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Lolcow Bunker thread 3- It keeps happening Anonymous 211218

Anonymous 211220


Anonymous 211221

the other one is Sorn (Shayna Porn) and gross. This one covers up a -3 moid with a cute lolcor chick

Anonymous 211225

what if lolcow dies

Anonymous 211227

its crazy that people deny the notion of female celibates involuntary or not doesn't exist when the term spinster exist in multiple languages even ancient ones

Anonymous 211229

stop trying to make it happen, is not funny

Anonymous 211230

Fourth kettle

Anonymous 211231

Nta, but I firmly believe the only people that would get truly offended by the term are TiMs. Because they absolutely would believe it's an own and would get assmad if they were called femcel. And if you don't want to out yourself as a radfem, I think it's a nice insult to use that they can't claim is directly transphobic.

Anonymous 211232

And the term incel was coined by a woman, along with the movement itself until it got hijacked by men

Anonymous 211233

well you are here sooooo

Anonymous 211235

Sometimes i think they're doing it on purpose, like some kind of flex. "All women can get laid haha is so easy" they literally cannot imagine a reality were someone simply doesn't attract moids as much as they do if at all

Anonymous 211236

It's just the word "Incel" is a negative thing. Women choose not to have sex because they think they can't find a scrote who'd be what they want all the time. We just don't have male rage about it. Really don't shoot up places/random people.

Anonymous 211237

sorry, i thought you was the shayfag, my bad

Anonymous 211238


this cat shoots scrotes!

Anonymous 211239


Anonymous 211241

Good kitty. Give her treats and a good tummy rub.

Anonymous 211243

>women can get used and dumped every day of the week

Anonymous 211244

but why care about the new connotations and not take the word literally for what it is. like the two words it stands for instead of all the other crap that has nothing to do with celibacy and being incapable of attracting anyone? i don't understand. i don't even think anyone's calling themselves a femcel in real life anyway

Anonymous 211245

i want to puke

Anonymous 211246


a very good kitty!

Anonymous 211247

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who read it that way.

Anonymous 211248

I just want lolcow back

Anonymous 211249

I miss browsing lolcow during my work breaks. there’s this woman I know who posts heavily photoshopped images where she edits so much her head looks the same size as her arms and I wanted to post her in the bad shoop thread

Anonymous 211250

Any woman regardless of looks can make a tinder and have a new guy to fuck for every day of the week. I would say a femcel is someone like me. They can get most guys to fuck them but none of the want to talk to me or care about me. I have no friends and am a shut up.

Anonymous 211251

A spinster is not the same thing as an incel/femcel though. A woman who never got married could've done so for many different reasons, not just lack of interest from men.

Anonymous 211252


>saved bread ties all organized

Anonymous 211253

I’m a shut in*

Anonymous 211254

Stop acting like a scrote? Might be the issue here.

Anonymous 211255

>am a shut up.

Anonymous 211257

Which one of you fuuucking bitches gave me gnomes??? I was doing great keeping track of my stuff for quite literally years, and recently on the farms I've been reading about your gnomes and now I am absolutely certain I got them from one of you. I was thinking nah, I'm imagining it, after misplacing two things, but now- there so no doubt. I was looking for my eyeliner and brow pencil this morning before work, I looked all over the washing machine top (where I keep my makeup) but they weren't there. So I gave up and I come home, and they're both there, on the machine! No way I could have missed them this morning. Fuck gnomes

Anonymous 211258

i don't think moids care for women in general tho, not even the women they actually choose for a relationship, most women die at the hands of their partner

Anonymous 211259

All I got are dark fey and undead I dunno what to tell ya.

Anonymous 211260

i stand corrected. i didn't think about that. maybe i'm too affected by my religious country and being sheltered i forgot people are out there having sex without being married or having the intention to. i'm not even joking i'm retarded kek but in fairness the direct translation in my country means unloved unmarried woman

Anonymous 211261

why are people being mean to you? It's true, any woman searching for dick regardless of who it's attached too can find some dick haver to fuck. It's not a brag, it's facts,men treat their dicks like doorknobs.
Men are shitballs. It's not a flex, it's a fact of the matter, also no woman SHOULD be bragging that they can get dick, because it's not a flex.Men aren't a flex to anyone but pick me's. And if you bragging about a scrote (lol), he better be one thats in the top 1% of good ones.
Not someone who helps you clean your sims 4 mod folder or some shit

Anonymous 211264

How am I acting like a scrote?

Anonymous 211265

I want to see what others posted in the nofap /snow/ thread after I left.. Also reply to a nønna in the german thread..

Anonymous 211266


s, does anyone know good in-ear headphones? i want to replace my headset because they bring me a headache. i was looking at KZ ZSN Pro X and wanted an opinion.

Anonymous 211268

Yeah I think femcels exist but not in the way incels do. Most men just see femcels are a step up from masturbating. In their mind they’d rather cum in a warm hole then jerk off so it’s a whole degrading experience. I’ve had men tell me “a hole is a hole” before in regards to women.

Anonymous 211269

lmao the projection, she isn't the one with a whole snow thread dedicated to larping as a hacker

Anonymous 211270

causes of death cd…

>most women die at the hands of their partner
Scrotes are awful and do kill their female partners, but the leading cause for death in women is heart disease

Anonymous 211272

scrotes are a diease to the heart so it's their fault anyway

Anonymous 211273

Spotted oldmin.

Anonymous 211274

I know, what i meant is that, unlike scrotes (that get killed by random men/assaults) women often get killed by men they're close with

Anonymous 211275

you have to move on elaine

Anonymous 211276

Scrotes are dumb and I don't respect them, I just want to have sex with them.

Anonymous 211277

I think they meant when it's a violent death. They say the most dangerous times in a woman's life is when she's pregnant or leaving an abusive relationship for a reason.

Anonymous 211278

Not Elaine just telling someone to stop glowing.

Anonymous 211279

Ah, I see, I misunderstood

Anonymous 211280

I’d rather talk to people on lolcow over people in real life. I’m ok with having no friends.

Anonymous 211281

Anonymous 211282

You wanna know how you beat Elaine? You ignore the fuck out of her, she literally cannot handle it so to clarify that is my advice is all. Not on any side here.

Anonymous 211283

also, incels think they deserve a woman whose perfect in looks/submissive and they are just great. Or even if they aren't great, who cares they deserve that. Think how Josh from KF wants a trad wife but he can't even get his noodle to work and he's a low value male.

Anonymous 211284

Does crystal cafe have a GC/PP board/thread?

Anonymous 211285

Why does lolcow keep dissapearing?? Can someone explain this

Anonymous 211286

longshot but any scandinons here right now

Anonymous 211287


So sorry nona

Anonymous 211288

shaymin has given up the site to a new admin and she's transferring some files or some shit, I don't know

Anonymous 211289


Anonymous 211290

I will blame the cancer and heart disease on men too, because women get diagnosed later or not at all for massive sexist reasons.

Anonymous 211291

>the most dangerous times in a woman's life is when she's pregnant
This one here is a very dark statistic, is terrifying how society literally hides info like this just so women birth kids to men. Imagine finally getting pregnant and feeling happy about your baby, unaware you're closer to being murdered than ever

Anonymous 211292

Nae anon, I'm from NZ lel

Anonymous 211293

throwback omfg

Anonymous 211294

I'm not an audiophile but even I noticed the leap in audio quality. I recommend it as far as wired earphones go. My only issue is that I'm not a fan of the way monitor earphones create a vacuum and it hurts my ears in an hour or so. But that might be a me thing.

Anonymous 211295

I didn't realize how much men actually hate us till my ex told me he'd kill me if he found out I was pregnant with a girl. Society hides so much about the dangers of pregnancy from all angles. If actually giving birth or complications from pregnancy won't get us, surely the wrong scrote will.

Anonymous 211296

Fuck I had this discussion with a friend months ago and I just can't forget how fucking stupid all her arguments were. When I told her that if Warner Brothers decides that working with the studio isn't lucrative enough they'll probably cut them off, which might lead to mass layoffs. No matter your opinion on Rowling people unrelated to her will get the short end of the stick which is ridiculous, people's actual people's livelihood would be at stake while handmaidens and troons claim Rowling speaking her mind on the bird app is violence. She just went "well, whenever you boycott something there is always SOMEONE innocent that gets dragged into it. Even if it is some little factory worker in china. That's how it is" and I was about to lose it when she made that comparison.
And yes, I know the game will most likely sell fine. It has enough hype and normies that don't care/don't know about the Rowling drama to make profit. I was just trying to explain how ridiculous she was being.

Anonymous 211297

They're not really dangerous though are they? They're just mischievous rascals… Right??

Anonymous 211298

It's a reference and my personal belief lol

Anonymous 211299


Can somebody supply me with really bad baby names like pic rel?
Other examples

Anonymous 211300

Ew what the fuck? your ex was deranged. Surely there were red flags before that wild fucking statement.

A male friend once told me he'd make a girl get an abortion if she got pregnant and that's weird and controlling enough, but murder?

Anonymous 211301

Gnomes are fey and all fey lack morality soooo no most certainly not, gnomes could turn on you on a dime and shred your flesh with their tiny ceramic fangs.

Anonymous 211302

Bluetooth completely wireless will fall out if you're doing resistance training/high intensity exercise, hell even shit like yoga and Pilates. Going for a a secure clip pair of headphones is best OP

Anonymous 211303


Anonymous 211304

>any normal name that has vowels replaced with "y"
>any girl name that begins with "Mc"
>irish spellings of names when they're just regular ol' americans with distant irish ancestry (Aodhan instead of Aiden, etc.)

Anonymous 211305



Anonymous 211307

Anonymous 211308

There's a scrote on kiwifarms (he has a thread) who was whining about people buying the game. Turns out he told his ex wife that
>I'm going to wait until you have our daughter, then kill you and the baby
Thank god his daughter apperently isn't allowed around him, but this is the type of people whining about a fucking video game.
I'm going to keep saying it, every single streamer or scrote, who has a disclaimer about the game before they play it or says some slick shit about why they won't play it, i'm no longer watching.
I feel like Jerma may do this 50/50.
Like, "I don't care about Harry potter" or play it and say
>Hey guys,I know a bunch of drama around the game, transphobia sucks but lets just enjoy the game for what it is.
I don't care, I have very low tolerance for that bullshit these days

Anonymous 211309

Oh my gosh, I hope I don't get on their bad side

Anonymous 211310

Oh yeah he has a metric shitload of red flags. But as a BPD brainlet I had a lot too, so it was a toxic relationship made in the bowels of hell. He also said it more than once, so getting the abortion just felt like justice. Since when he wasn't in one of his "moods" he was crying about how he wasn't sure if his swimmers were swimming and how he wanted a kid with me

Anonymous 211312

Sorry n0nnie but the real meaning of "incel" is not even being able to get sex. If you want a guy to talk or care about you, you can go to any online community, announce you are female and be nice/outgoing. The only problem is 99% of men aren't really good people.
Incels technically aren't real either. All those men can also go on Tinder and get matches with women for sex. Many, many straight women's standards are in hell. You can be 45 and balding and fat and some girl will be like "He looks like my husband Paul Dano".

Anonymous 211313

based. my favorite of his is this one. i was addicted to it in middle school
also the end of this link says B0Y. neat

Anonymous 211314

I still think Euthanasia is a good name

Anonymous 211315


i watched castlevania two days ago and ugly cried over the tepes family twice. then i watched season four and regretted staying up to 6am to watch it, it was wack. the only thing that kept me going was how hot alucard and lenore were

Anonymous 211316


Mon amie noona….I miss youi

Anonymous 211317

Michaela but spelt trashy like Makayla

Tayla May and any variety of xyz -May hyphenated white trash

Anonymous 211318

What's up with season 4? I watched up until season 3 (I spoiled myself and decided not to watch it because it sounded too fanfiction-y)

Anonymous 211319

Makayla is pretty, Micheala is weird

Anonymous 211320

It is. The series goes downhill real fast I liked the ending though

Anonymous 211322

Jon Lajoie just got comedy, I always enjoyed how he would viscously mock a huge subset of male culture to its face and they'd just have to take it.

Anonymous 211323

Makayla sounds like it'd be pronounced MACK-ayla, Michaela looks like it'd be pronounced MIH-kayla. I like Michaela more.

Anonymous 211324

It shoves too much from the game in too fast and becomes a jumbled mess.

Anonymous 211325


Anonymous 211326

discrimination due to lack of research and stuff like that in the medical field definitely plays a part

Anonymous 211327

Farmcow is kill too anon, hold me

Anonymous 211329


Anonymous 211330

thank you for reinforcing my belief that femcel is not a real thing

Anonymous 211331

sparkling water is good and im tired of pretending it isn't

Anonymous 211332

ahh I used to watch his videos with my friend when we hung out after uni. Such good times!

Anonymous 211333

mfs will ~study~ male illnesses 850000 times yet barely conduct any research on female health issues

Anonymous 211334

tbh a lot of incels literally are not putting in the work to improve themselves mentally, physically, pretty much every -lly, and the ones that are good looking are shut-ins who fumble every opportunity or are fakecels who've had multiple opportunities to be intimate with a woman but turned them down. this would be fine if they didn't still call themselves incels and wallow in self-pity, it's embarrassing. overall, being an incel is just a mindset. i've known a good amount of virgin guys in their early 20s who don't identify as incels and have just never been that obsessed with having sex. they've wanted to do it, sure, but they're not desperate and they don't feel ashamed about their virginity. some of them have been in relationships, some haven't. they're also well-adjusted and lead normal lives. knowing men like this and lurking in incel spaces really flipped the way i look at self-identifying incels

Anonymous 211335

Ayrt. The problem with it is they make up complete hyperbole about things JK Rowling said, such as how if she had her way she'd want to "round up trans people and murder them" as one viral tweet I saw put it. Which isn't even true. As someone said in the lolcow Mtf thread, what Rowling has said at this point has become a game of telephone. It's gotten more and more outlandish and far from the truth as time has past and word has spread.

Moreover,they don't even hold other creators to the same standards. This tweet went viral and some of the responses lack any critical thinking. Like "Well if you buy the game, you're funding her transphobia". And? If you paid for a WoW subscription, you were lining the pockets of men who harassed their female coworkers. It's the exact same thing. They can boycott things on their own terms. I don't care if these kids don't wanna buy the Hogwarts game. But to act like it's any different to supporting other "problematic" brands is ridiculous. Why does Rowling and supporting her work have such an extreme moral judgement yet you don't see people screaming at you for buying, I don't know, Nestlé products?

For the record, I don't think Rowling said or did anything wrong (at least with regards to trans stuff and her essay) but if someone thinks she did, they should at least be logically and morally consistent. But I guess being a TERF is literally the worst thing you can be nowadays.

Anonymous 211336


mostly what the other n0nners said but i was a dedicated hector x lenore shipper and it was kill in the stupidest way possible so i’m salted. i also didn’t like them trying to force another relationship onto alucard, just let the man be a spooky boy all by himself.

Anonymous 211337

WHERES MY LOLCOR is it really dead this time??

Anonymous 211338

I am thinking about punching my 3D husbando. Not super hard. Like, imagine he says something stupid or out of place or rude and I just BOP him, maybe on the nose, and he goes quiet and ashamed that he said something wrong.
I'm sick as hell and I'm insane right now.

Anonymous 211339

Insane? That just sounds like regular slapstick to me.

Anonymous 211340

can nonners go to other threads and boards too to liven it up a little in here? makes me kind of sad to see all the newest replies/posts in the homepage are only come from the bunker

Anonymous 211341

kek OPnona I love you

Anonymous 211342


Edward furlong is the cutest boy ever. He married a 28 year old when he was 17.

Anonymous 211344

I am insane because that just makes me think about dating Buster Keaton and every time he does or says something wrong, the universe causes him to get hurt via his silly accidental stunts.

Anonymous 211345

images (9).jpeg

Though I agree scrotes push stress levels high on women, heart disease would be likely due to longer life expectancy, higher amounts of cholesterol and fat from a combination of estrogen, pregnancy weight fluctuations and possible higher incidence rates of autoimmune disease in women.

Cancer would most definitely be due to screening success and the already known fact that the most common cancer of ever (controlled for all other factors) is breast cancer especially compounded with longer life expectancy.

If you study genetics cancer is taught as a disease of genetics and a near inevitability with age. Women live longer and take care of themselves therefore they have higher rates of cancer, this graph fails to indicate which cancer but it's likely breast cancer. Cancer differs amongst haplogroups of people, and global incidence rates differ based on culture, geography, pollution rates, quality of life etc. An attempt to quantify this data is known as "the human cancer genome project"

Anonymous 211346

exactly, it is more an ideology or mindset and there definitely is no comparable thing that women have. Radfems aren't going on shooting sprees, we just want to be left alone and be free from men. Also women who can't get laid aren't filled with rage and obsessed with men like incels are. People always underestimate that ugly people can find someone to have sex with, the term incel is misleading as hell and people focus too much on the literal meaning of it.

Anonymous 211348

very interesting, thanks for sharing

Anonymous 211349

This is really interesting, thank you anon

Anonymous 211350

As another anoon I can confirm, being nice and supportive bumps someone up 4 points on my chart.

Anonymous 211351


Anonymous 211352


Anonymous 211353

If they want sex but can't get it they're just incels in the literal meaning of the word. If they don't start hating women because of it they're not part of the incel type of online communities or even the non-self-identifying incels with toxic mindsets.

Anonymous 211354


wild and savage bun

Anonymous 211355

They look exactly like my bf and I did as a teen kek

Anonymous 211356

Rabbits don't seem like the type of animal to have paws. They should have hooves.

Anonymous 211357


Anonymous 211358

i understand your vision. i see it. true.

Anonymous 211359



Anonymous 211360


Anonymous 211361

The double standards applied to JK Rowling is what peaked me hardcore. The misogyny could not have been more obvious! Internet mobs never cared as much about males fucking up (not that she even fucked up, just in their opinion)

Anonymous 211362

But how is it so round?

Anonymous 211363

Wrooong. However isn't there a magical creature bunny that has hooves? Or does it just have antlers

Anonymous 211364


Thank you to cc for hosting us I honestly wouldn't blame them for nuking our autism from orbit but these bunkers are hella comfy

Anonymous 211365

Eugh. I hate this thing. I can't believe Game Freak ran out of ideas to the point where they made a literal piece of shit into a Pokemon.

Anonymous 211366


found this in my photos for you nona

Anonymous 211367

Most jackalopes don't have hooves but since it's a more recent folklore feel free to add them onto your retelling and in generations to come they just may all have hooves.

Anonymous 211368

I just tried to eat a Big Mac for the first time in years and wtf did they do to their burgers?? That shit was literally falling apart and largely consisted of saucey lettuce. Utter disappointment. No more nostalgia indulgences for a while.

Anonymous 211369

images (10).jpeg

Yw s

autoimmune diseases have a rediculously high rate in women that far out numbers the incidence rates in men this is speculated to be in part due to autoimminity being triggered in part by the higher rate of detection due to additional copies of genes stored on Allosomes (xx) chromosomes.

Autoimmune diseases include diseases like lupus, Arthritis, Sjorens syndrome, Celiac disease etc. Get yourself screened and see a doctor if you have vague symptoms like general fatigue, dry mouth, body aches without exercise etc.

It's criminal that this isn't taught outside an immunology fucking lecture theatre. It's a failure of society but not surprising this information is hardly shared to women unless you study it. It's in moids best interests for women to suffer indefinitely with no cure for their illnesses after all.

Anonymous 211370

i miss the vtuber thread

Anonymous 211371

i miss my internet friend so much. i met another girl recently and we're not really friends yet but she really reminds me of her so much my heart aches. she left every single social media as did her boyfriend. she was grieving when she left. i really hope she's still alive. i haven't stopped thinking of her ever since she stopped coming around, even if it was just on a screen… i would do anything to have her back again, or to hear from or of her.
sorry for the cringe filthyfrank song but i really Feel it right now

Anonymous 211372


i don't understand it tbh, i just respect it

Anonymous 211374

Screenshot 2023-01…

i need my shayna thread i can't believe this big fat bitch is still whining about the brony troon fucker. here's more evidence that she gave him the fupa treatment and expected different results kek

Anonymous 211376

This. This right here. I was diagnosed with RA and Sjogrens this year, had both for a long ass while but not one doctor thought to test me for over ten years. Ask for the test if you have these symptoms. I was prescribed SSRIs instead of being tested for AI disorders and became horribly ill from them.

Anonymous 211377


I used to hate being alone but now I love it. I hate being around people and when I’m alone in my room I have no expectations and no rules. I can sit and fawn over cute boys who are too young for me and eat snacks. I work from home and have not spoken to another human in 3 days.

Anonymous 211378

>walking with my cart to the car from the grocery store
>12 pack falls off the bottom of my cart
>go whoops and immediately put it back on
>some lady calls out to me YOU GOT IT? and grins at me
>I'm like yeah and keep going
>she shouts at me like she's talking to a little kid "Well you be careful now!"
People really need to learn to shut the fuck up one of these days I'm just going to go fucking crazy and they'll have to bear the full brunt of my pent up aggression

Anonymous 211379

Me too I want to read anons roasting her while I take a dump on the toilet kek

Anonymous 211380

>i have not spoken to another human in 3 days
rookie numbers

Anonymous 211382

she just wanted to make sure you got it, calm down spergarella.

Anonymous 211383

>Too young for me
This is where you lost me dawg.

Anonymous 211384


The diagnostic guidelines are misogynistic imo. Woman thinks she's having a heart attack? Ah she's just panicking and being a silly woman. If it's a man? Immediately taken seriously. A woman has a tumor? It's just incidental, statistically speaking it's probably just because of her hormones, that 5% chance of cancer is ok to take, no biopsy needed. If it's a man? Biopsy tomorrow. Even if they know what signs to look for, a lot of them are dismissed in women just based on how our hormones increase the number of incidental benign findings. Which apparently means that suddenly it's highly unlikely for a woman to have cancer, unless it's in a place men care about and so they can do cringe campaigns on porn sites. At some point I start to wonder whether it's actually the most common, or whether it's just the only one people give a shit about, so it's looked and screened for more often.
>"We're not just looking at one disease here, we're looking at all diseases and we are looking at an entire population, from cradle to grave," lead author Søren Brunak from the University of Copenhagen told Reuters Health by phone.
>On average, women received cancer diagnoses 2.5 years after men. They received diagnoses for metabolic diseases like diabetes 4.5 years later.

Anonymous 211386

Thank you for providing this information. I need to get tested cause I have RI symptoms

Anonymous 211387

Poster Journal pos…

does anyone remember when lolcow was having that reboot and we thought the whole website's previous posts were deleted? like 4 weeks ago?

Anonymous 211388

I clearly had it moron I put the pop right back on the cart

Anonymous 211389

Oh I have preparations for those little fuckers.

Anonymous 211390

cute, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous 211391

Sorry I meant RA*. It sucks that medicine is so male-centered and doctors don't take you seriously.

Anonymous 211392

That random n0na and random old lady aren't your mother they're not judging you.

Anonymous 211393

What is it?

Anonymous 211394

She wasn't even old that's why I found it so rude

Anonymous 211396

Covid was the best thing to ever happen to me I love working from home it's almost like being a NEET except I can live in my own place and have an income. Today I'm going to play breath of the wild and make thai green curry for lunch in my own kitchen and get paid for it.

Anonymous 211397

she was just being friendly, i don't see what's wrong. not to belittle you or anything

Anonymous 211398

Shayna is an interesting story in pick-me-isms. Any woman who thinks allowing yourself to accessible to a scrote sexually means ANYTHING TO HIM and that he means what he says, and he'll deal with shit that inconvience him, needs to read shayna's thread.
I learned this shit in high school being in love with a scrote who did all kinds of shit to me and passed me around to his friends. No matter what i did, i wasn't enough and I had low self esteem. Except I knew him 2 years while Shayna only knew this scrote 60days

Anonymous 211399

Why does this troon have gnomes in his bedroom??? Is it a fetish?

Anonymous 211400

That is rude I retract my statement. Bitch was being catty towards you not caring.

Anonymous 211401

This plus that KF nonsense is what got me. I don't care for KF but holy shit that entire saga just opened my eyes in a big way.

Anonymous 211402


I’m 30 and all my husbandos are 18-21. But does it matter? It’s not like I’m ever going to fuck any them so it’s not creepy!

Anonymous 211403

I got blood on my new underwear y'all. NEW LIGHT BLUE UNDERWEAR! It's only two little spots luckily, but I'm going to be so annoyed if the rest doesn't come out with hydrogen peroxide.

Anonymous 211404

Fuck men and their bullshit forever. I will stay healthy out of spite, doctors give 0 fucks about women

Anonymous 211405

You've never been to Minnesota or the south, it's passive aggressive if she was a similar age.

Anonymous 211406

he’s funky nonners, don’t be mean to him :(

Anonymous 211407

Oh I said lost me, you lust after barely legal men all you want it's just not my cup of tea. Rest of your post was lol.

Anonymous 211408

I'm from the south and honestly I think you're overreacting. Nta.

Anonymous 211409

sounds awesome, I'm happy for you

Anonymous 211410


It's funny you bring this up. I found this article a little while ago about the differences between male and female surgeons. I think it comes down to women generally being more empathetic than men (psychopaths are 85%<x%<95% male). I wonder what the stats look like for women who are treated by male docs vs. female docs in other fields of medicine (probably very similar)

Anonymous 211411

Turkey Tom has said racists things and dabbled in being "Safe" racists (You know talking about races people don't get up in arms about), however trawnsphobia is where he draws the line. That should show you something, even amongst the edgy bros, they'll defend troons. I believe Paymoneywubby oppenly said the N-word a lot, but when he commented on troon shit he was very tame (I haven't watched him in a while). We live in a world where being racists isn't even seen as that crazy anymore. Calling a man in a dress "he" could get you fucking harassed and life ruined in some cases

Anonymous 211412

whats with the "Actually women die from this, not scrotes they suck tho" shit. I see you

Anonymous 211413

amen n0nna

Anonymous 211414

i want my lolcow nowcow

Anonymous 211415

I loved having covid too because it meant my nigel had to take work off as he'd been exposed, and he took care of me and spoiled me for two weeks straight.

Anonymous 211416

Scrotes do suck.

Anonymous 211417

Yea I love working from home and I love my life! No dealing with annoying as coworkers, no driving and no rushing to get dressed in the morning. Thank you china for the gift that you gave to the world.

Anonymous 211418

where is lolcow

Anonymous 211419

Ale there other places like lolcow? I Al scarred it will be gone for good soon

Anonymous 211420

No I agree, it's just weird to see someone say, "Well actually" about that one post and posting stats about heart diease in shit. Maybe I'm being weird, but it comes off kinda odd

Anonymous 211421

Every fast food chain becomes even more utter trash with every year that goes by. You're genuinely better off doing it yourself.

Anonymous 211422

"Actually women" do die from breast cancer more than men anon, and autoimmune diseases disproportionately affect women more than men.

Whats the controversy here, pointing it out so other women are aware?

Anonymous 211423

Why can’t lowcow users migrate to here?

Anonymous 211424

Sounds like something a scrote would say.

Anonymous 211425

I don't know if you're also referring to me >>211410 but there are legitimate issues with misogyny in the medical industry, and it's costing women's lives. I think it's important to bring this discussion up, and IMO I wish these conversations would occur more often on sites like Ovarit rather than the usual 'TRANNIES DID THIS THING!!!!' I'm also gender crit so I'm not defending them

Anonymous 211429

The original post response was a misunderstanding, the other posts are just interesting facts. I think it is important to know that stuff and not just "women die because men" (we do, in massive amounts, do not get me wrong)

Anonymous 211430

Any sleuthanons in thread ?

Anonymous 211431

Don't hide your tranny hate here anon it's a bunker thread, go wild

Anonymous 211432

well maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, I do find it weird when an anon was just saying-
>Most women die at the hands of their partners
>Yeah scrotes suck but the leading cause of death of women is heart diease
Both are true, but anon was literally talking about Tinder dates and how men don't care for women. We all got what anon was trying to say, but maybe I'm wrong, here's the posts-

Anonymous 211433

No i'm not
Yeah maybe i'm on guard because the fungus among us all the time. It did branch off into a good conversation

Anonymous 211434

It's a woman, just an ugly one with a horrible character.

Anonymous 211437

Mostly you can post the same OT discussions here but cc doesn't allow content about lolcows which is understandable considering what a shitshow it always creates

Anonymous 211438

same anon,like you know how someone says, "men kill women a lot" and some handmaiden/scrote/under cover scrote comes in like, "Actually x, y and z". But again, maybe I'm paranoid and it did branch off into great conversation

Anonymous 211439

it was a misunderstanding

Anonymous 211440

I think y'all get a bit too paranoid is all.

Anonymous 211441

I wasn't paying too much attention to their post tbh, I just saw the medical information and wanted to leverage some shit that I learned in uni about cancer, autoimmune disease and heart disease shit.

Anonymous 211442



Anonymous 211443

I was like 16 he was 19 (a super senior), he met me when I was 12 believe it or not and tried to sleep with me, but it never happened. I was very hypersexual and had very low self esteem. I went to an alternative school and came back to the old school.
He noticed me again, flirted with me and then basically he'd give my number out to random boys, to get his attention and becuase he'd ask me/beg me to do it, I'd sleep with these boys..and yeah. It was a whole thing.
I was basically being pimped by seniors/juniors while being a freshmen and I wasn't getting anything from it but making him happy. Sometimes I'd get random texts from boys I didn't even know and he'd tell me later. It's gross and I was very very easy to manipulate

Anonymous 211445

whats going on in this gif

Anonymous 211446

cry harder gene damaged xy chromosomoid

Anonymous 211447

I'm not a handmaiden/scrote lel I just learned shit at school and wanted to share

Anonymous 211448

Im sorry

Anonymous 211449

I just misunderstood what the og post was saying and had to achyally them because I am borderline autistic and care about muh FAXX and LOGIC

Anonymous 211450

lolcor bebe return incoming, miss my nonas

Anonymous 211451

Hey look for once a misunderstanding was cleared up on the internet.

Anonymous 211452

I'll probably get attacked from some unhinged anons, but I can't bring myself to 'hate' trannies. I think many of them are victims of the psychiatric industry machine. They come in with obvious psychiatric or neurological issues, and instead of solving the underlying problem, we (as a society) close our ears to the reality and pretend that these individuals are actually the opposite sex (which they are not). There are obvious cases where disgusting individuals (many of the TIMs posted on lc and cc, occasionally TIFs) attempt to 'change their sex' so that they have more abundant opportunities to act out their perversions. Those people I despise much in the same way that I despise pedophiles, rapists, and abusers of women.

Anonymous 211453

All good

Anonymous 211455

Glowie here posting to state that the lolcor downage is not on us. Trust me I’m sobbing too, you think you got it bad I’m about to get reassigned back to 4chan.

Anonymous 211456


and keffals in the comments like, "Hurr durr don't care if it's bait, hurr durrr"

Anonymous 211457

I'll be interested to see what the situation is in a few decades, will all of this be viewed like lobotomy is now


Anonymous 211459

Ninnies, Lolcow isn't down it never existed

Anonymous 211460

No we will all be arguing about cyborgs is what will be happening.

Anonymous 211461

Yeah, same nona, I also misunderstood that person's post because it's worded super poorly. I thought it was doing a not all men. I thought the nona was saying that it's bad to think men suck, or to think they are less susceptible to certain diseases.

Anonymous 211462

I wonder if there will be any streamers/youtubers cancelled for playing it or if by the time it's released no one will give a fuck anymore, or stop pretending they give a fuck what have you.

Anonymous 211463


It's dangerous to go alone, take this

Anonymous 211464

I have a similar story. I was diagnosed as having major depression disorder, anxiety, GERD and IBS as a teen. I constantly had hives. I was put on a crap ton of medications that made me actually psychotic and suicidal.. instead of taking me off the bumped up doses and put me on anti-psychotics which made me really sick and I tried to kill myself. As an adult I got off of all of the meds and went and got tested for autoimmune diseases. I have celiacs disease… went gluten free and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I can’t believe that as a teen doctors and my parents almost killed me because I wasn’t screened for AI issues. My little sister has hashimotos. I don’t trust doctors anymore..

Anonymous 211465

You would be eviscerated on GC for this anon but I agree in some respects. I have nothing but sympathy towards TIFs because they are victims of patriarchical bullshit and sometimes even worse lesbians being told there's something wrong with them, hell even just fujoshis and tomboys are treated like shit by moids and some other toxic feminine female peers aka pick mes for being 'different'.

As for TIMs they need psychiatric care by rope

Anonymous 211467

everyone in this series is so ugly i swear, look at those eyebrows

Anonymous 211469

Kiwifarms has a JKR Derangement thread, I kinda wanna ask a ninnie smarter then me to make one. A place where we can just talk about how angry JKR makes these scrotes. Also Keemstar likes kiwifarms and Mister Metokur, so thats funny. A transphobic site/scrote okay, a transphobic woman? he does this grand standing shit

Anonymous 211470

I want chocolate cake :( I have no chocolate cake :(

Anonymous 211471

Does it matter if Keemstar is baiting when this post is indistinguishable from someone who actually won't be buying the game anyway? I mean, a bit less vitriolic than what the troons themselves have been saying but most haidmaiden posts have been like this.

Anonymous 211473

Same, anon.

Anonymous 211474

LOL how’d it go?

Anonymous 211475

what are good jobs for someone who was/is agrophobic for years and trying to restart her life.
> I don't want to talk to people much
>I want to do a job I can do on my own with no drama

Anonymous 211476

And I still don't even have any idea what this game is about.

Anonymous 211477

Go on indeed and apply for anything that’s work from home

Anonymous 211479

If you mean the HP game, it's like Hogwarts set in like the 1800s or something. It's not actually related to Harry Potter as a character or the movies. You just play as a Hogwarts student and the story is about a goblin rebellion or something. The story sounds kind of shit to me but the gameplay looks sick.

Anonymous 211480


You're not ready

Anonymous 211481

I hope someone can answer this I’m in the same boat. I’ve been wondering if I should try going to school for computer science related jobs so I can work from home easily but I honestly don’t think I’m smart enough to handle that.

Anonymous 211482

I have no skills, I want to do like cleaning jobs, like hotel cleaning jobs or something

Anonymous 211483

Men like being hit, it reminds them someone cares enough to correct his tard behavior

Anonymous 211484

i learned that shit the hard way after some sexist misogynist scrote who at 25 still preyed on underage girls for easy sex and lived in the dirtiest fucking hovel (his parents payed his rent) who played league 24/7 and was of course unemployed used me and had his sadistic fun testing out how far he could go. i was 17 at that time and that asshole left me traumatized using fucking pick up artist tactics on me. i felt so humiliated about the sexual practices i did for this bastard when he suddenly stopped talking to me. i finally reflected my behaviour towards moids and dropped that pick me-bullshit. it's a valuable lesson which shayna clearly never learned and probably won't ever.

Anonymous 211486

You don’t need skills

Anonymous 211487

same thats my issue, I'm 28 never worked before, i've basically isolated myself from the outside world. I'm fat,ugly and I have a bunch of social issues that I always had but have gotten worse. Everytime i look for jobs working from home it's for shit I do not have the skills for. I also DO want to get out of my house and get an outside job. I just do not feel capable

Anonymous 211488

I think some stuff is just baked in the official diagnostic guidelines and even good female doctors can't stray from those without incurring the wrath from admin, insurance companies and her colleagues.
First a doctor has to even get to the point of referring a woman to surgery. Can't do that when the diagnostic manual says to operate on men immediately and for women a "conservative approach" has to be adopted or "wait and see" or they just stick a more common somewhat benign diagnosis on there without any further testing to exclude the really bad shit.
Once you get into surgery, a surgeon has a lot of power and can change plans right there and then generally, depending on what they find. They also come across as having a lot more power in the hospital than your average gastroenterologist or other specialty, having more sway at radiology and other departments which help with diagnostics. They're magicians at getting a spot when other doctors are told that it's full for the next three weeks.

Anonymous 211489


You can do it! I went to study STEM with zero background in those subjects in previous education (all I wanted to do was art but it did not work out), and it has been challenging but I have learned so much.

Anonymous 211490

Is this show that worth it? The artstyle looks terrible.

Anonymous 211491

exactly, they need to be humbled. every now and then the moid needs a slap to the face. not trying to hurt him, it's just the symbolism that matters. if he beat me i would instantly leave him though

Anonymous 211492

I’d prefer Gunny or Gabbit.

This photo makes me uncomfortable tho

Anonymous 211494


Anonymous 211495

They gave Alucard a 2head kek

Anonymous 211496

Omg I was once involved with a mood exactly like this, nona, when I was a teenager too. I wonder if it was the same guy? Probably not, there's a lot of autistic League of Legends obsessed nerds. My dumb ass tried to reconcile with this guy and apologise to him a couple years back to just be like, friends, and he told me he'd rather burn himself alive. It was a big eye-opening moment for me.

Anonymous 211497

Well now I'm uncomfortable too.

Anonymous 211498



Anonymous 211499

Anonymous 211502

Wait what's wrong with that? It sounds like a cute name for a tank or something.

Anonymous 211503

based edward furlong anon

Anonymous 211504

Thank you so much for saying this! You’re an inspiration. Congrats and keep going!

Anonymous 211505

where are you from? do you ever talk to anyone at all or have any friends?

Anonymous 211506

You sound like you have Autism. And I don't mean that in a haha funny Internet insult way. Like you genuinely sound like you're on the spectrum and you should try to get a diagnosis if you can.

Anonymous 211507


mfw lolcor down and we all retreat to here

Anonymous 211508

i enjoyed it mostly! it’s definitely not for everyone since it’s a lot of gore, but it has some really good parts ( like the alucard / dracula fight that made me sob hahahaha )

Anonymous 211509

I love how schiz these bunker threads get.

Anonymous 211510

Become self employed and take up a side hustle or upskill at home through self learning code.

Start with Python it's the easiest language to pick up syntax wise but you can't get into CS or STEM in general with the goal being social exclusion, social skills are a massive skill gap STEM exployers look for. And that's immensely retarded logic to go by when committing to a life changing fucking thing like taking up a college degree

Anonymous 211511


He’s my baby. I pretend that he died in 2005 because that was the last year he was cute. Him in his present form does not exist to me.

Anonymous 211512

Fuck off with this catty bullshit someone lacking in world experience doesn't equal 'muh internet meme autism'

Anonymous 211513

You guys should consider information [systems] science. It's much like computer science, but less theoretical and more practical (i.e. it's a little easier than compsci). You'll learn how to do some programming and how to design UI/UX based on your audience; also things like data analyses and cybersecurity. With this degree you can go on to become a cloud engineer, cybersecurity specialist, software engineer, etc.

Anonymous 211514

sorry you had a similar experience , at least we grew from it. i found a PUA manual in his nightstand like on the second date or something (yes i snoop in moids nightstands and you should do the same) and i went home, downloaded the pdf, skimmed through it and was like "yeah ok that shits whack, but he's not using that on me. i'm special" like talk about a red flag right in front of my face. i think these asshole moids are universal and exist everywhere, but mine was tall as fuck like 6'8 or something and i'm from a big euro country.

Anonymous 211515

i’m so sorry n0nnie but he looks like a school shooter to me

Anonymous 211516

N0nita they got me for GERD, too. Took my gallbladder at 16. I'm so sad to hear you went through that struggle, but really happy you found the root of the issue and are healthy! Enjoy your new lease on life! I feel for your sister, hope she can manage it well. Right now I'm starting loading doses of Cimzia and it seems to help considerably. I don't trust many docs and perform plenty of research on the doc before I see them. Have to say I love my rheum, he's an aspie with endearing mannerisms. Takes a lot of time with my case and actually laid hands on me.Lots of people just accept wherever their referral/insurance flings them without realizing they do have a choice. Always tell people you have a RIGHT to choose your provider. End sperg.

Anonymous 211518

well thats really nice. I do think that a lot tbh

Anonymous 211519

I also agree with this post. A lot of recruiters in the STEM field are looking for people with some semblance of social skills and/or aptitude in the humanities. There's already enough socially-inept autismos in STEM kek

Anonymous 211520

I only know and see ugly moids.

Anonymous 211521

I'm not being catty. I'm being serious. I literally said that.

Anonymous 211522

Honestly I'm just excited to take part in that world and do magic. I never cared about the HP story (didn't even bother finishing the books or watch the movies) but I loved getting engrossed in that world, flawed world building and all.

Anonymous 211523

usa, I haven't had a social life since I was 19. I don't have any friends, I legit mostly talk on lolcow online. Im going to get my ID tommorrow, which is a huge step, I never had one, I'm a loser and I'm aware. I'm taken care of by a parent and I have siblings

Anonymous 211524

don't know about that considering the specific post you're replying to. but yeah he was cute once

Anonymous 211525

No offense but how did you get to 28 without ever working?
Do you like doing outdoor stuff? There are some apps where you can work on someone’s farm for free room and board

Anonymous 211526

You need actual friends if you even took a kys seriously on an image board, they don't know you, why do you care?

Anonymous 211527

I do love computers, I want to go to school, but I do not WANT to go in person school. I want to get a job to leave the house and start my life. I do think school would be good for me. I have so much aniexty, like taking the garbage out is a thought process like this
>Oh my god I'm outside
>i'm so ugly/fat
>I don't belong here
>I can't do anything
>how can I explain I have not done anything since high school?
and thats just before I hit the door

Anonymous 211528

People say all pretty young white men look like school shooters for some reason

Anonymous 211529

Looks like every rat faced little shit smartass moid child sitting at the back of the class

Anonymous 211530


ATLUS anons, be honest with me… I suck at puzzle games, will Catherine be difficult for me?

Anonymous 211531

Thank you for verbalizing my feelings better than I could.

Anonymous 211532

Yeah same nona. I love games where I can explore, and I especially love games you go to some badass school some reason. It's why I loved FF8 as a kid. And why I really wanted to like Magician's Quest on DS but the game is so boring.

Anonymous 211533

I have a parent. I also don't require much, since I don't leave the house, I don't need much clothes, I eat, I drink, that stuff. I also clean, cook and do things around the house for my parent. I'm very low maintence

Anonymous 211535

It's possession 1981, his boyfriend smacks her face several times and she runs outside while chasing her

Anonymous 211536

Why don’t you lose weight?

Anonymous 211537

Then you're a piece of shit who's emotional intelligence is equal to a scrote.

Anonymous 211538


Anonymous 211539

It can be a little tough at times but the entire plot is weird and moid-y. I can't recommend. It's not even a particular good puzzle game if that's why you wanna play it. The puzzles just kind of exist for something to do between the story.

Anonymous 211540

ahh same.. i dont have any friends and i just talk to ppl on lolcow. im glad that im hearing this, ik it sounds cruel but it makes me feel less lonely.

Anonymous 211541


Anonymous 211542

I tired and I plan to "Try" again, I say "Try" becuase this time I want to have a life. Before I went on a diet but thatw as it. I thought i'd lose the 100+ weight I gained since 2014 and then be mentally able to get out the house. It's miserable. I want to work, which means walking around and doing things, but also work on my body with that. I cannot explain it, it sounds so sorry and so fucking whiny. I feel like my brain is trapped and I cannot leave the hell I've created for myself

Anonymous 211544

It’s crazy that talking to anons on lowcow actually makes me laugh and feel something but I do not feel this way for my irl friends

Anonymous 211545

Not if you keep eating the bait.

Anonymous 211546

I'm an autismo myself and you're telling me I'm a bad person with low emotional intelligence for suggesting how someone could get help? I said that because I was pretty much in the same boat as her until I was like 23 and it turned out I had autism.

Anonymous 211547

Anyone else struggle with employment confidence? I'm applying for jobs and there's always part of me that thinks nobody will ever want to hire me. To be honest I don't really know why. I have no criminal record and have a mild personality

Anonymous 211548

I won't lie but yeah. The other day i talked to one of those suicide hotline text things and I felt so empty, I never wanted it to stop. I just wanted to talk, this thread is like that for me, but I hope people will respind. I feel like my eyes are opening now though. It's now or never

Anonymous 211549

Have you looked for bachelor's programs in any online accredited institutions? Also, just liking computers isn't the same as liking computer science/information science. If you have any experience with coding, that can be a good indicator to whether or not you'll like being in tech. But computer science is (again) more theoretical while information science is more practical. If you're interested in website development you'll probably want to do information science, but you can do the same with a degree in compsci. It all depends on your aptitude for math and theory.

Anonymous 211550

oh didn't know. I'm emotional and i'm being honest. I'm sorry I'll stop venting, I miss lolcor I want to vent lol

Anonymous 211551

If you’re obese why don’t you go to the doctor and get prescribed diet pills? That’s what my friend did.

Anonymous 211553

He is a little smart mouthed but I like it. He’s my husbando and we all love our babies little quirks.

Anonymous 211554

I feel like that because I've had a bunch of bad interviews and bad luck. And I see people around me that are less skilled and have less experience (objectively) get good jobs but I just can't. I know I'm skilled and have good education and experience but it's hard not to feel worthless after repeated rejections

Anonymous 211556

You can do that? I'll be honest, I'm a woman child. Like I have no adult skills. You know when you were 18 and thats when you got a ID, learned to drive, maybe a job or had a job? None of that happened for me. I graduated late, then my family moved, I had bad expereinces and I shut down. Very simple things I do not have normal. I plan to talk to someone about my issues in consueling. I remember I caught a bus somewhere after 2 years of not leaving the house and like 50 pounds heavier, I felt like an alien

Anonymous 211557

You're not suggesting help though and being an insensitive fuck up.

This retarded internet meme of the past 10 years or so of everyone assuming they have autism for having social anxiety and a plethora of social media/technologically induced phobias is not 'autism'. It's no different from trannies. Google low functioning autism to see actual autism.

Anonymous 211558

You cam make really decent money doing this. My friend's sister didn't even graduate high school and makes I think around 80k a year cleaning rich people's houses

Anonymous 211559

What I meant was you keep finding ways to blame yourself and staying in the mindset that you can't succeed by taking criticism like a simply lose weight so seriously and you'd be better served in focusing more on the advice some noonas are giving to better yourself for a happier future.

Anonymous 211561

I related to this. Some of the dumbest mother fucker I've ever met could get jobs when they'd get fired every 3 months. People would just keep employing them for some reason. And yet I'd job search for 6 months and get 5 interviews in that time. I don't get it. Sometimes I feel like having a lack of self-awareness is actually beneficial for job searching and job interviews.

Anonymous 211562

This is what Im going to look into. Just cleaning hotel rooms or dealing with that kind of thing. My social skills are bad and I'm horrible at math. My brain has turned to mush, but I can clean and do things cleaning like, when being left on my own. I'd even be okay with stocking a grocery store as long as I don't have to ever do the register or anything like that

Anonymous 211564

Yes you can do that. You can be prescribed Phentermine.

Anonymous 211565

Knowing you are functionally or borderline autistic allows you to have coping mechanisms that work for you, im not the original nooner but I feel like it needs to be said that autism is not always a dig and being aware of being borderline allows that person to function better socially and find more happiness in life is all.

Anonymous 211566

This is legit the most retarded fucking take I've ever seen. You don't have to literally be incapable of functioning to have a disorder.

Anonymous 211567

NTA I don't necessarily disagree with your point but you don't need to be profoundly retarded to have 'actual' autism

Anonymous 211568

I amy be autistic, something is wrong with me thats not just social aniexty, like I said, I've always been very shy at times, had issues connecting with people, but autism never crossed my mind

Anonymous 211570

wow, I'm going to bookmark this page, do you have to be of a certain weight? How do you even ask for something like this?

Anonymous 211571

dw youre not alone. i read all your replies and im 23 and i feel the same way as you do. i have the same mindset as you and i know how hard it is to get out of it. i hope that life will someday become better for us

Anonymous 211572

An Etsy shop or something similar but you need to put effort into it. It can work really well if you're passionate.

Anonymous 211573

Going to out myself as a "pickme/handmaiden" to some anons but most of my friends irl are guys. I cannot be myself 100% around them because they're men. I can't be myself 100% around the women around me because they aren't as crazy as me and will absolutely cut me off for not believing in tranny ideology, for being angry with men, etc. I do have a background resentment towards my male friends and that's not healthy but they're men, and on top of that neoliberalism is so rampant here so they're "okay" with trannies. Anyway I'm rambling but I'm so grateful for lolcow allowing me to connect with equally unhinged women. I know I should stop talking to my male friends but they've been the people that have been cool with me hating trannies, having a "darker" sense of humor, being weird, etc. I can be as bitchy as I want to be around them and they're cool with it. I guess it could just be because they're men and I'm not hideous, but I wish I could find girl friends who accept me and accept my different opinions like that. I'm cool with having different opinions. It's just the neoliberal gendie women around here (literally like 99% of my female peers in my area) that will cut you off if you don't protest JKR. Neoliberalism is a curse. I want some funny trannyhating ladies to be friends with. I would drop the moids if I found them, I swear to god.

Anonymous 211574

You sound retarded. Autism is on a spectrum, not all of them are pants shitting perma-dependants.

Anonymous 211575

A good therapist/psychologist can help you find out what that is, sometimes it's as simple as your brain is short on a chemical and a simple medication will help make you 'normal', it can also be something harder that youll have to learn coping skills to circumnavigate. Regardless the first step is always figuring out what, best of luck nonnirita.

Anonymous 211576

you have time and I hope you to get out of it. You do NOT want to be like me, a 28 year old, ugly woman child with no life expereince, it's like starting sims in a "Ugly retarded sim" challenge from someone elses save file, that you can't delete

Anonymous 211577

Maybe you're scaring off the non handmaiden types with your NLOG energy. Like I'm a literal spazz but I still have female friends who aren't over the top pro trans (we don't even talk about them and most of us are bisexual/homosexual). Where do y'all live lol

Anonymous 211578

You just go to your doctor and say you’re having trouble losing weight and ask for it

Anonymous 211579

I didn't say you didn't have to be retarded to be fucked up but autism is a made up concept. High functioning forms were identified previously and documented like Asperger's but it became amalgamated into general autism a made up term describing neurodiversity. I noted phobias which are very real and social anxiety which is what the jobless anons sound like they have.

Autism is a catch all for neurodiversity, you don't get to use it as a crutch for behaving like an inhuman cunt. It's as made up as tranny shit.

Anonymous 211580

I do plan on getting a therpist.

Anonymous 211581

They don’t have paw pads just claws and fur around the claws. Think of it more as a hand

Anonymous 211583

Hope i'm not taking up the thread with my shitty life talk anons

Anonymous 211584

Yup, you're a retard alright. Everyone ignore the bait, someone's bored and looking to ruffle feathers.

Anonymous 211585

NTA but I'm in South Europe and virtually all women are extreme normies here. It's impossible to find female friends.

Anonymous 211586

Remember that you don't have to settle for your first therapist and can get a second opinion and you'll do just fine.

Anonymous 211587

I wish i could relate, most of my weight loss happened when i was stuck in the house (bad social phobia), i kept myself in my boxroom bedroom. Exercise was jogging on the spot. Moved out and managed to gain more sanity and actually a normal weight again, social phobias still a bitch though. Move more, get up and pace for a few mins every so often, keep yourself busy with something more than putting food to mouth and weightloss will happen, no pills needed.

Anonymous 211588

Nah some of us understand that anonymity helps people ask for help they normally couldn't. Some people want to cry hugbox about this shit but they can go sit and spin.

Anonymous 211589

I like in a neoliberal gendie snowflake hell, AKA the midwest kek. I'm also in my early 20's and ime, older women tend to be way cooler with differing opinions but I don't have the life experience to relate to them so I always feel like the retarded kid around them. I did meet a really cool coworker who tolerates my opinions but she's on vacation in a different country. I am hoping and praying that we will stay friends when she comes back. She asked me if I wanted to hang when she comes back and I said yes so maybe my luck is looking up. God I hope.

Anonymous 211590

i cant find any girls like that as well irl?? its so hard to find ppl irl that would have the same opinions as ppl on here. the only people that i can openly share my opinions with are 3 internet friends and thats it. where do you live ? im from germany

Anonymous 211591

Jesus Christ, I'm sick of my parents getting so pressed because I don't like teaching, I used to want to be a teacher when I was a motherfucking toddler, but going to school traumatized my autistic ass that hates dealing with large groups of people.
So of course I'm fucking stressed after today's day that was part of my internships and part me being a substitute teacher all alone, but they're like
>why are you so stressed, calm down
Fuck! I wonder why the fuck I'm so fucking stressed? Like yeah, I had a great day but I'm literally mentally drained, I had to solve a bunch of shit, talk with a bunch of noisy teens and with a bunch of people.
Do you know what was my dream fucking job? Being a fucking librarian or working at a book editorial where I would only talk to a very small group of people at worst.
Like I'm literally going through my worst nightmare, I'm actually doing amazingly and not killing myself… and they ask me why I'm so stressed??
Ever since I was a child I knew that being a teacher is the most fucking pathetic and humiliating work ever, cleaning toilets is a dream because at least you can't go to jail for telling some kid to take off their earphones while you're trying to teach their ingrate asses. And you have to spend days, if not weeks, months or even years preparing the right content that you need to teach them, making sure it's as retardedly explicit and easy to understand, making shit dynamic, fun, interesting, add some fucking memes too fuck, and only 5 little bitches will hear you because if they don't watch some faggot doing backflips at fucking 11 am they will get PTSD, they will develop DiD, they will get depressed and kill themselves in front of you, they will sexually harass someone or they will kill someone.
Like I told some kid to put her phone in her bag and she couldn't handle not watching memes or playing some fucking burger flipping game for less than a fucking minute.
Like are you serious? What the absolute fuck?? It's a fucking game in which you prepare some fucking burgers! Do you really need to play it during art history class? Do you? For real?
And I was so calm, understanding, friendly, nice, but inside I was just mentally exhausted, and before you tell me I'm being autistic, it's because I am, and my parents should know too, they took me to the doctor and they read the diagnosis when I was a teen, why do they ask me why I'm so stressed when I'm literally having an autistic meltdown after having to do shit that I hate, in a noisy environment, with many issues that I had to solve that just weren't supposed to happen? It's like they just don't believe yet that I indeed just mask all of the time and that I never tell them about anything in particular that bothers me because yeah, it's autistic as fuck, I'm retarded, I can't fucking help it, I can't stop thinking about how they day could've been even better if it wasn't for the little things that bothered me and the fact that it was noisy as fuck with kids singing "happy birthday" at the top of their lungs.

Anonymous 211592

So you believe in Asperger's then? The way you're wording this makes it seem like you do, and that most cases that get called autism are just "Asperger's", but simultaneously think autism isn't real. When Asperger's is just part of the autistic spectrum. Do you think Asperger's is something else then? I'm not entirely sure what you're going on about.

Anonymous 211593

Maybe living in the east coast of the U.S I've encountered some sort of privilege. Because I've never had to deal with pro trans normies. All my friends are some form of social outcast who live online. We just happened to be hot after highschool. Even my ~gay bestie~ doesn't talk about trannies or their issues. So I actually don't know where they stand. Which is nice, because if they leaned too much one way or the other they'd probably be annoying ,since while I'm gender critical I think the average trans person is just mentally ill and I feel bad.

Anonymous 211594

I caused a power outage

Anonymous 211595

i feel you noknee
lets elope and get open a store or something

Anonymous 211596

AYRT, hi germany anon, I'm from America (wisconsin to be specific).

Anonymous 211597

Samefag but yeah I'll stop responding to the autism bait now.

Anonymous 211598

It's bait noona, it's not supposed to make sense she just wanted to get other people riled up with a clearly bad take.

Anonymous 211599

Nope not bait, autism is a made up cope. Asperger's had documented incidences historically but got thrown under the bus with attention seeking forms of high functioning autism in recent times.

Neurodiversity is the norm in human biology ergo everyone has some form of 'autism' or none of us do. Regardless, shirking off inhuman behavior as 'autism' is just an excuse to be a prick and not be held culpable for it as a prime predictor of Aspergers syndrome is a lack of empathy.

Anonymous 211600

As another Midwest moron, ever have New Glarus?

Anonymous 211602

I don't want to say my weight, I don't know it but it's very fat. I will say in high school I was in my 200's but I was "Curvy" if you'd believe it with a small waist and big ass, where I'm from thats a nice shape, but I was obese but I didn't "Look" it, well probably to some people, but not in my community. I'm sure I'm bigger and I feel horrible about myself and my life.
I think i'm at a point where I have to do it or die. I think about suicide multiple times a day just to not do anything, I feel my body is wrecked and I cannot exist outside of my house (Box room like you) or this body.
I'm stuck in the past and It scares me because I know irl nobody cares about me or knows why I am how I am. So me being a fucking idiot to life, is just me fucking up their day. They don't love or care about me like my parent. I'm a woman child is how I can describe it and I do not know if I can be around "Adults". I don't even see myself as an adult. Like I said, I have no had an active life since 19.
I have been miserable my whole life, with only a few times of "Happiness". I have not even had an adult relationship. I told a story of being passed around by a 19 year old at 16 in high school. The last relationship I had was at 18 maybe.

Anonymous 211604

It's okay to let it out nnna, last bunkerthread when shaymin was updating the site was nonna's spamming ugly men in it so your not doing anything wrong.

Anonymous 211605

ohhh ok. im so sad because literally every person that i get along with is from america or england. i srsly wish i was born in an english speaking country because i get along with ppl from there much more than with people where i live

Anonymous 211606

I appreciate all the Edward Furlong posts here. He absolutely was cute. You can ignore how he currently looks kek. All moids will become ugly at one point if they don't die young so who cares.

Anonymous 211607

Sounds like a city in skyrim

Anonymous 211609


Why are you like this?

Anonymous 211610

Yeah, sorry nona. I'm not going to respond to the anons sperging anymore. Love you.

Anonymous 211611

Imagine if the cloud district was region locked, that is the wonder of that ale.

Anonymous 211612

Buy some dumbbells and lift weights inside.

Anonymous 211614


Anonymous 211616

Ive said this on lolcow, but I would'nt mind being in a cult, or somehting for adult women like me. Where we all help eachother navigate life and I feel better. Like a life support group. I have no friends and I'm black, live in a low income area and I feel like life isn't going to get better for me. I don't even know if I can have kids, I may have diabetes. I just want an "Community". I have my family but i have NOTHING for me IRL. Nothing I did. and it's my brain thats caging me, my body is getting harder to move in and feel happy in.

Anonymous 211618

Asperger's certianly has some historical creedence to call it something, but because there was never a solid piece of evidence proving its reality it got chucked into the bucket of general autism, but most diagnostics of autism is shoddy at best and I am doubtful that people being diagnosed with high functioning autism are actually on the "spectrum".

The replication crisis in social psychology makes me doubt most evidence found in psychology as a field as its non rigorous and doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

I'm not doubting nor dismissing that there is indeed something different abnormal, wrong with people who claim to have autism but that is likely social anxiety, low self esteem, depression and other illnesses not autism.

Anonymous 211621

I've honestly thought about joining a church for this reason. I was raised christian I know how to act

Anonymous 211624

wow a chruch, but chruch's are full of a lot of fake people, but maybe you are right. Maybe I do need to find god. Thats an "Community" i guess.

Anonymous 211625

my besties.jpg

the shitty takes on autism has gotta be bait. Especially since female autism rarely gets diagnosed

Anonymous 211626

Take it as less specific in what she said, a church is just an example since most hobbies don't foster as close of a connection as religion does on average.

Anonymous 211628

Less extreme versions of autism probably shouldn't even be classified as a disorder and should just be put down to natural human variance. Remember that before the internet there were people who used to spend hours reading books, nerds into early computers or building their own tube radios or men that liked to build elaborate railway networks with toy trains. All of these people were never considered to have anything wrong with them, they were just thought of as being shy or introverted.

Anonymous 211629

churches suck tho cause the people are fake and judgemental.

Anonymous 211630

Yes to both of these really.

Anonymous 211631

Have you tried joining a book club? Idk where you are, but even if there's not one to go IRL, you can find tons of online meet ups. You don't even have to really like reading, since youre never usually expected to read more than a 300 or so page book once a month, which is totally doable - 30 pages a night. It's more a chance to discuss something, and the people at book clubs tend to be predominantly women from my experience. The book club I used to go to ended up focusing more on themes of the books rather than the books themselves, so I loved it when a book with feminist themes or other topics I care about came up. It gave me a chance to voice my views and find other women who felt similarly.

Anonymous 211632

It absolutely is. People who are confident about themselves get jobs. They can have no qualifications and huge gaps in their cv but get employed because they can sell themselves.

Anonymous 211633

30? 10, even. Sorry I'm retarded.

Anonymous 211634


he’s half Mexican half Russian. I can see it.

Anonymous 211635

Ayrt this is me as well. I'm not better than anyone else or more deserving of a job, but I'm also not worse than anyone and I'm absolutely capable of working and I don't see why I shouldn't be hired for even an average job

I wonder what it is about me that makes it a little bit more difficult to find a job. I'm not unskilled compared to other people but I'm thinking of taking a course so I can get a certificate to give me an edge in the employment market

Anonymous 211636

Stop spamming his ugly mug

Anonymous 211637

I thought this was rashida jones

Anonymous 211638

nta I'd prefer the cult, because hiding the whole being a lesbian thing isn't an option for me. It follows me no matter what.

Anonymous 211639

They always post pictures of him as a teenager too. Pakichan part two!!!!

Anonymous 211640

He looks like an ultra retard Sprouse twin. I don't get the appeal.

Anonymous 211641

>always post pictures of him as a teen

That’s when he was attractive.

Anonymous 211642

This looks like an attractive Dutch lesbian.

Anonymous 211643

Maybe start schlicking to pretty boys that aren't 16.

Anonymous 211644


Shayna is my husbando

Anonymous 211645

Same, the n0nas on lc and cc are a special kind of unhinged women that are so hard to find. I think I get along with men because of the similar humor but I'd 100% prefer women to be friends with and laugh about dark stuff and trannies. So that's not exactly pickme behavior. I'll definitely make an effort to find likeminded women this year.

Anonymous 211647

>All moids will become ugly at one point if they don't die young
This is so true kek

Anonymous 211648

Im legit looking up fucking cults right now.

Anonymous 211649

There’s no laws against it

Anonymous 211651

>the n0nas on lc and cc are a special kind of unhinged women that are so hard to find
Go on MyProAna and look at the BPD threads

Anonymous 211652

Just become a witch instead baka.

Anonymous 211653

I hate Joshspam, I hate Nikadospam, I hate Amberlynnspam, but Shaynaspam hits different. Something about Shayspamming is more tolerable than any other cowspamming. Shayfags are funny (and crazy/retarded) as hell.

Anonymous 211654

Join a convent. This is a sign of your vocation.

Anonymous 211655

Yeah like I'd hate to imagine what Kurt Cobain would look like if he was still alive, especially if he continued to shoot up heroin.

Anonymous 211656

you are being purposely obtuse and lying or too young if you legitimately think nobody thought there was anything wrong with those people in the past. yeah maybe their coping family to save face. come on now

Anonymous 211657


>casually use hinge
>have photo that clearly shows I am a stupid weeb, usually get good conversation from it
>new person likes it
>"I loved this movie! I want to go to Tokyo one day!"
>series has supplemental movies but kind of weird to say movie instead of series/show… did you not watch the show and only the movies?
>anime doesn't even take place near tokyo
>person is a tranny

I might be a retarded weeb but get your shit right if you want to flirt.

Anonymous 211658

Damon Albarn still kinda sexy right now even after smoking heroin for years and years straight.

Anonymous 211659

Nirvana would have ended when moid aging peeled his hairline back like a banana peel

Anonymous 211660

Germany as well kek. There is hope I see.

Anonymous 211661

start your own

Anonymous 211662

Thats why i feel I understand Shayna somewhat. Her life is so shitty that she wants a scrote to come in and fix it. I kinda want that as well. Someone to come into my life and "Fix it". The idea of having someone care enough to fix the life you feel you cannot live is something I feel a lot of super depressed people feel. If we're looking beyond her retarded ass pedo shit.
When you are so depressd and hopeless the idea of someone thats not your family but a sexual partner who loves you to come in and help you sounds so attractive

Anonymous 211663

Ew no the fuck he doesn't, have you seen his teeth? He was gorgeous when he was young but you're on something if you think Damon Albarn is still attractive. He just looks like an old British man.

Anonymous 211664

I just realised every single anon from lolcow from every board and thread is now congregated in one single thread. This is kinda scary!

Anonymous 211665

I have never seen a Dutch woman who looks like that.

Anonymous 211666


Should I drink baileys despite having taken painkillers?

Anonymous 211667

Anonymous 211668

Do it, do it now.

Anonymous 211669

RELATIVELY SPEAKING. Show me a regular 50-60 something year old man that isn't a fat, bloated, balding sack of shit. At least he got a hair transplant and isn't obese.

Anonymous 211670


TFW you can only find articles about cults and no cults

Anonymous 211671

That's what I like from these threads tbh It's like a family reunion

Anonymous 211672

You won't find a good cult on Google.

Anonymous 211675


Anonymous 211676

this is so tumblr 2012 "night blogging"

Anonymous 211677

Look for self help communes and church communities, they're sometimes cults

Anonymous 211678


Anonymous 211679

Thanks for reminding me, it explains a lot

Anonymous 211681

should I try bing? I'm thinking about putting out some kind of add or something on, Craigslist

Anonymous 211682


Anonymous 211683

Exactly what I've been arguing anon, thank fuck. Wierdos are wierdos and have always existed. Unless they genuinely have a major lapse in empathy; (a major defining characteristic of aspies) just as dimentia was previously thought of as "Lewy body dimentia" due to the loss of lewy bodies associated with the illness, a characteristic trait of the disease.

A lack of empathy is a sign of Aspergers, but if we consider anything from short attention span to bad table manners as autism than we have every child thinking they're an exception when general neurodiversity already exists.

Anonymous 211684

Damon Albarn is the kind of guy who just happened to have really nice bone-structure and was too autistic to really give a shit about keeping himself good looking. He's an ameriboo and I guarantee he thought he could make anything look good, even while he was obviously losing his looks. There's something about him that makes him seem oblivious and unself-aware.

Anonymous 211685


Anonymous 211686


The vast majority of Hollywood actors have aged better than Damon Albarn. Idris Elba and Christian Bale are only a few years younger than him and look absolutely leagues better, and that's only two examples off the top of my head. Albarn doesn't have an expectation to remain attractive because he hides behind a cartoon character for the majority of his music nowadays.

Have you actually seen him recently?

Anonymous 211688

I don't hate them, I try to read and move on. Except that cc anon that came here and said we're not welcome, you can go fuck yourself.

Anonymous 211689

I wasn't talking about celebrity males, I was talking about normal, regular males.

Anonymous 211690

i feel like I'd been in heavan's gate if I was alive back then, I unironically wear my hair like them except long

Anonymous 211691

>the entire plot is weird and moid-y
I loved it. I didn't play the original, at the time I watched a walkthrough of the original and I love crazy supernatural mysteries to solve like this. I legit thought ##either Erica or Toby was going to be directly linked to the nightmares because of the voice actors in Japanese for the voice in the confessional and how inconsistent they made the rules seem to be one of the victims. I was guessing that Toby was related to Catherine or was her as a guy just to fuck with Vincent even more or to spy on him because by then I already saw spoilers about Catherine not being a human being. They just looked like twins and were way younger than everyone else.## It felt a bit realistic in a way too, because if I were Katherine I'd be worried about Vincent being too retarded to marry as well kek.

Anonymous 211692

it is a mentality, it is not something that needs a label. it's defining yourself with an unnecessary obsession with obtaining sex. when you take a few steps away from the whole thing, it's just ridiculous. a label like that does them no favours, it only emphasises sex as an objective to be strived for and they're too retarded and stubborn to understand what women want & that sex doesn't actually matter all that much. and it's just an excuse for them to feel sorry about themselves and wallow in self-pity and whine about how deprived they are and how shitty their lives are because they can't recreate their porn fantasies.

Anonymous 211693

Someone at my spa has an appointment and her name is Taylor but it’s spelled Tayhylor. It’s possible this is a mistake on reservation’s end but even if you are ESL how do you come up with that kek

Anonymous 211695

Same, but this gives me a great chance to say this;

Dear BPD-chans, I fucking hate all of you, you are all insane and beyond socialization. I hope I never have to interact with anyone who has BPD ever again.

Anonymous 211696

Nobody brings up BPD on lolcow more than the rabid BPDhaters.

Anonymous 211697


Well yeah, but you can't compare him to a normal male when he's a multi millionaire. You surely hold him to the standards of other multi millionaire men.

Eugh. That pic is very unflattering. It reminds me of Grimes for some reason. Maybe he was all angles, but he is cute in some older pics.

Anonymous 211699

Y'all I'm so annoyed. I bought too much ricotta earlier this month so last night I decided to make pasta with it today. I cooked the meat, the pasta is boiling…but the ricotta was in the coldest part of my fridge so now it's fucking frozen. I have it in the microwave now hoping it will be ok when it defrosts. The only milk I have is almond milk and I like to use that for my drinks.

My pussy is cramping. My ricotta is frozen. Today is horrible.

Anonymous 211700

I don't bring it up on lolcow or talk about it in general. I just have interacted enough with BPD-chan's IRL to know I hate y'all.

Anonymous 211701

He's got hammy fingers.

Anonymous 211702

Sometimes I think it would be kinda fun to be a sister wife and make fun of our assigned scrote together and hang out and cook, and the scrote would just keep adding sister wives we’d turn against him because we’re all too mean to him so he steers clear

I know this is not how that cult works at all and I hate what those women and children are put through ftr

Anonymous 211703


I accidentally live next to a cult and I think most people have no idea it's a cult. They even have their own school and you have to be a member of the cult to be allowed to get a house or apartment in their area. The main thing they do is gifrel together. They're very against drugs, alcohol and no negativity allowed. They're generally friendly, but I don't trust it.

Anonymous 211705


God I'm bored, I'm reading the HAES thread on kiwifarms.

Anonymous 211706

The fuck is BPD lel am I missing something?

Why must you continuously post underwhelming Briton moids anon?

Anonymous 211707

I don't even have BPD kek.

Anonymous 211709

Yeah? Why don't you go post a Hello Kitty trauma edit about it. It'll be a refreshing break from the abuse allegations you're brainstorming against the moid who ghosted you kek

Anonymous 211710

Lol I’m guessing she meant butch

Anonymous 211711

same. i'm not saying this to cause a fight or be mean but i genuinely don't like seeing shayna or her fans. i'm serious. and there is no way for me to filter those posts straight away. i know nons are having fun and all but there's a reason why i don't go to /snow/

Anonymous 211712

Have you tried a warm water bath?? May be better but microwave should be okay if you’re in a rush

Anonymous 211713

Borderline personality disorder or less commonly bipolar disorder

Anonymous 211715

This sounds a lot like a closed society/gated community which is tbh cult adjacent.

Anonymous 211716

I want to slap the shit out of him.

Anonymous 211717

I've been dieting since the first, and maybe I'm being delusional but I really felt like my waist is a little skinnier today. I'm still chubby but I will keep going.
Oh my God, I remember back in my cult phase I watched a video about the cult in your gif. The clips of the people trying to "fly" by doing that creeped me out so much.

Anonymous 211718

Borderline is BPD.

Anonymous 211720


Thinking about him

Anonymous 211721

I thought bipolar was manic-depressive, no?

Anonymous 211722

Why do you assume I have BPD. I don't. Jumping to conclusions like that makes you look like you're the unhinged one with BPD. I just mean that I rarely ever see any anons who say they have BPD. I usually just see the anons who hate people with BPD. Chill out. It's not serious.

Anonymous 211723

Stop posting moids, get a hobby that does not revolve around sniffing ball sweat

Anonymous 211724

when i get my period I feel like Josh punched me directly in my pussy, I hate it

Anonymous 211725

Great work n0nnie. I've not been dieting but I'm doing pilates and my body looks a lil different

Anonymous 211726

smells like sweaty moidbait itt

Anonymous 211728

BPD is never used for Bipolar Disorder. Always Borderline Personality Disorder. And they're two completely different disorders. If someone calls Bipolar Disorder BPD they're just wrong.


Who is this? He's the ugliest guy posted in this thread so far.

Anonymous 211730

It is

I know but I swear I have seen the acronym used for both

Anonymous 211731

You should always take measurements so you know for sure if you made progress. It helps a lot. Good luck with your weight loss.

Anonymous 211732

Ayrt idc I'm just bored without LC and shitposting in a bunker thread, you have fun with that tho


Mine is tame compared to others but the one that sticks out to me is Emilye. Literally just Emily, pronounced normally, with an extra e at the end. It’s typo on birth certificate tier and it made me fight a smirk/eye roll every time I’d have to write it.

Anonymous 211734

this gif does things to me

Anonymous 211735

Looks like it should be said like "emile-YEE"

Anonymous 211736

yes, how can i help

Anonymous 211739

Oh yeah another thing I hated about LC; literally can't have discussions without "oh are you a moid!??!?!" being tossed around or y'all being hostile to everyone around you. Stop that shit.

Anonymous 211740

Why is the greasy rat thing dressed like a 90s anime Guy?

Anonymous 211741

? Okay

Anonymous 211743

If i could find 10 scrotes and 15 women I'd start a cult, they all have to be ugly like me though. The men will wash our pads out, the women will cook and clean when they want, but the scrotes will always have to cook and clean.
Dicks must be 6 inches or more, only 3 can be hooked all must be clean of dick skin. Only 4 scrotes can be fat and two fat men and women can't date because that shit isn't comfortable to me.
Everyone must love me

Anonymous 211744

I agree but you are being hostile too kekk

Anonymous 211746

It's not literally gated at least. I visit the grocery shop there sometimes and they have a cozy restaurant. But all the buildings are owned by the organization. They do allow kids from other areas to go to their school, but then the kids do have to abide by their specific rules. Like the weird hopping meditation and no negativity. They also have their own doctors.
Yeah that's why it creeps me out. I think it's a different eastern cult, but it's difficult not to associate it a bit with that cult.

Anonymous 211747

I wish it would stop or at least be less insane. It's just annoying at this point.

Anonymous 211748

Some countries, like here in the UK, call it EUPD (Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder). Impulsive people with poor emotional balancing, interpersonal relations and communication skills. If you're slapped it as a treatment diagnosis you're pretty much buggered for getting help with anything.

Anonymous 211749

True, but this is my one chance to be able to tell the majority of LC's users in one post to STOP BEING SO GODDAMN HOSTILE TO EVERYONE WITH A DIFFERENT OPINION HOLY FUCK

Anonymous 211750

>Everyone must love me
This is just a really underwhelming harem.

Anonymous 211751

Every cult in history is like a fucked up harem.

Anonymous 211752

only a moid would get upset at being accused of being a moid I'm jk

Anonymous 211753


Anonymous 211754

I want to make a top 90s qt most
1. damon albarn
2. Edward furlong
3. Rider Strong(Shawn from boys meets world)
4. vincent kartheiser
5. Leonardo DiCaprio

To bad scrotes don’t do those cute hair cuts anymore

Anonymous 211755

Not Heaven’s Gate. The men were castrated and they had a no sex policy

Anonymous 211757

Perfect then.

Anonymous 211758

Same with BPD. I wish I never got the diagnosis - I was the one who pushed for it, and I was diagnosed unusually young. I also feel sad for my coworker who is 22 and has clearly very bad ADHD but got a BPD diagnosis and the doctors refuse to investigate further.

Anonymous 211760

You must 18 to use these forums,
And to be honest anon if you are being accused of being a moid consider the context and content of your posts, are they pickme esque? Are they moid worshipping to the detriment of women? Are they just plain sick? These are possible scenarios that may lead anons to accuse you of being a moid.

Anonymous 211762


im workin on something

Anonymous 211763

Nothing about those posts seem underage to me. You also get accused of being a pickme/tranny/moid over the smallest shit on lc.

Anonymous 211764

I was gonna mention Idris too. Such a shame that these male actors refuse to take care of themselves and end up looking like shit in their old(er) age.

Anonymous 211765

>Only 4 scrotes can be fat and two fat men and women can't date because that shit isn't comfortable to me.

I said underwhelming harem not fucked up, kek

Anonymous 211768

Really? I have to watch a docu about them.

Anonymous 211769

I got tested for strep throat and it came back negative but the doctor gave my antibiotics anyway? The paper said something about a respiratory infection but google says antibiotics are not meant for respiratory infections?? Does the doctor not give a fuck? What am I supposed to do?

Anonymous 211770

Okay now that is the site for me.

Anonymous 211771


Anonymous 211772



indie brits age like milk

Anonymous 211773

I just think a man shouldn't be fat thats all. They have no reason to be fat, but if they must be fat their dicks better be 6+ and I don't want to see too fat people sleeping togeather. I want the man to be less fat then the woman, so he can pleasure her better. I also want everyone to wear lime green and we will shower togeather. Watch youtube movie recaps, play sims 4, make the same exact family and talk about what we did (only the girls though), and we'll raise out childern to be amazing

Anonymous 211774

s i have to have a wisdom tooth out tomorrow and i am shitting my pants. i specifically asked my dentist for sedation and she's referred me to a none sedation clinic. i called my GP today to ask for a valium and there were no appointments left when i got through after like 100 calls so i guess i'm just raw dogging it cos i don't wanna refuse the appointment and go back on a waiting list. plz pray that it's a woman and i don't cry.

Anonymous 211775

Thanks anon that recommended Marcos little library, that was pretty heartwarming. Thought the old chap was going to cock his toes for a sec there though, dark real fast.

Anonymous 211777

Thank you nonas.

Anonymous 211778

is it too late to try and restart heavens gate then?

Anonymous 211780

the website is still up

Anonymous 211781

how about posting hot women instead for a change

Anonymous 211782

I sent them a post card for New Years.

Anonymous 211783

I don't want to objectify women…

Anonymous 211784

Because young women are always objectified. I want to objectify men for once and talk about them like fresh meat.

Anonymous 211785

Didn't say this at all, I said there may be a reason why anons would pick at you and accuse you of being a moid depending on the substance of your post.

Anonymous 211786

i hope they respond back

Anonymous 211787

Thinking women are hot isn’t objectifying.

Anonymous 211788

finding women hot isn't objectifying what

Anonymous 211789

You're not really objectifying men though you're glorifying them, specifically rat-like ones.

Anonymous 211790


this looks so much like a fake hypnospace page

Anonymous 211791

AKA 'I'm a straight woman'

Anonymous 211792

I read the book Cultish by Amanda Montell and I'm pretty sure that despite everyone committing suicide, there's still a couple of survivors who genuinely still believe in Heaven's Gate. I might be getting it mixed up with another cult though.

Anonymous 211793

I love that they have never changed their site to reflect the times. Classic oldweb. Anyways, I sent my postcard to the address on the site and requested videotapes. I emailed them some years ago and they replied within 15
Minutes. I think they’re desperate for new members

Anonymous 211794

Yes they left two people behind to continue running the site.

Anonymous 211796

Saying a man is cute is not glorifying them. You feel uncomfy with mens looks being talked about because you’re used to it only being women.

Anonymous 211797

Nta, sometimes this is the case but they are often accusing anons of being moids for no reason other than they don't like their opinion. I've seen it so much the past two years. they should stop already.

Anonymous 211798

Why is so hard for you guys to just admit to being straight? I don't get it, it is an American thing or some type of Tumblr induced bullshit?

Anonymous 211799


really hate scrotes rn

Anonymous 211800

Being straight or bi on LC is basically just asking to get harassed at this point.

Anonymous 211801

Anonymous 211802

No I feel uncomfy because you're posting rat looking men.

Men cannot be objectified like women, stop being obtuse and childish. I'm aware that scrotes dehumanize and humiliate women on a daily basis. But there is no female gaze equivalent of the male gaze because attraction is fundamentally different in hetero women/bi then it is in hetero/bi men.

The closest to objectifying men would be fujoshi shit and unambiguously degrading treatment of men. Not shirtless beach scenes/capeshit showing a mans power. Or in your case innocuous photos of young rat looking men.

Anonymous 211803

I like dicks just not men

Anonymous 211804

Society as a whole holds different standards for men and women, and even women fall in line with these standards. There was this old tweet I remember that made fun of bisexual women who have ridiculously high standards for their girlcrushes but would have some weird moid like Andy Samburg as their boycrush. I wish I could find it. It's a super common phenomenon though.

Anonymous 211805

it's not objectifying either. "like fresh meat". please get real. it's normal though female socialization in the works, we could never really be as unempathetic as men are in terms of seeing human being as actual objects or perforated warm things. saying someone's ugly isn't anything close. when anons try hard you can tell it's retaliation and they don't actually mean it. it's all hyperbole

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