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Cozy LC Hangout - Where we DON'T talk about LC Anonymous 195942

For everyone who can't access the new website or doesn't want to discuss it.

Anonymous 196015

I accidentally woke my kitten up so I gave him some pets and he gave out a huge sigh as he went back to sleep, I love him so much oh my god

Anonymous 196023

Sounds so cute, I wish I wasn't allergic to cats so I could have one too

Anonymous 196041

That's so cute.. What kind of breed is it?

I'm jealous, I want a cat again but I'm not in a stable enough situation for it to be responsible.

Anonymous 196052

He comes from my brother's ex-wives farm, so he's a bit of a pick n' mix of breeds. But he's fluffy and has so far showed a lot of ragdoll characteristics so I think there is at least a little bit of that breed in him!

Anonymous 196059

Aaw ragdolls are so cute, lucky! Long haired cats are the best.

Anonymous 196063

Does anyone have a link to the LC drawing room? I assume that's still up like normal?

Anonymous 196070

different anon but the movie room as well please

Anonymous 196073

I have to finish knitting a scarf (Christmas present for my mother) by the end of today… it’s currently half five where I am and I’m about two thirds of the way there. I really hope I can get it done!

Anonymous 196080

Anonymous 196082

You still have all of tomorrow before Christmas, right?

Anonymous 196089

Thanks! ♥

Anonymous 196116

my friend is going to a strip club for her birthday… with her boyfriend… does that seem kind of cringe to anyone else?

Anonymous 196117

You're welcome n0nnie!

Anonymous 196125

Grind anon! I believe in you. Don't let anything slow you down, not even finger cramps.

Anonymous 196126

oops my bad I read over the part where you said it has to be today. I wish I could send you my grandmother, she'd love knitting it and she's masterfully fast at it lol

Anonymous 196128

Yes. Also that sounds like a birthday present for her bf not for herself wtf. Who of them decided to go there?

Anonymous 196131

Yes that's extremely cringe and embarassing

Anonymous 196140

I don't know whose decision it was, it's just kinda dumb

Anonymous 196143

why go to strip club during winter storm when you could stay home and snuggle….

Anonymous 196153

A little cold never stops a hoe

Anonymous 196155

I got some foam earbud tips and I can literally hear it expanding in my ear

Anonymous 196178


Anonymous 196179

I would, but tomorrow I’m spending most of the day visiting other family members so I won’t have much time to knit!
Thank you! I think I can do it.

Anonymous 196186

Look at these stained glass thingies this girl makes, so pretty. I want one but they're like $400

Anonymous 196202

ME TOO!!! I'm stuck at the office seething and crying I want to go home and be comfy in my blankets

Anonymous 196213

I'm right there with you n0nny, literally so fucking pissed I have to work today I'm giving 0%. Just not doing a single thing. Fuck work!!!!!

Anonymous 196229

i caught my dog and my cat sharing a bed i am so elated

Anonymous 196254


my parents adopted an adult dog who didn't live cats at this previous owners, he still chases cats 5 years later. stupid dog

Anonymous 196263


I got addicted into making purikura-esque edits of my photos lately, there's something in adding a bunch of stupid stickers, frames and broken english words to selfies and random pics that is so fun. I suck at it tho but idc

Anonymous 196287


The 2022 version of this

Anonymous 196291


Let's suffer together. It's sooo stupid we can't leave early today, all the manufacturers and vendors are either already on vacation or getting ready go but we'll be here till 5. I wanted to do some last minute Christmas shopping (for myself) but I guess I'll have to wait until Monday or something. Maybe I'll still go after work though.

Anonymous 196293

can't u do christmas shopping tommorow?

Anonymous 196313

I'm waiting for my friends to all tell me they already have plans for new years so I can get sad and angry and disappointed.

Anonymous 196323

Well can't you just go with them if they already have plans

Anonymous 196324

Do you put on sunscreen before or after your moisturizer

Anonymous 196329

Samefag, *chemical sunscreen

Anonymous 196376


Everytime I take my hair out of a protective style it always surprises me how fucking dense it is. Picrel is literally what my hair looks like right now

Anonymous 196378

I've seen so much conflicting info. I just apply it before moisturizer. Applying sunscreen and giving it time to bond to clean skin without an obstacle/barrier makes most sense to me.

Anonymous 196385

You're right anon and you should be right in practice but unfortunately not :(

Anonymous 196393

Are you the one friend no one invites to hang out?

I'll be at a Christmas party

And now that reminds me, I'll have to wash and straighten my hair today. Prob will only do the first half though.

Anonymous 196403

All of my friends are acting weird as fuck for some reason legit not answering my texts until hours or a day later when it's never really been like this and I can't shake the feeling that we are drifting apart. A little tmi but that's where I'm at w/ friends I guess.

Anonymous 196422

Don't worry n0nnie, your friends are probably just busy with Christmas stuff

Anonymous 196561

At least this downtime is letting me play vidya. I usually just waste most of my time refreshing and mindlessly scrolling.

Anonymous 196564

I feel the same way and it really worries me but I am trying to keep reminding myself that they're probably just busy catching up with stuff at home and when the next semester starts it'll all go back to normal

Anonymous 196572

We have do much stuff in our house I want to kill myself, why am I such a fucking hoarder

Anonymous 196587

Which holiday flavor should I get from Starbucks, caramel brulee latte, sugar cookie latte, chestnut praline or roasted white chocolate mocha?

Anonymous 196588

caramel brulee latte!

Anonymous 196590

i tried caramel brûlée and to me it tasted like regular caramel. sugar cookie is my favorite and i will be sad when it’s gone.

Anonymous 196598

I haven't tried any but roasted white chocolate sounds best to me!

Anonymous 196618


Oh fuck. Someone be the tie breaker!

Anonymous 196620

go for the chestnut praline

Anonymous 196630

Anonymous 196635

Ok fuck it I'll order that

Anonymous 196640

The last number of my posts decides:
0, 1, 2 = caramel
3, 4, 5 = sugar cookie
6, 7, 8 = roasted white choco
9 or doubles = walnut praline

Anonymous 196701

Ok I got the chestnut praline coffee. It's pretty good, it has a nice flavor. I should have asked for some sugar though. Also not enough whipped cream.

Anonymous 196790

It snowed a lot where I live, and my family and I are quite literally snowed in. The wind is howling, too. Based on the weather report, it doesn't seem like we'll be able to get out of the house anytime before christmas. Thank god the power is still on, at least.
We were going to go see family for christmas, so we don't actually have that much food here, but thankfully yesterday my mom took me and we got a fuck ton of pizza and put it in the fridge. I'm gonna just eat leftover pizza and sit around until the wind stops blowing snow over the roads, and against our front door.

Anonymous 196864

Tell your friend to grow a notch in her spine and dump him

Anonymous 196873

I'm also stuck because of the weather. was going to go on a date tonight but not safe to drive. Not snow here, but ice.

Anonymous 196874

They are legit madly in love and don't do anything without the other

Anonymous 196932

Hope you at least enjoy the snow! It'll be a rainy christmas for me as per usual boo

Anonymous 197110

A man stopped me in the store while I was wearing a bag I made and said I should sell them! I'm so happy I will never sell my work though kek

Anonymous 197116

Samefag Btw, if y'all think gas prices are high you should see yarn prices.

Anonymous 197342


Anonymous 197682

I bought an acorn candle thinking it would be a candle in an acorn shaped jar, but it's literally an acorn shaped candle

Anonymous 197725


pewdiepies dog died and they bought a new retarded dog. this time a chihuahua pug mix. i am a dog owner myself but these type of dog owners piss me off. there are so many cute dog breeds out there yet he chooses the most fucked up breed.

Anonymous 197734

I don't understand people who choose to get breeds that are bred to physically suffer their whole lives. At this point I can't help by side eye pug lovers.

Anonymous 197737

If he got it from a shelter it's okay

Anonymous 197746

i highly doubt it. pewdiepie and marzia have an affinity for exotic pets so they could totally have adopted this little genetic abomination.

Anonymous 197749

I'm following in your steps and gonna try to make a scarf.

Anonymous 197771

Lmao, that thing is pewdiepie?

Anonymous 197814

I barely registered that thing as a dog. He probably paid out the ass to have the ugliest little bastard nature could create. Pugs are all so ugly to me. People only think they're cute because they're small and have big eyes but they're so creepy looking.

Anonymous 197835

samefag i meant purchased not adopted

Anonymous 197886

Not saying he used to be attractive but Swedish men really seem to have a coin flipped to see if they age like milk or not lol. The man is what, 35 and looks 40?
Also anyone who loves pugs and doesn't go for the new retro-pug/Jug breeds that allow them to breathe are scum. If you love them you should go for their health over aesthetics (and imo the healthy dogs look better and are still very clearly pugs)

Anonymous 197891


Oops, dropped a pic because it was a stupid webp

Anonymous 197899

These actually look WAY cuter than the squished pug face imo. Idk how anyone can stand to be around pugs, the noises they make 24/7 because they cant breathe is so heartbreaking.

Anonymous 198579

I just spent 4 hours trying to decide on a pattern to make a scarf for a last minute project, and now that I've finally deemed one pattern good enough I've realized that the pattern is better suited for a thinner yarn with less halo so it feels like it's no different than doing a regular single or half double crochet. Ugh.

Anonymous 198867

How come they are high? Is acrylic yarn made from petrol like polyester or something?

Anonymous 199098

In my opinion as a native english speaker:
Swedish = Finnish > Icelandic > Danish > Norwegian and French = Italian > Portuguese = Catalan > Spanish > Romanian. I like all these languages but I like some more than others.

Anonymous 199139

>Swedish = Finnish
does this mean you like them equally or do they sound the same to you

Anonymous 199203

Catalan has nothing to do with Portuguese and icelandic is hideous
the real ranking?
french > spanish/catalan > portuguese > italian > russian > arabic > swedish/finnish/norwegian (they all sounds the same) > chinese > romanian (never met anyone from romania but romanianon accent is hideous) > icelandic

Anonymous 199246

>swedish, finnish, and norwegian sound the same
Nuo sanat otat vittu takaisin.

Anonymous 199259

Finnish is not even CLOSE to Swedish

Anonymous 199266

I think you can only notice this if you live in scandinavia or close because I really can't tell the difference

Anonymous 199281

Portuguese and Russian is the most beautiful to me

Anonymous 199284

Swedish and Finnish are two completely different language families. I think you might be confusing some other language with either. Finnish and Estonian sound similar, amd Swedish is similar with Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic (the last one less so)

Anonymous 199349

can someone give me a virtual hug? i am for some reason having a shitty day today, well not super shitty more frustrating/annoying. i bought a bunch of food to make for lunch and nothing is coming out right - my rice was mushy, the chicken i got tasted old, and the vegetables i got for a stir fry were limp and nasty. i don't know if it is the holiday blues or what but i am just so irritated and actually started tearing up a little right now. i hate christmas and will be glad this is over.

Anonymous 199359

aw anon i understand, telepathically giving you a hug right now. wish there was a way for me to help you out with the food at least. i hope something good happens to you soon

Anonymous 199398

all you need to know is
all language in existence >>>>>>>>> dutch

t. dutchfag

Anonymous 199421

thank you so much , it means a lot to me. it was my own fault, the grocery store was busy, i got distracted, and i bought things i know i normally do not like…like bagged frozen veg instead of fresh veg. i've learned my lesson now. i just hate messing up cooking because i am normally good, and i made bomb meals last week, but for some reason today i was just fucking up everything.

Anonymous 199441

my personal ranking
norwegian/swedish > portuguese > french > ( classical ) arabic > italian > taiwanese > finnish > russian > german > turkish > japanese > mandarin > hindi ( when sung ) > korean > tagalog/bahasa > greek > spanish > dutch/flemish

Anonymous 199610

Bird feeding stream, very cute.

Anonymous 199636

hug hope you get some tasty food soon!

Anonymous 199666

I don't really feel Christmasy this year.

Anonymous 199712

I’ve been eating only vegetarian food + fish but now I ate a bit of ham for christmas, sent a pic of my food for my vegan friend without thinking and now I know she is judging me I’m gonna die

Anonymous 199764

My god, working this Christmas Eve and IT'S HELL. Fucking retail, I swear. Hopefully I'll be out of it soon.
Not to be completely hateful though, I enjoy having a job, structure in my routine and money to buy husbandos.

Anonymous 199773

My water froze last night and now I can't get anything to drink, shower, or wash my hands. I really don't want to have to go out and buy water.

Anonymous 199803

how are anons who got snowed in doing?

Anonymous 199841


The price of yarn depends on a few things like skein size, what fiber it's made of, and the weight. Synthetic yarns like acrylic is actually the cheapest, and that's why yarns like Red Heart Super Saver are so wallet friendly. I find that the bigger the weight of the yarn it's also more expensive, I guess because it takes more fiber to make a bulky yarn than a worsted weight yarn. I bought a skein of 100% acrylic chunky yarn for $8. I also think what type of dye is used plays a part in it, because you can see two yarns that are the same type but if one is an ombre opposed to a solid color then it's likely that it will be more expensive. I, like most people, went into crocheting thinking it would be cheap and it's not kek. Anyway, I'm ok with the fact that I spent so much on yarn last night because I love going on yarn hauls.

Sorry if this didn't make any sense, I just wanted to yarn sperg.

Anonymous 200119

I thought anon meant the yarn prices have been going up because she drew a comparison with gas and I was wondering why

Anonymous 200151


I'm jealous of everywhere that has snow right now
I wanted a white Christmas to take pretty photos of

Anonymous 200154

N0nnas, what is your current favorite song?

Anonymous 200165

Oh shit sorry kek. That was me, I haven't been working with yarn long enough to know if the price has gone up significantly, but it is expensive.

Anonymous 200181

someone recommend me a kdrama to watch. I watch like 1 a year so you can safely assume anything you mention I have not watched nor heard of, I'm just feeling like it today.

Anonymous 200196

Snow is nice but it's been so scary to drive in over here! Everyone's been getting stuck or slipping on the road. Hope you enjoy Christmas otherwise nonatella

Anonymous 200207


Yeah, it is pretty scary and can be very unsafe. I often forget that because I don't drive tbh. Last Christmas I was stuck in traffic with my sister and her husband because it was snowing heavily everyone had to drive very slow and for some reason it was exciting to me in a childish way idk why!

I hope you have a great Christmas and stay safe and warm anon. Behind the spoiler is my virtual gift to u.

Anonymous 200208

The only one I know is that winter, the wind blows
I watched it when I was young so I don't rlly remember it but it was entertaining

Anonymous 200259

Nta but omg I have this little teddy!!!! It's tiny, I've had it for like twenty years since bb it's near me now omg anon the joy

Anonymous 200263

Samefag, his name is baw baw

Anonymous 200299

Anon tysm for this post, I started doing it too after you posted and it's really fun and relaxing. I used to do this with Miku images when I was like 11 lol.

Anonymous 200304

Amazing!! Tell baw baw I say hi and that he is very cute.
I have a bear I've owned for like 20 years too and he's kinda falling apart lol. His fur used to be a bright pink now it's a dull one, he even has no fur in some places… but it just makes me love him more.

Anonymous 200333

Screenshot 2022-12…

this dude is pretty cool

Anonymous 200394

Did you photograph him at your feeder ?

Anonymous 200419

nah from the comfy birdstream n*nna linked

Anonymous 200464

It’s a ranking of how much I like the languages not of how similar I think they are. (It’s even there in the post itself) Even though finnish isn’t north germanic (it’s finno-ugric like hungarian and estonian) I included it because Finland is closely liked with Scandinavia.

Anonymous 201047


Merry Christmas!

Anonymous 201226

what fucked up christmas foods are my fellow esl chans eating right now i am enjoying some smetana ham cheese mustard buttermilk bread sandwhiches

Anonymous 201581

merry christmas miners and s!

Anonymous 201618


Kitten anon again, he just gave me a very squeaky scolding because I had THE GALL to punish him for trying to get up on the dinner table. It was the cutest and most pathetic thing I've ever heard.

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