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Drunk Thread Anonymous 20294

Post your drunk thoughts and what you are drinking.

I am current watching the 6th season of oitnb and drinking modelo and limearitas. Cheers.

Anonymous 20295

Okay, so as OP:

Even though I'm white af and I grew up in a gay neighborhood my parents condemned the shit out of, I'm glad I grew up in the church. It is so helpful in understanding western literature and it's interesting in of itself. Even though my whole childhood was fucked because of it, I think it's nice I have this unique perspective because of it.

Anonymous 20297

I'm in drunk feels because one of my friends just moved out of town because school and my other friends are going to move soon too. I don't want to grow up I want to live in this small town with all my friends forever

drinking j├Ągermeister and wine don't judge

Anonymous 20346


I am somewhat miserable. I think there should be a thread on cc where everyone posts their pets. I want a pet. I want a cigarette and I want a boyfriend. I want sleep but my hair is drying. Wow my thoughts suck.

Drinking vodka

Anonymous 20348


At least you have vodka, anon. Your thoughts don't suck and your hair is pretty. Here is a pic of my dirty demon kitty for you:

Anonymous 20349


How'd he get so dirty?

Anonymous 20446

Fuck, I'm nice and drunk on a spiked Arnold Palmer. now I'm watching the season finale of oitnb. It's too entrenched in current events from a year or two ago that it makes it tacky.

He's dirty because he's more like a stray kitty tbh. I've treated him for feline scabies with a sulfer dip, but I need to do it again. I love him, though.

I love this thread. Please, let's always revive it, girls. I so bad need a girlfriend to go shopping with, do nails with, and lick. Oh my God(dess).

Anonymous 20447


Anonymous 20448

im not drunk but seeing all these pets is making me super sad
my dog committed sudoku by sneaking through some railing and accidentally hurling himself 20 feet down the stairs and i miss him every day

Anonymous 20456

I'm so fucking pathetic. Oh my goddess. Double vision can be such a nice reminder I'm not in my regular reality anymore.

Anonymous 20462

Shall this be the official drunk/ cocktail thread ?

I just made an Earl Grey simple syrup to make gimlets with and it is DELICIOUS. I used it with vodka first and then whisky (vodka won).
Boil one cup of water, then put the teabags in (2 -4, depending of how strong you want- as a side note I used 2 and wasn't too strong, next time I'll use more) and let them seep for approx 10 minutes. Take them out and add 1 cup of sugar and mix until it dissolves while on low heat. Add one shot of vodka so it can be kept in the refrigerator for ages (without the vodka shot it can keep for like 3-4 weeks).

I've done thyme simple syrup too and its delicious with gin

Anonymous 20477

>I want a cigarette and I want a boyfriend
you're me when I'm drunk anon. and probably me when im sober too

planning on having a few drinks with my gals tonight since it's a bit too early to drink here right now. cheers anons!

Anonymous 29137

I'm sipping some Rose wine to celebrate the holidays. Dinner is served as I write this and we're opening presents afterwards. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous 143881


When i eat a lot of food and drink a lot of sugar I feel super drunk, can we consider it as being drunk?

Anonymous 143922

i do that to myself every few days
i crack myself out on excessive energy drinks and eat a big dinner and im just OUT OF IT

Anonymous 220943

I wish I was drunk or high or cross-faded. I've been resisting the urge. I'm trying to be good. I'm supposed to be productive and do chores and looking for a new job, because my current one sucks. I just don't want to be sober. I think about the liquor store that's a 10 minute walk away, the only thing that's stops me is because I know they gouge the prices.
I'm a home drinker, I don't like being drunk in public. So I never been the parting type.
I don't like most beers but I love hard liquors (whiskey, rum, vodka, whatever hits hard and fast) and wine.

Anonymous 220984

Not to highjack the thread but I also wish I was drinking. I'm going to a bar rn but I'm only having water. Literally spent the last few hours trying to justify drinking but I can't.

Anonymous 221036

drunk AND high right now, fuck my ex i know he lurks here i hope you read this and wish you a terrible night lol <33
im goijg to a certain concert with my girls having the time of my life right now, buying tickets vibing… the world looks promising

Anonymous 229949

Not drunk yet but wine is sooooooooo fucking disgusting wth. i literally gag every time i have a fucking sip but its the only alcohol i have right now

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