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Italian anonettes Anonymous 201447

why do i feel like there are very few of us here. italian girls must be some of the normiest in the world diosanto

Anonymous 201453


>Italian girls must be some of the normiest in the world
Dare I say it's because of the low English proficiency rate in Italy? Picrel is why you regularly see Scandis, Germans and Dutchfags on the English web.

Anonymous 201483

this is a very good point nona. i think that definitely plays a role. another factor is that italy in general is a place where interests that are pretty mainstream among young women almost everywhere else, such as anime or k-pop, here have fans but they're nowhere as much as other countries and there's still a very specific "type" of person who enjoys them. you will never see a becky or a stacy into that.
sorry for using these stereotypes, i dislike them but it's the quickest way i can convey this concept.
most people are either clueless about such things, look down on them or are extremely casual enjoyers so they don't even bother to engage with its online culture or anything like that.

i still don't know why italians have such a closed minded attitude towards stuff and part of it i'm sure it's linked to the low proficiency in english that acts as a barrier, as you pointed out. i feel like there's more to it though and i can't tell what.

Anonymous 201492


samefagging but groups such as blackpink and fucking bts never came for a concert to italy once.
i'm aware they haven't been to many places but both had multiple dates in many european countries with a similar economic and social situation, some of which had a much smaller population than italy so i know it's not a question of number of people, but specifically of number of people who would actually go to a concert and in italy apparently there's not enough

t. mild k-pooper. idgaf to not see them live but it's the best example to show how cut out of the world this country is

Anonymous 201499

>to show how cut out of the world this country is
And that's probably for the best. The rest of us are getting Americanized, it's not the greater option.

Growing up they always emphasized how important it was for us the learn English and as a result we have a high proficiency rate here, but in the end all I ever use it for is private use/entertainment and people are dogshit at our native language. There's so little willingness to preserve our own language and culture where I am, everyone's so readily and willingly adapting to outside influences and politics. It's sad really.

Anonymous 201509

This, I envy places like France and Eastern Europe that at least try to keep their culture free from creeping Americanisation. We would all be better off without Anglo cultural imperialism.

Anonymous 201514


Question: I work with tourists and noticed that Italians are very bad at english in general, why is that? Is it bad school system, or do Italians just not care about other languages? It's soemthing really noticeable.

Anonymous 201515

i see your point. i believe a happy medium is best, but that seems to be rare in everything.
in italy people are painfully ignorant of anything that isn't their own country, be it politics, languages or entertainment.
they sincerely believe this is the best place ever despite its rampant flaws, and this leads to things such as our embarrassing proficiency in english, racism, economical underdevelopment (for european standards), and an embarrassingly important thing for me which is just an overall boring atmosphere that i wish didn't exist.

however i can see how americanization has a lot of issues as well and i wouldn't want other cultures to succumb to it and what you described sounds far from ideal too.

Anonymous 201539

i honestly think there's a lot of reasons.
one of them as you said is the bad school system, and another i can think of is that everything is dubbed here in italy so people interact with english way less than in countries where that doesn't happen.
as i ranted in this thread over and over again italians are quite normie in their interests and proud of their culture to the extent where they look down on others, both factors make people not get interested in the outside world much, which limits even more their exposure to other languages and english as a means to read manga or watch anime for example.
last but not least i think it's a situation akin (but way less extreme) to japanese people and english.
there's something about how the italian language is structured and its pronunciation that makes it extra hard for italians to be good at english compared to people with other native languages, in fact the ones who score higher in english abilities are closer to it.
in fact, spain has a low english proficiency as well and spanish and italian are very similar languages, the closest to latin.

Anonymous 201830

That looks tasty. I'm Italian and I put apple on pizza once. Non sto scherzando.

Anonymous 201866

I need to know, what do the Italianos think of pineapple of pizza?

Anonymous 201896

Is op pic meant to be kawaii moe gender bent Mussolini?

Anonymous 201911

Kek no she's from girls und panzer

Anonymous 202350

what does that mean

Anonymous 202566

Omg l’hai detto!!!! Assurdo trovare un thread italiano qui, già nessuno conosce 4chan, figurarsi cc

Anonymous 202591

Of course, we all joke that it is disgusting but I have personally never eaten it before. I also love sushi with cream cheese in it, so I feel like I'm actually in no place to judge.

Anonymous 204639

I tried it once, not really my thing but I've had worse.

Anonymous 204648

Does Italian-American count

Anonymous 204661


I'm pretty sure Eastern Europe should be higher. Almost every young person there is a Westaboo that consumes mostly American pop culture.

Anonymous 204849

It's from 2012 and streaming services and social media boomed over the last decade so it's probably a bit outdated yeah

Anonymous 205393


I'm sure it was happening even back then. Eastern European countries, at least from what I know with mine, are plagued with intense oikophobia i.e. national self-hatred so they cuck out for the West because of idealizing it. They'll replace English with their own native language in order to reject or even flat-out deny their ethnicity. They're convinced they're equivalent to third-worlders. lul

Anonymous 206322

i dont think thats true at all, the average italian looks down on blacks and asians a lot, "chinese" is a derogatory term in italy and they call every asian or asian media "cinesi/cinesata".

italians are very proud of their food, wine, art, history, fashion and cars, getting in competition with the french and germans for much of that and never admitting the other ones are better at a single one of those things, italian advertisement for food always states with pride that the products are "100% italian/made in italy" and in general advertisement here always romanticizes italy and its various places (this is a pretty average italian advertisement, comparing italian places and culture and products to foreign things and implying we do them better than others https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CLo5QYn2RLk ).
fascism and its love for the land and tradition is alive and well here, as we can see looking at the last elections

the only complaint ive heard italians have about their country is the corruption that causes things such as low wage and emplyoments and unsafe infrastructures, but that's a valid complaint that can be heard in many other countries and it doesn't mean you hate your country just its bad administration which is a very obvious issue in italy so itd be suprising if no one said anything about it

Anonymous 206337

Idk nona, as another non-Italian Mediterranean, I think at least this
>italians are very proud of their food, wine, art, history, fashion and cars
is at least warranted (I prefer German cars though) and I wish my country had some of that attitude instead of a lame inferiority complex.

Anonymous 206355

oh sure i agree that loving your country isn't a bad thing nona, and i do think that italian food and some of the things mentioned are better too, however i was just making examples to show how it's not true that italians aren't proud of their country.

the thing that pisses me off is that italy falls on the other extreme of the spectrum where its closed mindedness towards the rest of the world ends up becoming ridiculous, and it hurts italy itself in many people's skills, general culture and the country's own economy

Anonymous 256985

I exist;__;

Anonymous 256997

Ciao nona!

Anonymous 257000


I'm Mexican. Can I be honorary Italian?

Anonymous 257011

>Have a healthy social and sexual development.
>Have healthy relationships.
>Dont use virtual warehouses for damaged goods as your social circle.

Its a mystery

Anonymous 257015

>Healthy relationships
Anche no. Italian normies often experience toxic relationships despite being normies.

Anonymous 257018

Having healthy relationships means experiencing toxic relationships in some way, inevitably and growing from overcoming them instead of experiencing toxic relationships and either starting an endless cycle of self harm out of laziness or completely abandoning meaningful relations to human beings out of fear.

Anonymous 257024


This is just my opinion, but I think that normal people inherently know how to avoid toxic people in their lives, or maintain a healthy distance with them. They're able to sense something is wrong somehow, even if they don't exactly understand what's going on, and they avoid them because they have healthy boundaries that come from healthy childhood experiences and good parenting. It's broken people with codependency issues or those who've been through traumatic experiences in childhood like being parentified, neglected, abused, and so on that will end up in toxic relationships. Predatory people specifically choose weak and broken people, like those who are attention seeking or have savior complex to trick and make them fall in love with them, and as long as preys exist, predators will have their ways.

And I also don't believe that people who get out of toxic relationships learn from their mistakes unless they put an active effort to work on their problems, and I mean, serious effort. Halle Berry for example, had been through multiple marriages and all involved toxic men. She never… learnt I guess, but there's something seriously wrong that's almost supernatural that goes on that makes broken people get into toxic relationships all the time. Freud calls this repetition compulsion.

Anonymous 257144

Ciao! I'm honestly surprised there's so many Italians in here. Unless it's just the two of us repeatedly posting.
That's just normies, I don't think being Italian has anything to do with your examples.

Anonymous 257198

sono italiana pure io :)

Anonymous 257244


Anonymous 257321

Woah, how are there so many???

Anonymous 257337


I guess I've always been an odd ball and never resonated with the general italian public.
And as soon as I found the love of my life I moved away to where he lives asap. I won't deny that sometimes I miss my home country, but I'm much happier here, plus I'm able to visit whenever anyway.

Anonymous 257357

Where you moved exactly? Because this story sounds eerily similiar to mine.

Anonymous 257393

Anche se mi sono sposata in Italia prima di trasferirmi.
Comunque credo che abbiamo fusi orari diversi, considerando che quando hai postato erano le 6 di mattina qui.

Anonymous 257561

Blackpilled nonne, questa "pubblicità" di Giulia dovrebbe sensibilizzare e portare consapevolezza ma sta uscendo solo il marcio, un'odio pazzesco a leggere certi commenti sotto i video

Anonymous 257933

What kind of comments? I have to admit I haven't been keeping up with the story at all. I only know the general outline

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