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Year of the rabbit Anonymous 215304

Anyone else celebrating Chinese New Year? I'm having dinner with the fam and then watching the 春晚, here's to hoping it's better than last year's. Realistically though I'll probably fall asleep ten minutes in.

Anonymous 215348

What kind of dishes do you guys serve on New Years? Every year my social media is flooded with some of the most beautiful looking dinners I think I've ever seen

Anonymous 215454

I want to do something but it’s the second year that I’m living away from my family. Last year I got duck with my bf. Idk what to do this year. Maybe make him some steamed fish and buy him a beanie baby year of the rabbit bunny plushie

Anonymous 215483

This year I'm doing yangrouchuan and char siu. Extended family will be providing the rest.

Unrelated, but is anyone else planning to dress up for the new year? I saw a really pretty hanfu at a festival I attended today but the elaborate stuff isn't really feasible for me. I'm planning to wear a pink qipao tomorrow, maybe wear a long-sleeved black shirt underneath in case it turns out to be too cold.

Anonymous 215984

I usually just wear a qipao — I wish I had a whole wardrobe of them. They’re so pretty. And I’d like one in red.

Anonymous 216064

Chinese American so culturally my family isn’t as traditional but we usually have mooncakes in September during harvest moon festival. And yes real egg yolk are in them. I dont recall ever having them during new year growing up though

Anonymous 216447

Yup, same here. I always thought they were for zhong qiu jie exclusively, they are called YUE bing after all

Anonymous 216568

Is there a particular brand that's best?

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