one because I was going through some really stressed times, and decided to change my schedule thinking it would make me feel saner. It felt like the right thing, but now I feel like a NEET, which is depressing. I wouldn't mind being a housewife or staying home all day, which was actually my number one dream when I was growing up (kek), if I felt like I had a reason to stay home as in to take care of my children or something like that. Staying home when I want to work more and be productive is not being good to me. I guess I'd call myself a part time NEET, kek. I'm job hunting again because I am done with my current workplace, but things haven't been looking that promising. I used to be a NEET, like, the real deal, for a bit over 2 years and it was the worst time of my life. I really hate feeling useless.

Anonymous 19377

Just talk to them. You'll learn what to do and what not to do within minutes. All you have to do is do it.

Anonymous 19378

The ideal men have already dropped from the heavens. They're just not in front of you.
Do you think there's anything stopping you from achieving your dream?

Anonymous 19379

My life is too messed up right now to be sure. I dunno.

Anonymous 19380

How messed up? All I've heard about is your job, so far.

Anonymous 19381

That's the biggest reason, actually. The other things may work out at their own pace, hopefully.

Anonymous 19382


>The best way to cure social ineptitude is to socialise as often as possible, anon. Start today! Not tomorrow!
I suppose I'll try as soon as I have transportation again.

Anonymous 19384

So if you fix your little problem, you'll have nothing to worry about! You can do it, anon!
Use your legs!

Anonymous 19387

I'm trying. Wish me luck.

Anonymous 19388

is that even possible to be at least 6/10 and be lonely, forever tfwnobf virgin? men are horny all the time, a lot of them are desperates from what I have seen. I am ugly as fuck with derpy eyes, I'm broken inside because I was bullied in school that why I am participating in therapy but I was wondering if that is even possble to be pretty NEET girl without social life?

i think that we all sit there because we are ugly that even desperates didnt want

Anonymous 19389

Stop using numbers to talk about people's apperances and most of your problem will be solved tbh.

Anonymous 19390

they would not laugh at you like you think they would, at least as long as you lose it with a partner and not a one night stand or fling or something. let them know and say you were very serious/religious/something when you were younger so it didn't happen

Anonymous 19391

okay, even if i would stop judging people using numbers. lets say: are there any pretty girls? above average? how is that possible that youre lonely/neet/hikki?

Anonymous 19392


Rather than finding comfort in this thread by seeing other kindred spirits, it has instead just made me more depressed.

Anonymous 19394

I consider myself pretty, or at least average. I blame my situation on my weak ass personality, family problems I had while growing up and other small failures. Not everything revolves around beauty. I see the connection beauty x happiness you're trying to make, but it's a really weak one.

Anonymous 19399

As a woman you should understand that a man being horny is not the same as love. We aren't like them and women can't be expected to fall to their primitive desires. It isn't as if sex solves problems. More often than not it causes them.

I'm also an ugly virgin girl, but in a way I'm grateful for it. It's allowed me not to get muddled up in things like that, and men have never tried to manipulate me because I was never worth their time, so I could focus more on myself. There's good if you're willing to see it, anon. Beauty isn't everything.

Anonymous 19400

Good luck, anon.

Anonymous 19505

Im currently studying in uni but barely doing three subjects (is that the word? lmao) so Im free the most of the time, I spend it watching anime and feeling useless, ugly and dumb. I was a neet full time two years ago.


Im so useless, like im bad at everything, I dont like socializing neither, and I was so depressed that I couldnt find motivation to go outside and doing things. Now Im feeling a little better but Im still doing things like going to uni obligatorily and because I dont want my parents and bf feel bad because me.

Anonymous 19506

how is that possible you have a bf if you're so useless and depressed and been a NEET?
i don't even understand, i am going to become a fucking witch and you get relationships when I have not even friends?
fuck this shit robots are right, women really can't be alone unless they are absolutely the bottom of the bottom with deformations or whatever like me

Anonymous 19511


Anonymous 19518

I don't have friends neither, and I don't know why my bf is with me. Its not like having a bf is a great deal, I used to think that a relationship with a good men could "save me" but things are the same. I am less lonely? yes, but it comes with worries like "I am enought for him?" "I am being a burden?" "Is he becoming tired of me?"

Anonymous 19675

>how is that possible that youre lonely/neet/hikki?
Pretty simple.
>fear people
>avoid them
>say dumb shit every time you interact with them
>be so socially inept people don't try to talk to you because it makes them uncomfortable
>drop out of school and have no job
>spend all day on imageboards
>become lonely neet hikki

Are you a man by any chance? Someone being willing to fuck you but wanting nothing else to do with you doesn't cure loneliness.

Anonymous 19743


I wish I was a NEET, I hate having to work.

Anonymous 19828

>fear people
>avoid them
Story of my life. Add in an incurable lack of motivation, and you've got me down pat. Thank God for TV and video games.

Anonymous 19994

People IRL are nicer than people in online video games

Anonymous 20189

yeah you can be cute but neet. it's all about personality really.

Anonymous 20199

Because I'm very mentally ill but now that I'm getting myself together I'm working on getting my GED :)

Anonymous 20202

Nice, you can do it!

Anonymous 20249

proud of you, keep it up

Anonymous 20289

Go, anon-chan!

Anonymous 20525

Do we really have a large number of NEETs here? I don't want to believe we're female /r9k/…

Anonymous 20526

Why would that matter if we have many NEETs or not? Even if we do our NEETs seem to be way more rational.

Anonymous 20527

Stop being a leech.

Anonymous 20528

Is this what you do to make yourself feel good?

Anonymous 20530

Seriously: if you're actually a NEET, where does this sense of superiority come from?

Anonymous 20532

Not all NEETs are "leeches". Some are NEETs due to reasons they can't really control.

Anonymous 20535

>Some are NEETs due to reasons they can't really control.
Okay, NEETs can be sympathetic leeches, still doesn't stop them from being objective leeches.

Anonymous 20536

Leeches to who though? If they're not on welfare it doesn't affect you at all. I was a NEET for two years and was supported by my family who actually didn't mind my neetness because they knew things were bad for me. Do you hate NEETs because muh taxes?

Anonymous 20538

Where did I say that they were leeching off of me specifically? You're a NEET, aren't you? I'm just stating simple facts, no need to be defensive about it.

Anonymous 20539

I also don't think it's bad to be a "leech" if the ones being leeched off are okay with it.

Anonymous 20541

Oh and
>Do you hate NEETs because muh taxes?
No because I don't have a sub-80 IQ. I'm all for government workers, regulations and taxes as long as these instruments are not abused. In fact I think my country's government isn't doing enough. I do have a problem with people who think taxes are/should be a form of forced charity, though.

Anonymous 20545

I am not NEET, but I am a single khv. Partially because I'm a solid 5/10 with an awkward peraonality, partially because I have weird standards for men and few meet them. Or I don't go out around town enough to meet the men that do.

Anonymous 20546

my standards are low, but not necessarily weird.
what exactly are yours?

Anonymous 20550

I'm not one. I graduated from college and I have a job and social life (even if a shitty one). You just seem to hate them, that's why I asked you that question.

Anonymous 20569

>men are horny all the time, a lot of them are desperates from what I have seen.

not really, most men aren't complete losers. they seem numerous because they are super loud on the internet

Anonymous 20652

>they seem numerous because they are super loud on the internet
That is it. That is the only reason why they seem numerous. Most of them are loud and obnoxious when online.

Anonymous 20660

i used to pass for normie and considered myself fairly attractive, i would get compliments on my appearance from strangers, dated above my social status + knew how to dress myself and put on makeup when the occasion called for it.
then moved to a new city where i didn't know anyone, couldn't transfer my job, and started going through a particularly bad round of depression and drinking heavily. i'm now literally NEET (not in employment, education or training) and also my hygiene and social skills have been slowly deteriorating over the past couple of months due to the unmedicated depression/anxiety combo. some days i literally don't leave my room except to use the bathroom. at least i'm not piss-bottle-tier yet but yeah, i would say that it's possible to be attractive and go NEET due to unforeseen circumstances. my current appearance is definitely lower quality than it used to be due to the poor sleep/hygiene habits/weight gain from lack of physical activity, though.

Anonymous 20667

Skinny (preferably short and brown) guys who are both sexually and socially submissive. Ideally kind of aimless so he'd be willing to live the high life as my future househusband.
My standards aren't high (I even prefer facial flaws), just specific and ridiculous.

Anonymous 20694

Not the same person you are replying to, but do you mean short compared to you, or like to your country's standard? What height is short to you?

Anonymous 20697

5'8" is average here, but I wouldn't consider that short. For me any guy between even 4'11" to 5'4" is ideal.
I would never date above 5'11". Too tall!

Anonymous 20747

Are you a tall woman too? My mom is around 5'7" and my dad is like 5'4" 5'5" I think.

Anonymous 20749

I wouldn't consider myself tall, although I'm slightly above the average for where I live at 5'6". I wish I was much taller tbh.

Anonymous 20750

Well I'm sure your husbando is out there. My parents have been married for over 25 years and there is no sign that's ending soon.

Anonymous 20751

Thanks, anon. I'm glad your parents are still happy together since that's always sweet to hear about.

Anonymous 22964

Still a virgin, all my relationships are short-term, I'm unstable and freak out at mundane things and get deeply afraid.
So that's why they all left me I assume. its why I'm single.
What's really sad that I wanted a happy mundane life with my last bf, but I freaked out instead of being chill.

So I'm self-defeating I guess. I'm also ugly IRL but I will never know because my own face and body scare me.

Why I'm a NEET;
-Actually anxious and get too overstimulated, basically legitimate reasons and not me being lazy. Oh well, I'm also non-verbal and I can't hide it so it attracts attention by default, since talking to people is something everyone does every day

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