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Polish thread Anonymous 205011

A thread for nonas from Poland to connect and talk!

Anonymous 205013

I heard there used to be a Polish-language thread here some time ago but it didn’t work and was invaded. Maybe the solution is to talk in English? Idk, I hope it will last long.

How are you all? What was your day like?

Anonymous 205017

im not polish but that thread was made at bad timing - start of ukraine invasion. it got locked, polski nonas migrated and rebuilt on the hidden board then it died. but it's been remade, there's a polish thread active right now

Anonymous 205021

I see, I didn’t know when exactly it was made because back then I wasn’t posting on CC yet.
By active thread you mean this one in which we’re talking now, right?

I hope some Polish nonas will come here soon. I saw one in another thread but couldn’t post a reply, got a notification the thread got too long. Weird because there was no end message saying “locked” but it didn’t allow me to reply anymore.

Anonymous 205026


oh nevermind i'm an idiot, i was talking about the other site, ignore me. i hope polish nonies come to this thread

Anonymous 205028

Ah, ok. I know the other site and I’m familiar with the current Polish thread that is there. Also heard of the previous one there that didn’t continued. But there’s an active there + I hope others will come here as well.

Anonymous 205114

Lurk moar, we already had a Polish thread which got raided and banned. Admin said only English threads are allowed. Mam nawet screena ze starym threadem.

Anonymous 205117

This thread is going to get raided the moment some moid notices it. Most Polish moids only know of cc and not of the farms. Ig we could give a go but meh idk

Anonymous 205153

Dumb raids aside, I'd imagine it would be fine as long as it stays in English.

Anonymous 206039

I knew about that thread and I saw that screen.
Let's hope they won't come here in a long time. Yes, maybe it won't get deleted if it will be in English.

Anonymous 207458

fałsz i obłuda.png

Anonymous 207462

im a bong but my childhood best friend was polish and i was heartbroken when her family moved back to poland and we lost touch. ily poleanons your food is great and your language rules

Anonymous 207555

i had no idea there were any poles in here at all, warsaw nona here

Anonymous 207587

>warsaw nona here
I'm sorry to hear that

Anonymous 207838


The older I get the more I appreciate my country. I used to desperately want to move to Norway or France when I was a teen but now I know that POLAND is STRONG COOL CUTE SUPERIOR COMFY in every way. Especially Polish mountains, any other lives near Tatras? Our moids are also decently cute when they are young (like Kuba Gierszal or Mietus).

Anonymous 207843

Poland is a great place to live, my bf's family is french so I visit france a lot with him; it's honestly bizarre to realize how dangerous big western cities can be, there's no place in Warsaw where I'd feel in danger and in Paris (city of love, lol) there legitimely are places where you should never go as a not-local. Łódź has a bad reputation coming from long past but it's nothing compared to cities like Marseille. Literally no reason to prefer France (as a place to live) than Poland.
Talking about polish actors I was so happy to see Musiał have a fairly noticeable role in 1899, hoping this could be something to push his international career, but surely the show just had to get cancelled lol. Sucks for him
I wonder if I ever met you maybe in a public transport somewhere, not even knowing haha

Anonymous 207858

That’s cool, I wish you can reconnect with her someday! I must say I’d love to visit some places in bong country.

I was only once in Warsaw, didn’t like it much but guess it depends of the place. Still happy I don’t live there, I’m also from a big city but somehow less crowded and stressful.

For some reason that photo made me recall nk/Nasza Klasa. Something ended when they closes that site.

Anonymous 207878

I remember nk well, wish we had more smaller social medias like back then. Now a huge portion of the net is controlled by a few social media megacorporations. I admit I mostly stay on the english side of it. Can any nona recommend any interesting polish sites, or any nostalgic ones that are still working?

Anonymous 207889

Exactly, I've never felt any danger living in Warsaw, same with most of Poland and all the other Eastern EU countries I've been to, lmfao at westoids desperately holding onto whatever's left of their sense of superiority

Anonymous 207932

It’s the same with me, I’m mostly on the English-speaking/international side. Hmm, off the top of my head I remember not social media but some game sites I enjoyed in childhood and also in early teens. These are gry.pl and wyspagier.pl. The bad thing is that some cool games are gone and many can be not accessible because of Flash’s end. I remember that both sites, especially gry.pl are filled with some newer games now like IO ones but I don’t play these. I still play Flash games, on emulators and because I downloaded various .swf files of games I like.
Other thing, there are some interesting forums made from phpBB by Przemo template. Depend on what you’re interested in. For example I’m not a Buddhist but enjoy reading a Polish Buddhist forum that’s out there (I’m just interested in various cultures and religions, Asian as well). Also blogspot blogs can have nice finds. Depends on the topic too.
Agree, I remember when I went to Paris for the first time I was shocked how creepy some places seem to be and I felt as if no one really spoke about it at that time in my country. I still enjoyed the city but I was much more aware of the homelessness crisis, immigration issues and how some neighborhoods are left to themselves and become dangerous places to go. Some people are still not aware of the popular image of some places vs reality.

Anonymous 207933

samefag but just remembered Toplista
For those who don’t know, basically popular years ago engine for making lists of various sites, mostly I’ve seen there lists of blogs with stories or fan blogs, sites related to some hobbies, etc. Also one of the older web memories for me.
movie & tv lists
culture & art
Can’t guarantee all these links listed there are still working but you can try putting them in Wayback Machine. I used it for reading some defunct sites.

Anonymous 207968

Hello anons, nk is such a well of nostalgia. There was no selfie, only ~"sweet fotka"~. That was the only social media i was on. it was ruined when they introduced games (remember the horrid carrot planting game or whatever?). Then in 2010 we had Facebook in Poland and i hated it, never would i imagine what the world would become in next 12 years lol.

I also hated it when polish blogs just got yeeted ou t of the net. Onet, Mylog, Blox, shit like that. That had its charm, and it was a piece of polish internet history. Now we only have foreign platforms like Blogspot, if it dies i'm gonna be angry.

Anonymous 207970

>Flash games
My childhood! i'm jealous that you saved some. I was a kid, so i liked to play ubieranki.pl or something, the one with Lilo & Stich making a sandwich or "Barman". You had to make a drink and then he tried it, if you mixed all alcohols he was fuming or something lol. I also liked writing blogs about some magic lions or wolves or whatever Onet thing. Is Wrzuta still around?
>>207933 Thanks for the links!

Anonymous 208063

Same, I also had nk although didn’t use it much and later deleted the account. Never got the popularity of Fb and felt irritated when some people acted as if they can’t contact me outside this site, since I don’t have an account there. I don’t remember much the carrot game from nk but I recall there was some version of Icy Tower too. Although I preferred to play it on PC in its ordinary game version.

Yeah, I remember when I learned that Onet blogs are not accessible anymore, it felt bad. Some are saved in Wayback Machine but it’s not always complete and some don’t have archives at all. I also feel it was bad that they all got wiped out. It was also a nostalgia thing for me. I think that blogspot will remain because it’s international after all, it can be just less popular due to focus on social media, etc.

It’s good to have these, I use Bluemaxima’s Flashpoint for playing Flash games (as it’s some kind of archive of them with an emulator), you can also download it if you want. If you’re interested I can also post later or another day how I got the .swf files (I have some other emulator for that, although many games I downloaded are also in Flashpoint). I remember the Barman game, it was quite famous here actually (although I never played it). I liked platform games, strategy, dress up games too, also some adventure/puzzle ones like Steppenwolf.

Wrzuta doesn’t exist anymore.

Does anyone remember Samosia too? Something like zapytaj.onet.pl, people asking various stuff but also shitposting.

Anonymous 208065


Another samefag, just wanted to share a memory of the browser game Smoki Nightwood [Dragons of Nightwood]. A memorable game about raising your own dragons, PvP battles (even when the dragons were still in eggs!), quests, etc. The game stopped being accessible at some point and the author known in the game as Gilfuin was later working on some new version of it but sadly he died in 2020, being aged only 34. RIP.
I know there was some Patronite, Instagram, Facebook private group and maybe some other announcements. As far as I know, he was the only person involved in this project of bringing it back (and maybe in making the orignal game?).

Anonymous 208081

Oh my god, I was SO addicted to this shit as a 10 year old. I used to make these custom backgrounds for myself & others and come to think of it that was one of my first forays into digital art (well that and forum signatures lol), even though it was all very "graphic design is my passion" core

Anonymous 208544


Hello Polandthread, kraków nona here! How is your day going?
I've been wondering if any of you ever considered emigration, for work or to live in another country for life? I remember one polish nona making a thread about wanting to live somewhere else, I'm wondering what happened to her. Maybe she lurks/posts in this thread?
Do you like living in Poland? Ever considered emigration? If so, where?

Anonymous 208550

I'm thinking about studying abroad next semester (was considering Germany/Denmark/Netherlands but I might just go the full degenerate Erasmus route and fuck off to Spain or smth), that's just because I'm a bit sick of Warsaw in particular though. Over the years I've lived here it's become very… cultureless, for lack of a better word. Especially post-pandemic. I have multiple good friends in Kraków and it always feels so much more vibrant & interesting when I visit, though maybe it's just because I've grown to resent my everyday life in general lol

As far as leaving Poland for good goes, idk, I'm very attached to friends/family and I actually have good career prospects now so money is not a pressing issue anymore. Maybe I'll live somewhere for a year or two just for the hell of it, or I'd move if I found a partner abroad, but nah not really longing to emigrate in the foreseeable future

Anonymous 208552

wola tower.jpg

Cultureless? That's interesting, can you elaborate? I've been to Warsaw only twice and never enjoyed it much, the city does give off a sad, dirty feeling…

Anonymous 208584

Why does she look so sad ? :[

Anonymous 208605

She's probably about to get married.

Anonymous 208628

She is, that's a traditional marriage dress and a marriage wreath.

Anonymous 208644

My answer is largely just Vibes but bear with me. I feel like there's been progressively less interesting cultural output coming out of Warsaw in the recent years, the art scenes feel way more vibrant & novel in say, Kraków, Wrocław or even Lublin at times than over here. Also Warsaw feels dominated by this very sinister influencer/rich kid/corporate vibe that's really not my thing

Wouldn't say it's ugly/dirty though, the area near the central station is just pretty unfortunate so you get a bad first impression but personally I love places like Praga or Stary Mokotów or parts of Centrum, definitely a lot of beautiful architecture if you go looking

Anonymous 208680

I moved out of Poland together with my parents when I was 14. I lived in an unremarkable town and I always hated the atmosphere and how depressing it was. Maybe if I was from a bigger city like Kraków I would have liked it, I only visited it once in summer and it was nice. I'm not sure if I'll ever go back to Poland but I want to visit again at least.

Anonymous 220696

hymn śląska.webm

anyone from silesia here?

Anonymous 221649

do you visit polish imageboards?

Anonymous 221905

don't really know all that many

Anonymous 237983

Not at all.

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