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Anonymous 209711

i will never let go of my plush toys!! no matter how old i am!! i don't care!! they bring me comfort!! this thread is for nonas that want to celebrate owning cute plushtoys and decorating their rooms with them!!! i love you!!!

Anonymous 209714

I like to sleep cuddling plush toys. I don't have any at the moment because I just moved but I have a Pochita pillow that is a nice shape for sleeping with.

I desperately want a huge bear or Moomin plushie but I share a single mattress with my husband so there's no room.

Anonymous 209715

I like plush toys but they're terrible to my allergies.

Anonymous 209718


My mom threw away my two closest plush toys, and I still think she did that on purpose. I only have a rilakkuma with a small stuffed bear left, and I'm thinking about passing rilakkuma to my little cousin anyway.

Anonymous 209774


My grandma gave me a black cat plushie for Halloween and its so cute, it even has a little witch's hat

Anonymous 209782


i don't like having too many stuffed animals but this is literally my favorite thing i own. i bring it every where i can (whilst avoiding embarrassment) and i sleep with it every night. there is not enough words to describe how much i fucking love this thing. it's the greatest texture and has the right amount of stuffing - also it's my favorite animal in the world. i will never get rid of it, it's my most prized possession.

Anonymous 209790


My plushies were very dear to me but my mother threw them in the trash

Anonymous 209794

I love plushies! l collect squishmellows they're great for cuddling in bed

Anonymous 209806

Are you all teenagers ??? I am worried I've been chatting and making threads with teenagers all along.

Anonymous 209807

Time hurts so much. I miss my childhood plushies. Not a week has gone by without thinking of the lost plushies from my childhood.

Anonymous 209809

i'm in my early twenties, just a bit mentally stunted

Anonymous 209810


I'm and adult nona, plus teenagers aren't allowed to post here. I work and study at a university and yes, I still keep my room with lots of plushies because it brings me emotional comfort and helps with stress. Why is it seen as bad for adults to enjoy their own plush toys? I buy them myself with the money I earn. It's not like I'm using alcohol or any other drug to calm myself down. It can help with trauma. Being seen as childish is the least of my worries because of how damn stressful adult life can be.

Anonymous 209815

I'm in my 30s. Just like holding something while I sleep. It's comforting.

Anonymous 209830

We need a thread for 30+ nonas. From the look of the board, the old anime banners, you would think it's made for our age group. And yet it's mostly women in there 20s ? I don't have plushes, image boards are apparently my version of plushes. Also in my 30s.. I CANNOT give up off the grid boards and websites. I feel like i would get flack for posting here though.

Anonymous 209833

pretty sick lettuce animal
>Why is it seen as bad for adults to enjoy their own plush toys?
probably projection and how they view adults "should be". it would be mature of them to keep their comments to themselves though
as long as it doesn't impact your life negatively it's fine to have any trinkets you like
talk about the grid boards anon don't be shy

Anonymous 209834

I feel like I can only repeat the same thing so much. I just steer clear of social media.

Anonymous 209838


I am a 24-year old woman and I sleep with six different plushies. I'd sleep with even more of them if I could fit them on my bed and it didn't become an even bigger pain moving even more plushies on and off again every time I make my bed. Nothing wrong with it.

Anonymous 209839

Sometimes I wake up and I'm hugging my cat like a stuffed animal it's the cutest but she does not permit this if I'm awake

Anonymous 209910

I want to buy one. I've visited so many toy shops over the years just to browse plushies. I don't mind waiting until I find the perfect one. There's something satisfying about looking for something so frivolously non-essential and having all the time in the world to look at hundreds of plushies to pick the best one and take it home.

Anonymous 210036

My time to shine. I'm 23 and I collect plush toys. My favourite to sleep with is a large horse plush my nigel gave me for Christmas

Anonymous 210051

I've had a Hello Kitty plush (who has a plush teddy bear of her own) that I've cuddled with when I go to bed since I was about 10. I'm 30 now, and I still hug her when I go to sleep. No shame.

Anonymous 210090

this is so cute

Anonymous 216348


i love uglydolls

Anonymous 216353

I still have mine but I leave them on a shelf in my closet. I don't care about people's judgement of me still having them (Scrotes don't usually even care) I just don't trust them not to get damaged from idek what.
Some of them are not even from this continent and while not exactly valuable they are sure as hell not replaceable immediately so I'm protective of them.

Anonymous 216359

I love my stuffed animals and will never get rid of then. I am over 31 and have one pig plushie that I take with me as soon as i have to sleep somewhere else. Whoever said you can't own them, because you are to old has no joy in life. My mother also has some. So.. yeah. Do not get rid of them! Love them! Best buddies!

Anonymous 216360

I moved in with my boyfriend and he knocks my plushies off the bed in his sleep. I want to knit a little seatbelt for them, but that seems like a strangulation hazard.

Anonymous 216398

I took my favorite 5 plushies to university.
My friend needed a co driver to visit her fiance when he was going to Iraq and I drove, but I took my favorite teddy bear.
His friend met us, saw the bear and asked if it was mine, I admitted it.
He said he loved a woman unfraid to take her bear with her.
We're married and that bear is on our bed every day.

Anonymous 216409

Sew buttons onto them and them sew some slots onto the sheet to button them to the bed.

Anonymous 217333

I cuddle one every night that my husband actually bought for me. It's absolutely the perfect size to hold to my chest and hug. I sometimes sleep holding two (one I brought from my parents' house) when I'm really in need of comfort. I still have my childhood stuffed animals at my parents' house. I should bring them all to my house. One is quite old and has been highly loved so I'm sure it's rather delicate. My husband just bought me another stuffed animal recently but right now it's just on the nightstand.

Anonymous 217432

images (7).jpeg

i have one of these headboards for my bed where i have all my plushies and stepping into my room brings me joy because of it

Anonymous 217450

Then how do you prop your head for reading in bed?

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