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Dreams Anonymous 21526

Let's talk about dreams, /b/. I had a nice dream a few days ago that I want to share.

I live in a luxurious, large apartment with antique decor, in a wealthy area. Everything is quiet, and always quiet. My neighbors are a bit eccentric. Once I opened the door, and a man looking like Hayko Cepkin opened it at the same time. He just stared at me till I closed it. My mother decides she needs help with gardening, and I end up meeting a man named Moore (Monroe?). I just opened the door, and Moore was there.

I suspect that Moore wasn't an assistant or a gardener but an undercover psychologist hired for me, since he was usually with me instead of tending to vegetables or whatever my mother wanted to plant.

I spend a lot of time with Moore, and while he always tells me it is okay to be who I am and that I should be honest with my feelings, he never does anything to get closer, it is always me making a move. One time we're taking a walk in the park and a woman sitting on a bench audibly whispers to her friend "oh no, look at that girl, she's autistic" because I was clinging to Moore closely.

In the end, I decide to hug him. He said I should be more direct but the dream ended there.
I hope I see a dream with Moore again. Moore wore white clothes that looked a bit Japanese, like a yukata or something. I don't know much about Japanese clothes. Also he had brown hair in a ponytail. It was like in pic related, but he didn't wear it like the cartoon boy, he wore it the opposite way. I read somewhere that dead people are dressed that way.

Do you ever look up dream meanings? I do out of curiosity, but I don't believe they predict the future unlike my mother. I do believe that dreams relate to the current state of a person's mind, though.

Anonymous 21527

Yeah I was interested in interpreting dreams for a while. I also practiced lucid dreaming for a while, was really good at it, but now it's too much of a hassle.

Recently I dreamt my dad and my husband died on the same day. But some nights earlier, I dreamed of a really beautiful sunset.

Anonymous 21528


I often dream about newborns when in my fertile days, not a very subtle message from my body.

I wish I could lucid dream more. What do you guys choose to do in those dreams? I ride horses, pirouette on points like an average 11 y-o girl, and take psychedelics to trip balls, which I can no longer do irl. It feels amazing.

Anonymous 21532


I never figured to "lucid dream." Most people say that I should fall asleep in a comfortable way and always write down dreams, which I do because I do not want to forget such sweet memories. How'd you do it?

The most "lucid" I got (after I started recording my dreams) was being able to realize I'm in a nightmare after realizing that a giant spider is crawling on my apartment, and waking up myself because I don't want to associate with giant spiders.
>Yeah, this dream is turning ugly, I'm outta here!
Though I'd like to experience more lucid dreams, I am fine with random, interesting dreams I have. I'm not even sure what I'd do in a lucid dream.

Anonymous 21540

I started practising with 11 or so, so yeah it took a while, but I just got used to recognizing the possibility of dreams.

I usually fly. It always was my dream, and it took a handful of lucid dreams before I learned flying in the first place. But since I wanted it so badly, everytime I now lucid dream I have the reflex to go "Hey, it's a dream, let's fly places" which also gets slightly old.

Flying is cool though. I wish I could again have the experience of learning to fly :3

Anonymous 21579

I always have very realistic dreams of either dying or being in a dangerous situation

Anonymous 21582

I often have very crazy dreams, I could write all day about them.
From time to time I dream of my friend who died a few years ago but she is never dead, sometimes it's like she moved away for a while or she faked her death or I just remembered incorrectly that she died, and sometimes it's like she never died at all, I completely forget that she died in my dream. I feel really happy after that, like I got a visit from her.

Also does it ever happen to you that your body is completely different in your dream but you know it's you? That happens to me sometimes, once I was an algerian boy and my best friend was a black cat but I knew it was us somehow.

Also op you had a very cool dream, I hope you meet Moore again, I'm sure you will if you keep thinking about him.

Anonymous 21585


I am no lucid dream master like >>21540
but I never wrote down my dreams and the "reality check" doesn't work for me. Herbs like calea zacatechichi didn't help either.

To me it is more an "if you wish hard enough" thing: as I lay down in my bed I decide that I'm going to lucid dream and start imagining the dream I'd like to have, let my thoughts drift in the grey zone between consciousness and sleep, until I acknowledge the fact that I'm actually droppin off. Then I go feed the ponys on lsd and woo hoo.

You're lucky to be visited by dear ones!

Anonymous 21589

I have crazy dreams, too. Some don't make much sense and are like "screenshots" of a movie. But at the same time, they have some amount of realism in them. Once I dreamed that I transferred to some weird, old Medieval looking school and I saw in the basement that the faculty was torturing some students, though I don't remember exactly why. After that I infiltrate the school, parkouring making sure to not step on the lava (I couldn't go through the safe route because people would see me)
I blow up the school but go to jail in the end with my friends who helped me carry out my mission. My IRL friends thought that part was realistic, though rest of the dream wasn't.

I don't dream being other people or creatures often. But two years ago I dreamed that I was my 12 year old self, but male. My parents had went on a trip without me and left me with no keys, and the landlord wouldn't give me keys for some reason, so I wrote him a letter as the "man of the house." (as in, my house)

Anonymous 21597

I love the school story, especially how the school is surrounded by lava lol. It does really make sense, like it could be some sort of story. I'll write here one of my dreams which also made an incredible amount of sense despite being crazy (sorry it's a bit long):
I was outside playing with some kids from my street when we saw a man approaching and we concluded it was "the serial killer". So everyone ran home, but the killer chased me (also he looked exactly like Dave Grohl) and I ran to the end of my street where I managed to hide a bit. The killer found me anyway but he just wanted to talk to me, he explained to me that he was from the future, and some people in the future had "something" taken from their lives (maybe in exchange for being able to time travel, that would make sense but I don't remember) and they had taken his family from his life which made him go crazy and start killing people. Then he took me to the future but I also had to have something taken from my life so they took my ability to walk. And then we were in the future (with flying cars and skyscrapers and all that) and the killer was pushing me around in a wheelchair. The end.
Oh also another dream but a short one, but I will never forget it:
I came into the kitchen and my aunt was there, the light was turned on. There was a plate with pancakes flying above it and I came up to it and laughed at the flying pancakes. The end.

Anonymous 21635

>wake up today
>tells myself i need to respond to my friend's email
>he's emailed me a week ago
>grab phone
>~you've got mail!
>it's an email from said friend
>"Hey anon I had a dream about you, you were here with me in my country and we went shopping"

Just thought it was interesting he dreamed about me and that he was the first thing I thought about when I woke up!

Anonymous 21644


I keep dreaming about my ex and it's frustrating me to no end.

First, I have a dream where I sit with a friend and tell her how I accepted that I won't be dating him again even if the chance came up. It had an air of acceptance.

Later, I have two separate dreams: one where my ex wanting to try things again, and another where we were doing date-y stuff as a couple (all sfw).

Be gone, thot! (He's not a bad person; he's just young and self-absorbed in the negative way)

Anonymous 21645

is that pic eastern washington?

Anonymous 21646

My dreams are repetitive.

I grew up in Eastern Europe and moved to the U.S, but almost all of my dreams are back home in my village. I dream about the street, my old home (even though it got renovated since my sister owns it and nothing is the same), friends and kids I haven't talked to in probably 15 years. I sometimes dream about my grandmother and her house, and I talk to her and she is well and she cooks and we watch TV together. In real life she's had a stroke, paralyzed from her left side, can't talk, can barely walk, and now has ovarian cancer.
My dreams with my grandmother are probably regrets of all the things I wanted to say to her but couldn't.

Strangely enough, when I'm visiting my sister, I don't dream about being there at all.

When I fly in my dreams, they always take the shape of me swimming. Do you just woosh like superman?

Anonymous 21652

At first I had to follow bird flight Dynamics, and had trouble lifting off from the ground, but over time I developed a technique between willfull hovering and, if it needs to be quicker, bird flight again. It's somewhat hard to steer when I quick flight but tbh that's the entertaining thing in the first place.

Anonymous 21656

It is located near Vantage, Washington, says Wikipedia. “Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies” is the title of the sculpture.

Anonymous 21660

…am I the only one here who doesn't dream about anything?

Anonymous 21661

I wish I was like you

Anonymous 21671


Anon, maybe you're lonely and he just seems to be the one filling in the dream material.

Perhaps you miss a simpler life. I feel that way sometimes, though I don't dream about it. That'd explain why you don't dream about the village when you visit.

Anonymous 21672

I was in a technical school, and the only girl in class. I had a few friends, some buddies and a few guys who seemed to dislike or ignore me. However, one night, after long having finished school, I had a romantic whirlpool dream about one of the guys who always ignored me and since that dream I regret not caring about him when there was the opportunity. It would have been so nice. Also, he disappeared from social media and everywhere else.

Anonymous 21699

i always have the weirdest-ass dreams and last night was no exception

it started up with me driving this old beat-up cyan VW beetle car. I get to this valley between two hills, and park my car on the side of the road because the rest of the road goes up an extremely steep driveway leading directly to an old Victorian house, like the one in the Addams Family, and if I park my car there I figure there's a chance it might roll down the hill. I walk the rest of the way up to the house and knock on the door, whereupon Kylie Jenner opens it.

That's right, folks. I was visiting the Kardashians.
specifically all the women of the family sans the parents.
Kanye did make a cameo appearance, however.

While we're all hanging out together, at one point Kim opens her laptop and freaks out because she's downloaded a virus. For some reason the virus turns on the webcam and runs a chatroom program that's formatted like the ones pre-2000s, with contents that consist of a ton of old-fashioned emojis and sparkly gifs and flashing text. And it's insanely active. Some of the text is nonsense or looks like code, but gradually the people in the chatroom start to notice that one of the webcam feeds (presumably they're watching everyone that's downloaded the virus simultaneously) is in the Kardashian household and they all start commenting on it. I try to figure out how to exit the chatroom since there is no longer a desktop or a task bar, but every time that I try to reboot the computer or something, the screen blacks out, goes to static or flickering 'glitch' bars, displays a mocking message and some bouncing emoji, then goes right back to the chatroom. Throughout this whole ordeal, Kanye keeps on walking in and out of the room like 'is anything interesting happening yet'. I'm stumped so I tell Kim that she should just stop using the computer and take it in for repairs at a shop in the morning. They essentially ignore my advice, Kylie and Kendall both take it away so they can start chatting with the people in the virus channel.

Then Khloe comes in and asks me if I'm going to some kind of party the next night and what I'm wearing to it. She essentially gives me a rundown of everyone's outfit the next evening so that I know not to wear anything too similar to what they're wearing.
Eventually I figure out that the 'party' actually isn't a Hollywood event, it's the convening of a coven of witches. The Kardashian siblings were all part of it.

The first thought that came to mind when I woke up was, 'Actually, that would make a lot of sense.'

Anonymous 21700

Your dreams sound so amazing and funky

Anonymous 21703

Yeah, perhaps. He again was in my dreams.
I am sick of this.

Anonymous 21705

thanks, anon!
i used to write them down when i was younger so i think that's why i remember them pretty well. usually i have two or three dream sequences per night where the events form a cohesive (if nonsensical) plot.
i always look forward to going to sleep because it's like your brain puts on a little movie for you when you're dreaming

Anonymous 21707

I once had a similar dream in primary school, a classmate who I never interacted with a lot visited me and we played videogames together. Then a few years later when puberty hit me I remembered the dream and then I became infatuated with him. It was weird because I didn't think anything special of him it was all because of that dream.
Whoa that's such a cool dream. I find it very interesting that in dreams we don't know everything about the situation we're in despite the fact that we thought it up ourselves, for example how you didn't realize what the party actually was at first.

Oh also I just remembered a really super weird dream. I saw on the nexs that there was some family whose cat had been turned into a dog biscuit (because apparently dogs eat cats in my head) but the cat was still alive as a biscuit, it was meowing and it kinda looked like a cat's head… And there was a kid next to it crying, and the family was desperate to turn their biscuitcat back into a cat.

Anonymous 22137

Today, I saw a dream in which I bumped into a woman dressed in black, with long black hair. I thought nothing of it and went my way without saying "excuse me." After that the lady kept showing up everywhere, she'd stalk me saying APOLOGIZE, APOLOGIZE and she was on my imaginary dream-twitter too. I'd block her but she'd make a new account every time and keep posting on my page, APOLOGIZE.
My grandmother scolded me when she learned of this and she also told me to apologize. I apologized only because I wanted it to stop.

I also saw Moore again. It was a short dream. He said I have grown up since he saw me.

The cat got cursed for bullying a dog, anon. That's why it turned into a dog biscuit.

Anonymous 22612

Today I had a crazy dream so I have to post it, I only remember the very last part clearly.
It was night and I was at school in a classroom with 2 other people, of whom one was actually a huge eagle (way bigger than a person) and the other was a character I made in the Sims, and we were waiting for our teacher to come because we had extra math class, and the other two were making a ruckus, opening and closing windows and whatnot, and suddenly the bird shouted through the window "CA-CAW! CA-CAW!" and the people on the street were all confused, and the bird says to us "I sounded cuter now didn't I? I've been practicing!" This giant bird was actually trying so hard to be a small cute bird, and I thought to myself "it did sound kind of cute".
After that I went to close another window that had just opened itself when the teacher came and told us not to play with the windows. So we sat down and as the teacher was handing us papers with assignments the bird says "Teacher, can I listen to music on my earphones?" She says ok, sure. Then the other guy says "What if I don't have my earphones?" And the bird replied "Well then listen to your hairpins!" And I was laughing so hard because they had been talking about hairpins before that. After that as the teacher was giving me a paper I said to her "Teacher, do you need a hairpin? I have SO many." And after that I woke up. I still think the hairpin thing is funny in an absurd way.
>I also saw Moore again. It was a short dream. He said I have grown up since he saw me.

Aw, I'm proud of you.

Anonymous 22615


A splendid comedy show!
The hairpins are my favorite part.

Anonymous 22699

had a dream this morning that I was sharing a hotel room at an anime convention with some other lolitas from the local comm. the dream mostly consisted of putting together coordinates throughout the weekend and wandering through the dealers room with the other girls in the room, which was fun, but then on sunday it abruptly turned into /cgl/-tier drama. i had brought my standing clothing rack to hang all my dresses on, and apparently one of the girls in the room had also been using it to hang her dresses without me knowing. so when I packed up to drive home, i just swept all the hangers off the rack without thinking about it and put them in the trunk of my car. about a couple hours later i get this group text from all the other girls in the room and the chick whose dresses they were is saying that her dresses have been stolen. In the group chat, she starts posting stock photos of the dresses so everyone else can identify them, but then she also posts photos of one of my dresses. Sure enough, I check the trunk and there's her stuff, mixed in with all of mine. But I'm really confused because now I can't come out and say 'hey, this was an honest mistake, my bad let me return them' without either a) giving her the dress that's actually mine or b) confronting her by saying, 'you were wrong, that Innocent World OP isn't yours'. Because clearly she knows it's not hers, you don't misremember owning something that you don't. But if I say that it isn't hers after she's made this claim that I stole her things, then people will have to take sides on whether or not I'm a thief who's just trying to keep one of the dresses, or whether she's trying to steal one of mine now.
thank god i woke up, i hate dealing with drama. stressed me right tf out though.

Anonymous 22701

that's really unfortunate, when even you dreams won't let you relax.
I dreamt today that I was helping my best friend move except she had been living in an old barn. I saw a fluffy grey cat in the barn. And later I had to decorate some cakes with cheap icing and stuff and the cakes were so bland and horrible looking so I really had to put tons of decorations on them. This must be some sort of metaphor but I dunno what it applies to.

Anonymous 22757


has anyone ever had a dream in which they died?

i had one of those today. i was part of an all-girls high school on a class trip to visit this big, old germanic-style mansion. it had five floors and the staircases all lined the walls so that you could look down at the first floor from the 5th, kind of like pic related except the stairs just kept going up. on every flight i would get to the last step and then stop, feeling intensely nervous, to the point that my classmates were getting annoyed because they were having to wait for me to move on. finally, we reach the fifth floor of the house, and i turned around to look out across the open space. behind me, one of my classmates told me to 'be careful!' and then i was falling. the levels below me went by in a blur of color and i remember hearing the gasps and screams above me as i hit the floor.
then i woke up with my entire body feeling hot and tingly. it took a few minutes before i could convince myself to move again.

Anonymous 22792


Damn, crazy dream.

I shot myself in the head at the end of a dream because I was escaping a nightmare with inevitable doom. Then I woke up breathing heavily and was terrified.

Anonymous 22805

I got murdered by Michael Jackson in a dream once. He was babysitting me then decided to kill me for some reason.

Anonymous 23047

Today I dreamed that the drummer of my favorite band died, and that my parents told me "it's ok this is just a dream! But he is going to die within a year." And I said "No! He is going to die in… 10 years".
I hope he lives much longer than just 10 more years, maybe I cursed him now.

Anonymous 23064

>neighbor is an undercover psychologist

this is a cool idea, I'm gonna steal it

Anonymous 23138


I saw a dream that had a gun in it. I had this really longs sniper rifle that also looked like a bazooka. It was green and about as long as me, so the rifle was pretty big I think. (1.60m 5'3)
But I didn't use bullets for the rifle, I used words. When I got a person in my sights I could whisper to the gun and they'd hear it. And if it was too far all I had to do was zoom so my voice would get closer to them.

Now that you mention, it sounds a bit funny.

Anonymous 23141

if you want to have crazy lucid dreams wear a nicotine patch to bed

>Nicotine is an agonist for acetylcholine which means that it enters the brain and acts in the same manner as acetylcholine

>Nicotine patches typically come in three strengths: 7 mg, 14mg, and 21 mg. I have tried the 14 mg and 7 mg variety. They both work well but the 7 mg results in far fewer side effects. The dose generally represents the average total dose released over a 24 hour period (or 16 hour period depending on the brand)
>Because of the rapid desensitization that can occur when using Nicotine it is wise to only wear the patch during the lucid dream attempt and then remove it Nicotine immediately. For example, the patch can be applied at 4 AM just prior to having an LD and then removed at 7 AM just after waking up from the lucid dream. This approach is a must if you want to be able to
consistently achieve remarkable results

Anonymous 23152

That's so cool! I can imagine a videogame centered around a person using a gun like that. Maybe they could whisper secrets to get people mad at each other and start fights lol.
Speaking of videogames I once dreamed that I was playing a videogame where you play as a king/sultan's wife. You know like they say the kings' wives had a big influence on them, you could influence your husband in the game and affect your country. I really think somebody should make a game like that.

Yesterday I dreamed again of my friend who died, she was in a wheelchair and she was sulking again, ugh. I keep dreaming that she is alive but she just didn't want to hang out with me so she moved away. But it's ok, I don't mind if she is mean in my dreams as long as she keeps appearing in them.

Anonymous 23248


I binge-watched this dumb SyFy series called 'The Magicians' the other week because I was bored. The main character is super annoying and dumb and I hate his stupid face, there's only like two characters in the show that aren't absolutely insufferable.
Then I had a sex dream about him last night that made me moan so loudly that I woke myself up and now I'm weirdly attracted to his stupid face. it helps that the actor doesn't style himself like they do in the show, also.
Also in the dream his bedroom was 90% covered with figurines and miniatures and other toys, which were cool to look at
and he and his family ended up being body-snatching aliens
so there's that.
fuck you, quentin.

Anonymous 23297

Cool. This sounds like a cool Typing of the Dead kind of game.

Isn't this a recipe for addiction?

Anonymous 113234

I had a dream yesterday where I went with my parents and sister to some family gathering but we had to stay at a hotel (I think my relatives had to do that too, and we all stayed at the same hotel). It was a very big hotel and looked like a huge southern European house from the outside.
We arrived, needed a key card or whatever it's called to access our room. We stayed outside the hotel for 2 or 3 days (don't ask me how lol), when I suddenly remembered that we had brought a cat with us in a cage, and it had been staying there at the hotel room without food or water. I rushed to the hotel (which got extremely long and made me feel even shittier the longer it took to get there), when I got there there were a couple of hot vampires who seemed to be the owners of the hotel, and I couldn't find my room key. I don't know how the fuck I managed to find it in my purse but when I finally entered the room, the cat was dead and I felt immense guilt and started to think about what I would do with the corpse or how I would dispose of it.

This shit definitely comes from my guilt over my two cats (one dead from a mystery illness, the other missing and never came back), and the overwhelming sadness and rage I feel for my relative's cat who got diabetes due to a shitty food that they fed the cat for months if not years because they didn't bother to get an actual appointment with the vet to determine what would've been the best food for it. That cat lost a shitton of weight (looked like a fucking skeleton and like it would collapse and die at any time) due to dumbass negligence by these relatives and now they're struggling to make the poor animal gain weight.

Oh, damn, now I'm crying. It's the first time I've cried over that. I've tried to repress these intense emotions but I just hate seeing the poor cat like that… This is definitely what triggered this dream.

Anonymous 113264

I actually liked the series.

Anonymous 113265

The books were even better. For those of you wondering, imagine Harry Potter except rated R and Hogwarts is college not grade school and the houses are frat houses. 9/10 I should read this again sometime.

Anonymous 126442

Screenshot 2022-03…

That book is fucking awful, if you want to show someone why pacing is important, just have them read the fucking magicians.
Last night I dreamed there was a movie called Miller, which I was thinking about it's similarities to Primer. Both were about two guys hiding a secret from everyone else while double crossing each other, is how I put it. Miller was about a spy or government man, something like that, and a schoolteacher, and something to do with covering up a murder? Shane Carruth was an actor in it too, as the teacher. I don't remember much about the plot but I remember thinking about how it sounded like part of a trilogy with Primer and Looper, and thinking about which order they would go in. I decided that Primer would go last, my reasoning for this was that it couldn't be first. I don't know why either.

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