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Help-Me-Find General Anonymous 214853

Post what you're looking for.
Thank you nonas for answers and suggestions.

Please help me find the artist of ceramic bathtime kitten.

Anonymous 214862

seems to be the tweet it originated from (notice the high quality of the image): https://twitter.com/aya_rodea_777/status/1483145362693140481
artist seems to be: https://twitter.com/fuw_hj

Anonymous 214863


reposting higher quality OP image

Anonymous 214870

Thank you !! I'm dying ahh

Anonymous 214902

Animated cute little bunny, possibly an 80's-90's anime.
I remember several gifs, one of which features her fighting other animal characters. She's wearing clothes and I believe has dot eyes.

I want to know what it's from so I can watch it!

Anonymous 214903

i know this may seem like a lot to ask but could you draw from memory what the character looks like? you can do it on ms paint. It doesn't matter if you don't have the drawing skills but I think it would help us a lot more to have a visual cue

Anonymous 214904

Anonymous 215058


Help me find the name of the apples they put inside giant candy apples.

Bonus point if you can tell me where they're grown.

Anonymous 215243

Aren’t they Honeycrisps? They’re the sweetest juiciest apples best for baking and other sweet related desserts. Only problem is they’re huge and they’re expensive

Anonymous 215256


I am looking for a place to buy these type of small nemu nekos. Preferably a source where resellers buy them.

Anonymous 215261

I have one of these but I got it at an anime convention some years ago. Wish I knew too nona, they're so cute.

Anonymous 215263

The company that resides in my state uses Granny Smith or Jonathan. You need a slightly tart apple that will offset the taste of the caramel, while also being firm enough that it last on the shelf until bought.

Anonymous 215297

pink lady apple?

Anonymous 215316

Are they uniquely huge apples?

Anonymous 215739

Any nonas into piano playing? Got any good sites to download official piano arrangements and sheet music?

I want to play Dawn from Pride and Prejudice (2005). My brother gifted the official sheet music book years ago. It was a beginners sheet music book and I learned all the songs. I really only just want to relearn Dawn at a more advanced level now that I’m better at piano and don’t want to pay money for one song in an intermediate/advanced book.

Anonymous 215770

A map of modern Europe but edited to remove Belgium, instead Flanders is in the Netherlands and Wallonia is in France, so France and the Netherlands are neighbouring countries. Would be even better if Luxembourg was also edited out and annexed to the Netherlands instead.

Anonymous 215907


An obscure vapowave video with a gif of this teddy bear from a japanese baby soap

Anonymous 215909

NTA but I've been trying to understand what you mean every time I read this post. How big of an apple do you think you need for caramel apples? They don't have to be gigantic, a normal sized granny smith will do perfectly.

Anonymous 215913

Anonymous 215916


Woman, whoever you are and where you are, know that if I could I would kiss you

Anonymous 215920

I don't really expect anyone to be able to find it but I guess it's a shot in the dark. Really old RPG Maker 2000/2003 game where you play as a guy (Might have been a prince? Not sure) just wandering and exploring a castle. It had some pretty long corridors.

Anonymous 215921

Yeah that's way too vague. Even a google search will give so many games with such description.

Anonymous 215923

Looks like a Japanese cultivar, perhaps a large Fuji variety or a Nagano.

Anonymous 215936

Im looking for the apples from this particular luxury gift brand. The apples are just GIANT monsters like nothing you've ever seen, so of course I'm interested in where they come from. In all honesty I want to see a regular old apple tree weighed down and growing monster apples with my own eyes, its just a weird goal of mine.

Anonymous 217888


what movie is this from

Anonymous 217911

Closed Circuit (2013)

Anonymous 217919


Japanese webmanga that I think was first uploaded to twitter. It was a high school romcom, and I know this is extremely generic so here's the only panel I remember drawn from memory.
Btw it was pretty short, the chapters were each very short too and it was drawn in a very sketchy artstyle, it didn't have what I'd call real lineart.

Anonymous 218276


looking for this mouse shaped like a cat's paw

Anonymous 219743

not sure if it's vocaloid or actual person but there's this one anime mv song about a girl being a wizard trying to save her friend from a dragon volcano but for some reason, she turns him into a diamond that wont melt then he sinks in magma. then she came back several years later to save him

Any help nonas?
I can't parse your writing friend

Anonymous 219767

don't think these are manufactured/sold anymore anon…

Anonymous 219775

could make your own
>take apart a normal mouse
>make a mold of the paw shape
>fill it with plastic and compress
>saw out a hole for the scroll and sensor
>glue the mouse guts inside
>spray paint the cable white
idk how you would get the buttons to click though that technology is beyond me

Anonymous 219784

Should be simple enough to commission from a 3D artist, i'm pretty sure the mouse clicky parts are just the plastic of the buttom part being slightly "loose" and held in place by the little metal spring-y things inside the mouse guts (don't know the names but it's a very simple mechanism, open an old/cheap mouse and take a look).

We don't have a hobby board here do we? I kinda dig the project, will look for more info

Anonymous 219785

A quick search yielded me this, the design is ugly and shit and cringe but the core idea is simple and much easier and more versatile than making the entire mouse itself a paw, you can switch it if the mechanisms fail. Probably just need to make the area where you'll click a bit thinner and the entire thing out of softer silicone rather than plastic. Or idk, just the mouse clicking parts out of silicone and everything else out of plastic.

Anonymous 220627

I found a spot with 5.
As to how you get it shipped?

Anonymous 220632

tumblr original.jp…

Huh. You could unironically make that into a cool leaf.

Anonymous 220695

alibaba / aliexpress

Anonymous 220698


the pic is from a pretty great Canadian comedy called Letterkenny.

i doubt there is video of the fight mentioned (if it is even a true story), but i'm confident you can find plenty of prison fight videos online (though adding "butt naked" to said online search is likely to produce a bunch of gay porn)

…pitter patter…

Anonymous 220992

Does anyone have that picture of two girls where it says “you vs me” and the first girl has black hair and a red bow and is clutching her pearls next to a computer screen and the other girl has a shit ton of pink in her room and is sitting on a laptop and shes like “whoops babe I broke it” and her bf is like “dont worry babe ill buy you a new one”

Anonymous 220993


Anonymous 220994


Anonymous 220995

that's a grey bow

Anonymous 220998

I was picturing the image wrong

Anonymous 220999

what does this image mean

Anonymous 221004

Its a parody of chad vs virgin memes i think

Anonymous 221010

i first saw it in the lolcow thread so i was wondering if it was based on a specific cow or something

Anonymous 221013

it was inspired by a nony in the draw room thread getting angry over a drawing that was under the theme "female utopia", pearl clutching because the drawing was ugly and satirizing traditionally/stereotypically feminine things. The same artist of the drawing drew the clutchers vs stacy pic

Anonymous 221416


Maybe you think of Vampires Dawn? Its a german game from 2001. After like 30 Minutes there is a sequence where you wander your castle as a vampire Lord which took me hours as a kid.

Anonymous 221422


No, unfortunately I don't think that was it because I don't think you could go outside at all in the game I played. I also vaguely remember it was raining or storming outside. It must have been some super obscure game so wherever it was posted the link would have likely been nuked, if not the whole site anyway.

That still looks like a cool game though. Thanks nona, I might check it out.

Anonymous 224734


Hmf this yaoi manga, or artist. Tia n0nnies.

Anonymous 224749

MuseScore has high quality transcriptions of non-public domain music. For classical/PD pieces, IMSLP should have you covered.

Anonymous 224941

I wanna find it too, now. It almost looks like VictorxYuri from Yuri on Ice?? But I'm really not sure. I'll look around for this and let you know if I find it, kek.

Anonymous 224942


Samefagging. I'm pretty sure the artist is Gearous (the art looks like his, and that looks like his signature). Gearous has a twitter and a patreon, and I think that art is from his patreon or I would post it here (I don't have access too it). I'm pretty sure it's locked behind a paywall, though. If anyone has the original, I'd still be curious to see if I'm right.

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