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Housekeeping general OP 20053

I always wanted to post on image boards about my hobby and duty, the housekeeping, and this is the only one where people will relate <3

So let's make this about cooking, baking, cleaning, interior design, gardening, repairs, hosting, sewing, crafting, art and everything else that makes life nice and homely <3

Anonymous 20054


For a start, look at the delicious sesame rings in making :)

I love to bake, it's pretty much the only thing of all I mentioned above that I can do really well, since money is always tight and the breads at the supermarket are expensive and shit.

Anonymous 20055

Wow, these look good, anon! I don't know how to bake, but I wish I did. Homemade bread always tastes better imo.

Anonymous 20056

It also keeps longer :) It's really not difficult at all, but you'll need ~5 tries before you get the hang of it, since the recipe can't be given exactly. But it's so worth it. I always pester people to start baking on their own.

Anonymous 20082

Your kitchen looks comfy af, OP.

There are many instagram accounts (esp japanese) that focus on kitchen/housework aesthetics, and the pics are beautiful. Some even give you recipes (youll need a translator if you dont know japanese, of course).

Anonymous 20089


I don't even know how to copy text off insta :(
Interior design stresses me out because my house is old and crappy by nature.

Anonymous 20143


My boyfriend took the fan apart, to its basic components because I told him I thought it was spinning slightly slower.

Needless to say, he was not able to reassemble it. At least watching him work on it and get frustrated was pretty hot, don't ask me why.

Anonymous 20180

Yesterday I wrote a complaint to my local supermarket chain because they decided to mark down nearly expired food with 25% instead of 50%, as they did before. They just responded to me, saying it will stay that way. :[ That sadly makes that supermarket not financially sensible any more, I used to get carts full of -50% stuff. And it's the closest one and the staff is nice. But I can't afford it that way.

Anonymous 20190


I really wish i could make cute food but i suck. Do you guys know any good youtubers or books that will show step by step how to do this?

Anonymous 20191

The penguin one is so cute

Anonymous 20192

Are these actually popsicles? They look too cute to be edible!

Anonymous 20193

Yes they are, this guy naturally.jo made them his ig is full of pretty pics of the food he makes.

Anonymous 20195


I guess it's made of fondant, you can pretty much buy it pre-colored and then use special tools (also used for clay) to cut and decor it. People make serious money buy making the easiest of cakes (like the "1 cup of everything" cupcakes) and then decor it with a lot of patience.

Anonymous 20196


Here's the tools. Is there no multiple pictures upload on the CC?

Anonymous 20197

You want the moon on a stick, you.

Anonymous 20305

Thank you for the info, i don't think i will ever be able to make money with it. I will try to make some cute sweets for my friends and family.

Anonymous 20638

teach me how to enjoy doing household chores

Anonymous 20639

A good pair of headphones and plenty of music and podcasts to boot.

Anonymous 20651

I don't think anyone is able to enjoy chores. But just like what anon above me said listening to podcasts while cleaning can make it less boring.

Anonymous 20671


Walmart actually has super cute affordable kitchen stuff. The Pioneer Woman collection is my kind of kitsch, like how the inside of chic-fil-a is decorated. I have this plate set and I love it and some other stuff from that collection, but the ceramic measuring bowls broke immediately so don't get those. -_- Idk what I was thinking even getting ceramic for something that gets frequently manhandled and tossed in drawers, I liked the forum so much I didn't consider the function.

Anonymous 20673

I love the Pioneer Woman line, and I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was starting to feel my tastes were getting out of hand every time i walked through the kitchenware aisle. it's so bright and cheerful and feminine, though, it's hard to resist. my birthday is coming up this month and i'm totally going to just ask for a bunch of cute bakeware if you have any other recommendations.

Anonymous 20676


My mother in law swears by the Calphalon brand and I've been very happy with the set I have but it's not cute lol. For stuff you're actually cooking and baking with I think its better to get stuff that is sturdy and will last you forever even with daily use. Save the dainty cute decor aesthetics for things like plateware, dish towels, cabinet liners, mugs etc that are less expensive to replace or don't get manhandled as much.

Also don't get kitchen knives that have a separate handlepiece no matter how cute they are because they will break eventually, get knives that are all one connected piece.

Anonymous 20679


I love doing chores because I like to pretend to be a cute meido and wear cute stuff I only "get" to wear when doing chores. Like dishwashing gloves like Dexter's mom from Dexter's Lab wears and an apron.

Anonymous 20681

But Dexter's mom always wore gloves as part of her character design.

Anonymous 20682

True but your hands get sweaty and smell awful if you wear rubber household gloves all the time just for fun IRL lol

Anonymous 20700

Do you wash your chicken?

Anonymous 20709


What do you mean?

Do you guys know Pip Studio? They make such cute tableware!

Anonymous 20712

people say you shouldn't wash chicken before cooking it because it can spread bacteria.

Anonymous 20719


I'd never even thought to wash raw meat before cooking it since I'd never seen anyone do that before, but now I definitely won't ever do that. Ty anon.

Also I tried making curry rice yesterday but I found out curry powder is not a substitute for curry paste, it's just not flavorful enough. Oops lol. It ended up edible, just super bland.

Anonymous 20778

that is what ive heard, anon! i think its correct but there are people who say they HAVE to wash the chicken because of the "slime" that usually comes in the package

Anonymous 20779

You need to wash poultry to get rid of coagulated blood, dirt and bacteria/viruses. You don't want salmonella, do you?

Deep frying/boiling poultry kills any bacteria, but roasting might not. So make sure to wash it to be on the safe side.

Anonymous 20784


Why would you post this "delete system 32" (now with more vomiting) level meme? Under no circumstances should anyone be washing poultry.

Anonymous 20786

Please nobody listen to this troll. You may or may not decide to wash chicken, but it's definitely not a "Under no circumstances" kind of situation.

Anonymous 20812


I guess we'll just have to stay away from chicken flesh. For safety reasons, y'know.

Anonymous 20822

Are emojis banned here?

Anonymous 20824

No. This is not lolcow

Anonymous 20826

Only if they're obnoxious. An occasional <3 and ^^ are fine.

Anonymous 20837

yes! chickens are friends not food

Anonymous 20839

the rules say they are, i like them when used sparingly so that kinda sucks imo

those are emoticons

Anonymous 21298


Send help :(

Anonymous 21300

It's ok anon, you will take control of the mess, mess which isn't that bad, really.
You can do it, but you have to be ruthless!

Anonymous 21303

Is the rocking horse there to remind you of better times?

Anonymous 21307

It's ok but I lack storage space and also I have a lot to do so I evade it

Nah there are little ones in here

Anonymous 21308

I have kids too, and let me tell you, if you don't just go in the room and clean the mess now, it will just get worse and worse. If your kids are old enough you can ask them to help you too

Anonymous 21314

If you have kids that's even more of a reason to get your shit together and keep the place clean.

Anonymous 21323


Read this, it changed my life.

Anonymous 21333

I've heard bout this. I need this. :(

Anonymous 21334

It's an ultra popular book (the not-manga version at least) so it's probably free at your library. I like the manga version though because it has pictorial diagrams of how to fold everything.

Anonymous 21338


The companion book, Spark Joy, has many illustrative diagrams for the specific organizing methods.

I have both of Kondo's books but haven't gotten around to reading or implementing them. The manga version looks like an easy way to get into it with less detail at first.

Anonymous 21341


This is kind of lame but what got me to start consistently cleaning was buying really nice smelling cleaners. I have some Ms. Meyer's all purpose cleaners and hand wash, and some of the Method products for my bathroom. I love the way all these products smell so it makes cleaning way less of a chore.

Anonymous 21377


This is my personal cleaning calendar

Anonymous 21378


also I made an extremely kawaii version lol

Anonymous 21379

you're cute and ily for this great idea

Anonymous 21395

Polish stoneware will be the death of my retirement dreams

Anonymous 21396

My grandma said ‘if you’re using it on the stove and counter it should to be tough then pretty. If you’re using it on the dining room table it should be pretty then tough.”

Anonymous 21397


Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps = love

Anonymous 21407

That's a great rule.

Anonymous 21409

I just moved into a new house and one thing I've learned with having white walls is that they get dirty so easily. We got matte paint just because it was cheaper than semigloss but semigloss is apparently easier to clean and is recommended in high traffic areas like the living room… So don't make my mistake. T_T

Anonymous 21410

Every morning babe

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