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Things you did/learn during lockdown Anonymous 209621

So how was your 2020? What things that you started doing during that time are still a part of your life today? In my case:

-spent too much time reading rpf, used to think I'd never be interested in that and that people that do it are crazy
-make a first and last time attempt at online dating
-learn how to use a sewing machine
-tried embroidery too but found sewing to be more fun

Also everyone and their mother started growing vegetables, at least in my country. I wanted to do it but there are no good spots in my yard

Anonymous 209622

- Maybe best of all, I learned how to control my anxiety. Basically, you sit down somewhere comfy and familiar, get a large glass of really cold water, slowly drink it, making it last as long as you can. Closing your eyes and focusing on the cool water travel down your throat into your stomach, cooling the warm inner parts of your body. I taught myself a bit of placebo trick which I shared with my therapist and have had some really good feedback on.

- as an extrovert, I learned how to truly be alone. My flatmates left the country and I was alone on a farm with no cell service and very weak internet (dial up speed). My country was in lockdown for months, therefore I spent that time feeling isolated from the earth.

- I bought myself an ounce of ouid and intended to smoke it over that time but started picking out the seeds (it was trash but all I could organise with literally 3 hours notice until we went into lockdown). With these seeds, I began to research, germinate and grow them. I learnt a lot about caring for plants and how so much work can all be blown away by simple mistakes.

- It taught me patience, I had to line up for hours waiting in queues just to get simple groceries… only to find many of the things I wanted/needed were simply out.

- Growing the plants blossomed a love for gardening. I now live in another place and grow my own food and herbs.

- I learned to not be scared of the dark. My washing machine and dryer were in a seperate outhouse well away from the main house, terrifying at nighttime.

- I learned that I don't need to go out every weekend and infact, solitude is comfortable with no pressure to perform for others.

- I also learnt that 800ug is my LIMIT…..

- I learnt how grateful for sex toys and 'essential sex shop shipping services' were…. i was probably having an O 100 times a day LOL… she hasn't recovered since, always slightly numb.

- I learnt to cherish the time I have had with my family, my grandparents have poor health and I really feared for them during the early days when we didn't know much about the virus and I worried that I wasn't able to visit their funeral, should the worst happen.

Thank you for sharing this OP, you have allowed me to reflect on some very hard times in my life in which I feel I came out significantly better. I think it is very important to relive some experiences you go through in order to appreciate the ones to come.

Anonymous 209701


Yeah a lot of people learned how to take the good from the bad in some way, and I think that was the best part of lockdown. Pretty nice achievements you got there nona, I'm proud of you

Anonymous 209705

What's rpf?
Most of us should get into the habit of growing at least some of our own food.
Main takeaway from 2020 for me is that they're trying to kill us. By fake oopsie accidentally breeding super-bugs and letting them out at some point. This is all a part of "illegal" bioweapons research and it's going on in more places than Wuhan. I didn't trust the government(s) before but now I know they're more than just denying us adequate healthcare as a plan of neglect, they're going to keep making these profitable schemes to eliminate the weakest of us.

Anonymous 209720

Real person fanfic, I got into one specific pair tho, not in general cos I still think it's pretty cringe

Anonymous 209818

was ass deep in uni work throughout most of lockdown so not much. started reading a lot though. wrote more than i ever had before. got famous in a niche internet community for a while lol. fell in ill-fated love

Anonymous 209819

I've learned absolutely nothing nonas, my lifestyle didn't change at all pre-during-post lockdowns
>I got into one specific pair
at first, it's just one couple and then…

Anonymous 209923

I learned to longboard, drive an RV, sew, embroider, and garden.

Anonymous 209934

Honestly same. I just binged things, played video games, and watched movies. I continued my piano practice and knitting but I still suck at both. I started sleeping at correct hours even though I hate sunshine.

Anonymous 209940

>learned embroidery and how to paint with acrylics
>began to truly love myself and others
>stopped wearing makeup (never wore heavy makeup, I just have acne and now who cares? Men don't have to cover theirs.)
>new security in self means I take external opinions less seriously and instead analyze others and share love and kindness (to a point)
>fell madly in love with a friend, the friendship ended, dated someone else which made me realize things about myself, and I am now comfortable by myself (but still a romantic at heart)
>consumed many sitcoms and caught up on some normie TV
>gained the confidence to make friends and enter new social situations
>developed a good deal artistically
I had a complete character arc. The me before COVID was a different woman, and I'd hug her if I could.
I also learned how to sew and bead recently, but that's post-lockdown for me.

Anonymous 210239

>>got back into crocheting
>>learned to use procreate
>>started a garden
>>learned to stick and poke
>>relearned to sew
>>made my first roast chicken
>>made my first pound cake

Anonymous 210473

At the beginning of covid lockdown in March 2020 I decided to lose weight. Lost 50 pounds and have kept it off ever since

Anonymous 210661

> Cleared up my skin from acne and pimples, it’s not perfect
> draw a lot more
> started learning how to code
> got curious enough to try 3d modelling
> gained enough confidence to use VC in games and interact with people
I always feel like I could have done more but I try to be kind to myself.

Anonymous 210724


Stretching/yoga. I started doing it because I had back pain from sitting hunched over from playing Animal Crossing for 12 hours a day. It was also just something nice to start my day with, and now my entire day feels off if I don't stretch at least a little bit. I usually follow a 20 minute stretching routine, and if I have time/feel like it, I'll also do a short work out. I am the most flexible I have ever been in my life, and I am so close to achieving front splits which wasn't even my intention when I started this but I just tried it out one day recently to see how far down I could go and I am SO close!!

Anonymous 210727

Same here! I forgot to include it. I was playing a lot of video games during 2020. I didn't stick with them as much but I'm so glad I found something that helps relieve back pain

Anonymous 210739

I read some books

Anonymous 210745

I feel like people like to rag on yoga but I think there's something for everyone! No need to do some really crazy shit, I do the most easy and simple routine every morning and it just feels good lol.

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