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Drink Enjoyers Anonymous Anonymous 195291

Limiting yourself to only one type of beverage is a little silly, don't you think?
Water enjoyers welcome, as are enjoyers of any manner of beverage. The most refined tea connoisseurs may coexist with the most casual of soda drinkers.

Anonymous 195312

I love diet coke. Been drinking diet coke as a coke replacement (I'm a type 1 diabetic) since I was a kid. Nothing compares to a fresh McDonald's diet coke (you can tell when they regularly keep the soda fountains clean) on a bright sunny day. Obviously it's not the greatest for you and I'm cutting down because of that but man sometimes I really get a hankering and the only thing to satisfy me is a diet coke.

Anonymous 195436

I love water
That is all

Anonymous 195451


Teafags, what do you drink from? Picrel was my prized teaset (and then the cup broke).

Anonymous 195474


MY N0NNY I’m also diabetic and love Diet Coke

Anonymous 195548

Nonsense, tea can stain teath

Anonymous 195575


disgusting leaf water, why not just drink water instead?

Anonymous 195578

Drinking a strong cup of coffe then some sparkling water is the best.

Anonymous 195590

I drink 1-24 cans of diet coke a day

Anonymous 195614

i made eggnog yesterday, love it sm but i only allow myself to have it around xmas time because it is so sugary
had some with my cough fee this morning, was lovely

Anonymous 195843

matcha frap

Anonymous 195875

I've been aging some since December 4th it's amazing how much the alcohol has mellowed. I had 4 jars now I only have 2 because I keep drinking them

Anonymous 195889


i fucking love milk. milk is my entire life and my everything. REAL milk with the sweet lactose taste

Anonymous 195892

I found the most delicious hot chocolate in a chain bakery in my local mall. It was truly like drinking liquid chocolate but even more delicious.

Anonymous 195897

Because it tastes good and looks good and smells good.

Anonymous 195901

I drink from a really cute cup my friend painted for me as a birthday gift. Or rather it's more of a mug, it's huge and fits perfectly in both your hands! And today I learned that my kitten is a fellow teafag because I had to fight for my right to keep my cup of earl grey to myself!

Anonymous 196090

You can get pet grade catnip and make her catnip tea!

Anonymous 196321


It's cherry season where I live, I think I'll try making some cordial!

Anonymous 196774

Drink enjoyers: what we drinking rn? I'm enjoying a diet coke.

Anonymous 196785

milk coffee

Anonymous 197089

fucking awesome. you drink raw (unpasteurised)?

Anonymous 197094

I don't have corkscrew thingy so I can't open the wine I got gifted from work today brb kms

Anonymous 197095

I'm lack toes and toddler ants, it's not fair some of y'all can enjoy dairy and not suffer dearly for it

Anonymous 197722

Anonymous 206706

i love ginger ale.

Anonymous 206707

I'm kind of embarrassed that I buy no sugar no caffeine Coke when I can find it. It's good, I can drink it at night, and it helps keep me sober.

Anonymous 206708

In the summer I like mixing cold black coffee with lemon-flavored carbonated water. It's super refreshing.

Anonymous 206718

my bf has been buying me a latte every morning since I moved in a couple months ago and then got me a nice espresso maker for Christmas wow he does spoil me tbh

Anonymous 206721

I'm jealous!

Anonymous 206727

You my dear are a psychopath:D

Anonymous 206728

How do you make cordial?

Anonymous 206992

Starbucks did a similar carbonated citrus coffee drink here a few summers ago so I'm not the only one who likes the combo!

Anonymous 207008


yes. straight from the cow bought from farmers. never drink no other fake "milk" (disgusting, foul, sinful etc.)

Anonymous 207016

Soy milk is close to godliness because the nice cow doesn’t have to be forced to be pregnant to make the milk by farmer moid who probably also molests her
Unless you’re doing the milking yourself anonita

Anonymous 207618

Disgusting understeeped tea, why not just drink tea instead?

I'm off to summon the IRON GODDESS OF MERCY. How many hydro-plebs can say something as badass as that?

Anonymous 207627

Usually I drink tea, but a friend gave me some coffee as a present, so now I am drinking coffee - with added hot milk in which I melted some bitter chocolate, also marshmallows, nutmeg and, of course, cinnamon
I am not a coffee person, but espresso tonic ftw, especially in summer

Anonymous 207630

Different nona, but what are you talking about? Tea inhibits iron absorption.

Anonymous 207631

I'm talking about tieguanyin, a kind of oolong.
also the iron thing is mostly negligable

Anonymous 207996

Boba tea is my kryptonite

Anonymous 208041


Get on my goddamn level

Anonymous 208042

Oh, that's cool. I don't know anything about proper tea so that went right over my head lol.

Anonymous 208047

sugar free trakhun NOW

Anonymous 208049

Eh I just water it down with sparkling water. It is damn sweet, though

Anonymous 208111

i like water

Anonymous 208114

Go back to your containment thread.
Is that a cleaning product?

Anonymous 208117

No, it's tarragon soda.

Anonymous 215850


I love coconut water.

Anonymous 215900

download (4).jpeg

My God how i miss these. This brand was my all time favorite. It's only in California or the west coast apparently ? I can't find these in texas

Anonymous 215903

ruski nona drinks olive oil confirmed

Anonymous 215915


I love milk! I start every day with a giant cup of milk and a tiny splash of coffee. I think I could easily drink a quart a day

Great taste. Coconut water was super popular where I live a few years ago, but now it's pretty hard to find.

tieguanyin has a cool name, but you should check out taiwanese teas if you're into oolongs. Or maybe some Chinese greens like biluochun or dragon well. Idk, I just think tieguanyin is just overrated.

Anonymous 215917

I love milk too but wow

Anonymous 215937


>Vegans are incapable of imagining agriculture without factory farms.

Anonymous 215940

I used to hate milk as a kid but now I crave it sometimes as a treat.

Anonymous 215966


Anonymous 215973


What's your favourite soda?
(water snobs need not reply)

Anonymous 215982


Anonymous 216089

I'm picky about it because I don't like things that taste too artificially sweet but I love boba tea. Favorite is probably taro, jasmine green a close second but for some reason it's harder to find jasmine green that I like. I suspect a lot of places use some sort of artificial jasmine flavor. When it's good it's really good though

Anonymous 216382


Hot coconut milk and matcha has become my comfort drink.

Anonymous 216588

I need to avoid bladder irritants now so I can only drink water. I miss drinking teas and kombucha so much. I used to make my own kombucha and drink it every day.

Anonymous 216596

Wait what is a bladder irritant? What does an irritated bladder look like?

Anonymous 217080

I used to drink a lot of root beer but now it has been half and half lemonade/ice tea, the one with 20 grams of added sugar, of course.

Anonymous 217700

I've been homebrewing some ginger beer, tomorrow I'm going to open the first bottle!

Anonymous 217701

Oh that's nice. I've stopped doing it because mine tended to be alcoholic.

Anonymous 217709


I am trying to lose weight and despite eating very healthy, watching my portions, exercise daily, gym 3x a week, no birth control.

I still can’t seem to shift my weight :c I really need to as it has been affecting my hiking i love doing, it’s becoming harder and harder on my physical and mental health when I just continue to put on weight. I really don’t know what to do. I’ve had a PT and Dietitian and my doctor won’t prescribe me Duromine or any weight loss drugs.

Can any girlies please suggest yummy smoothies or even those slimming drinks that have ACTUALLY worked for you? I’m looking at trying meal replacement drinks from my pharmacy/health shop.

Anonymous 217710


Anonymous 217711

It works fucking miracles. Just stay at the lowest dose for as long as possible, never form a tolerance. And if you decide to come off it, do it really slowly or your weight will pile on all over again FAST. Never stop cold turkey only stop taking it really gradually.

Anonymous 217716

If you don't want to fuck your life up (>>217710 >>217711 seriously do you feel okay advising strangers to take hard drugs?), low carb is the way to go. Past the first few days, it's easy and forgiving.

Anonymous 217823

I was prescribed it as a teen. Worked amazingly well. Low carb/ keto is INSANELY expensive to keep up with. Personally I could not afford it long term, everytime I gave up on it, it was because I'd run out of money.

Anonymous 217918

This is so weird. To me it's cheaper (costs me 50 € a week). Just eggs, cheese and a lot of vegetables (the organic kind).
Depends where you live I guess.

Anonymous 218063

having a coffee with Kahlua flavored coffee cream.

Anonymous 218067


water and unsweetened tea because sugar is bad for you.

occaisionally i will have slightly sweetened tea sodas from trader joes but the amount of sugar in them is very small (only 10 kcals).

Anonymous 218071


Smoothies aren't healthy and don't help you to lose weight.

When you mash up fruits in a blender, you destroy the physical fibers that help to absorb sugar and prevent all that excess fructose from going to your bloodstream where it gets eventually reprocessed into fat if you don't burn it all off immediately.

Fruit is healthy eaten whole or cut into large portions, where even after chewing the physical fibers remain intact and despite the yummy sugary taste, you get a balanced nutritional intake and all the excess sugar doesn't go into your bloodstream but remains in the fruit as it goes through your stomach and intestines.

This is why people with diabetes can eat oranges, apples, and bananas with no problem but can't have so much as a single smoothie.

There is no shortcut to healthy eating. The only way I could get in front of my sugar habit is by eating a sliced orange after every meal.

If I'm craving soda I have a 0 calorie lime seltzer instead, if the taste is lacking I add a little squeezed lemon juice (you can buy this at any grocery store) but absolutely NO SUGAR. And then I'll have that with a sliced orange or grapefruit or apple.

The only beverage I have usually besides that is unsweetened green or black tea (but not too much because of caffeine). A good tea can have a sweet essence or smell without actually having any sugar.

Eat filling foods high in protein and relatively low in calories, I typically go with a main course of Beans, Chickpeas, Fish, or Chicken. And then I typically have a side of bread (not the shitty american wunderbread which is chock full of sugar, but rather authentic french baguette bread or indian flat bread, good Russian bread works too).

Get an air-frier and season your chicken and fish and it will taste good without adding any of the excess calories of oil-frying.

You said you gym 3x a week, what does that consist of? I do cardio once a week and weightlifting/calisthenics 2 times a week. Pilates are good too.

"Fitness" Smoothies and meal replacements are a scam. Don't fall for them.

If you get much of your filling calories in the form of protein and you exercise weights regularly you're much more likely to have that protein go into muscle than into fat.

Granted I can't guarantee you success with this method but you should at least factor this into your understanding of how to cut back sugar and fat intake and keep it low permanently.

Anonymous 218087

Or also soup. For the love of God just make a stew.

Anonymous 218216

What if you put oatmeal in the smoothie?

Anonymous 218405

Why not just eat oatmeal with cut up fruit at that point?

Anonymous 218437

Cause I like cold beverages. It's warm.

Anonymous 219668


I wish peach juice was sold on the scale of apple or orange juice. I can only get it in these tiny, expensive bottles at specialty organic stores.

Anonymous 219672

Same principle. Mashing up the oats with a metal blade breaks up the fiber too much for it to be actually useful. It’s not the same as chewing with your teeth. It doesn’t have the same net nutritious value anymore because the smoothie sugars aren’t kept absorbed inside the fiber so they go into your blood and make you fat.

Anonymous 219695

My sister took me to a restaurant she's been going to recently. I tried out their strawberry frappe, and it was really good. Might go their more often.

Anonymous 219707


Mountain dew Throwback, my beloved

Anonymous 219817

crystal light.jpg

idk about slimming drinks, but the advice in >>218071 is pretty sound. I know it's antithetical to that post though, but I make my own smoothies with frozen fruit, water, and zero cal lemonade powders. Sometimes I'll blend just a couple pieces of frozen fruit with mostly water, just for some flavor. it's also really easy to underestimate how much you're actually moving/exercising, step counting may be a pretty good option. I used to go on a walk for 20 minutes and then sit at home for the rest of the day, not realizing that 2k steps was sedentary. Also I forget to drink water a lot, so sometimes after a day or two of actually staying hydrated my weight normalizes.

I have a massive salt? tooth, sometimes I just need a cup of water with a bouillon cube so I don't end up pantry foraging at 2:00 am.

Anonymous 219820


God I love passion fruit juice so much. Also how has there not been a single post about horchata

Anonymous 220701

Too bad you don't live in the part of the US where I live. You can go to peach orchards and get peach ciders. They're really rich with the option to water them down, if you prefer.
What drink is this in the OP?

Anonymous 220746

Don’t listen to these people. Eat things like chicken, vegetables, and complex carbs. Cut out all sugar except for maybe low sugar fruits like berries in the morning. Going low carb is stupid unless you have a genuine medical reason to do so. I watched my parents cycle through that diet for 20 years and it almost never works long term, and when I say long term I mean 5+ years. And don’t drink anything but water. Fake sugar is bad for your gut health and makes you crave more of it. If you can get past the cravings for a few weeks your blood sugar will stabilize and you’ll get used to it and know that the trade off of eating garbage isn’t worth it

Anonymous 220750

I just had a pepsi as a treat. Pepsi always reminds me of my mom. Except she rejects diet foods and I only drink diet soda.

Anonymous 220779


These are great! Also chai tea in general long as it's not overly sweetened. I dont feel like these are, which is nice.

Anonymous 220809

- Water
- Eggnog (w/ or w/o alcohol)
- Baja Blast (regular, but alcoholic BB is the best of the Mountain Dew alc flavors)
- Sambuca (light or dark)
- Rum (light or dark)
- Vodka
- Southern Comfort
- Irish Whiskey
- Guinness
- Pumking
- Wine (blush rosé, white zin)

- used to love the starbucks mocha frap they sell in stores, but either it changed or my tastebuds did

- drank the hell out of the original Crystal Pepsi, thought it would be my fave, but didn't know they stopped making it & too young to know to stockpile it.

Anonymous 221072

The furnace is broken but my tea is too hot. I'll report back when it's cooled enough.

Anonymous 221078

mmmmm assam.jpg

damn, my thermos really works, I love assam

Anonymous 221090


I've got an addiction to the Kung Fu Tea near me. I go at least once a week, and its pricey. Its the only bubble tea place near me, otherwise I'd go to a local place. I don't even get actual boba tea here, usually I get the Honey Green Tea or the Lychee Green Tea. Its so good, and its not super sweet. I really should learn how to make tea that tastes similar at home. Also, speaking of tea, I'm drinking a hot cup of apple sencha green tea from yamamotoyama, its delicious!!

Anonymous 221091

I am addicted to coffee. Lately I have been doing it on a french press and adding almond milk, it is good.

Anonymous 221106


I have problems with low blood pressure and ayran really helps. All you need is yogurt, water and salt. Recommending for any of y'all that have issues with blood pressure.

Anonymous 221112

I usually drink black coffee but lately I've been enjoying coffee with a splash of milk. Especially nice warm as it's still cold here.

Anonymous 233121


have you tried coffee grains and cold milk? simple, low effort, high tier beverage

Anonymous 233128

Oat milk in coffee or tea is excellent. I'm a big fan of green tea, I love it in everything. I even used green tea hair and face products before they were discontinued and I don't have a good replacement yet.
I love the peach juice from canned peaches in 100% juice. I eat them when peaches are out of season because I love them so much.

Anonymous 233129

the pink coconut water… i chug a whole case every week..

Anonymous 233130

I love putting ginger in my water. It's healthy and adds a spicy flavor.

Anonymous 233795

i always make cherry/lemon tea because its great hot and cold
ill try that nona ty

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