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Rap hate thread. Anonymous 208896

I guess I am going to make a post about it because im peak rap rn and sick of generic rap artist moids who get away with all their abuse, just because they're shitty rap artists.

I know some female rap artists are actually pretty descent because you can hear heart and brains in there most of the time. You know how much they put up with to be there and.make the music

But I wish someone would tell me why, the other half of the time, the producers go waaay out of their way to look for the stupidest stupidest shill / asshole with the lamest possible ego to write music for the lowest common denominator at least 75% of the time

It's like they get inspiration from alcohol induced brain damage.

Why are all the men involved
usually such shameless sleazebags?? I don't know why Im expected to be understanding and tolerant of the sound of what usually feels like a disease.

I hate that rap and rap infused pop music took over the music industry In the 2010s/20s.

It reminds me of the end times, low energy, and low end taste shitting up the culture at sounding like the height of human stupidity.

I feel extremely sorry for women like Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Megan Thee Stallion, who were abused by some rap filthwad with pure hatred. The industry almost always turns its back on the victims in rap culture no matter how beautiful or talented the woman was.

I wish someone would explain to me why rock music makes attempts to hide crass trashified lyrics… pornified cheap culture. Even a lot of death metal shrouds meaning in hard noise and leaves a ton of lyrics to imagination and interpretation. The air of mystique isnt competely defiled and bulldozed for cheap modes of expression

Why does 95% of rap reminds me of porn addiction. I cannot hear rap and not think of the sleaziest porn addicted coomers WHY

Anonymous 208907

Aaliyas was too convenient I don't think it was an accident.

Anonymous 208909

It's time to return to prog, and jazz, and classical

Anonymous 208912

You're not going to find good rap music if it's mainstream. Most "artists" that came out within the last 7 years are garbage anyway, gen z doesn't know any better

Anonymous 208928

Gangstas Paradise was the only good rap song I've ever heard

Anonymous 208930

Recent media is nothing but content made for money and/or agenda, dig dipper.


Anonymous 208938

I agree. And motown and funk, r&b..

From the way it looks, it almost seems intentional. Like complete cultural murder. To intentionally lock out serious musical genius, respectable music& black culture. To keep it from getting made, so you only have a bunch of sleazebags representing the culture of music.

I'm not even black but if I lived trough all the periods and watched music go from what it was to what it is now, i would kind of be fucking pissed.

I don't care how good some rap from the 90s is, it's not in nearly as good company as it used to be.

I mean surely fans of rap realize this and notice the staggering difference.

Anonymous 208950


>Moids: "why do women always ignore our wittle feel feels :c"
>Also moids: The only idea of a "relatable song" they can come up with is some sexually predatory developmentally stunted junkie faggot going "this bitch broke my heart, this bitch broke my heart, this bitch broke my heart" while drowning it in autotune.

Anonymous 208985

Juice wrld was a good artist

Anonymous 209028

The song where he sampled Sting was breddy good

Anonymous 209037

No. Follow in his example.

Anonymous 209822

bladee better.gif

bladee better

Anonymous 209824

Based and drainpilled.

Anonymous 209946


love bladee! been a fan for years. i appreciate the artpop direction that he has taken his recent music. incidentally, i'm pretty sure he is the cutest moid alive which is a nice bonus

Anonymous 209959

Immortal Technique is so fucking good, I'm glad to see other people enjoy him.

Anonymous 214180

Most rap is shit and I don’t trust men that are into rap at all, no matter their race, but it’s especially gross when black men blast rap music talking about horrible things right in front of their children/other peoples children and it’s degenerate as fuck. Anytime I ask for female rapper recommendations usually people send me libfem bullshit “music” about fucking scrotes and getting money, no real difference. I like some of what Queen Latifah put out a long time ago, Just Another Day and Evil That Men Do are good. I stick to hip hop beats and some rap instruments and jazz

Anonymous 214211

not anymore though

Anonymous 214215

I used to be a big rap/hiphop fan but since learning about radical feminism it's so hard to like a majority of it anymore. There's just so much misogyny ingrained into the genre.

Anonymous 214219


I googled him. Is this really same guy as your pic? He looks like Ezra Miller here.

Anonymous 214229


He's known to have notorious shapeshifting abilities.

Anonymous 214266

I love how MF Doom sounds but his song lyrics disgusted me in Meat Grinder and another song, I forgot what it was called but he talks about some girl who was 13 and good and how she got pregnant and redditors were like "he's talking about the music industry!" But that's still a weird metaphor.
Meat grinder talks about an underage stripper named China who he pimps and forges signatures on checks for him. Probably a metaphor or nonsense but it's still weird.
>China was a neat signer, trouble with the script
Digits double dipped, bubble lipped, subtle lisp midget
Borderline schizo, sort of fine tits though
Pour the wine, whore to grind, quarter to nine, let's go
Ever since ten eleven, glad she made a brethren
Then it's last down, seven alligator seven, at the gates of heaven

Anonymous 214301

Dumbest rap song lyrics I've heard (against my will, they got popular)

>Got up out my Birkin, my Birkin, she say a virgin, it's hurtin

>For you ima let you hit it for free for you haha I'ma let you hit it for free

>come and get yo girl she be tryna flirt so I tell her whee whoops whee whoo

>I took a wooooooOooooOooock to Poland

>she say she a lesbian girl me too

>Wrist on glitter, waist on thinner

I'ma show you how to bag a eight-figure nigga,Face on my zaddy, pockets on Jigga, You better get the card and make it swipe like tinder

>I don't cook i don't clean but let me show you how I got this ring gobble me swallow me

Anonymous 214308

>For you ima let you hit it for free for you haha I'ma let you hit it for free
I hate to say it but I love ppcocaine.

Anonymous 214400

How stupid do you think I am??? If I was 14 then maybe, MAYBE I'd have been stupid enough to gaf.

Rap industry men are bottom of the barrel idiots and sleazebags. Only in high school does it work because theyre braindead enough, women are naive enough not to tell the difference. They're all virtually the same no matter what they write, no matter how good it sounds its tainted by soul sucking energy. Whats the point??? Its just a guy wanking to himself in the mirror. The least attractive quality a guy can have the only women aroud them are always prostitutes or strippers. Every faggot I've ever known to listen to rap or enjoy it had the gutter brain and gutter personality to go along with it.

I wouldn't be so mean if the men themselves weren't so irreconcilably nasty

They never earn the repulsive gutter ego they just trip all over creation to shove it in your face, or threaten you with violence like the irredeemable violent, entitled stupid narcs they are.

Holy fuck it is so unattractive

Anonymous 214406

And no I don't give a fuck how sad it is poor big shitty asshole doesn't get all the worship he demands. I wish any rapey moid with that level of entitlement/rage would just go over a fucking cliff

It's a plague on our culture it creates the sleaziest most vile fucking men. The good among them are extreme rarities because the culture at large is a sleazy sausage fest at its core.

Anonymous 214541

I really resent this pushback that occurred in the 2010s that, if someone said they didn't like rap at all, they were accused of being lame and corny. I'm an older millennial and I remember in the 00s and before not every single genre of music had to have hip hop infused into it.

It's really annoying how it's taken over everything. Also rap artists are weirdly held to more permissive standards than others. It was always weird to me that Robin Thicke got dragged so hard for that song when it's positively tame by the standards of even mainstream rap. Maybe it's a racial thing idk.

Anonymous 214545

Screenshot 2023-01…

ofc it's a racial thing, if someone claims they don't like rap they're accused of racism.
for example picrel

Anonymous 214546

Not a country fan but I've heard that before. That country is just music for and by hicks. What is this person on about?

Yeah and the pure outrage about Baby It's Cold Outside. I think both songs are a little creepy, especially Blurred Lines, but the sheer moral panic regarding them when plenty of rappers, regardless of race (look at some of the shit Eminem says, for example), say way more outlandish things.

Anonymous 214548

Bladee is garbage. So are Lil Peep, Eminem and all the others some people try to make exceptions for for some reason. I only like rap that's made by women and that isn't hypersexual.

Anonymous 214849

Pffft and this is so ludicrous. If anything rap is a giant smear campaign to black culture at large which used to be classy af. Now you can't put rap music on anywhere in a normal public setting, without getting heat for how steeply offensive and nasty it is. No matter where you go people will tell you to turn that shit off

Anonymous 214850

One good thing about Bladee is that his lyrics are not hypersexual. You can say a lot about his music, but that's definitely not one of them.

Anonymous 217589

Black music was always seen as "nasty".
To 70s conservatives Funkadelic may as well had been the same thing as the Sex Pistols.
Even Miles Davis who was one of the most respected musicians in American history was seen as "degenerate" and "sleezy".

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