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anyone /linux/ here Anonymous 20549

hey guys, i seem to have trouble finding fellow femails within the general linux community so i thought i'd go here!!! say down below:
1. what distro you use
2. how long you've been using linux
3. why you use linux
and anything else you'd like to add!
(picrel is my distro)

Anonymous 20573

I use slackware, been using linux for the past 14 years. I just hate windows so much.

Anonymous 20635

I use only Ubuntu and Kali atm, i have a question actually!

Are you excited for the eventuality of more games on steam being available for Linux distros? Do you think you’d like to eventually be entirely Linux based with your systems? I like to try and learn how to job related activities on every “type of” OS atm, weirdly I struggle the most with apples OS’ but I think that’s me being retarded more than anything.

Oh and obligatory
>install gentoo

Anonymous 20691


I've heard a lot of negative things about archfags. Are they true?

Anonymous 20693

Most everyone at my LUG org uses Arch. And they jokingly banter folks who use something else. They'll quickly recommend Mint for newbies though. I've trawled around a few distros, feel comfortable with Manjaro and Mint.

Honestly most distros end up being the same and the only thing that really changes is your own personal value of time spent fixing useless shit. Arch is more bleeding edge so it tends to have better hardware support, and naturally, break more often.

tbh linux is a fucking meme but I'll take it any day over Windows 10.

Anonymous 20696

I run Linux on one of my home systems, I think it's lubuntu. We learned Ubuntu at school.

Anonymous 20952


I've been using Linux for 2-3 years now. My friend recommended it to me because I had an old computer. I used Ubuntu and Mint on it for a while and loved it. I have a newer computer now, but I still use Linux (Manjaro) and I enjoy it, especially because Windows takes 6+ minutes to boot for some reason.

When linux breaks, it's always my fault for not knowing what I was doing. Even if I break something, I fix it and learn something new. There are always communities full of Linux users who have knowledge of computers that are willing to help eachother out. That is the main reason I stay on Linux, even if I don't get to play many games or run everything Windows can run.

When Windows breaks or malfunctions there's really not much to do. All I can do is restart and reinstall some things and hope it works, or reinstall Windows entirely. The community is not very helpful either. I also prefer customizability of Linux over Windows. The most I can do in Windows is change my wallpaper or accent colors. I don't install anything I don't need on Linux, and 10-20% of my CPU isn't being eaten for nothing (sppsvc.exe). I haven't used Windows in months and hopefully I will not have to do, ever.

Is there anyone who went back to Windows after Linux? Why did you do it?

Anonymous 20957

>When Windows breaks or malfunctions
That hasn't happened to me in the last 5 years.

Anonymous 20958

>Is there anyone who went back to Windows after Linux?
>Why did you do it?
Because most software for my field of study is made for Windows. It's always nice knowing nearly everything will run on my computer. Like a lot of companies I have interviewed with use their own software for conference calls that are .exe.

Anonymous 20960

This. If you're not a programmer and actually need to get work done, I just don't see any alternative to windows.

Anonymous 21234


Screenfetch thread ?
Debian stable used on this tower after Ubuntu 16 turned to 18
5-6 years seriously before needed my games
The learning curve is harsh but if you stick with it, you can gain an amazing hobby

Anonymous 21242

I was using a kanji website for a mnemonics and for 川 (stream), the second highest rated story was:
>UNIX has three STREAMS: stdout, stderr, and stdin
Why are linux users and weebs so synonymous?

Anonymous 21453

finally im not the only girl who uses linux
i got sucked into /g/ and their paranoia as a teen lurking and installed ubuntu but hated how buggy it was and moved onto antergos and then vanilla arch
havent moved from arch since
im not a super huge programmer but i do like networking and maintaining servers as a hobby, its pretty fun
planning on getting a 2 in 1 laptop too so i can install arch on that and have the ultimate cute desktop on the go

Anonymous 21462

Please tell me you didn't just post your real name.

Anonymous 21464

fuck i always forget to censor that whenever i post my screenfetch
mods please delete that so i can upload a censored one ;_;

Anonymous Moderator 21465

Done! Feel free to post a censored one now.

Anonymous 21501

Screenshot from 20…

ok here we go sorry from before

Anonymous 21508

linux 1337 h4x0r masterrace

Anonymous 21512


Personally i believe it has to do with the amount of time involved with your pc used to watch anime, might as well customize your stuff and its cute
Ubuntu buggy how so ?
/g/ for better or worse allows a first taste of the /tech/ life
Would you work a tech or network job ?
Fish is a great light weight shell i stick to bash out of minimal package count
bash commands too tbh
Gnomes harsh on the memory ever thought about kde ?
I also tried a antergos install recently I liked the openbox de option on install
And three monitors fancy and looks cute
This is a mirror practically i have on one of the laptops

Anonymous 21538


Anonymous 21687


>that 20+ year old boomer that roleplays as a girl that uses linux

Anonymous 21692

Calling your computer Atelier is really nice. I might copy that.

Anonymous 21716

What font is that with the hearts in the window?

Anonymous 21718

Screenshot from 20…

debian unstable
i used to use a hackintosh for like 5 years because macos was cool and everything worked and i thought more things supported it than gnu/linux, until i realized linux probably had higher quality drivers and was generally "better" for dev stuff lolololol also it's free, so then i used to use Fedora from releases 25 to 28 because i liked having latest everything and SELinux but i switched to Debian unstable a few months ago because it's """""""faster""""""", i prefer using apt and there tends to be more packages (specifically there was this one time i needed to compile for a PowerMac G4, 32-bit powerpc but fedora doesn't have that toolchain so i had to make a debian virtual machine and it was kinda slow)
i used Windows until 2013, then switched to macos then briefly back to windows in like 2014 ish and then went back to macos in 2016
i think i hate windows for the same reasons everyone else does, and also it's nonfree and i feel securer and cooler using anything free after stallman and gnu.org xdxdxrxrdzrdxfzdxclololloololoooloolllklm, .

also lxde is my preferred desktop since it's fast, lightweight and just works, i used it on fedora too

Anonymous 21722

I use lxde too with compiz-fusion for 3d effects. It works really well even on junky old laptops. How did you like linux on powerpc? I`ve been thinking about getting one of the late powerbooks for some time now. They don`t have any of the CIAids/NSAiads built in.

Anonymous 21724

honestly i installed Debian Jessie on my PowerMac G4 just as a novelty, it actually boots pretty fast, and i used it for running mysql + php + nginx and the speed was actually not too bad, but i didn't do any benchmarks or anything
other than that, i didn't run a desktop, i did try installing lxde once but for some reason it gave me some garbled screen whenever i started it and i didn't look into it further. mpg123 worked to play mp3s out of the bad speaker on the front though.
so, it works, but i haven't actually tested anything interesting lol

i also have this iMac G4, and i also installed Debian Jessie on it around the same time i got the PowerMac G4 and it also booted pretty fast, and kinda the same thing: i used it to play mp3s with mpg123 and the speaker on the imac g4 is actually really really good (but i blew it out lol and ordered another one from ebay), BUT i also installed lxde and it generally didn't start, it gave me a cursor after a while and didn't do anything else.
however: when i initially installed the os to the machine, the screen kept slowly fading to white every time i booted it, which was because the nouveau driver was bugged for some reason so i disabled it and that could be why lxde didn't work, i also didn't look into it further.
i think if you got a powerbook you'd have a better time, but again i kinda used my powerpc machines as a novelty, so.

Anonymous 21725

If I did get one of those cheap old power books of the last generation when they started to look like a modern laptop with a nice wide screen for movies and what not, I would run gentoo and slackware. Slackware is really good about being able to steal work arounds from every other distro as it has compatibility built in. I would have to use the gentoo kernel on slackware so they would essentially share kernels. Sounds like tons of fun!

Anonymous 21846


I got one of the used public school laptop for 50$ off ebay. When the schools are done with the laptops and ready to upgrade for some reason they dump them to a bulk buyer that wipes them clean and sells them on ebay with no OS for practically nothing, as if that's a bad thing. I hate having to buy a computer and pay extra because it has windowzer on it. All I did was throw an old hard drive with slackware into this little lady and shes up and running

Anonymous 21847



Anonymous 21849


i have the biggest crush on you
let's robotrip together <3

Anonymous 21851

Oh yea! You remembered me from the character sheet thread:3 A magical journey awaits us. I just wish I was brave enough to buy some more magic off the darkwebz again from my new address.

Anonymous 21853

is this the mtf containment thread

Anonymous 21854

I don't want to be rude in case they're actual women who just frequented /g/ a tad too much, but I also heavily suspect the posters ITT are a bunch of LARPing neckbeards.

Anonymous 21855

If you only knew how bad it really is. The software community/field has a lot of trans people. Also, I had a class where I had to research about a woman in STEM. I got super excited because I found out the person who invented ARM is a woman, but nope, she's trans. I hate to sound like a bigot, it's just a bit disappointing when I come across accomplished/established women, but then find out they did most of their body of work while being a man.

Anonymous 21856

I don't want to even consider the possibility that any miners here could be penis wielding infiltrators, it makes me gag even thinking about it. You have to take into account that we are on the most autistic part of the internet and with that territory comes specialized topics and linux happens to be one of them. It's quite derogatory to ourselves to immediately sound the dick alert when something marginally male dominated comes along for. We can work on computers too and when the lingo changes to accommodate the subject don't automatically go assuming a swarm of ding dongs just showed up, it degrades us as competent women.

But if a thread starts on the nuances logging and hot rods feel free to be concerned, lol.

I've met a several of these types in person but actual woman outnumber trans mtf in the programming and computer science feilds.

Anonymous 21861

i really hope theres nobody here whos a mtf, we need more linux communities with a female focus on them tbh
theres womens lugs im interested in going to but worried theyll be men in dresses with cum on their thinkpads

Anonymous 22127

Is there any reason to use Linux if you aren't a programmer? Asking because I have two laptops atm and would be interested in trying it out on the older one. As stated I'm not into programming but think figuring it out could be fun. And from what I've seen it gets quite in depth with personalization, which I'm interested in. I like the idea of having an attractive desktop.
For reference I'd only be using it for browsing the net and drawing.

Anonymous 22128

>Not wanting to deal with cracking windows
>Machine too weak for Windows

It's nice generally. You can keep it very slim.

Anonymous 22134

Linux is perfect for what you listed, except art. I can't attest to that, but there's a guy who's all hardcore about open source stuff that uses Linux. He has a website/tutorials, david revoy.

Anonymous 22145


Linux is not terrible at all when it comes to casual art. I'm not a professional and I don't use Adobe, but Krita and Mypaint are enough if you're a hobbyist. Pic rel, some boring fox I did.

Anonymous 22150

Is it also faster than windows?
Thanks, I'll probably test krita on windows first to see if it will work for my needs. It looks like it should do, it even has a stabilizer which is good since I'm coming over from SAI.

Anonymous 22157

Linux is astronomically faster than windowzer especially on obsolete old computers with little ram and hard drive space.

Watch this until at least the 2 minute mark and consider the fact that this desktop interface was made in 2007 and works flawlessly on now-a-days junk computers.


Krita is super awesome, you should really try to see what you think.

Anonymous 22162


>Linux is faster than windoze
Am I the only one who has this problem?
Extracting/moving large files on windows is tiresome and infuriating. It took me nearly 2 hours to install Sims 4. That's like ~23GB of files. What does an installer do? Unpack things. On Manjaro it takes me 15 minutes max to unpack that many files. It drives me mad. Windows struggles even with moving 1gigs from one folder to another. I either have a talent for making Windows perform terribly every time I use it, or it's just a shitty OS.

Maybe it's my computer. But I'd imagine that a computer I buy would be able to handle the OS it comes with. It's a year old, by the way.
So let's talk about DEs. Currently, I use Budgie. It's just a modified GNOME and not really customizable, but it looks good out of the box and works just fine. I tried KDE but never got a hang of it. Deepin DE seems to be a bit unpopular, and I'm surprised to see that people use it outside of deepin itself. It looks and feels like a phone.

What's something interesting I can do with KDE?

Anonymous 22163


sorry for double post, forgot to mention…
If you want something for an old computer, try debian stable with XFCE or MATE. Those are lightweight desktop environments that don't look too bad. KDE is also pretty lightweight, but if you have trouble running it just disable animations and special effects.

Anonymous 22164

Winowzer is garbage because everyone is forced to use it, hence the fact that all computers come with it pre-installed(which is part of the over head cost btw). Microsoft cornering the OS market renders them invulnerable to competition. Most of windows is now programmed in java if I'm correct and nevertheless it is all outsourced code from India where they have 1000 unskilled programmers cobble out the work of 1-2 good programmers for half the cost.

The thing about linux is that it is made by people who are computer geniuses, just doing it for fun and giving it away.

Anonymous 22166

>Most of windows is now programmed in java if I'm correct and nevertheless it is all outsourced code from India where they have 1000 unskilled programmers cobble out the work of 1-2 good programmers for half the cost.

I have to imagine this is bait, but if not.. none of Windows is written in Java. It's assembly, c, c++, and c#. Microsoft having a bunch of support people in India has nothing to do with the real work which is done in the states.

Anonymous 22167

I had a good laugh, thank you.

Anonymous 22168

You're right, it was android that has too much garbage written in java. C#, that's what I was looking for. They made a proprietary garbage language to duct tape up their abomination of a dumpster fire of c++, with the only redeeming quality being a locked down as fuck boiler room built out of assembly and C.

I quit using windows years ago when I had to use a linux live disc to rehash shell32 just so I could change my desktop background without being extorted to buy the full OS. Windows7 starter made me hard quit microsoft for good.

Anonymous 22174

I changed from windows back in the ages of when 7 was new and it flat out refused to connect to my home WiFi. I tried everything. I phoned everyone. Until I finally found a tech support site saying "Sometimes windows misreads the network type, lol, there's no solution to it." Installed Linux, worked out of the box like a charm.

It also works with my 16 years old printer, out of the box. Imagine the windows nightmare.

Anonymous 22175

I use it a lot for work, but all headless, I'm not familiar with distros for daily use outside of a brief stint with Ubuntu.

I've been thinking of switching for my main laptop after mu current machine dies because I don't like some of the design choices with newer mac books and certain bugs in OSX lately are really annoying me, but I was just gifted an iPad and ended up splurging for an apple pencil shortly after and I love using them with my current laptop for various tasks. Now I'm conflicted. I feel it's still inevitable I'll switch at some point, just not sure when.

Anonymous 22203

All old printers had a pretty uniform driver system, only recently did printer manufacturers make their drivers proprietary. The only good printers nowadays is the black and white only brother lazer jet printers, you can print out hundreds of books before the ink fades.
What system do you use at work? You could just use the non-server version of that to keep you comfortable.

I recommend getting an old laptop from 2010 or so. Something obsolete for running win10 will be the cheapest. I bought a laptop that couldn't even run windows 8, like it couldn't open up a browser without crashing even with a new install; that thing ran for months but it had a faulty design in the cooling system so it had to be raised up on blocks and clocked down so it wouldn't cook. The kids I was baby sitting scooted it over on my coffee table covering up the main cooling fan intake vent. It cooked that computer dead. I just took the hard drive out and put it in the computer I'm currently using.

Anonymous 42691


Hello, old thread! How's it going? Let me tell you something:

1. what distro you use
It is totally satisfying.

2. how long you've been using linux
For about 10 years now I guess. I started with Kubunutu, had a helping hand that made a fresh install for me and told me what to do with this creepy terminal.

3. why you use linux
For me personally, the essential pros are (and I won't go into detail): open-source, stability, free as in freedom, design

The remarkable progress of recent years makes me happy.

Anonymous 42702

For the issue you described on Windows, use Teracopy. It's a much better alternative for copying and moving files about.

Uhh, sorry for necroposting.

Anonymous 53594

year of the linux …

Recently I tried a bunch of relatively mainstream distros on a thinkpad and not a single one had wifi working out of the box. For one distro I went to their website for help with drivers and essentially it told me "You don’t need to download drivers because all required drivers come out of the box"

And that was about the beginning and end of my experience with linux.

Anonymous 53596

That's unfortunate. What wifi device are you using? You can just try to run Linux in a VM and see if it works for your computer.
I have Realtek and it works flawlessly.

The pic you posted is pretty awful. To this day GTK has no thumbnails in file chooser. GTK is ugly as hell and useless in general too. GNOME programs lack functionality. I wish every program was Qt by default.
It's customizable, has thumbnails in the file picker, and KDE programs are actually useful.
I can change all the colors and decor in KDE programs, but if I use a GTK program it's fucked, it's white, off color, or doesn't go with the rest of the theme.
If anyone's just starting to use Linux, do yourself a favor and start with KDE, if your computer isn't very old.

Anonymous 53705

>stuck using win10 because too dumb to into changing OS
mint had some issue with my laptop hardware and that was it, no workaround. i took the windows 10 dick forcibly down my throat and have been gagging ever since. i have classicshell to reduce the visual vomit and O&O shutup10 to reduce the functional vomit, but windows is a mass of failures on top of errors on top of leaks on top of bullshit on top of spyware. tfw smart enough to realize it and too dumb to do anything about it.
windows does that shit all the time on me. and for the past few months it's been doing this temp file shit-dump, where it generates 160 GB of temp files within 5 days and leaves me to clean it up manually. idk how it can just suddenly start doing that, no changes no updates (i never update any of my software) no nothing, just out of the blue begins shitting its pants uncontrollably.
windows is 1/3 chinese 1/3 indians 1/3 trannies.

Anonymous 53720

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called “Linux”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project. There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use.
Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine’s resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called “Linux” distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

Anonymous 56738

I've used arch for 2years and would still use if wouldn't break all the time now I use ubuntu cus its more stable. but used manjaro,mint,debian,redhat
linux is shit, windows is shit but I know how to fix linux when something breaks. It's also easier to develop software( for me ).

Anonymous 56739

beet using linux for >5 years

Anonymous 56794

delicious pasta

This is my screenshot.

Distro: Ubuntu :3
How long: Started with Fedora, went to Mint, and then I switched to Ubuntu. 'Bout 3 years.
Why: Because fuck Windows.

I'll be honest, I still don't know a lot about how to use linux. Sometimes I run into issues with installing software and omg I have to install a package and omg I ran into an error what do I do? But that's part of the fun, is googling shit and figuring it out.
I do miss how easy Windows is, but I can't support an OS that won't support me or my privacy.

Anonymous 56795


sorry reposting

Anonymous 56812


I wish I could convince my boss to use Linux at work, there's absolutely no need to work with Win. Man is a creature of habit is so damn true, it's sad. On the other hand I don't want to proselytise, it's just that we would benefit in many ways and I think it would be a rational step to switch. But nah, we'll get a Win 10 upgrade this summer and I'm going to be the person who has to do it.
Was anyone here ever been able to arouse someone's interest in Linux?

Anonymous 56850

how do i install linux into my laptop ladies? programming brainlet here

Anonymous 56852

ubuntu holds ur hand through the whole process

Anonymous 56857

Installing an operating system is only difficult under three conditions.

1) You want to keep your old operating system on the disk as well
2) You're installing an unreliable bootleg proprietary OS
3) Gentoo

So don't do any of those and you'll be fine.

Anonymous 56865

There's a pretty good argument to be made for security and tech support when it comes to companies, though. Servers run on linux sure but the amount of time needed to train someone to use linux properly is nonzero and that's arguably a pretty big argument against it when everyone who's not a macdrone knows how to use Windows.

Anonymous 56870

Try Manjaro Linux anon, I would also recommend the Gnome Version.
The most complicated thing will probably be the creation of a bootable USB Stick.

Follow the steps and you'll be fine. If I can do it, you can do it.

Anonymous 60665

am i retarded for being too paranoid to share a screenshot of my desktop?

Anonymous 60667

No, it's always smart to be defensive of your personal information, even if its a desktop photo. There's whole websites dedicated to documenting people so you're good for being paranoid

Anonymous 60735

depends on what's on your desktop

Anonymous 63195


1) using arch lately, but I'm forced to use windows on my university work designated laptop.
2)5 years now! Started out with fedora, then moved to Void, and then took the plunge and installed arch for the sake of less hardware compatibility issues.
3)I like using linux because it's more gentle on my old devices (my personal laptop is a x220 thinkpad and would be very slow otherwise). It's also fun to learn about how computers work, and I find it simpler to try out new programming environments and the such in linux. I'm unironically too stupid for windows.

Anonymous 63317


1. Linux Mint
2. Since 2006.
3. What else am I supposed to use?

At my uni almost everyone is forced to use linux at some point and lots of normal (non-IT) people now seem to use it on their personal machines.

The year of the desktop linux is unironically upon us.

Anonymous 63332

1. Slackware
2. Since Slackware 4
3. To run hecker pentests on my own network, I triple-boot for other stuff

Anonymous 118535

>12-14 months, give or take
>Debian has no telemetry unlike Ubuntu, and is almost as easy to use. It’s also kind on my old hardware. Chips are too damn expensive these days.

Anonymous 119088

Anonymous 119091

I've been using Debian for eight years and it is neat. I don't care about recent software, all I do is browse the internet and cry in front of my screen.

Anonymous 132195

started with mint half a year ago, eventually switched to arch. arch was kinda fun but i had minor (mostly network) issues with it.. this month out of curiosity i tried void linux (okayish) and ghostbsd (ehh not for me). atm im back to mint and it feels like a vacation ^^
i see a lot of debian here, should i try it when i go distrohopping again? :D

Anonymous 140234


1. NixOS
2. Since 2019
3. Honestly no idea, I like Windows and macOS just as much. Mostly to see what’s on the other side.

Anonymous 140308

>what distro
Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
>how long you've been using linux
5+ years
>why you use linux
more customisation means more cute

Anonymous 142795

troon thread

Anonymous 142882


1) Arch on desktop, KDE Neon on laptop
2) 2012
3) I was a dumbass 13 y/o kid that wanted to be a 1337 hacker, so I installed Ubuntu one day and just stuck with it ever since

No, just autism/too much free time

Anonymous 142887

This bugs me too. Whenever I see people proclaiming to be women in tech-related online communities I instinctively check their profiles to see if they are MtF, and in the vast majority of cases they are. It kind of hurts that men pretending to be women outnumber actual women. This shit is actually one of the things that peaked me way back when I still somewhat believed the whole trans stuff.

Anonymous 142908

I used to use Ubuntu and loved it. Now that M1 Macs support dual boot I may try a new distro.

also I have a real homegrown vagina the only real kind and trannies can put a second slit wound in their throat before contributing to the tech world thank you very much

Anonymous 148068

NixOS is great. Not a good beginners distro, but if you go NixOS once, you'll never go back.

Anonymous 148071

Ugh, I used to have Linux years ago and I miss it so much, Windows is unusable at this point between the updates that makes it worse, cortana, all the bloatware…
I think the second CSP decides to make a Linux version I'm switching back to it.

Anonymous 148267

I've messed around with Debian and its derivatives before, but I don't plan to fully commit to Linux until I build my own computer.
I don't feel like dumping $80 dollars down the drain for an OS license I'm never gonna use anyway.

Anonymous 148342

No that's not true. You can tell that whole display is wrong by just noting a situation where it's extra blatantly wrong:


-engage in "meaningful" activism
-go to supportive places
-work at a pretend job, don't get paid, build expectations, etc.
-socially affirm
-brag about using Ubuntu
-brag about that hardcore charity project you did on monday
-cheap generic component died, spend most of the day fixing shit
-ah, but you see, unlike you pigs, I can actually use the otherwise squandered precious resources dearly need to be utilized
-still not getting paid, pretend that you exclusively tend to tech garbage and that you don't need/want anything and it's better not being a consumerist bastard
-break down because you have no prospects for a job or life. Find other ubuntu users who tell you that it's not your fault and everyone really oppresses you, and that you're more moral than everyone else
-at the end of the day, hate on those ubuntu users because they use reddit and you use facebook
-brag about/promote ubuntu-hinged social endeavours
-brag about/promote ubuntu-hinged social endeavours
-brag about/promote ubuntu-hinged social endeavours
-brag about/promote ubuntu-hinged social endeavours

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