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Christmas Alone Anonymous 200655

Thread for every anon who's spending Christmas alone this year so we won't be alone at least online.
How are you feeling?
Did you get anyone gifts?
Get any gifts yourself?
Do you have any plans even if you're alone?

Anonymous 200914

>How are you feeling?
A bit down, lots of unpleasant things going on in my life
>Did you get anyone gifts
In my country we don't really give people gifts for Christmas
>Do you have any plans even if you're alone?
Not really, I just won't be celebrating

What about you, nona?

Anonymous 200920

>How are you feeling?
>Did you get anyone gifts?
>Get any gifts yourself?
>Do you have any plans even if you're alone?

Anonymous 202146

I don't really get sad about spending Christmas alone. What depresses me hard is spending New Year's Eve alone.

Anonymous 202156

I kind of want to do something completely out of my comfort zone like going to a party… but what does a person alone at a party even do? I don't like the taste of drinks.

Anonymous 202451

I'm insanely drunk so please excuse any errors.
I'm not technically spending Christmas alone but tbh I kinda feel like I might as well be.
>How are you feeling?
A little sad, I ended up playing some games with some friends though so that cheered me up.
>Did you get anyone gifts?
No, I got insanely sick/busy the weeks before so I didn't get a chance to get anything for anyone.
>Do you have any plans even if you're alone?
Besides just playing vidya and getting super drunk (both of which I have achieved), not really.

Anonymous 202531

Who else is 'celebrating' second christmas day. I know there's several countries who celebrate 2 days of christmas, where are you all?

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