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Happy New Year! Anonymous 207138

How is everyone spending New Year's Eve/New Year's Day?

Anonymous 207139

I'm currently at the laundromat. After I finish the laundry my husband and I are going to grab some food and spend the night in. We were going to go out to eat but all the places we wanted to go to closed early today (good for them, tbh).

Anonymous 207146

Im just gonna stuff my face with food

Anonymous 207148

Decided to spend it with an old friend I haven't seen since last NYE. I suggested going to the crowded foreshore to watch fireworks, but instead he broke into a museum so we could watch the fireworks from the rooftop for the best views around, with alcohol. I'm having a panic attack thinking about kissing him after the countdown.

Anonymous 207149

Eating pancakes

Anonymous 207151

As one should.

Sounds like something out of a novie. Do it?


Anonymous 207152

Day off from work !!! And maybe I'll play video games for once or buy a new one. I haven't bought a new one in a long time.

Anonymous 207153

Just bought a gorgeous outfit today (not for new years, was in a bazar and fell in love haha) so I'm gonna put it on and go to this New Year party my building advertised today. Probably gonna be just a few people in the lobby counting down to the new year but I think it'll be fun. In this country people shoot into the sky on New Years which ends up killing people every year so it's probably not safe to watch any fireworks outside lol (though I've been informed people do this in America too, you'd think they'd be better educated)

Anonymous 207155


happy new year anons heres to another year of being terminally online with you all

Anonymous 207160

I'm drinking all alone. No one is answering my messages. I feel depressed. Here's to another great year!

Anonymous 207161

trying to cram a book for my goodreads challenge lol

cheers, I hope 2023 will be a good year for everyone

Anonymous 207162

Happy new year, nona!

Anonymous 207167

Happy new year to you too dear nona

Anonymous 207172

I’m at an airbnb with my bf and mother. Will get drunk. God I’m so miserable.

Anonymous 207173

Eating and maybe playing something, anyway happy new year nonas.

Anonymous 207176

gonna try to at least edit my resume for a job i’m going to apply to and then drink with my parents like a dork. i’m determined to improve this year though!

Anonymous 207178

I'll be playing various pet sims for the holiday events… it'll be too late to do some quests though, but I can still get some collectibles.

I'm trying to get this one horse game to work, but it just won't run for some reason. I know I'm gonna miss out on a potentially cute limited edition outfit for my rider and horse tack.

Anonymous 207180


Happy New Years n0nnas!!! Just crossed over here, celebrated with some cake people absolutely ravaged the moment it hit midnight lmao

Anonymous 207206



The same as most holidays - Mostly apathetic and completely bored. Definitely expecting good things this new year though, since I'm going abroad.

Anonymous 207214

I wanted so badly to spend nye partying with friends and my boyfriend. Instead my boyfriend dumped me and I’m spending it with my parents in their shithole apartment, sleeping on the literal floor, just like every year. It feels like i’m stuck in an inescapable loop. Basically fuck this year and fuck nye and fuck my life.

Anonymous 207222


Happy new year!! 💖

Anonymous 207229

Last year was sad but somehow it gave me strength for fighting in 2023. I got a lot of plans and a good felling that I didn't felt for years, and I would love to share if you all

Happy brand new year nonas!

Anonymous 207242

photo_2022-12-08 1…

Happy new year miners, I love all of you.

Anonymous 207249

Happy new year, nonas!

Anonymous 207253

I love you too- happy new year!

Anonymous 207254

Fuck your boyfriend, look at it this way, you've started off the year having lost the dead weight. You're free n0nna, make 2023 about you

Anonymous 207260

January 1st is my birthday. It sucks. everyone ditches you when they find better plans. Im with my best friend and their family. Love them and everything theyve done for me

Anonymous 207261

Holiday birthdays must be awful, I'm sorry nona. I'm glad you have people to spend your birthday with.

Anonymous 207286

Happy birthday miner!

Anonymous 207290

Happy birthday!!!

Anonymous 207291

i babysat and ate way too much junk food, fought intensely with my boyfriend and our relationship is falling apart.
Same old same old. I hate my life.

Anonymous 207306

Alex Santa.png

Honestly, I'm just killing time until I have to leave to the airport at night. I'm going to take a plane flight to see one of my sisters. I've been mostly chilling and drawing.

Anonymous 207339

astrono77153462 o…

Anonymous 207342

I started off the new year by making my boyfriend cry with a very serious topic that I never should’ve brought up and I feel so guilty for doing it.

Anonymous 207356

Spent it relaxing at home, watching Avatar and drawing. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anonymous 207357

Hope it wasn't a situation where you brought up a valid issue and he avoided it by crying and guilt-tripping you though anon.

Anonymous 207358

at home playing video games. then I got super mad at my friends for not inviting me to whatever they were doing but I think it's my fault for not asking them

Anonymous 207383

It was about abortion. I told him I’d abort our future children if the doctor detected disabilities or Down syndrome in our kid. I struck a chord because his little sister has a lot of disabilities and downs and by saying this statement, I technically said that if given the choice, Id abort someone like his sister…

Anonymous 207387

Isn't that a good discussion to have before having any children with him?

Anonymous 207388

It is that’s why I brought it up but he was under the impression I was pro life not pro choice but I see people on here complain about the hardships of taking care of a disabled sibling and I don’t want to have my children feel obligated to take care of a sibling for the rest of their lives when their parents (us) pass away

Anonymous 207398

My little brother has down. He’s twenty two now and we all love him dearly, however my family all agreed that given the choice we wouldn’t have had him, and that includes my mother. The thing is, taking care of a person with Down syndrome is difficult, but this isn’t about us, it’s about him, and the difficult life he has lived because of his disability. If you are given the choice, I beg you to spare this person the pain of living with Down syndrome. Please don’t misunderstand, I love my little brother, and for all the pain we have suffered raising him, is nothing compared to what he has experienced.

Anonymous 207404

My boyfriend ruined our New Year's party like every year. Looking forward to pondering slicing his achilles tendons every night for another year

Anonymous 207437

What are you going to do when your parents pass away? Have you decided his primary caretaker yet?
Idk, it’s scary. My bf is the only other child in his family so he is prepared to take care of his for the rest of his life.

Anonymous 207442

what did he do?

Anonymous 207460

D d d d dump him

Anonymous 207461

Oh, what happened?

Anonymous 207476

My family hasn’t discussed it, but since I’m the only one without kids, it will probably fall on me to take care of him.

It’s not exactly something I’m looking forward to, so I’ve been trying to give meaning to my life beyond building a family by creating art and playing a musical instrument. I know it seems so tragic that I will never create a family of my own, but my brother’s situation is way worse than whatever I’m experiencing, and his disability has scared me completely from ever having kids. I’m not too worried, my family is well financially and we have real estate income that will keep us comfortable for the rest of our lives, and I do love my brother. It’s just whenever I try to communicate with him, try to understand his feelings, sympathize with him and the challenges he has to face as a human being. I thank god that we have the medical tests now that can stop something like this from happening to someone else again.

Anonymous 207480

You'll either need to dump him or bring up the conversation again. Are you going to be able to take care of his little sister if she somehow ends up under your care?

Anonymous 207482

Don't feel obligated to take your brother just because you don't have family of your own, it's difficult and you won't be able to do it alone. Is a care facility that specializes in DS an option for your family?

Anonymous 207505

He tried to force us to watch some pseudo rape porn auteur kino movie. One of my friends present had been raped some months prior so I told him it wasn't the time or the place. Got the toddler response of "but I WANNA watch it NOOWWWW, it looks kinda cool :(" even though it was 4 people against him. Had to wrestle him to put it off.

He sat in a corner staring at the wall in protest for the rest of the night because he didn't get his way, even though we picked a movie by his favorite director next and everyone was coaxing him like a child to at least watch the movie even if he would never talk to us again.

He stonewalled me for a couple of days afterward and when I told him he had been inconsiderate and childish he didn't see why and demanded I apologize for not letting him play the movie he wanted.

He's 32.

I really should but I fear this is the highest quality man I can get if I want to be in a relationship. I mean he is the most mature and prosocial close male friend I've had despite being a huge manchild

Anonymous 207512

I've worked and hung out with adults who have serious mental disabilities my whole life (disabled relative who did special olympics since I was a kid, then job related later) and if your family has the money for a quality group home environment I highly recommend giving it a try, or at least encouraging your parents to look into it. For sure look into it if you end up in the position of caregiver. Adults with downs and similar disabilities often THRIVE in those environments, frequently moreso than they do with family. They get the kind of help and structure that they need to learn life skills within their abilities from qualified professionals, they get more socialization with other adults in their peer group and through work programs, and just generally tend to do better when they feel more independent and less bossed around like a kid by mom and dad. It isn't abandoning them so much as allowing them to progress to their next stage of adulthood as best they can.

Anonymous 207518

for god's sake woman dump this piece of shit

Anonymous 207523

Not trying to make you change your mind, but if you didn’t have a little brother with DS, would you have pursued a family? If you didn’t have the burden to take care of him for the rest of your life. And at least you don’t have to worry about the financial costs, I feel so bad for families that aren’t financially well off and then their disabled children who grow into disabled adults have even more of a developmental handicap and delay. My friend has her brother who is in his late 30s now. He can’t speak a single fully formed sentence because her family didn’t have the resources to help him go through life stages and is stuck at age 5 basically. It’s so sad.
My bf on the other hand is from a well off family and they have established a trust fund for his little sister with DS so then when their parents pass away, there’s money for her. Except the thing is she’s really bad with money and tends to blow it on things without thinking of long term consequences. For example her mom got her a job as a daycare assistant and she blows her pay check on Pringle’s constantly. And if her parents want to go on a vacation without her, they get the aunt to look after her because if they didn’t, she’d just buy instant ramen and chocolate as her groceries.
I am worried about this. Idk, I just didn’t grow up with someone with severe disabilities so seeing anecdotes from people online let’s me see the situation in a clearer light. And I see how my bfs mom REALLY has to be a part of his sisters life to allow it to go anywhere. She was behind all her college applications, she’s the reason why she has a job, she’s the reason why she graduated everything, she’s the reason why she didn’t lag behind. And I don’t think I can fill those boots and be a real pusher and go getter and a constant cheerleader for his sister for the rest of her life. I think cuz of his sister, his parents stopped having kids even though they bought a huge house with spare bedrooms. And his mom always sponsors international students because she’s nice and wonderful. Her positive can-do attitude rubbed off on my bf and I think he’s an amazing person except he’d be happy about having more disabled children and wouldn’t terminate them if the doctor detects it early on because he thinks every single life is valuable and says that people with disabilities can be happier than those without. Which is true I guess because his sister is always so smiley and happy.
I felt really sick to my stomach and unhappy after our previous conversation. Fundamentally our views are too different but he doesn’t seem to think that and is still happy being with me though I know deep down inside people break up over things like this and idk, I feel like I’m leaning on the breaking up side which kills me because I love him so much
Can you do this as a sort of retirement home type of living situation? Well, I guess not a retirement home, but I feel like it’ll be so weird to my future family’s dynamic to have their aunt live with us all the time. I was just wondering if we could pay a group home like this to take care of his sister and makes sure she doesn’t buy anything reckless like a million puppies or a giant boa constrictor. Of course we’d visit so she wouldn’t miss her brother too much. Then again he only has been visiting his family once a year for the past 8 years so I feel like deep down inside he wants to live his own life before he inevitably has to sacrifice his independence to take care of his dependent sister

Anonymous 207525

Yes group homes exist for people like your bf's sister and they usually accommodate different levels of functionality among the residents. If you have the money there are really nice facilities with good staff, lots of group activities and supervised outings. Retirement home isn't too far off in terms of what they're like. Sadly in terms of quality it's usually a get what you pay for situation but it sounds like that wouldn't be an issue.

Anonymous 207571

>I really should but I fear this is the highest quality man I can get if I want to be in a relationship.
Please love yourself more.

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