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Is lolcow broken or is it just me?Possible Bunker Thread #000 Anonymous 208656

There's disgusting Josh Moon spam and everytime I try to post I get the cloudflare page.

Anonymous 208658

i can't get in either

Anonymous 208659


im getting this when I try to post but some anons can post just fine

Anonymous 208662

At least link to the last thread (#33)
Also be forewarned that the Joshfag is probably going to descend upon this site after he/she has finished shitting up lc

Anonymous 208664

thats obviously an angry scrote, every "Joshfag" on lolcow is in kiwifarms threads sucking his broken dick and getting on my nerves, OR post "The gif", they don't call Josh a pedo.
Signed, former Josh fag who now dislikes him. It's that troon or someone else. Probably another man but it's clearly male coded

Anonymous 208668


sadly enough, yes

Anonymous 208669


I was looking for a picture to make this thread and I picked the thread pic, because I screenshotted it because I wanted to talk on lolcow about how cute I find Sims 4 simoji thingys.

Anonymous 208672

This is why we needed the new site software. All admin would have to do is either disable thread creation or add a threat creation cool down and the scrote spam would be stopped. Instead she has to wrestle with decayed 8 year old php spaghetti code that probably locks up and doesn't respond.

Anonymous 208673

The troon got mad because a bunch of actual women told him his anime titties are coomer ish and is probably the one spamming over there.

Anonymous 208674

Don't bring your infight here.

Anonymous 208675

theres also some weird numbers/letters at the end of every spam

Anonymous 208676


Anonymous 208677

Yeah. All she really had to do was remove the thing about kpop and finish migrating all the threads instead of just leaving everything behind on an "old site" (something that probably would've "accidentally" gone the way of /m/ in time). At least CAPTCHA would've helped slow down the scrote.

Anonymous 208679

a post I made earlier JUSt posted but I cannot post on either lolcow.farm or farmcow.lol

Anonymous 208681

I noticed there was some strange lag time between when I made a post and when it actually posted, obviously due to the spam that's overloading the site's infrastructure

Anonymous 208682

>lc stops working
>original.lc stops working
>use farmcow
>works but site feels dead and slow
>cloudflare page when i try to post on farmcow

i'm tired

Anonymous 208683

I can view LC, but not post on it… I guess it's because the current raid? But some nonas are able to post

Anonymous 208686

what is the current raid about? i am too worried to open board's images. lc always worked fine for me, but this time i can barely load anything.

Anonymous 208688

calling null (Josh from kiwifarms) a pedophile with an ugly picture of him

Anonymous 208689


It's about Null.

Anonymous 208690

Are they using different images now?

Anonymous 208691

i am not even a Joshfag but i bet the raiders are keffals trannyfags

Anonymous 208693

Samefag interesting all of the first threads had the same image but these ones have different ones

Anonymous 208694

I can't even view the site without using a VPN. Try it if you have one.

Anonymous 208695

It's mostly the same one of Null's face, don't know who the other scrote is or why some have him.

Anonymous 208696

Dear lord it is the troon pest. That means we can expect him here soon. He always does that.

Anonymous 208698

there's a weirdo from twitter who stalks kiwifarms and posts screen shots, in fact two of them and they both call Josh a pedo. This is probably that troon esp. since he's bringing up Ethan Ralph/
Then again, wasn't the banned message once a link to lolcow? Maybe some idiot got banned from kiwifarms and came here to shit it up

Anonymous 208699

I don't see the pictures of Ralph on the site??

Anonymous 208700

Blaine was in meta going off a couple of hours ago if it was really him.

Anonymous 208702

The screenshot I took is from /pt/

Anonymous 208703

so he spams about Josh? Kek troon logic at its best.

Anonymous 208704


What the other boards look like rn

Anonymous 208705

nta he made some "I'm not afraid of anything" post and then started the spam shortly after that

Anonymous 208708

oh geez i hope they don't come here

Anonymous 208709

Lolcow still can't be used normally, jannies are barely active, admin changed her name and ghosted the discord, no word of the search for a new admin, we have no updated site, and now there's a bot spamming the fuck out of lolcow. Big sigh.

Anonymous 208710


going to reply here since its not letting me but i stopped reading at you're a westerner kek i'm asian i am from the east, so i doubt all else has anything to do with what i wrote as i specifically wrote "extending to real life". i do not give a fuck about anime go watch hentai if you want i don't care i was talking about the part i greentexted in particular. damn. is anime really that serious for some people

Anonymous 208712

Troon is worried fbi is going to arrest him for CP. (they should) so he is spamming Josh blaming cp on him because of some other dumbass online beef that doesn’t matter to anyone other than him and the other idiots involved.

Anonymous 208713

Not a single day of peace

Anonymous 208714

The only infighting is you. Stop mini modding and report if it’s such a bother to you.

Anonymous 208716

how is he even on the site when fucking VPN's are banned? i can't even look at the site when my VPN's are on but he can get on? What is he using?

Anonymous 208717

being obsessed with infighting is not healthy. calm down.

Anonymous 208719


Manifesting only positivity and good vibes for this bunker thread

Anonymous 208720


making a test post and it just freezes up at 100%

Anonymous 208723

VPNs aren't banned, I post with them all of the time. Only the free, well-known VPNs are banned, and only because the troon got them all banned.

Anonymous 208724

farmcow works with VPN

Anonymous 208726

I don't think she even hired new jannies. They seem even slower than they normally are with handing out bans this time around

Anonymous 208728

This. Won't be surprised if some of them quit.

Anonymous 208729


I love sachiko kaneoya so much.

Anonymous 208732

i only made two posts. that one on lc i screenshotted and this one on cc. is that really what you would call an obsession? i'm not trying to pick fights

Anonymous 208733


wait are they really redtexxting? Why do I feel like it's one lone farmhand dealing with this shit at the moment?

Anonymous 208734


Anonymous 208735

Well when she left she created this environment of negativity/hopelessness so I don't blame jannies for quitting or feeling like there's no point

Anonymous 208738


Anonymous 208739

You seem like you want to pick fights by trying to continue them for no reason on a different board.

Anonymous 208740

Anonymous 208742

Enough already

Anonymous 208745


I just love sachiko.

Anonymous 208748

Not you anon

Anonymous 208750

Is Kiwi Farms down too?

Anonymous 208751

Not on my end.

Anonymous 208752

Idc anymore after getting permabanned for literally nothing while cp stays up for hours and people calling others ugly fat dykes stays up, fuck the trannies and fuck the jannies too

Anonymous 208753

At least the joshfags must be happy.

Anonymous 208754

yeah what's up with the genuine more often than not unbanned lesbophobia lately? feel so tumblr saying that word but i need to be specific

Anonymous 208755

Trolls stoking infighting and people blaming scrote posts on lesbians. I think 2X being visible has raised tensions amongst some anons?

Though I think an undercurrent of it has always been there. Homophobia was never actually got solved and plenty of people are just waiting around for an excuse. Even on LC you can't criticize handmaiden behavior without people losing their minds.

Anonymous 208756

at this point i won't be too broken up if lc ded tbh…. it's been so slow and anons there have been so weirdly vitriolic and conspiratorial lately, i know it's always been like that but it's even more apparent than usual recently, to the point where it's just not fun anymore, every thread devolves into infighting. i know that a lot of people still depend on the site as a place to be themselves so i hope it doesn't die, but i personally won't be too upset if it does lol. also farmhands are absolutely incompetent, but we all knew that already

Anonymous 208758

It feels a bit like this scene right now.

Anonymous 208760

Even the discord isn't safe right now because the moids are now in there too and posting gore. Admin, get your fucking shit together.

Anonymous 208762

Trannies are spamming them again.

Anonymous 208765

This argument was so weird, especially that anon that repeated the phrase "anime boobies" in like 5 posts only to end up saying she doesn't even watch the type of anime she was vehemently defending kek
Feeling like gayops are on full blast lately, or it's just an insane amount of newfags. I stumbled upon the gyaru thread on /w/ and it was actually full of children from tiktok it stunned me.

Anonymous 208766

The anti-anime anon wasn't better when they said anime is a degeneracy that causes declining birth rates. I don't even watch anime and I absolutely do not want kids, it's too risky.

Anonymous 208767

Those posters are weird too but I can tune them out more easily because they clearly argue in bad faith

Anonymous 208779

Is anyone else able to post on lc? Also, the website seems to be loading a lot slower for some reason.

Anonymous 208781

Yeah but took a while, dunno if it's because of my shitty internet connection or LC.

Anonymous 208783

It's probably lc then. I managed to post my comment in a thread, but only after several minutes had past. The troon is still apparently on the website as he posted on the complaint thread in /meta/ about 15 minutes ago, though it seems that he's stopped spamming for now

Anonymous 208790

admin doesn't even use it anymore, she changed her name and ghosted everyone. apparently there's a different person handling applications now according to /meta/

Anonymous 208792

Why does this happen so often? It also happened here on CC. We had some CC discords too and the admins always end up ghosting. Wtf.

Anonymous 208793


That person prob is the one who banned me

Anonymous 208903

are threads in different languages than english allowed on CC now? i miss my finn anons but i remember the thread being banned earlier

Anonymous 208958

It was just loading slowly for me, and now I'm getting
>Connection timed out Error code 522

Anonymous 208960

It's like everytime I'm about to drop an hot comment on shayna the site shits itself. Is it more fatboy spam?

Anonymous 208961


i was going to post the same thing. i've been really put off by the tone of the current group that was posting there. it just felt really, really weird. i got dogpiled in a thread recently and it just didn't feel like the same kind of fun ribbing that i am used to; they were taking what i said too literally and missing the point so wildly, so i just gave up. and at this point, it is what it is. i don't really think shaymin ever put much effort into finding a new admin, and i suspect she said a lot of what she said just to appease us and keep us off her ass. i don't think anyone's really even moderating the site, and i doubt there's any contingency plans in place for the future of the board. they're probably hoping people will just give up eventually and the site will quietly die off through neglect.

it's sad that this is how it's going but at the same time, i've stopped really caring. i am tired of getting frustrated with seeing each successive admin fuck it up, tired of the infighting with the users, tired of the arguing about which lolcow era was better, what boards to keep if we do ever move, the neverending gore and cp raids, the conspiracies about ian running the board bts or tranny jannies, and just the overall incompetence from the staff who can't separate their own personal lives and emotions from the userbase. i'm just really fucking over it, and i loved this site…i still love it. it bothers me that this is what is happening, and there's really nothing any of us can do about it, and that we all have to sit here and watch this dumpster fire happen and if we complain, get told off for doing so.

#and please don't fucking dogpile me with your autistic bullshit, i am not in the mood and am tired of being screamed at for expressing my opinion. i have a lot of pent up frustration from seeing years and years of the same crap repeating over and over again by the moderators and have reached boiling point.#

Anonymous 208974

I hope the new owner bans vpns altogether
its literally the same schizo man ban evading

Anonymous 208987

>i don't really think shaymin ever put much effort into finding a new admin
>she said a lot of what she said just to appease us and keep us off her ass
>i don't think anyone's really even moderating the site
Agreed on all of these points
>they're probably hoping people will just give up eventually and the site will quietly die off through neglect
That or she'll just pull the plug some time this month, probably
I'm an oldfag farmer, but cc is much cozier than the non-cow boards on lc, and the cows on kf are more entertaining anyway, so I won't really miss that side of the website much. I think I've just resigned to the fact that lc is not going to get better from here on

Anonymous 208990

Could anyone kindly spoon feed me on how getting a new admin and farmhands is going? If this information is known at all, meta is so full of unanswered complaints and bullshit, it's kinda hard to find info there.

Anonymous 209009

Nobody knows, but there exists rumors about there being less farmhands because the Josh spam is still clogging the catalogues after several days. If you need more spoonfeeding, the Josh Spam is from a recent 'attack' on the site, supposedly done by Resident Troon for being reported to the FBI. The spam is not porn or gore, but it is still spam, yet it has not been deleted. How long would it even take? Ten minutes? If this is all stuff you've been told on meta already, then yeah, that's all anyone knows.

Anonymous 209021

I'm so fucking depressed without lolcow. I lost count of the days already. Any other Euro Finnish specifically n o n n i e s still suffering? I can't reach lolcow with mobile data, farmcow, original.lolcow.farm, VPN, anything. I'm still not willing to give up on lolcor despite the fact I'm probably too old to be on there anyway. It's been my refuge online since like 2015. This place is ok and has a good vibe don't get me wrong but it's so slow and I feel I cannot be nearly as unhinged as I was in the farms because I don't feel as anonymous somehow and don't feel as comfortable to actually post as much as I want. I need lolcor to stay sane irl, sad but true

Anonymous 209025

Looks like Ireland is still able to use lolcow easily, it's working just fine for me

Anonymous 209026

>I'm probably too old to be on there anyway.
No such thing, we need more oldfags. The teenage posters are unbearable.

Anonymous 209030


I'm tech illiterate but these users in /meta/ mention only being able to access it with proxy, but as you can see those posts are 17 days old already. The Finnish thread was bumped two days ago so I guess LC isn't completely inaccessible there.

Anonymous 209041

That's sweet of you but I'm in my early 30s and a lot of the time feel hardly any better than some barely out of their teens newfag due to being an ex-NEET entering Real Life just now. Well, at least I remember when Lolcow was Stamina Rose, kek

I forgot to mention I have momentarily been able to see real time /snow/ through proxysite, but never been able to post. It's like I'm in archive.org somehow, watching something already passed that I will never be able to participate in, and it's depressing. I was never banned, surprisingly enough, so that can't be it either.

Anonymous 209051

>I can't reach lolcow with mobile data, farmcow, original.lolcow.farm, VPN, anything
Huh, that's wild. I wonder how many users are also in your position. Like you I've also been on lc for years, it's incredible not in a good way to see how it's performing in this seeming death spiral. I don't have much faith left either for the farm, but I like crystal cafe.
>The teenage posters are unbearable.
Truly. You need only a single interaction with one of them to understand the depth of their immaturity. The user base of lolcow has changed, and not for the better.

Anonymous 209081

ayrt, i completely agree. i don't even post anything very opinionated at this point because i don't feel like receiving weirdly hateful replies to any innocuous shit i post. it used to be the only place i knew of where women could speak their minds, but now it's not even worth it because someone will take whatever you say too seriously and try to fight with you kek. of course people have the right to respond to posts on a public website and disagree with what i've said, but sometimes people respond in such a hostile way that it can't really be an actual discussion/exchange of ideas and opinions. obviously some anons have always acted like that, but it's seeming more and more like the norm now. i think the bunker threads were the last time i felt any sort of camaraderie with other anons, and that was the first time in a while that i felt that way. it's just not fun or entertaining anymore.

Anonymous 209094

Nta but I post anyway regardless of replies. I've gotten both good and bad replies bc the site is not a hivemind.

Anonymous 209098


this one?

Anonymous 209103

On one hand, it sounds like they they deserve a thread, on the other, I'm not sure I want to give them attention. Also
>hates euros
>is a fucking burger

Anonymous 209104

>will take whatever you say too seriously
That's super annoying because you don't even need to post something "very opinionated", you can make a pretty obvious joke and someone will appear to post a snarky or overly aggressive remark, which makes them look like either a retard with no reading comprehension or a baiter. I always shake my head at anons who try to argue in good faith with those people because it's besidesthe point.

Anonymous 209109


If anybody knows the blog, let us know pls.
Anyway I found a blog that posts caps of banned posts, and found this autism

Anonymous 209111

What's with newfag zoomers and bringing imageboard content to non-anonymous internet so willy-nilly? When this stop being bully-able behavior?

Anonymous 209112

I guess it's an odd kind of attention whoring.

Anonymous 209119

We need to bring back bullying.

Anonymous 209120

thought it was just my dog shit dns fucking up lolcows domain, farmcow works though if i mash f5
it's clearly an issue on their side still
lc anons have been becoming more unhinged for years and each wave of new users only adds to the madness

Anonymous 209121

I wish they'd just get cancelled for using the evil transphobic basket weaving forum. Maybe farmers who see them in the wild should just go "by using it you are ok with trans folk being bullied to suicide. You're literally killing a transwoman by keeping this video/tweet up"

Anonymous 209139


I'm a farmer but where the fuck is the LC hate thread? I need somewhere to post this.

Anonymous 209140

Has to be bait… right?

Anonymous 209142

I hope so and that the replies is just them samefagging. But I've seen some weird stuff being said about little boys on LC before.

Anonymous 209143

nta but i'm thinking they're serious, i've seen a few posts in the past of anons on lc saying men can't be raped, and if they can then they'd just enjoy it. i dislike moids too but i think that's going way too far, considering how many men are sexually abused by older men as children and how much that fucks a person up, regardless of their gender. yuck

Anonymous 209149


Anonymous 209153

radblr and radtwt are the worst thing that ever happened to lc, i used to lurk in those parts of the internet until i realised all of the people in those communities are just SJWs in different packaging, especially the zoomers.

Anonymous 209154

Where's the lolcow LOVE thread, I have to post this…

Anonymous 209159

They're discussing hard topics in a way that might be triggering for some, but that doesn't necessarily make what they're saying wrong or bad. The last post especially has some merit.

Anonymous 209172

Being honest, nothing on lolcow "Interests" me besides /ot/ which moves as slow as shit now and Shayna's thread, which is like an groundhog day of bullshit and I often get annoyed because I kinda wish her parents would give a woman who wants it that money to go to school and just give up on her.
Then I'm beginning to tolerate scrotes +pick me's a lot less, so I only go to kiwifarms when very bored or to see if something interests me. Before i could read 25 rants about "niggers" and "jews" in unrelated threads and just get to the "Meat" of a thread. Now I just feel like, "Fuck these people seriously fuck these people" and get sick of the smug bullshit.
I feel like gossip sites are becoming more parasocial weirdos who think they are better then everyone else or stan people (LSA) and there's no true "gossip" to really be had. Like seriously, IDK. It's me i guess

Anonymous 209173

>Shayna's thread, which is like an groundhog day of bullshit
Kek once you've read one thread you've read them all

Anonymous 209203

They are also weirdly hateful towards other women, especially more awkward and weird ones, its what put me off.

Anonymous 209214

>love my jannies
It's okay to drop that now. The site's dying anyways there's no reason anymore to walk on eggshells and pretend like they're anything but useless (though whoever is managing them is really to blame)

Anonymous 209222

I'm like 95% sure at this point that it's all just one jannie who's doing all the work

Anonymous 209223

One jannie with no /pt/ permissions and no ability to delete posts. Why'd they give the only useful staff member the least modding tools? The way they've been running things baffles me every time

Anonymous 209228

Fuck that janny

Anonymous 209232

I think it's not that they dedicated the least power to the lone jannie but more that all of the other jannies quit somewhere along the line, whether they were global mods or farmhands to certain boards, and now that shaymin has gone AWOL, there's no one to assist the jannie nor change their privileges so that they can better moderate the website. I bet it's a lot of pressure and a lot of work, too; the only thing stopping lc from falling to complete anarchy is the single farmhand.

Anonymous 209235

But where the fuck is Shaymin? Honestly anons need to start being loud and autistic again the way they were during the Great Radfem Drama and demand some answers with relentless psychological warfare because this is getting beyond retarded

Anonymous 209236


Again, she's gone AWOL. Apparently Shaymin changed her name on the Discord chat and told anons to send any admin applications to the user in picrel—this all happened over the last week, and I found all of this info on /meta/. She's also not responding to questions from anons in the Discord, so she's evidently being extremely uncooperative with the community. I guess more Discord anons can try to contact her and demand answers, but even the Discord is having its own issues with raids and general moidish-ness.

Anonymous 209237

Right? Sometimes it feels like normal SJW twitter but gender critical.

I personally don't like how some radblr users point out how misogynistic men and troons are towards women and how its in women's best interest not to entertain them or their MRA bs, but then go ahead to make exceptions for sufficiently oppressed men like gay men. Sure, you can make fun of trans this and that, but don't you dare call them trannies, that's mean and offensive to the random HSTS guy browsing radfem blogs.
I was in a radfem discord and they made you voice verify to prove you were female, all well and good so far. Except they let some gay guy in for absolutely no reason at all and it felt like you weren't allowed to criticize a single aspect of gay male culture like drag or whatnot. What happened to being wary of men and wanting female only spaces?

Anonymous 209238

Excuse this if I'm just falling for misinformation but an anon on /m/ mentioned that the k-pop imageboard admins used to be farmhands. I went and looked up when the site was made and it was late 2020 which is around the same time LC started getting really bad with not deleting raids fast enough. It'd make sense if they had two autistic imageboard dwellers running the show for ages only for them to leave and the site to fall into chaos. Point of my tinfoil though: The site can absolutely be saved if someone competent just somehow manages to wrangle it out of Shaymin's hands.

Anonymous 209309

I can't help you with the tinfoil because I have no idea how that would even be known and seems hard to prove. Just replying to say I agree with you about the site being salvageable and the problem being that shaymin (and the kids maybe I guess) seem to have no interest in it, but at the same time, seem to not bother just finding decent people to hand it over to. Maybe they're busy with real life, but you'd think that if they are so disgruntled by LC they'd get rid of it already.

Anonymous 209311

The Josh spam remains.

Anonymous 209312

Maybe the joshfags were mods all along.

Anonymous 209317

I remember in one bunkerthread, I don't think it was the most recent ones, there was a janny that was posting. She was a frequent LC poster as well and was kind of powerleveling if I remember. Anyway she's probably responsible for all of this!

Anonymous 209331

Maybe they're just enjoying it as their personal playground right now? I don't know. All we are left with is to speculate and make up rumors that go nowhere anyways. Frustrating end to the site

Anonymous 209375

gorespammer moids are really taking advantage of farmhands being MIA right now

Anonymous 209383

*the farmhand KEK

Anonymous 209388


….what happened? /ot/ raid?

Anonymous 209391

okay it's all cleaned up now

Anonymous 209413

Some moid got triggered about a post I made (which kind of went in on how women are better members of society than men), and he posted some dumb chess score between male and female players to "prove" that we're dumb and should not have an opinion LMAO

Anonymous 209417

Imagine trying to dunk on anyone's intellectual prowess while at the same time being a man specifically entering a female-centered imageboard only to post seething all-caps posts no one even bothers to read.

Anonymous 209421

How does that even prove anything

Anonymous 209436

unhinged ott radfems or scrotes sticking around long enough to cause real problems instead of just having mantrums as soon as the page loads, gotta choose one or the other kek

Anonymous 209442

but adult MEN can't be raped tho at least not by a woman

Anonymous 209520

i wonder…if someone offered to buy the site from whomever owns it currently, if they would do it and how much they would be willing to accept to part with it. because i think that's what is really the issue here; if this was just a matter of finding a new admin, we would have been done with that by now. whoever owns the site now (whether it is still ian or someone else) most likely wants to completely wash their hands of lolcow, but they likely haven't found anyone who either has enough money or enough interest in taking complete ownership.

Anonymous 209553

Is anyone else having trouble accessing lolcow farm? I keep getting a message saying the DNS is blah blah blah

Anonymous 209554

Yes many people can't access lolcow.farm
Try farmcow.lol, admin mirrored it

Anonymous 209557

Thays weird. It was working just fine for me up until a few hours ago

Anonymous 209563

some weird s in /meta/ claiming the discord is full of kids. Elaine was in the discord a couple days ago and I think she's been in /meta/ causing weird drama. her current thing is trying to find out who shaymin/ oldmin is. I've been in the discord and the only issues we have had were males raiding and posting gore and spam and at least one person who claimed to be 15? (the person in /meta/ said she said it "proudly" but idk it didnt read that way to me") and the 15 year old left the discord. I feel like the weird hate the discord gets is kind of sus, but I do agree with a lot of the points s have been saying (clear communication and stuff)

Anonymous 209565

discord in general is cancer

Anonymous 209567

kek i agree, the lc discord has been pretty chill besides the males/random users. there definitely needs to be more mods though bc as usual shit feels like its kind of dead right now

Anonymous 209569

samefag isn't that also where some weird nazi defending girl posted and that other girl who kept talking about wanting to get pregnant despite being on drugs or something? the lc discord thread in /ot/ revealed a lot of cows

Anonymous 209570

the old one was shut down and there is a new one now. (idk why the old one was nuked) Idk if she's in the current one. no one has been cowish yet except for elaine popping in like a retard

Anonymous 209571

Sealchan is the Nazi I think

Anonymous 209673

The discord is chill, but a lot of the users, even nice ones, come across as underage or barely 18 girls to me. The typing style, the memes and the vocabulary come across as so juvenile. Not that it's not allowed in discord or anything but I find it pretty jarring. I've been in a couple of unofficial cc/lc discords throughout the years and the comparison to this one is like night and day.
I noticed that younger zoomers on discord love to reply with whole images in almost each post as a funny haha thing but I find it obnoxious as they take up 1/4th of a screen, I never saw older discord users do that but if you go to any discord populated by kids it will be filled to the brim with image/gif spam.
The chat is way more tolerable and easy to read now that the spammers haven't managed to get verified yet kek. Maybe I'm just too old and grumpy though.

Anonymous 209776

It sucks that so many farmers seem unaware of how absolutely dead in the water the site is. Nobody with any actual coding knowledge, who doesn't have bad intentions, will apply to take over the site. Why? Because whoever is running this shitshow has been lying from the start about what the issues actually are. Anyone with some tech knowledge can read her posts and easily figure out that it's complete bullshit so they're clearly hiding something or have some other weird reason as to why they don't want to be transparent. It's gonna dissuade a lot of people with the skills needed to run the site, like me for example lolol. Just feels sinister and would not touch it with a 10 foot pole

Anonymous 209785

What do you think is really going on ?

Anonymous 209786

Fuck if I know. It honestly looks like someone trolling to me at this point. Or someone very, very stupid took over who was taught by someone who is also not very smart and just keeps repeating things that aren't true. The redtexts have become super embarrassing and sound like a 16 year old typing on their phone so maybe the new Admin really is just an idiot. Either way shit is fuuucked and I can't imagine anyone would want to bother fixing the mess that they've made in between the CP spam. Rip my pretty lolcow. We had some fun years together sigh

Anonymous 209836

felt the same thing, i know some back on lc were trying to discredit the "ian still has some of the backend under his reign" theory but i can't really think of any other reason why they can't unfuck the db from whatever retard changes they made or even switch to say lainchans vichan fork (not that it wouldn't fix their db woes but saying vichan is dead when it isn't felt like a copout and lynxchan development is schizophrenic)
but i can't really think of any other reason why they struggled with managing the backend besides extreme incompetence
though even if one of the farmhands or admins said the real reason why shit is fucked i still wouldn't step up lmao
being an imageboard admin/janitor is a huge pain in the ass

Anonymous 209841

You say intentions are sinister, so why would they lie about how fucked it is though? And then bring a new admin on, instead of stay and run the site into the ground on their own intentionally?

Anonymous 209846

No clue. It does feel sinister for some odd reason, mainly because it feels like the Admin is angry, lying and has their friends whiteknighting them on meta or has successfully made the userbase paranoid enough about Troon Voldemort that everything true being said is being refuted immediately. I'm not sure what you mean about the old admin? I thought she was out of the picture and it's just Shaymin running it now.
Yeup hard agree. I can't think of any other explanation either other than extreme incompetence or straight up trolling. I think someone sane, with thick skin and good management skills could probably figure out how to make lolcow run in a way that isn't a huge pain in the ass but who really wants to fix this mess? I agree it probably would only help marginally if they fessed up to the real reason for all of these fuckups but to continue to lie and be aggressive and smear people who question the lies is going to make the pool of potential admins even smaller, imo.

Anonymous 209847

Nevermind just reread your post and I get your question now. I don't really know what's going on behind the scenes though. I'm just theorizing based on the info we have available publicly and knowing a good bit about imageboard software and being generally tech literate made me able to see through a lot of the nonsense explanations given. It's just so baffling at times what is happening that occams razor points to "troll" kek. I don't even know if they actually intend to find a new admin. I've only seen people be confused about the whole application process and there not having been any updates so who knows

Anonymous 209859

nah i've felt the same way, i was just afraid to voice my opinion because i didn't want to be labeled paranoid or berated to give hard evidence when i only have my intuition telling me something is very, very off about the whole situation. i've also felt this sinister, up to no good vibe around the silence regarding a new admin, which at first i thought i was just being an idiot over. i don't know exactly what is going on but i just have a feeling it isn't anything good. tbh, i really think they're hoping to get some sort of cash offer from a user who may be willing to purchase the site from ian or whoever is in control of it now. i say this because money has been a running theme with them; they act like this is some gigantic server that they're spending $14,000 a month on, and i am suspicious that the ~$200 that gets quoted is even legit as we've never seen actual receipts of the server bills. and the old admin went silent after those anons donated all that cash to her to supposedly keep the site up. i wouldn't be all that surprised if they pop up toward the end of january/beginning of february talking about they need money to keep the site running, there's been unexpected increases due to domain issues, blah blah blah, the host wants us to pay more because of carbon taxes or whatever, and then they disappear again. and the sad thing is that they're watching the whole thing from the sidelines so they know some farmers are on to whatever long con scam they're trying to pull, but they'll make us all look "crazy" in the process.

Anonymous 209869

I feel retarded even saying this but it does sometimes feel like we are being gaslit hard by the staff. I agree the vibes are off with the donations, especially because I remember nucow having a huge donation button on the site that was among the few things that actually worked. According to the resignation post the Admin has a job so I don't understand why they would need donations even if the bill was as high as they claimed (possible, considering they archive everything). It's not an unreasonable amount and if they can split it with someone on staff, even better. It just icks me out a bit because imageboards have always been more for the love of the niche platform and the autistic passion that goes into running it. Donations and paid-for features were always frowned upon and a big sign that the site was going towards doom (4chan hiromoot and gold passes come to mind kek)

Anonymous 209873

Samefag to add, didn't users donate to get themes added to nucow as well? And then the themes that were available were Stephen Lynxs standard code with the colors changed. It had no effort put in and it seemed actually quite disrespectful of the anons who had donated so kindly.

Anonymous 209876

it isn't retarded; i think we are being gaslit and i was writing a post right when yours came up on this exactly. i find it very, very suspicious that no former moderators have come out of the wood work to give their opinion on what is happening or expose the shenanigans that have been going on for a while. why has no one from the time of burritomin said anything, when this shit all started happening and they started acting all shady? why did all those moderators jump ship in 2020, when the site started going downhill dramatically? and i think there's more to the cp and gore posting than it just being spam from moids and bots, especially when they first started happening. there was a very vindictive energy to the early raids that reminded me of someone deliberately trying to sabotage the site and get it taken down because of how aggressive and disgusting it was. something really fucked up happened, and it bothers me that we likely will never truly know because of this autistic code of silence that's been erected around the whole issue.

i believe so, and i believe those donations were apart of the donation drama from when burritomin was leaving and she claimed she needed money to keep the site going, and that she needed more money to create new themes because it was going to make the server bills go up.

Anonymous 209878

>she needed more money to create new themes because it was going to make the server bills go up
what in gods name it's just a little fucking css txt file lmao

Anonymous 209879

>that she needed more money to create new themes because it was going to make the server bills go up.
Holy shit what kek did she actually say this? Brb reading her old meta threads because clearly I've missed just how much she's been lying to the users.

Anonymous 209881

i am not 100% certain as i had stopped going to the site as much back during the first lolcow mutiny phase. but i remember some farmers who had donated getting angry with her because they felt she had exaggerated how much money she needed to run the servers and all this other drama about nucow. this was when the whole "it costs $200 a month to run this site!" bull started and she threatened to nuke the entire board because it was too expensive to run.

Anonymous 209894

>very suspicious that no former moderators have come out of the wood work to give their opinion on what is happening or expose the shenanigans
it's because admin is unstable and severely paranoid because of the stupid shit she started with elaine. no ex farmhand is going to reveal anything because it's scary to have a schizophrenic on your back who has another schizophrenic on THEIR back

Anonymous 209900

who are these people lol

Anonymous 209901

This is… concerning? The messages themselves look like an exchange between Elaine and the current Admin? Based on the faildoxing LCF admin messages. It's pretty incoherent though and if it is Admin then she needs to take a breather and stop believing everything Elaine says. Admin if you're reading this, I am not Elaine and Elaine will take credit for anything that upsets you to mess with you. You are falling for "gayops" while acting like you know what she's doing. I hope you're actually trying to find someone to take over the site because this looks like unhealthy schizo shit that you're doing and you need to step away from the computer. Nobody cares about this drama as much as you think. People just want a functioning site and some explanations.

Anonymous 209904

I seriously do not understand what she is thinking by getting directly involved with Elaine/Blaine and these other crazies. She doesn't even realize that this is damaging both her and the site more than anything else. She keeps giving them attention and letting them actively know that they're bothering her… it's like she hasn't been the Admin of a troll site for the past 5 years. Do not feed the trolls. How hard is it?

Anonymous 209909

tl;dr some disgruntled ex discord janny who applied to be admin decided to support Elaine's gayops weeks ago and now wants to pretend that she isn't the one who had her posts swept up in the bunker threads

Anonymous 209911

Oh my god admin shut the fuck up. This isn't true and you are annoying the shit out of those "mutuals" you keep going on about. Just be fucking quiet with these schizophrenic gayops. It is embarrassing and you are fucking shit up way worse than Hex did for anyone. BE SILENT!!

Anonymous 209913

I don't know why any of you care about any of these absolute nobodies.

Anonymous 209914

it's lolcow. caring about nobodies is what we do

Anonymous 209915

>update on Elaine
I stopped reading.

Anonymous 209916

seriously one of the most boring and retarded cows who you can simply ignore yet she has got admin shitting all over her pants apparently. oy vey

Anonymous 209929

Why should anyone give a fuck what Elaine does or says? She is actually retarded.

Anonymous 209958

I feel a bit bad for her, I wonder if solid female friends would have helped with damage control or even just taking her phone away for a week

Anonymous 209961

Can any one of u accessss lolcow?

Anonymous 209962

Came here to ask the same thing

Anonymous 209966

I can from a tropical island in the pacfic :)

Anonymous 209968

I am getting „Access denied” same for you guys?

Anonymous 209975


New update from shaymin https://farmcow.lol/meta/res/46413.html#50432
Lolcow.farm is back for me finally. The reason nonas who could access it before suddenly couldn't is probably because she was fixing it. I'm happy that she announced it on the actual site instead of discord, I was getting frustrated with the way she closed the updates off to the userbase in favor of discord users.

Anonymous 209982

Is the entire farmcow.lol site mirrored for anyone else?

Anonymous 209983

omg me too
i seriously don't know why lol, it's like a creepypasta

Anonymous 209986

It’s because LC proper is back up. Farmcow always used to be mirrored before this.

Anonymous 209994

s have tried. Elaine is too fucking retarded to realize she is not smarter than everyone else and just does more of her usual hacktivist antics. Everyone should seriously ignore her at this point for the sake of our own sanity and for Elaine's.

Anonymous 210027

lolcow giving me that good old 522 connection error

Anonymous 210030

Lolcow.farm and farmcow.lol just straight up not loading for me kek. Somewhat worried that this is the plug being pulled

Anonymous 210031

Same. can't access lolcow nor farmcow

Anonymous 210032

How exactly did Shaymin break the site? i was around when it was paused to do the new site but what exactly did she do to the old site?

Anonymous 210033


Anonymous 210034

Was the lolcow discord nuked or can I just not find it..

Anonymous 210035

Admin is typing something in the discord, let's see what's she will say.

Anonymous 210037

What's she saying?????

Anonymous 210038


>we've found a new admin!
>host unresponsive one day later
pls let it not be a tranny pls let it not be a moid

Anonymous 210039


lolcow.farm went down again? FUCK

Anonymous 210040

not to be that catposting anon (that actually ended up being right somewhat) but i'm afraid of that too

Anonymous 210041


On discord.

Anonymous 210042

I'm gonna cry and scream and throw up

Anonymous 210043


This is all she said. This is confusing because the /meta/ post earlier said that she had just found a new admin and they were deciding if they wanted another admin.

Anonymous 210044

Shaymin really trying to get the fuck outta here, kek.

Anonymous 210045

i so hope it's not a moid. i want a fun admin we can name again, a competent one this time. fingers crossed essies (since it's censored here)

Anonymous 210046

i'm gonna SCREAM it's been one day on normal lolcow working. ONE DAY. and of course it goes down without warning

Anonymous 210054

I think the test is if the new admin gives us the shaynatourim, it's more of a social experiment then something I want. It gets taken down quicker then CP and Spam. It's very interesting how that works

Anonymous 210057


Anonymous 210058


love you shaynatourim anon, never stop fighting for your shaynatorium

Anonymous 210059

I've been having trouble since last night, ugh. I miss you nonas I just want to shitpost and overshare about husbandos again

Anonymous 210060

If you're riding someone's face and you have to fart, wtf are you supposed to do?

Anonymous 210061

Well then, why don't you start? What are you nonas husbandos?

Anonymous 210062

do it, assert dominance

Anonymous 210063

I'm stupid, so yeah, if anyone feels like explaining how that is necessary, please do.

Anonymous 210064

I was just so happy that my stupid ass finally found out how to access lc three days ago and now this. This is not fair.

Anonymous 210065

I'm kinda worried s. lolcow is my comfy corner of the internet and I don't want to lose you all because of admin crap

Anonymous 210066


Anonymous 210067

What was said about new admin other than that they had found one?

Anonymous 210068

I don't think we have much cause to worry (yet). The news seems positive, new admin is coming, new jannies are recruited, the site'll hopefully be back up when it's done. I just hope this doesn't take all week
As of now we know nothing about new admin, just that shaymin found one. I hope she'll make an introduction post so we can get to know her better.

Anonymous 210070


I sure hope so. Wanna get back to retarded shitposting and stuff. Came home after a long ass day to open lolcow, have a glass of wine… but no. Man I hope the new admin is cool.

Anonymous 210072

How did shaymin get that name?

Anonymous 210074

She said her favorite cow was Shayna and that was like literally the only info known about her so Shay admin -> Shaymin

Anonymous 210076

So I might not have all the details straight, but considering how a new admin had to be found by the end of the month (?) I think it's a good thing a new one has been found already. It sucks it's down right now but this transfer had to happen anyways so now is as good as a time as any, I guess.

Anonymous 210077

Can the new admin and janny unban me, maybe I will appeal

Anonymous 210079

i wonder what new admin will be like. hopefully she is an oldfag that can change the culture of the site for the better, i am hoping and praying.

Anonymous 210080

Wasn't there a husbando server

Anonymous 210081


Anonymous 210083

right back at ya (again)

Anonymous 210085


we meet again, bunker nоnnies

Anonymous 210087



Anonymous 210088

>right back at ya
Which one do you like? It's hard to choose but Meta is one of my top favs.

Anonymous 210089

Anonymous 210091

I just hope the site isn't down for ages again like last time, bunker threads are fun, but I miss bullying shayna kek

Anonymous 210093


nonas i just wanna laugh at my favourite cow with you after a hard day at work but.. lc is almost alwayd down and i feel like the site has lost a lot of traction after shaymins fuckup. just feels so dead now..

Anonymous 210094


Wanna fuck him so bad

Anonymous 210096

I will get the shaynatorium open

Anonymous 210098

That would be the best scenario.

This is the first bunker thread I actively follow because I didn't have the time before. I'm a bit sad about all the damage that was done due to the site being unaccessible. How many s have moved on, I don't even want to know.

Anonymous 210100


doing the lords work n0na, i wonder how happy shayna is whenever lc is down.

Anonymous 210102

i never caught it much on tv and all i remember is seeing the ugly snail

Anonymous 210106


Understandable. To be honest, I don't particularly like the anime either. It's okay and a fun watch on it's own but when you compare it to the games it's a rather poor as a "Kirby anime". None of the characters are like how they are in the games and are completely mischaracterized, there's seldom to no elements pulled from the games beyond a few enemies and it ended up staining the Kirby fandom for decades afterwards leading to the spread of more misinformation and mischaracterization. Escargoon right? He's alright though you're right he isn't particularly cute. Kirby Right Back At Ya is an anime with Kirby characters not a Kirby anime.

Anonymous 210107

>i feel like the site has lost a lot of traction after shaymins fuckup. just feels so dead now..
Definitely. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the site lost like 20-30% of its userbase due to Shaymingate. And that sucks.

Anonymous 210109

Have hope my sisters

Anonymous 210111

farmcow was flipped again and lolcow was working this morning and now both of them don't work!!

Anonymous 210112

It was working kinda slow tho.

Anonymous 210113

whenever lc goes down i wonder briefly if i'm being punished by some higher power for thinking troons are bad

Anonymous 210116

There was a huge shift in users after the original bunker timeout fiasco, this was just the nail in the coffin. Lc desperately needs an admin with vision and the spine/balls to enforce better moderation and end the cancerous moralfagging or else it won't survive. Maybe the shaymin ragequit was a blessing in disguise, maybe it wasn't, only time will tell.

Anonymous 210117

it's not by all accounts but i'm sure that will somehow be the official excuse even though it makes no sense

Anonymous 210118

I hate scrotes with darker hair color then their beards or mis matched beards/hair color. Unless they are going Grey. Having black hair and a brown beard is gross

Anonymous 210121


you should be blessed for thinking troons are shit tbh

Anonymous 210123


both lc and the mirror site are down for me

Anonymous 210124

its just gonna be oldmin in a wig again

Anonymous 210125

do you people just go in here shit in the thread and then leave without reading anything else? like yeah we know

Anonymous 210126

it will be another one of oldmins tulpas

Anonymous 210127

this is making me miss the DID thread

Anonymous 210129



Anonymous 210130

Where is Chief Crack Eagle? I need comfort and wisdom during this trying time.

Anonymous 210131


i just scrolled passed this on my timeline. are we connected anon? soul mates?

Anonymous 210132

These are cute.

Anonymous 210133


Who else is taking a dump rn

Anonymous 210134

So how long does one transfer ownership? Bets on how long lolcow will be down for?

Anonymous 210138

havent checked lc in 2 days and of course it goes down again within that time wowza

Anonymous 210139

18-30 hours.

Anonymous 210141


New Heather

Anonymous 210143

kek I quickly checked the thread a few weeks ago and she seemed happy with her new ryan number 2534544, what happened?

Anonymous 210144


i just wanted to visit the funny cow site before bed..

Anonymous 210148

No idea yet, she's been moping on SM for the last few days straight yet she still follows rian on all her accounts. Her life is like the ultimate reality tv show I can't wait to see what happens next kek

Anonymous 210149

thanks anon. thankfully it never lasts very long because the troids struggle to go even 10 minutes without being violent coomers

Anonymous 210156


Fucking can't get on again. Everything is down.

Anonymous 210158

It's going to be oldmin with a fake moustache, same as shaymin was. Assuming it comes back at all.

Anonymous 210159


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh where in the world
Is my lolcow?!

Anonymous 210161

can you imagine what nursing homes in the future are going to be like with trans seniors? are they gonna make their own centers specialized for trans care? or make regular shmegular people tend to their wounds?

Anonymous 210162


Anonymous 210164


My lolcow…

Anonymous 210168


Stress sigh

Anonymous 210169

I was forced to get a life when lolcow went down. I'm feeding meals to homeless people from a nonprofit volunteer kitchen. this is not a joke. i didn't know what to do so I went to a volunteer website and that's what I found.

Anonymous 210171

are you even old enough to post on lolcow?

Anonymous 210172

1 bRQSb2IqXFbjCqMI…

father, son, and holy

Anonymous 210173

and holy n0nna..i hate this site give me the cor back

Anonymous 210175

why are so many farmers lesbians?

Anonymous 210176

troons led us to radical feminism

Anonymous 210177

I'm proud of you, anon.

Anonymous 210178

this weekend I gave a chocolate milk to a guy with a literal crackpipe in his mouth, just kind of hanging out of it like a cigarette or lollipop, I couldn't stop staring at him. he took the pipe out and started repeating dialogue from television shows word-for-word for like 30 minutes until security walked him away because he was kind of blocking the flow. the people who come for food seem to be a mix of very poor people who kinda look normal, very sick looking drug addicts (open sores etc.), and a lot of mentally disabled people (it's mostly them honestly, the government should have never closed the mental hospitals).

Anonymous 210179

LC has gone to the zoomers some time ago, so it's more like "are you too old"

Anonymous 210181

>the government should have never closed the mental hospitals
Unironically this. And I'm even one of the first tards they'd have put in a straight-jacket, kek.

Anonymous 210182

im 28

Anonymous 210183

im shipping you two now kiss

Anonymous 210184

shipping us where?

Anonymous 210185


Anonymous 210186

but im fat

Anonymous 210187

its the worse day lord lolcow down and im cramping

Anonymous 210189

LC never before went down during ownership transfers. Shaymin gave no explanation for why this has occurred. I have a hunch that >>210124 is right and Shaymin is banking on the naïveté of newfags so that it can seem like she's transferring ownership.

Anonymous 210190

I have proof shaymin is shayna

Anonymous 210191

the only reason i could think of why the site went down is because they're trying to switch vps
either that or they just borked something, again, which is probably more likely
iirc can't you just add a new admin from the moderation page in tinyboard/vichan?

Anonymous 210192

Then post it?

Anonymous 210194


lolcor bebe!

Anonymous 210195

Shayna doesn't exist, her "break up" with Shane just an long analogy for her feelings on lolcow. Taking over for a short time (meeting shane and falling in love), the site is constantly down with no answer (Shane not answering Shayna as soon as he gets home), "Breaking up with Shane but blaming him), Shaymin at first "Broke" the site to fix it, then got mad at us because we didn't react how she liked + she's stressed/holidays. She's constantly asking us through her preformance art piece "Shayna" why don't we love her or care.

Anonymous 210197

depends on how they're doing it i guess
gotta remember this is non tech literate people working on the site so anything that shouldn't take long ends up taking extra long with many fuckups inbetween (probably, assuming out of my ass)

Anonymous 210198

this is why she won't let us have the Shaynatourim, she knows I'll post that and expose her preformance art piece. She said she's a "Fan" of Shayna to throw us off the scent. I been realized the simularlities and I planed on exposing tht through perfectly worded "Coded' posts on the Shayna Tourim. NOTICE during the drama Shayna aka Shaymin was at her "mom's House.
is a tactic that very manpulative people use because nobody would "Qurstion"visiting your mother. Also she said she sould've been with her family, SHE WAS with her mom.
All of the disgusting things "Shayna" claims she wants to happen, is her describing how tied up, abused and infantalized that running the site makes her. It's actually quite sad

Anonymous 210199


Anonymous 210200

same anon, when Shayna said she jumped out of the car after an agrument with her mom, that was her saying how she felt about lolcow and the drama. She felt like she was literally jumping out of a car to try to fix the site. It all lines up too. Shayna isn't real

Anonymous 210201

i need to be retarded on /ot/ what the fuck am i supposed to do with the retarded things i have to say? just let them live in my brain and kill me?

Anonymous 210202

give them to me nonee i will bear the burden of your brainworms

Anonymous 210203


Anonymous 210205

Anonymous 210208

sorry to sadpost in the damn bunker but i feel so useless and invisible, sometimes being anon is nice where i don't have to be anything but man what a time for /ot/ to be down. take care of yourself s

Anonymous 210210

okay. today my mom randomly told me that as a baby when she would read me those baby books with pictures of other babies in them i was exclusively interested in the asian babies and only the asian babies. This could makes sense if i was asian but i am white. Also, inexplicably, ever since adolescence i have only ever been attracted to people with east asian features. This begs the question, can babies be racist? Was i born problematic?

Anonymous 210211

…nona did you give chocolate milk to Hunter Biden

Anonymous 210213


i'm hungry

Anonymous 210214

Hard agree. People argue "BUT THE HOSPITALS were UnSaFe!!!1 There was abuse!!"
Ok, so these people, unable to care for themselves, are safer being left on the street to languish and die of exposure/disease/overdoses? Not to mention the rate at which homeless women are raped and murdered every year.

Anonymous 210215

The part you’re missing is the government clowns and hospitals are liable for the abuse in their buildings and can claim ignorance to what’s on the streets. It’s fucked.

Anonymous 210216

I always thought asian babies look very happy they have nice smiles. So do adult asians. Almond and asian eyes are very friendly. You like what you like

Anonymous 210217



Anonymous 210218

decent photoshop, you even got an identical font

Anonymous 210219

Inspect element

Anonymous 210220


Anonymous 210222

Anonymous 210226

i miss the shayna and venus thread s im so sad

Anonymous 210228

Hello bby

Anonymous 210230

I was just catching up noooooo

Anonymous 210244


i edited crystal i love how it looks for me

Anonymous 210245

are your eyes ok? mine wouldn't handle that

Anonymous 210247


i like this one best cause its secret

Anonymous 210252

looks like how a lime lacroix tastes

Anonymous 210255

goodnight s

Anonymous 210258

crying how am i meant to ask stupid questions in the stupid questions thread when my lolcor is down

Anonymous 210259

How long does it take to hand over adminship

Anonymous 210260

make a thread here?

Anonymous 210265

you're a monster

Anonymous 210270


luca my beloved

Anonymous 210274


Anonymous 210275

inb4 she surprises us with nucow 2.0

Anonymous 210286

I have a weird pain in my chest and I don't know if it's a pulled chest muscle, my heart or if my boob hurts. I shouldn't have had so much cheese, wine, caffeine and salty soup this past year. If I have a heart attack RIP me, it's been a pleasure shitposting with you all on our beloved lolcor dot com

Anonymous 210287

Everyone is a newfag but me.

Anonymous 210292

I was thinking about it during the day and now that I'm online, I forgot about it

Anonymous 210295

how has eugenia cooney not died yet
I don't hate her or anything, I'm just genuinely surprised her body hasn't just given up

Anonymous 210298

If you're shocked about EC you should look up Ashley Isaacs

Anonymous 210305

oh holy crap she's the one I recognized from the banner! mystery solved

Anonymous 210330

based happy mondays nonnna


Skelly egirl streamer fame sustains her. If she became irrelevant I’m convinced she’d die or recover.

Anonymous 210333


me irl

Anonymous 210336

political lesbianism

Anonymous 210340

I just checked my facebook and realized I don't even like most of these people I'm friends with on social media. I don't really have a 'girl group' anymore since moving to a new city and it's hard to find people who get my sense of humor. I wish I could be friends with all of you spergs IRL and grab drinks together


Me but it’s this

Anonymous 210349

Anonymous 210374


I want a caramel strawberry coffee but I already had my allotted sugar-y food for the day. It will have to wait until the morning, I guess.

Anonymous 210396


hi nonnitas, we’re back here again huh

Anonymous 210398

biggest fear is when lolcow page wont load so i go on cc and the bunker thread is the very first one on the page

Anonymous 210404

back again and this thread is immediately derailed with fingerprinting and 'dis u oldmin'

if i have to read the word gayops one more time itt im gonna lose it

Anonymous 210405

what if the site comes back online and there's nothing but a gigantic spinning cow gif

Anonymous 210409

then i will thank shaymin for finally improving the website

Anonymous 210417

can someone tell these people that nobody cares about their beef with each other just fix the site and fuck off

Anonymous 210420

this, all this drama is irrelevant to the site. we just want the site back up and lolcow-wide peace to be restored.

Anonymous 210422

"these people" are not the ones running the site thank god kek. but I don't know why they're so obsessed with us, i'm not up to date on the lore

Anonymous 210426

Post the recipe!

Anonymous 210427

Not until the vendettachan gets her way

Anonymous 210431

no this is directed towards admin too since she's incapable of not involving herself in it and feeding it further which is very embarrassing

Anonymous 210432

Refresh the page and see the sheer number of deleted replies. Still believe it isn't one anon (probably a certain someone) trying to push their gayops against admin?

Anonymous 210433

at least two, I'm so tired of these retarded lc anons

Anonymous 210435

I'm sure it was easier to not bring attention to yourself

Anonymous 210436

it's because cc has a rule against drama. we are usually allowed to discuss this on here but since you had to have a meltdown again….

Anonymous 210439

all internet communities fall by the hands of gay discord drama eventually

Anonymous 210443


unfortunately it's the inevitable circle of life on the modern internet. god i genuinely hate discord and those on it. i curse the day it was ever conceived. even irc is better

Anonymous 210448

I get why janis deleted the screenshots but they should really delete all the crazy denial ramblings as well. It gives a one sided story of what actually happened. Unless they're just picking a side here, I guess

Anonymous 210454

I've been feeding on oldmins sanity, I'm not sorry.

Anonymous Moderator 210461

This is not lolcow screenshot spammer. Read the rules and follow them or fuck off.

Anonymous 210466

Other moid goes by Ethan Ralph from the ralph retort.. scrote has awful online footprint…

Anonymous 210470

hi everybody what did i miss? why is a mod in here kek what did you guys do

Anonymous 210472

i don't think we are allowed to talk about it anymore it summons unsavory characters and keeps our dear leader from fixing the site

Anonymous 210477

Bark bark, wow its so chill in here, totally different vibes over here at the cafe, wow, woof woof arf

Anonymous 210479

Keking at hating discord like it's the problem and not just retards on the internet. Discord is just like MSN if you're not a fucking weirdo.

Anonymous 210480

I've been obsessively watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

Anonymous 210481

kys furry scum

Anonymous 210482

I hope she uses one of mine, I posted my collection a few months back

Anonymous 210483

I'm not a furry anon I'm making barking noises because I'm making fun of the janny. Seriously you are part of the reason LC is in shambles with your quickness to jump into paranoid hatred kek

Anonymous 210484


kek it was a joke. i just wanted to tell someone to khs i'm having a bad day

Anonymous 210485

Well now we both look like assholes, I love you nonners

Anonymous 210487


ily too

Anonymous 210488

nah its just her that looks like an asshole

Anonymous 210489

Another day in the bunker.

Anonymous 210491


Post good manhate memes I need to fill my folder.

Anonymous 210493


Here we go again.

Anonymous 210495

Anonymous 210499

I watched a couple of episodes of fringe and it’s crazy how bad it is, in my childhood memories it was a rad spooky show

Anonymous 210500

Nah it’s broken for me too. I wanted to check 2X and Pixielocks thread, drat

Anonymous 210501

I know where you got this you smelly bitch

Anonymous 210502


Lmfao we back to another bunker situation?

Anonymous 210503

Oh c'mon now you goof ball we were both little ass hats and you know it, and now so are you

Anonymous 210504

Tf are you doing then? lol

Anonymous 210505

I've made a positive impact on your lives and you friggin cracker jacks don't even know me, that's real power. I've interacted with you one on one on multiple occasions, you have my memes and art saved in your phones, I'm in your mind and you can't even tell I'm there. Poppin a squat on your juicy pink brains making myself at home.

Anonymous 210507


I wish Skype was popular again and nonas could all have a gigantic insane Skype call

Anonymous 210508

Me when someone steals one of my memes KEK

Anonymous 210510

That's the beauty of it, it applies to more than just me! I have your memes and you have mine, it's a miracle

Anonymous 210513

Holy hell me too

Anonymous 210518

No one would talk

Anonymous 210519

Nonita Bonita you can bet my silly ass would not shut up

Anonymous 210523

Anyone able to access it right now or is it just me that can't?

Anonymous 210525

Still down for me champ

Anonymous 210528

I’m sitting next to my mirror and the portal hasn’t reopened yet

Anonymous 210534


Well darn… guess its bunker time

Anonymous 210537

What did she mean by this? Genuinely. It doesn't seem like anons were spamming lolcow screenshots?

Anonymous 210538

Remember the kirby fucker debacle

Anonymous 210540

I think a lot of replies got deleted based on some replies in the thread.

Man I just want lolcow back up so I can make fun of crazies on twitter.

Anonymous 210541

How long until she comes here with her kirby fuck slit fetish again

Anonymous 210542

It’s been a long day and I just want to laugh at troons and onlyfats degenerates with my sisters in christ, is that too much to ask?

Anonymous 210545

but msn didn't require a phone number and wasn't ran by furry mods

Anonymous 210547

She always has to post a pic of her Kirby art or someone else's fanart and then write at least two paragraphs detailing how she's NOT weird, Kirby ISN'T A CHILD AND THEREFORE CAN LEGALLY BE FUCKED BY KING DEDEDE, Kirby has a PUSSY, etc.

Anonymous 210548

It was screen caps of lolcord and yesterweb posted by someone claiming to be Elaine

Anonymous 210549

Anonymous 210550


Anonymous 210551

Me when the new most recent Shayna thread has a picture that I personally made (stole from Google) for the thread pic without paying me one million dollars

Anonymous 210555

Literally me

Anonymous 210556

I want to see nona, will you post your favorites?

Anonymous 210557


why is farmcow now gone aswell, even if lc was supposedly fixed (it isn't), farmcow should've stayed up for at least a week longer just as a "backup" option
what a shitty situation to wake up to

Anonymous 210560

I don’t mind her at all — I love her — but this is very accurate lol

Anonymous 210562


Anonymous 210565


I don’t want to stay here it smells weird and the lizards are closing in

Anonymous 210567


Anonymous 210569


I’m at my limit

Anonymous 210572

this. admin we don't give a fuck about any of this internal drama shit in the end. it's irrelevant, just bring back lolcow

Anonymous 210573

I love that big bunny

Anonymous 210575

So if Shaymin is oldmin does that mean she willl probably stay and we don't need new admin? It seems the movement to a new admin hasn't happened though I'm sure there were applicants. That screenshot seems like the same writing voice Shaymin had on the temp meta thread on newlolcow, so it does seem to be the same person. Might explain why she avoids interacting on the actual boards in case she's outed

Anonymous 210583


I’m udderly exhausted

Anonymous 210584

when will lolcor come back to i can shit up the vent thread with my 1st world problems

Anonymous 210586

Bc Elaine cares I guess. It’s so terminally online

Anonymous 210591

It really doesn't matter

Anonymous 210597

Because it's true. It IS weird and Kirby ISN'T a child, at most he's young but that's about it. Anime Kirby would be considered a child but not Kirby within the games, the games are not within the anime universe and are within their own self contained canon similar to the light novels. Kirby having a pussy is more so headcanon with a tiny bit of backing since Kirby has no gender (primarily because Kirby is referred to as neutral pronouns that neither peg Kirby as female or male, NOA is what set male Kirby in stone) Kirby's neutral for the mere sake of marketing, Kirby can be boyish and Kirby can be girlish so in most case it's up to the individual of whether Kirby's a guy or a gal. You see a ton of fem!Kirby in derivative media, almost all of the doujins I own have Fem!Kirby so it's not a super wild concept just like the concept of game Kirby =/= anime Kirby =/= novel Kirby.

Anonymous 210600

Like clockwork

Anonymous 210603


It is true and you know it. I am tired of people who blindly assume things because of a poorly misdirected anime that came out in 2003. These casuals who unironically believe Kirby is a baby says poyo or that Dedede is a fullblown tard it's goddamn pestilence. Kirby is not baby and Dedede is not a special needs taken cared of by a middle aged homosexual, that's only in the anime. I am not awaiting the influx of casuals who'll come in because of RtDLD.

Anonymous 210604

is kirbyanon the same as dededeanon or is it someone else?

Anonymous 210605

Kys you avatarfagging weirdo who wants to fuck cartoon animals and… blobs

Anonymous 210609

Who is Kirby?

Anonymous 210610

I apologize. I didn't mean to avatarfag. If it gives you any solance, I only do this in the bunkerthreads and I have no plans to live past the age of 50. I should be asleep but my Father is watching TikToks and Family Guy and won't turn either down.

Anonymous 210611

Kirby is a video game character from the franchise Kirby. Though, it's not just video games Kirby's been in manga, an anime, and a novel series. There's also a shit tonne of merchandise.

Anonymous 210612

holy shit no one actually cares about your knowledge they're just getting a rise out of you for everyone to laugh at. you aren't enlightening anyone

Anonymous 210613

Kirbyanon thread on /snow/ when

Anonymous 210614

Tbh this I don’t mind Kirby anon but it seems people want to maker her mad so she can sperg

Anonymous 210615

farmcow is the same site with a different url and a line in css to mirror it. you can't keep it up if lolcow is down for work.

Anonymous 210617

Fuck, really? I thought Kirby was a sort of niche subject and because of that there tends to be a lot of confusion on characterizations and such surrounding them, so yeah it does piss me off, but I figured it'd be best to at least correct so misinformation doesn't spread.

Anonymous 210619

God I hate kinkfags

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