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christmas gifts Anonymous 202162

to the nonas that celebrate christmas, what did yall get?

i got:
-heatless hair curler
-water bottle with a fruit infuser
-this cute little keyboard you can use with procreate
-the obligatory “i didnt know what to get you” gifts (socks, perfume, gloves, hats, etc.)
-like $200 i will probably spend on books and jewelry

Anonymous 202173

I got a lot of great presents! Invader zim legwarmers, socks, and beanie, creepy crawly mini waffle maker, bandai gacha posable wasp figurines, lots of those branded miniatures that they sell in balls at super markets, a chocolate orange, and beef jerky.

Anonymous 202183

A box of dark chocolate, a drawing of my favorite pokemon from my lil brother, bunch of weeb stuff and my mom has got me something but she has covid so she said she wants to give it to me after she's recovered

Anonymous 202221

A new coat! I didn't like my old one so I'm happy.

Anonymous 202228


Several years too late, but I got myself a PS Vita. One of my friends used to let me play on hers back in high school and later recommended me it since it sells for pretty cheap now. It seemed like a pretty good console and I'm interested in playing otome on it that I can't play on PC, so I thought "Why not".

Anonymous 202239

Oh and I almost forgot, I got a knife holster!!!

Anonymous 202251

My dad bought me a nice comfy winter coat with hidden pockets and a sewn liner that allows things like holsters and sheaths. My boyfriend bought me a really nice moisturizer that they no longer ship here, a dice tower with GM screen, and made me some of the fudge I'm addicted to.

Anonymous 202308

I got
>wireless gaming headphones
>slippers that I can heat up in the microwave
>a plush that I can also heat up in the microwave
>cute new clothes
>€50 voucher for Holland&Barett I'm going to spend on protein powder
>pyjamas, socks, bed kits

Anonymous 202336

An artbook and poster book of two of my favorite games and a PSN card to buy the new expansion of one. But of course my brothers don't know that ~50% of why I like those games are husbandos.

Anonymous 202364

That jacket sounds cool. Are you going to put holsters and sheaths in there? That's two consecutive nonas got sheath related gifts!
I just bought some leather pants and a silk skirt for myself for christmas. Leather pants are impossible, I hope they fit.

Anonymous 202388

My mother gifted me a comic and a new purse. It's not much, but I had beem wanting these for awhile.

Outside her, no one else gifts me stuff or gives me cash neither on xmas or my bday. I have always envied people whose aunts/siblings/etc also get you stuff kek I wish I lived in the US just because that

Anonymous 202401

>Palefire by Nabokov
>an essay book on postmodern literature
>Brief Interviews with Hideous Men by DFW
I had asked my mom to buy them bc i'm a huge litfag. also
>new socks
>a wool shirt from my aunt
>cash from relatives
The last one is a little embarrassing, because i have a decent job and don't really need (or deserve) that money, but it's not like i'm gonna complain.

Anonymous 202646

I don't own a pistol because they're so hard to get and keep here, but I do have a really nice fixed blade fighting knife that is just way too big to keep in a pocket, and I just checked it's literally the perfect size for the two straps to keep it firmly in place.

Anonymous 202647

nice taste, pale fire is one of my favourite books.

Anonymous 202660

>Nag Hammadi
>The Billage of Perception: Chapter Two
I'm happy with what I got

Anonymous 202712


Which essay book is it?
I like DFW too. My favourite story from Brief Interviews is Octet. I hope you enjoy it..
I'm not a big fan of Nabokov, but I once handwrote the Pale Fire poem onto 80 index cards for fun.

Anonymous 202755


Anonymous 202830

You sound like you shitpost about Infinite Jest on /lit/ nona.

Anonymous 202905

I got a nice pair of ugg slippers I've been wanting for like 2 years. Also socks and such. I'm so thankful

Anonymous 202935

whenever my family gets me gifts it always feels like they're trying to give something to a me that they wish i was
sucks cause i got my family stuff they genuinely need/like (storage pieces and crystals)
and i'm here with excess cosmetics despite the fact i've never worn any in my life

Anonymous 203015

What would do they need crystals for?

Anonymous 203026

for crystal.cafe obviously

Anonymous 203169


oof, getting makeup as a gift when you don't use makeup seems kinda mean.
makeup can be used to make art/paintings/crafts and it's pretty fun. I would do that with it if I was you.

Anonymous 203176

>vintage cookie jar
>overpriced mlm skincare (;_;)
>vintage handmade rabbit plush

i also got enough from my late grandparents to cover a laptop, which is great because mine died just last week (the laptop not the grandparents kek)

Anonymous 203177

I got a much needed new phone, a very cute skincare hamper, and about £100. i am very happy

Anonymous 203196

>Water bottle
>Book I haven't seen yet

But a lot of snacks.

Anonymous 203260

I hate people who are happy and have money and get gifts

Anonymous 203276

Lol same

Anonymous 203314

Get different friends, ladies. I was a poorfag for most of my life, but now have a nice job and like to spoil my friends. I pretend that makes up for my embarrassing autism

Anonymous 207634

An SSD from uncle
Money from dad
Chocolate, tea, books and fineliners from mama
A painting, a mug and a hoodie from my friend

It was an OK Christmas because my boyfriend's parents were sick so we had to stay at home and eat pizza instead of watching his family fight

Anonymous 207638


A coffee mug, aromatherapy face cleanser, kinetic dolphin sculpture, sugarfree strawberry lemonaid packets, a shirt, gift cards, and one wild card wierd game beef Jerky?? Buffalo, aligator, wild boar, kangaroo, elk meat?????

Anonymous 207641

Oh did I mention camel. Camel meat.

Anonymous 207908

I got:
-New art kit
-Pricey shoes from my mom that made me feel bad :(
-New school bag
-Cat slippers from my brother
>wierd game beef Jerky?? Buffalo, aligator, wild boar, kangaroo, elk meat?????
kek I got this for my dad last year on his birthday. He really loved it. Hope you liked it too, anon.

Anonymous 207914

I got a second air fryer from my partner's mom bc she didn't know I'd just gotten one from my parents for my bday. Ofc I didn't say shit bc she's a sweetheart who loves christmas but now I gotta figure out what to do with it

I didn't even really want an air fryer in the first place but it's actually been kinda nice since I didn't have a microwave and it mostly serves the same purpose but better

Anonymous 207937

For myself I bought some snowshoes after I forgot how brutal it is walking a freshly snowed trail with only boots. Hasn’t snowed since Christmas so haven’t had the chance to test them out.

Anonymous 207963

I did like them for the most part but I felt wierd eating kangaroo and camel:(

Anonymous 207964

Unfortunately they were all equally tasty I feel pretty evil.

Anonymous 207969

>coffee (I don't drink it)
>weird plushie
>cheese (that was very nice actually)


Anonymous 208036

Surely one weird animal tasted the best.

Anonymous 208053

I fucking love cheese and it's so expensive. I would've loved it if someone got me cheese for christmas. Hope u enjoyed it

Anonymous 208055

I got tons of yarn, 2 knitting books (Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore and A Stitch in Time Vol. 2 by Susan Crawford), 150 in Visa giftcards (which I spent on more yarn and knitting books, in particular to finally make a sweater for my bf), and random knitting notions.
I like to knit a lot.

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