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Anonymous 210506

Hi Nonas,

What do you think of my chickem?

thank you

Anonymous 210515

She’s beautiful

Anonymous 210517

thank you (:

Anonymous 210522

She can cook me and eat me if she should ever need the sustenance to survive

Anonymous 210524

Tell her I love her pls

Anonymous 210526

I miss having hens. Mine would run over to me and crouch on my feet so i’d pick them up.

Anonymous 210531

:0 I would not let her do that to you.
ok (:
that is so cute, nona!
This one is a thai chicken.
which one was yours?

Anonymous 210543

arise chicken

Anonymous 210618

YWNBAC you will never be anonita's chicken

Anonymous 210620

noooooooooo why even live

Anonymous 210637

shes very cute , whats her opinion on corn vs wheat?

Anonymous 210680

What do her eggs taste like ?

Anonymous 210816


Anonymous 210915


Like eggs i suppose.

She doesn't discriminate

This is her bf

Anonymous 210924

Do you live in a farm nona?

Anonymous 210947

yes (: but I only have two chichkems and don't factory farm or mass produce for companies its just for me and my family.

Anonymous 211095

the perfect couple… i wish i could have a relationship as perfect
what are their names?

Anonymous 211100

jimmy dean and geraldine

Anonymous 211113

They're so lovely. What a power couple ♡

Anonymous 211185

very cool. we had chickens for a little while, but a racoon got in and killed them.

Anonymous 211472


cece loves your chickens

Anonymous 211485

this is so cute omg

Anonymous 211517

that's adorable.

Anonymous 211601


Anonymous 211843

I love this so much, thank you for making my day

Anonymous 211871

>tall, dark, handsome bf

Anonymous 211915

Ah, it must be amazing to live on a farm, I hope you will have more chickens soon

Anonymous 211927

this is so cute wtf i love women and Cece and female chimkins

Anonymous 212097


Anonymous 212121


Holy shit

Anonymous 212485

Very good.

Is the wood piece to keep her in?

Anonymous 212486

she mentioned what her chicken's eggs tastes like so presumably not

Anonymous 212490

Very good thread i am smiling ear to ear

Anonymous 212576

Probably not.

I'm jelly OP, part of me would love to live on a farm but I'm too much of a city slicker, I'd die or something.

Anonymous 212687

No. I got nothing against them though. I think some vegan food is tasty like tofu. I eat that on egg…
I love the city too!!! That is where they sell tofu stir fry

Anonymous 213072

She is so beautiful, I hope she gets plenty of time to roam around outside. I had chickens when I was a child and I named them Kirsty and Rachel after my favourite book series Rainbow Magic. I miss the free eggs so much.
Is the rooster loud?

Anonymous 213943


He is not very loud. He crows loud in the morning but it's not enough to replace an alarm clock kek.

Also yeah. Last week there was a pretty bad storm, so she and the goats stayed locked up all last week. The weather seems to have cleared up through.

Anonymous 213946


Anonymous 213949

handsome lad

Anonymous 213950

i'm sorry about your chickens nona.. RIP
did you have any pictures of them?

Anonymous 213978

i'm sure i do somewhere, but i'm not gonna look for them, this was like 10 years ago lol.

Anonymous 213994

what are those little platforms under those open vents back there? do you have animals that go in and out of there?

Anonymous 213997

No, but I have to leave them open since my cat always finds a way to crawl under the house >:( idk how she does it.

Anonymous 214397

does your chicken like getting held/hugs? I’ve met so many chickens that love getting to cuddle I hope yours is one of them

Anonymous 214399

does it have large talons?

Anonymous 214478

really cool chicken. very big. may she bless you with company and eggs for many years

Anonymous 214507

She’s so cool. I hope she gives you lots of eggs and snuggles. Chickens are such sweet pets

Anonymous 217609


very cute:)
I love chickens, here are mine

Anonymous 218584

cute, do they have names?

Anonymous 218688

What's the difference between ordinary chicken and a thai chicken?

Anonymous 218697

i don't know, what?

Anonymous 218703

>This one is a thai chicken.

I was asking about this

Anonymous 218707

oh, i thought you were telling a joke lol

Anonymous 218744

i like your chickens. i also like ducks too

Anonymous 220753


these are so cute!!
they are so chubby….very pretty, nona.
Thai Chickens are just a different breed. They are "Longer" than, for example, a Rhode Island Red. Pic Rel

Anonymous 220754


a thai chicken for comparison.

Anonymous 220760

so elegant, the american one kinda thicc tho

Anonymous 221755

I hope you’ll give a chicken update and post more pictures of her

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