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Stationery Thread Anonymous 2066

The stationery love is real. Post your collections or your favorites! Get bonus points for linking to shops.
>Do you have a favorite brand?
>How many journals do you have? Do you use them?
>Do you collect anything?
>What's your favorite part of stationery (pens/paper/envelopes/etc.)

Anonymous 2067


Definitely want to buy this once I have more money! I'll post what I get here~

Anonymous 2074

Pen recommendations? I looove comfortable pens that can glide with absolute ease

Anonymous 2075

>Do you have a favorite brand?
Not really, unless paperchase counts? Most of my stuff is from there but they stock independent brands also!

>How many journals do you have? Do you use them?

I have an academic diary and several notepads for organising and sectioning different aspects of my life, including one journal/notepad specifically used as a "to do list". (It's mega long but I highlight urgent thing, other stuff is stuff I want to do/can do on rainy day if bored). It's a weird level of organisation probably to most people but I like having everything in separate manageable chunks, it makes me feel less overwhelmed when I'm busy.

>Do you collect anything?

Folders/Files hahahaha I am LAME.

>What's your favorite part of stationery (pens/paper/envelopes/etc.)

Paper and envelopes for writing letters to people ahh~ also generally anything meant for organising.

I'm aware this post makes me sound like I have my shit together but I totally don't and that's why I need to be super organisation gal…

How does everyone store their stationary, out of curiosity?

Anonymous 2084

Uniball Signo is good.
When I was younger/ in highschool I used Pilot. Those were like butter on paper.

Anonymous 2086


>Do you have a favorite brand?
Not really.

>How many journals do you have? Do you use them?

I have a work notepad that I blinged out with washi tape, a work notebook, and been meaning to start a bullet journal soon. I just need to find the right journal.

>Do you collect anything?

I like to collect duplicates of things I love, because I find that its quite hard to find things I love. I'm not sure if that makes sense.

>What's your favorite part of stationery (pens/paper/envelopes/etc.)

When I was younger and had LJ penpals, I collected lots of fancy paper stationery and envelope sets. Penpals aren't really a thing anymore, so they've been gathering dust in a box on top of my closet.
I like to collect touristy or cute folders. Other people buy magnets or tshirts when they visit somewhere new, I buy folders. I also use a new folder for every new travel plan I have, so they get used often enough.
I just bought my first few rolls of washi tape and I can feel an addiction coming. Help meeeeee.

Pic related is my current favourite pen. I like really fine nib pens as I have tiny handwriting and any pen nib past a 0.4 just turns into mush when I write. I just popped into my bookstore and they don't carry it anymore, so I guess I have to look for it online. Or maybe Japan. My previous favourite fine nib pen (uni-ball Signo DX 0.28) sold out and weren't getting restocked in my country, but when I went to Japan in 2015, they still carried them. So obviously I bought 6. My fellow tiny-handwriting-fine-nib-pen-travel-partner bought the whole carton and 6 was the only amount left over for me.

What I like about the Zebra vs the Uni-ball is that its more comfortable to write with due to the thickness and grip, as well as the clip makes it easier to bring it around. The uni-ball kept on slipping around in my bag, but I can clip the Zebra to the edge of my bag.

I'm sorry if this was too long, I just love this pen and am way too sad I can't find it in my local stores anymore.

Anonymous 2087

i went to a stationery store today and had to physically restrain myself to not just buy everything. i am a chronic stationery hoarder. can anyone help me get over anxiety of using the disgusting pile of office supplies i have acquired?

Anonymous 2111


>Do you have a favorite brand?
I hate to say it, but Moleskine notebooks are really nice. They have sets of cahier notebooks which I like to use for menu planning and just everyday notes. I do like finding close knock offs because I hate paying that much for a journal. Piccadilly has a good knock-off of the medium Moleskine notebook which is pretty nice. Jetoy stickers and notebooks are fairly nice too, and cute. For pens, I love Pilot. Pilot Vball 0.5 and Pilot G-2 0.38 are what I use on a daily basis. Staedtler fineliner markers are really nice too.

>How many journals do you have? Do you use them?

Right now I have a journal I'm using as a diary, and a separate one for a bullet journal. Then there is also the journal specifically for menu planning and grocery lists. There are also several backup journals for when these get filled up.

>Do you collect anything?

Journals, but for awhile I collected Jetoy stickers, and other stickers from Korean brands.

>What's your favorite part of stationery

Finding the right journal is important. The cover has to be nice, but more importantly, the paper has to feel right and not be too thin. I especially prefer dot grid or grid lined notebooks, so finding a journal with nice paper and the grid is exciting. Grid lined paper makes it easier to keep things looking neat.

Anonymous 2366

>Do you have a favorite brand?
Staedtler pens are just the perfect shade of blue, I love them.
>How many journals do you have? Do you use them?
I currently have two journals for writing ideas, a dream journal, a thoughts journal, a bunch of notebooks for making lists, every year I buy a new planner for college, a diet journal and a book full of nice lists (like electronics I want, cosmetics I want, places I want to visit, music I want to download, books I want to read…). I'm quite literally the girl from John Tucker Must Die except worse.
>Do you collect anything?
Not really, I just see things and think "ooo cute"
>What's your favorite part of stationery
Probably notebooks but I don't spend as much on them as I'd like (they're so expensive). I also love stickers and mechanical pencils.

I wish my handwriting looked better because I feel like I'm destroying cute notebooks when I use them for the first time.

Anonymous 2386


>Do you have a favorite brand?

Not really, I like anything that is cute and is good-quality

>How many journals do you have?Do you use them?

I have like 4 , but 1 is bujo, 2 and 3 big and pocket sketchbooks, 4 gratitude journal

>Do you collect anything?

Cute pens and art supplies

>What's your favorite part of stationery (pens/paper/envelopes/etc.)

Everything cute, old looking (tbh this year I made a shit-ton of bts stickers for my bujo)

← pic not mine, but I recently bought these exact pens

Anonymous 2615

>Do you have a favorite brand?
Sanrio, San-X (anything really cute really)

>How many journals do you have? Do you use them?

Several, I use them for studying.

>Do you collect anything?

Pens, notebooks, stickers, the works

>What's your favorite part of stationery


Anonymous 2631

Envelopes? Do you have any particular use for cute envelopes? I have some that I use to help budget cash in.

Anonymous 8102

Anonymous 8107

Can anyone recommend some nice taobao stationary? I see some people buy from there, but I'm unsure of the quality.

Anonymous 8165


This is my favorite pen as well! Loved writing notes with it in university.

I miss Lisa Frank stationary. I used to collect it when I was a kid. She came back a few years ago and released new designs/products. Not much of a fan now, I prefer her old work a lot more.

Anonymous 11029


>Do you have a favorite brand?
No, but I grew up being a Sanrio/San-X kid who would buy stickers and letter-writing sets. I liked Moleskine for awhile, but the quality has gone to shit. Now for notebooks I like Leuchtturm1917 for the dot grid and line grid options. Basically a upgraded and better Moleskine-type journal.
>How many journals do you have? Do you use them?
Currently using the Molang diary (pic related) for partial bujo, school planner, short recording of events, and meal recording. In the past I have used the Hobonichi Techo which I like better because it's predated, but I have not yet been able to journal everyday so I feel like it's a waste? In the future I think I will opt for a weekly one like the Leuchtturm1917 weekly planner. I do have other blank notebooks from Rhodia, Black&Red, and more because I was really into fountain pens for a bit and wanted nice paper to write on. Also considering having a more freeform journal to just draw and write whatever in.
>Do you collect anything?
Stickers, washi tape, fountain pen inks.
>What's your favorite part of stationery (pens/paper/envelopes/etc.)
I like smooth-writing pens that feel good to hold. Also looking at nice journal layouts and neat handwriting styles.

Anonymous 11031

Photo Feb 10, 9 36…

I really hate muji pens lol.

My favorite everyday pens are pic, in .38mm.

Anonymous 11035

I tried them because of really good reviews about how smooth and nice the writing experience is, but I think the ones I got were defective or something. They skipped a lot and didn't have a consist ink flow.

What do you hate about muji pens? I admit am a bit of a sucker for the muji aesthetic, but the round gel pens that I have now are just OK, not anything special. They also seem to run out of ink faster compared to other gel pens in my experience.

Anonymous 11046

I think inkflow sometimes depends on how you write, how much pressure you putting down, etc. I usually get skipping when I'm close to using up all the ink. Though, maybe I just don't really notice because I prefer that "ballpoint" (idk what to call it) look over really smooth lines that gel ink gives you.

I pretty much hate that muji pens seem a lot lower quality for pens at that price. Plus I think a lot of the plastic casing is a bit cheap, and I'm more about comfort than aesthetic; the hexagon ones hurt to hold imo. Better off using sarasa pens for colors, imo.

Anonymous 11051

I have the same pens lol

Anonymous 11101

I love my orange Rhodia dot-grid notebook, I use it as a planner. the pages are really nice!

Anonymous 23933


Trying to get back into journaling again because I usually feel better when I write out my thoughts, I have a shitload of pens and notebooks, and I want something to reflect on because I know that I don't remember shit as well when in depressive moods.

Anonymous 23935

anyone's experience with lightscribe and other smartpen/smart-notebooks?

I'm the type of person to archive everything (bookmarks, notes, browsing history etc), and i've read that written notes are better retained in the memory.

Anonymous 42857


Excited to get new inks that I ordered. This is Troublemaker Simoun. I also got the Kelp Tea color.

I hope to use up some stationery supplies both writing letters and doing a bullet journal next year.

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