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Instruments Anonymous 203854

Do any of you anons play an instrument?
>If you do which one, if you don't which one would you want to play?
>How long have you been playing?
>Ever been in a band?

Picrel made me want to pick up a guitar. I can't rn because lack of expenses and because I live somewhere with very thin walls. I'm also interested in violin but I've heard you have to be very skillful to play one and that they have a high entry barrier.

Anonymous 204123

I play violin. Honestly, once you get the basics of bowing down the biggest pain in the ass is getting your fingers to remember where they're supposed to be. I haven't been playing a super long time, only had mine since around 2015 or so, I think? Never been in a band but I appreciate Bocchi's autism.

Anonymous 204135

I grew up playing keyboard but kinda fell out of it over the years. Wish I had stuck to it (or chosen piano instead) but I know I wouldn't have the patience or dedication to play now so oh well

Anonymous 204313

I play guitar and bass

Anonymous 204338

I played violin then switched to viola (because I was bad at violin). I played in orchestras/symphonies/quartets, which were fun, but the rehearsals were a pain in the ass. I haven't practiced since I graduated high school. It's a cool party trick for the grandparents though.

Lately I've been self-teaching piano and I gotta say, it's a lot easier. And personally, it's enjoyable to play in a way violin/viola never really was. I don't have to force myself to practice, I just gravitate towards it whenever I need a break from things.

For violin you just have to practice heaps before you can start sounding decent, but if you're consistent you'll be fine.

Anonymous 204706

I play piano and guitar, mostly piano. I’m classically trained and am currently working on a performance diploma. I’m not as good at guitar (I’m entirely self-taught and mostly just mess around with my favourite songs and random chords), but it’s fun. I was in a band for a while as a teenager but we were shit lol.

Anonymous 204710


Anonymous 204744

I fucking love how violin sounds in music right, it always makes me wanna learn playing the violin, but then I realize that playing violin by yourself doesn't sounds as good.

Anonymous 204983


Guitar, piano, electronic instruments: synths, DAW

Anonymous 205155

As much as I like viola, as a violin player I am obligated to make fun of you. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules, it's just how the law of orchestras go.

Anonymous 205268

I play viola, just graduated with a performance degree. been playing 14 years and I love it but hate it. rlly hard to try and make a hobby into a career and I’ve had to work on shifting my attitude towards music in order to keep going.

Anonymous 205274

You don’t need to be super talented to enjoy playing violin if it’s just a hobby! look into zoom lessons, pretty cheap to get started or honestly even just youtube videos. In terms of money, guitar is probably cheaper to buy a good quality one and it’s easier to learn than violin but maybe try with guitar and move onto violin when u get a grasp for it.

Anonymous 205280

I've been playing the french horn for a couple years now and I've been in a handful of classical orchestras but never any bands, though I would kill to be in a folk/prog/fusion band lol. Are there any other brass Stacies here?

Anonymous 206705

how did you do it? just wondering.

Anonymous 206709

I played French Horn for a little while in middle school and even took lessons! It was fun.

Anonymous 206710

I've tried lots of instruments. Piano, violin, french horn, and guitar. I loved violin the most. I tried composing music for it but I was a dumb middleschooler and also suck at music so it wasn't very good. Sadly I'm terrible at music and I think I'm tone-deaf because I can't sing to save my life despite being forced to be in choirs since I was really young.

Anonymous 206979

The kalimba would be a good choice for you. Easy to learn and compose with. It's also small so it isn't looming in your room like a neglected piano.

Anonymous 207259

When I was little I really wanted to learn the trombone. My mom hated it and made fun of me for it so I never practiced outside of class. Now that I'm an adult I think I'm going to try joining some hobbyist band and relearn how to play. Maybe get good enough to join a little jazz group. I just need to find a place that sells trombones for under 1k in my city haha

Anonymous 207353

If you're 100% sure you want to learn electric guitar, start with that and skip acoustic.

Anonymous 207439

my understanding is viola players are actually paid more than violin players on average because a lot of people think like you do. granted you don't become a concert musician for the money

Anonymous 207479

>since age 9, 24 now.
>I wanted to in high school.

Anonymous 207514

If you want to learn to play electric guitar and have thin walls you can just get an amplifier with a headphone jack. The sound will come through the headphones instead of the amp.

Anonymous 209978

I can only play tin whistle, but I am good at it, I have been playing for about… 6 years I think. Actually I got a double row accordion too and I have been practicing for 8 months on and off but I would hardly say I can play it yet. In a mediocre way perhaps. It's going to take a while to master

I have never been in a band and I never intend to. I only play to pass the time, something to do. I don't like playing for people that much. Someone told me that is selfish if you have that talent but I really don't care

Anonymous 210002

This probably doesn't count but I played the clarinet for a year in middle school and absolutely hated it and hated band class in general. Originally wanted to play percussion but the band teachers said no

Anonymous 210012

Lots of therapy, weed, and self discipline kek. also I feel like I just can’t do anything else, not that I’m not smart enough but I just don’t want to do anything else but play music for my career, it’s the only thing that makes sense. I just know no other career choice would make me feel content and I never want to have an office job so here I am barely making enough money to survive but I’m content and I get to make people happy with my talent which is so cool

Anonymous 210013

I'm trying to learn the guitar and hopefully the bass later too

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