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Anonymous 196203

How do you feel about girls who are gamers?

Anonymous 196215


Anonymous 196236

This is a weird question but I'm trying to make CC more active so I'll bite. I think normal women in gaming are just normal women who play games and that's cool, I prefer playing with other women and I like that there's been an increase of it in the last decade or so. What I don't like is the recent trend of massive pickme streamers who are ruining it for the rest of us. It's very annoying to play online and then suddenly a fake high pitched voice with retard dumbed down speech trying to be cute joins the chat. Very irritating shit

Anonymous 196247

How do you feel about girls who shit and piss?

Anonymous 196248

they're valid

Anonymous 196274

I have found some in Overwatch, Final Fantasy 14, back in the day in WoW. Or on Twitch honestly there is based people on Twitch but its rare af but at least you can see the person there to confirm. They are often like minded or understanding.

Anonymous 196278

I think most of them are just pickmes doing it for attention tbh. Like, look at me I have bodily functions UwU

Anonymous 196284

We need a minecraft server where we can mine craft and farm in harmony

Anonymous 196308

They're mostly in games like overwatch or League of Legends. I think they gravitate towards games that have demographics they can exploit, in this case retarded moids who want an irl anime waifu

Anonymous 196317

I agree. I don’t like shitting on other women, but I feel like they uphold this stereotype about female gamers that I really wish we could escape from. I’m lucky enough to have a group of women I game with who are all pretty well-adjusted in that they have lives and jobs, but we just like to come together every so often and chat while we game together. Women who game are just like anyone else, it’s just a hobby.

Anonymous 196337

Ayrt. I think the majority of women in gaming are just normal, it's very literally this extremely prominent handful of women who have turned the concept of "gamer girls" into this weird porny stereotype where everyone is Belle Delphine. It's gross

Anonymous 196352

Yeah most woman gamers are normal, while moids only pay attention to the ones who appeal to coom for money/attention, which is why so many scrotes troon out to become gamer girl fetish mimicries.

Anonymous 196364

I'm not too quick to blame pickmes for the state of trans in gaming, but I do blame the overall culture of just making everything into porn all the time. It was already a huge problem in gaming that female characters are always a certain way now we're inundated with actual living breathing people making it harder. They already ruined art, social media, and TV shows, I guess it makes sense they would ruin gaming as well

Anonymous 196366

why would you ask this on a female dominated site? of course the majority of users are going to be chill about women playing video games. Is this bait?

Anonymous 196399

I think they're just asking because people have mixed feelings about how women in gaming are represented right now. For a long time the pinnacle of gamer girls was Olivia Munn, then it became half Aiden tattoo cringe people in doc martens, now it's just pedo baiting pick mes. It's a valid question to ask on on a board where women are more than likely normalfags

Anonymous 196446


eh, I feel like it's really dumb. 99.99% of female gamers aren't egirlsuckinghotchip.gif but for the longest time people have had trouble parsing women with specific interests as complex people because people are fixated with spectacle over reality.

Anonymous 196483

I wish I had more normal female gamer friends but most I've met are weirdly autistic, femcoomers, or pick-mes.

Anonymous 196497

>moids only pay attention to the ones who appeal to coom for money/attention, which is why so many scrotes troon out to become gamer girl fetish mimicries.
Wow that actually makes a lot of sense now. I swear, with so many stereotypical trannies out there it's like someone can write a whole book psychoanalyzing troon psychology.

Anonymous 196498

Yes, which is pointed out itt. Most gamer girls are just normal people but the 0.01% of women repping us are the ones purposefully using it to appeal to scrotes either for OnlyFans marketing or for attention. That small minority of women are very prominent in the gaming community as a whole

Anonymous 196505

The rule of thumb is that if a woman can be boiled down into a genre of porn then a troon will larp as that woman. That's why troons don't have personalities or become the female version of themselves. They start as a neck beard and become Lillith the goth gf who posts kinky pics on Twitter, become (Japanese name) the ultra pink kawaii gamer girl who posts kinky pics on Twitter, becomes Barbie the over inflated bimbo who posts kinky pics on Twitter. It's never a real person they're always a genre of porn

Anonymous 196522

yeah you find the autistic fujoshi a lot in mmos or overwatch but its better than nothing trust.

you get it. they are just men copying shit, hell a lot of them copy what they see here in this Chan I have noticed, its fucking ridiculous but anyhow no matter how much they copy in behavior or taste or even writing style its not real I find it funny af when they say "oh i like erotica literature" and sure I can believe they read 1 or 2 but they dont have what it takes, 100% they end up returning to watching porn. If I saw them irl I would roast them tf out for many many reasons I have grown to hate them.

Anonymous 196554

Men were born to coom and die, which is why they are slaves to degeneracy.

Anonymous 196663

I'm jelly of them, I don't have the attention span for games and didn't grow up with them so find them too difficult/unintuitive to be truly fun. But it seems like a comfy hobby to have, moids get addicted and aggressive over games so I don't envy them but women seem to just have a nice time.

Anonymous 196706

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's never had the attention span for video games. I played the ones that held my attention a lot, but that's fee and far between.

Right now I can't even focus on playing the Sims. But I think I'll get cross faded tonight and give it a go, I like projecting my fantasies on my simself

Anonymous 200328

I think I've really outgrown online multiplayer games and now find them overrated and cringe tbh. though I'll always fondly remember the fun times I've had in the TF2 and L4D fandoms

Anonymous 200339

I've never been into multiplayer games they intimidate me. I only get tempted to play them when anons say they've met cool friends off of them.

Anonymous 200340

I play the same 2-3 games over and over again. I’m impressed with any girl who’s able to play online games, they always seemed susceptible to being vitriolic. Especially the male dominated ones

Anonymous 200344


Based Kohaku poster

Anonymous 200346

Same, I wish I can make friends from playing video games.

Anonymous 200350

Gaming is retarded and dumb
it's okay to play occasionally, but gaming as a hobby is just sad and a red flag

Anonymous 200358

I wish I had the time for them still

Anonymous 200371


Why didn’t you make this post in /media/. I applaud your efforts tho

Anonymous 200372

The newer comments are shitting on gamer girls

Anonymous 200376

This character is actually pretty cute. How is the game?

Anonymous 200395

I only play single-player story-driven games now which I guess it's not that different from some normie's netflix but more interactive

Anonymous 200426

Both good and bad. I say both good and bad because it really depends on the route imo and the main character is awful. I do think the story is interesting though and 2 certain characters have a very soft spot in my heart.

Anonymous 200444


i wish there were more unhinged female gamers, i want female avgn thats a filthy fujoshitter or yume and shits on bad otomes and BL games. I wish female gaming youtubers were more varied too, there are barely any female run gaming channels that arent about pokemon/the sims/other similar games. Its sad but the ''pink uwu gamer gurl who only plays the sims/overwatch/animal crossing/twitch popular games/lol'' is very real.

Anonymous 200497


I hate that I could be more or less hat you described if I didn't give a shit about anonymity. I don't see myself streaming games with my real face and/or voice because of how paranoid I could get and how it could potentially ruin my current career if people I know irl found out. I think I would pretty much only post about JRPGs though, BL games and some action games can't be streamed on most platforms because of the sex scenes and I don't know about otome games.

Anonymous 200523


Women (and little girls) should be forced to play aggressive third/first person shooter games. Normie meek doormat women are getting on my nerves.

Anonymous 200564

They suck tho

Anonymous 200585

I only play Stardew Valley and still I'm always on the verge of becoming an arsonist

Anonymous 200692

You are saying this like many dont play fucking Fallout 4 already, that game got popular even though the story is kinda flat compared to the other ones.

Anonymous 200987

I love self-inserting as a badass in Destiny and Warframe, but of course that has no effect on real life.

Anonymous 202096


Tbh a lot of female gamer spaces annoys me. They only play cute and/or casual games. Not that there is anything wrong with only liking these types of games but many female gamers will straight up say that only men likes games that require strategy and and/or quick reaction. There is a valid discussion about women being pushed out of hardcore game circles but takes like "women like decorating houses and men like thinking" is not going to make that discussion easier

Anonymous 202117


And liking both is the best of both worlds

Anonymous 202126

People in the discord server that I used to frequent started implying that I was a tranny just because I said that I liked civilization 2 and age of mythology. Nowadays I just pretend to be a moid when playing strategy games to avoid any sort of drama.

Anonymous 202249

cringe. why would you want to play such a moidbrained game? women don't like these type of games because we don't take pleasure in gunning people down like those psychos.

Anonymous 202271

Anonymous 202274


Even if this is bait, yeah honestly I hate "shooter" games and don't understand why other women like them. I used to assume either they just grew up with brothers and didn't have much of a choice or were just trying to impress them men around them with how edgy they were. It's just kind of scroteish to me, like why do you take enjoy the simulation of shooting a bunch of people? And then calling women who play chill, nonviolent games like animal crossing or the sims "pick me"? Seems like the other way around to me.

Anonymous 202276

I don't know how women oriented gaming groups on Discord or whatever mostly only do cosy games, like with Sims I get it because it's easy to get really autistic about it (me tbh) but I can't imagine how boring a casual gaming Discord server would be.

Nta but first person shooters like Bioshock or similarly interesting plot heavy games with lots of lore and great art have a huge fanbase of women

Anonymous 202278

I play both cutesy games and shooters. I don’t personally play to just shoot people, I’m mostly interested in story (like Mass Effect for example has HUGE female fanbase). But there are women who like competetive shooters fir example and they have all right to like and play them.

Anonymous 202279

Just pull a Memeulous and wear a face covering. Hell, you can use a filter to make yourself appear as a cartoon character.

Anonymous 202289

I ran into a fair number of women playing Destiny. I haven't played in a while though. I find shooting people to be fun whether it's single player or competitive. I've wasted thousands of hours on it.

Anonymous 202311

I don't like shooting people, that's why I don't play stuff like Call of Duty, GTA or historical games. But there are plenty of shooters where you're fighting aliens or robots or demons.

Anonymous 202318

I never play any video games but I had a super bad day and randomly decided to play Gears of War (really easy game for babies) and it was a fun way to let off steam for one day. I kind of get why people like FPS

Anonymous 202320

I don't understand why 4X games or strategy in general are seen as scroteish. As if women can't strategize.

Anonymous 202322

Nta but that doesn't really solve it

Anonymous 202945


Sure bitch, whatever…

Anonymous 202950

It's actually very sad for women that pickmes like you exist who always choose the non-stimulating lobotomized option and argue that everything exciting is scrotebrained.

Anonymous 202951

Why play Fallout 4 when you can play the superior Fallout New Vegas, or even 1 and 2 though they aren't fps

Anonymous 202953

FPS can be fun for some people
Simple as

Anonymous 202956

>I only play animal crossing tee hee
Tranny detected

Anonymous 202960

And I don't understand whats the point of playing domestic games, like you can water your plants in real life you don't need a video game for that.

Anonymous 202971

Fallout 4 has House Flipper: Nuclear Edition

Anonymous 202992

Okay true but it kinda sucks after a while unless you buy dlcs

Anonymous 203042

i love her so much

Anonymous 203050

Liking both makes you an enbie!

Anonymous 203059

Honestly it's a shame that more women from LC and CC aren't youtubers but given what LC is mainly about it's also not a surprise that many users are averse to putting themselves under the spotlight.
You don't have to show your face just voice over with some clips playing in the background and good editing is more than enough.
>I'm not the pick me YOU'RE THE PICK ME
Consider the following: FPS games are fun

Anonymous 203065

Destiny has so many women it's kind of surprising. It almost makes me feel like a stereotype.
It's a fun game but I wish the monetization was a bit better

Anonymous 203071

I don't have any opinions on girl gamers whether they play cosy games or a typical video game. Personally I get disappointed when I run into women that only play cosy games because it means we're less likely to play together. After a number of bad experiences cosy games to me are just games I play on my own, less stressful that way but who knows maybe I just haven't met my player 2 yet lol.

I heard so much about weird hostility when a new gamer girl enters a group and there's a pre-existing gamer girl or women that use high pitched voices even when they're not streaming. Have never experienced that myself.

Clearly an enbie in denial, women don't shit and piss.
Even though I live in a country with shit internet I always gravitate towards multiplayer games, I have no idea why.

Anonymous 203162

What games do you play. Also I think the voice thing is a Reddit meme

Anonymous 203166

I saw reels from random streamers mocking the idea and comments agreeing. It probably started because of a handful of streamers but then reddit took it too far

I'm currently playing raft, COD modern warfare 2 (when my friends also play it), I picked up cult of the lamb again hopefully I'll finish my run. Sometimes I play Destiny 2 but my friends have been tempting me to buy FFXIV. There are other games but I haven't played them in such a long time.
It feels nice looking at the variety I have, last year I was basically playing just one game.

Anonymous 203170

I also want FFXIV but the method of paying for it confuses me. Is it a one-time buy or are there monthly subscriptions? Both? Idk. Yeah I like having variety too

Anonymous 203173

>I heard so much about weird hostility when a new gamer girl enters a group and there's a pre-existing gamer girl
Those people are pickmes. Nothing sets off a pickme more than another woman entering the group because it means she isn't the special princess with a neckbeard worshippers anymore. Those are also the exact type of people who do the high pitched voice larping

Anonymous 203345


I am going to just be blunt with it: I hate them.
Not because I don't think women should game, or that there shouldn't be "feminine games".
I hate them because most of them model their behavior off of Twitch "culture". The most evil thing to ever exist ever. I find myself going back to the same games I played before my PC had a GPU because being called a "whore" by some 11 year old I RDMed in Garry's Mod is less painful than hearing women talk like infantile pickmes to scrotes who all talk like YouTubers when responding.
All the games made "for women" that I actually enjoy nowadays are indie games (ideally made by women).
Overwatch and the like are garbage and the people who like them are all garbage.

Anonymous 203354

Yeah games like Overwatch, Valorant, etc all seem like clones of each other to me. They seem so boring to play. If anything they aren't the real gamers.

Anonymous 203449

You have to buy the base game or else you’re just playing the free trial and then you have to pay for the subscription to access the game.
buying the latest expansion gives you all the past expansions in one go.

Anonymous 203453

Why did you make the wild assumption that all gamer girls watch twitch?

Anonymous 203491

After a certain point it doesn't matter what someone receives directly. Behavior can be informed by the environment that grows around a thing. The Valley Girl accent infects Californians regardless of physical proximity to the San Fernando. Especially men who think that not being criticized for saying "like" is the same as not annoying the piss out of everyone with their echolalia. Not sure what the infection vector is for mannerisms that developed on Twitch but it seems like voice chat alone is infectious.

Anonymous 203494

I really really really don't care that there's exceptions to this rule.

Anonymous 203520

Are they exceptions if they makeup the majority? Sorry you are so internet poisoned.

Anonymous 203523

Agreed. Every normie is into Overwatch suddenly because their favorite streamer or YouTuber is.

Anonymous 203591

What kind of world do you live in where a normie is someone that had a favourite twitch gamer streamer?
Overwatch is popular among normies because it’s a game that can be played very casually and doesn’t have any kind of commitments to it. Also it was a pretty popular game in general.

Anonymous 204033

I really do not think it’s even a tule. Most women I know irl play some games and they might have not even heard of twitch most of the time. I play and I never watch it or even play online games. Also you play games yourself? Ok pickme!

Anonymous 204270

>scrotes who all talk like YouTubers when responding
I don't play with scrotes anymore because they were Corpse Husband voice larping back in 2020 and I just couldn't hold it together kek

Anonymous 204284


I'm aware that I'll probably get shit on for this but does anyone else kinda miss when companies would make a pink console/handheld "for girls"? It's not that I think there should always be a pink options with women in mind, it's that imo the pink consoles always looked less boring than just standard black/white/clear. I kinda hate paying extra for a shell or a skin for everything. I bought a pink shell for my Nintendo Switch which was annoying (but the paw design thumb grips made me less bitter about that purchase actually kek)

Anonymous 204359

but why does it have to be pink.. Why can't it be a royal purple or a misty blue or a coral red or whatever? why does it have to be p i n k. I like colour variety, I just don't like it defaulting to girls = pink

Anonymous 204404

i unfortunately play multiplayer games but there are moids everywhere and they are either creepy or downright callous and condescending so i never use voice commands anymore, wish i would find more girls on there and properly play the game

Anonymous 204484

What games do you play?

Anonymous 204501

mostly battlefield, evil dead, call of duty (yeah I know), back 4 blood

Anonymous 204537

all my used consoles are pink so I like the idea of having different colours to chose from. But I don't like that the pink and pastel colours gets marketed towards girls. Ideally anyone can buy whatever colour they want regardless of gender

Anonymous 204560

This picture just gave me so much nostalgia, and I love pink too anon

Anonymous 204582

I have always played turn based and real time strategy games since I was allowed on the family computer. Also loved Zoo Tycoon.
Recently through my friend brought over a copy of Borderlands for both of us to play together. I have never enjoyed playing shooters before but its actually fun with a friend. Me and her have been ironically larping as the characters and honestly it has been a blast. I would never play an MMO through, on account that I hate interacting with moids.

Anonymous 204651

You could play an MMO and not interact with people much

Anonymous 204676

I miss the purple options for stuff like Gameboys. Purple is such a fun color.

Anonymous 204996

Ayry. My apologies, I should have clarified that I was speaking from a personal place where I was talking more about my own preference for the colour pink and how it was very convenient for me that people would release a pink console intending it to be for girls. I read my post again and I see I was a bit too vague to get that across. Honestly, the original Nintendo DS lite had a fantastic variety of colours and I'm deeply saddened this wasn't something that applies to the Nintendo Switch. Red and blue is ok but the purple and yellow variation that seems to be most common is flat out icky. My favourite ever "console" for colour and design variation is the tamogotchi. They always had such nice colours and interest patterns, something that could feel more personal.

I seen an original purple gameboy that had been "refurbished" for sale at the Irish comic-con and it kills me I didn't have the money for it at the time. It was a wonderful looking thing, even if I only had it for my shelf.

The pink foldable gameboy there gets me big time for nostalgia

Anonymous 205024

I don't care. Unironically making it a core personality trait, like by referring to oneself as a "girl gamer", is super cringe and turbo-pickme though.

Anonymous 205042

Where do you draw the line between "this is a huge interest to this person and so shapes their personality slightly" and "this person is internalizing videogames as a personality trait to curate an outward image" tho? Because I know people who are huge into sports and it permeates their whole personality but I wouldn't say they're cringe pickmes for doing that

Anonymous 205375


>"this is a huge interest to this person and so shapes their personality slightly"

You answered it yourself. It should only be one part of your character. Not all you talk about until people are fed up with you or you can't be anything but reduced to "that chick who really likes video games". The latter becomes like a drinking buddy at best. Drinking buddies aren't usually you can be serious friends with. I had a friend whose kind of become like this to me nowadays. By high school she constantly started sperging about the video game series she was recently into (That I literally know nothing about) but I realized she can't really be talked with about anything else. Talking about anything besides video games/anime/manga/etc. instantly becomes awkward.

Anonymous 205427

That's a little sad. I myself do find it hard to talk to people who don't have similar interests because that's just the best way to break the ice. But I've realised friends I've met through similar interests are also the friends I talk to about everything else more.
People who just talk about things to you and not involving you are very self-unaware. I don't know that game, I don't know these characters, etc.

Anonymous 206913

I like fallout 4 because I can shoot stuff as well as gather items and build/decorate my little towns. If it was just PVP shooting, I wouldn't play.

Anonymous 230858

I prefer slashing, but shooting is fine too.

Anonymous 230862

Holy shit nona I just realized that’s why I’ve hated every FP fighting game except for Breath of the Wild. Got any recs?

Anonymous 230863

>grew up with brothers and didn't have much of a choice or were just trying to impress them men
Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous 230865

hit a nerve?

Anonymous 230867

Not the one you're thinking about. It makes me incredibly sad when some fuckwit invalidates my hobbies.

Anonymous 230868

why do you need other people to validate? just enjoy fren

Anonymous 230869

And yet it costs me nothing to tell an idiot to go fuck themselves.

Anonymous 230870

didnt you know, nona? women can't like anything unless its because of moids.

Anonymous 230896

The same way I feel about girls that use the toilet or like water, they're just human beings.

Anonymous 230974

u first genetic dead end

Anonymous 231016

How rude

Anonymous 231037


tfw I could be this too, I want to be able to shout and scream about games with like minded nonas. we could make shitpost youtube videos out of that

It's a long-term goal of mine to collect every console that has ever existed in pink. I love them so much.

Anonymous 231422

vidya ain't bad.pn…

Do you girls play Dota?
I wanna find people to play with but it gives me extreme anxiety to find people, plus the game being quite toxic is a scary thing

Anonymous 231424

Played a few times, play league too like a filthy loser if that counts

Anonymous 231425

It always bewilders me people claiming league is a loser's game.
It's basically the most played videogame across the globe, all my friends play it.

Anonymous 231428

True, but there's always that stereotype

Anonymous 231450

Sure, girls can be alright to play with. Think the games I play are heavily moid based but it's whatever.

Anonymous 231684

I think they're probably mentally ill like moid gamers. I feel bad for the ones who actively seek to hang out with moid gamers and I can relate to the isolation of those who don't, but either way they're mentally ill.

Anonymous 231688

Are you seriously going to put people under that kind of basket, when it's a fairly common activity nowadays? 40% of the world is into videogames now, and I am pretty sure those people are somewhat more sane than the average imageboard user

Anonymous 231719

I've been playing video games since I was a kid and I like both tbh, to everything from shooter games like Call of Duty to cozy games like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, I mostly play games that fit in between tho, story-driven but action packed, I like survival horror a lot rn.

Women playing violent games isn't scrotebrained at all if anything women are able to distinguish the lines between fiction and reality and also not rage quit violently, moid's will constantly break their expensive keyboards and computers meanwhile i rarely see women rage-quit by destroying thousands of dollars worth of gaming equipment. maybe some women get influenced by older brothers, but i don't have males in my family other than my dad so idk.

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