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Anonymous 216703

What are your first names? Do you think you have a cool/beautiful name? Do any of you have femcel names that hurt your confidence like Agnes, Larkin, Prudence, Helga, Gertrude, Mildred, Bertha, etc.

Anonymous 216704

every other "Emily" in my life is somewhat attractive and then there's me

Anonymous 216705

I was literally named after a videogame character (Lara Croft) but it's not that bad I guess

Anonymous 216706


Gertrude just makes me think of runescape. I wish my name was Gertrude.

Anonymous 216707

Do you girls like Louise?

Anonymous 216708


basically Helga level

Anonymous 216709

Annabelle. I think it has a nice spelling.

Anonymous 216710

Rachel. It's not pretty or anything but not helga tier either, just a name.

Now ask me for my social security number, date of birth, a picture of my driver's license and my blood type so I can bare all.

Anonymous 216711

Tell the story pls. Are your parents big nerds? Were you named off the hype train of the original? I really hope you were born before Angel of Darkness came out.

Anonymous 216712

I think Agnes is such a cool name….so is Gertrude and Mildred. Based anon af.

Anonymous 216713

I really like the name Rachel! I don’t even know any myself but it just feels really cute.
Are you cute, anon?

Anonymous 216714

Mine is Emma. It's ok, but too common I think

Anonymous 216715

"yes" would be so conceited but I've been called it enough times for it to be somewhat true.

Anonymous 216716

My first name is Maisie, pronounced like 'Macy' instead of 'Mazie' though. I like it for the most part except I like the spelling "Macy" better. I think I was named after my dad's first crush in elementary school, thought that was kinda cute. Some people think it's weird though lol.

I like the name Lara, sounds sophisticated to me.

Anonymous 216717

i was named 'rachel' which i think is sort of suitable because i was born in the year of the sheep and my name means 'lamb of god'.
but i very much doubt that's what my four-year-old sister was thinking of when my parents let her decide my name. she just thought it sounded pretty, i guess.

Anonymous 216718


I'm Sabrina, literally after the movie. My mom is pretty ambitious and power-driven and always imagined me to sweep through society, but then again, the prophecy was fulfilled both in that she was treating me like a personal research object (with the difference that she is nowhere near professional and I turned out just as awkward as she) AND in me growing up like absolute redneck bydlo.

I still wish I would magically acquire elegance and poise. I suffer so hard from not having any of that. I'm literally blunt and clumsy like a farmer.

Anonymous 216719


Are you really giving out your first names when you know the site is crawling with interlopers

Are you dumb or stupid? There is no other option.

Anonymous 216720

At the same time I like Louise because it reminds me of a little mouse but at the same time it reminds me of "lousy"
I think it's a really nice name
My parents were choosing from Lana or Lara but my brother said "it should be Lara like Lara Croft!" he was 5 years old back then and when I think about it it's pretty impressive he could even play tomb raider that young. They also wanted to name me Leda but I'm really glad they didn't
If I were to really analyze it Lara is a pretty good name for me because l and r are like "soft" and "hard" versions of the same sound, and I am always caught in the duality of liking cute girly things and tough scary things.

Anonymous 216721

hurr hurrr the hax0r named 4chan is so powerful he can find your whole life info just from you posting your first name in an image board hurr hurrr

Anonymous 216722

Hi Helga!

Anonymous 216723

I wish I had an old lady name like one of those, I feel like it would fit me well since I dress in modest vintage-ish fashion haha.
My current name is rare but doesn't fit me at all since it's delicate and cute. Oddly enough it's the main thing people compliment me for lmao.
Not posting it because it's weird and I feel like someone could identify me

Anonymous 216724

Mine is Luisa, the original Italian spelling. Usually when people try to spell it for the first time, like teachers, they add it with the O and I have to correct it lol. My second name is usually pronounced wrong as well - I have a very Italian sounding name. I don't mind it because it's kind of a unique combination but I also think Luisa is too cutesy sounding. I wish I had a more cool sounding first name.

Anonymous 216725

I don't think it's too cute, when I hear Luisa I think of a fiery flamenco dancer lol

Anonymous 216726

I like it, haven't ever really wanted anything different, though I like a lot of European names.
Sometimes people just call me Hana, but sometimes people say it "Hannah" or "Hannah ko" which feels awkward to hear

Anonymous 216727


Anonymous 216728

Nice try FBI, I won't fall for your data mining tricks this time!

Anonymous 216729

Luisa is ruined for me, we have a little girl in our circle of friends, and the parents somehow didn't get the notice that you should discipline your kid, and she is the biggest pain in the ass ever, and the mother is always nervous and twitchy but doesn't dare to scold Luisa in the slightest and always half-heartedly hisses "Luisssssa!"

However, there are many Duchesses named L(o)uisa, which is nice.

Anonymous 216730


I have a unique name, it's feminine but most people can't pronounce it properly. It's unique enough that you can pin-point me so I don't feel comfortable posting it.

Most people I come across think it's a cool name, personally I just find it annoying. It'd be nice to have a normal name, but maybe it's the whole "grass is greener on the other side" mentality.

Anonymous 216731


Are you a fellow Norwegian, anon?

Anonymous 216732


I like my first name since it is a proper name, not one of those cool pet names given nowadays. I mean, when I was a kid, cats were named Luna or Lilou, my neighbour's dog's name was Lena, now my pupils have those same names, wtf.
A lot of girls of my age had the same name when I was in school but it seems to be much rarer now. Sometimes people compliment me about it. I'm glad it is feminine and doesn't end with an "a".

Pic related is what a Lena should look like.

Anonymous 216733

I thought rachel was hebrew for female sheep or something like that, but lamb of god is pretty cool. Remember the metal band lamb of god?

Anonymous 216734

omg this so much. my sister was going to name her baby Luna if he happened to be a girl. I already had a cat named Luna and ffs the father of the child had a cat named Luna, too. At least don't already have a pet with such a name if you want to name your child that, though even if you knew no pets with the name Luna, that's still a clear pet name…it's like naming your son Fido.

Anonymous 216735

I was always really disappointed as a kid that my name didn't have its own meaning, it's just a feminine version of a male name. My mom added two silent letters at the end which makes it look more beautiful but it's difficult to spell for foreigners.

Anonymous 216736

yeah I also wanted to say that's such a brutal name

Anonymous 216737

I always get the ginger kittens to suffer when I farm them for death runes in west ardy bc they're the cutest

Anonymous 216738


My name means "eternal ruler/ever powerful", but it's the female version of a male name. It's also the name of a genus of flowers (heaths). It was given to me because my family moved around a lot and it's easy to pronounce in almost all languages.

Anonymous 216739

My parents named me Elizabeth, which I think is pretty damn good. It's a classic, sound pretty, and I can have a ton of different nicknames. The only downside is it's got a Hebrew origin and I'm not fond of the religious association. When I have children I'm going to give them as secular names as possible, like botanical names.

Anonymous 216740

beautiful name

like what? Heather?

Anonymous 216741

I've always been jelly of every 'Liz' I've met. It's easily the best nickname ever.

Anonymous 216742

>The only downside is it's got a Hebrew origin and I'm not fond of the religious association.

Are you a rabid anti-semite or just silly? I really don't understand the issue. My name means "big nose" for heckin' sake, get over yourself.

Anonymous 216743

It's more the fact that the meaning is "My god is an oath" which I find odd considering my parents are firm atheists

Anonymous 216744

I'm going to sound super weaboo-ish but I absolutely LOVE the name Momo.

I'm fine with my first name but I don't like when people call me the short version of it. I know they try to be friendly but I don't like how it sounds

Anonymous 216745

My Japanese teacher's name was Momo, it's really cute.

Anonymous 216746

Jealous. My parents were going to name me that, then didn't because of my dad's (shit) taste, and the name they ended up picking for me gets me so much shit because I'm white and named it, even though I've met other white people named the same name.

Anonymous 216747

that sounds like it could be easily interpreted personally in different ways, despite its origin.

Anonymous 216748

I think it's similar to how us westerners are "culturally Christian"(also culturally pre-Christian, like Christmas). Me and one of my sisters have Hebrew names and I was ignorant of their origin until the last 5 years or so, you just kind of expect them to have Anglo origins.

I have Latin names picked out for a daughter or son already but only because I like them. (April and Marcus)

Anonymous 216749

Ah same! I'm glad my parents gave me that name especially since my father was more into it than my mother since she liked the name "Betalise" a little more (idk how it's spelled but it's what it would sound like). He didn't like it and after finding out from my mother about it (I hated it) and I would say I like Elizabeth more.

The nicknames are super cute too! I've always liked Lily, Elly, Elle, and Elise as nicknames and dream of someone calling me that one day… Too bad people just resort to Liz for nicknames as I've grown tired of it and hated Lizzie RIP…

Anonymous 216750

Anonymous 216751

I use to have a foreign name but it was difficult to pronounce and I ended up changing it to Dylan. I've always liked gender neutral/masculine names like Alex so I'm content.

Anonymous 216752

i've met plenty of female alex's. never met a female dylan, did not know that could be gender-neutral.

Anonymous 216753

What's the general consensus on Minerva?

Anonymous 216754

its dumb u dumb mineral

Anonymous 216755

>goddess of wisdom
no u

Anonymous 216756

HAHA tfw ugly femcel with femcel name

doomed from the start

Anonymous 216757

Everyone but Dad calls me Cate, so I am ok with the older name

Anonymous 216758

My parents gave me an ancient Persian name and no one, and I mean no one else has it.

Anonymous 216759


I'm Elizabeth, too. Kind of funny how out of all the names there are there are two other anons here who share mine.

Anonymous 216760

Ingrid. I think it’s gross and grandma-isu but a lot of people where I live rn tell me it’s cute.

Not that anon but.. h-hi…

Anonymous 216761

I met a girl named Agnes and honestly she changed my whole view on the name. I used to view it as a grandma-y femcel name, but this Agnes I know is really outgoing, pretty, and fun to be around.

When I tell people about her and reference her name people always respond with "ew" but I have to reassure them that she's actually the opposite of their first impression.

Anonymous 216762

Man my best friend is Persian and they named her Negar. They live in Canada, they speak English, to this day I fail to understand why they thought that would go over well. She goes by Nea most of the time now.

Anonymous 216763

>to this day I fail to understand why they thought that would go over well.

What if her parents thought it would be funny lol

Anonymous 216764

I've been told my entire life that I have a beautiful/lovely name (that's if I bother correcting them when they hear it wrong like they always do). It's not hard to pronounce, it's not foreign/exotic, but it's rare and I do like it a lot. I'd mention it, but it's too specific and I'd rather not. I'd love to be called Frankie, or Evie though, I was originally going to be named Evie which is nice. My name sounds pretty classy which makes me happy, as I'm very into vintage fashion etc.

Anonymous 216765

My name is arabic and very easy to pronounce, it's annoying having to reassure everyone they're saying it right.

Anonymous 216766

I'm named after Lauryn Hill, my dad is white and I low key think he wishes he was black because of how into black culture he is, weird.

I like it because it's spelled differently to the other 538292 Lauren's I know but it gets annoying when people misspell it because the E is way more common here.

Anonymous 216767

It's just a name anon. Most people don't care that much of the name's original meaning. Being told what Elizabeth means is like a fun trivia, but it doesn't give me religious associations with the name.

Anonymous 216768


Alex, I've always hated it because of how common it is. But, my sister has a really unique name and she has always hated it because it is so weird. It is pretty weird tbh, but I'm not going to say it because its kind of one of a kind.

Anonymous 216769


>Alex, I've always hated it because of how common it is.
It's gone down significantly in the majority of western countries, and it means "defender of men" so that's kinda 'Stacy' lol.

Also a prettyboy had it.

Anonymous 216770


I mean when I was in high school there was at least usually two or three Alexs. And that was even with about 80% of the class being brown Indians who usually didn't have European names.

Anonymous 216771

He was short though…

Anonymous 216772

>he carries empire to the east
>you carry him to the bedroom
It's a bonus in this case.

Anonymous 216773

I went on a school trip once where 1 in every 5 people was called Alex

Anonymous 216774


Literally my fucking life. But, I've recently have gotten reconnected with my Italian heritage and I do like the Italian version of the name better.

Anonymous 216775

you fucking hoolig…

Won't say specifically which, but It's one of those "old-lady names" that you named.

Having a name in a country where my name has a reputation of being associated with old people sucks sometimes, sure, but luckily, I live in a country where I'm almost positive I'm the only one with this name in my city – and its population is a couple million people. Plus, I can always tell someone to call me by a nickname.

Besides, I used to really hate it when I was a kid, but now, I realize it's given me a unique start to shaping my personality, and I actually really like it now. If I could go back in time and be able to name myself, I would still name myself the same name. To me, Mildred, Velma or Edith is much better than other overly-popular names.

Anonymous 216776

Not to dox myself, but I have a name that a lot of Gen X have (standard spelling and everything). So it's common enough that everyone knows it but it wasn't super popular in my birth year (only #19) and has been on the decline since then.
I used to hate it, and I still don't think it 100% fits me, but I've become partial to it I guess. I'd name my daughter my name if it wasn't my name. I like baby names that are very 80's-90's lol.

Anonymous 216777


My name's Emmagrace. I used to have a hard time with it when people called me Egg in lower school, but since then people started calling me EG, and I've liked it much more.

Anonymous 216778


Basic ass European name. I wish I was called Hedwig, Henrietta, Julia or something more traditionally Euro, that would've been pretty cool. Also a great excuse to become a witch with a name like that.

Anonymous 216779


My name evokes the image of a bespectacled single German aunt over the age of 35.

I'm not happy with it, would prefer a cute and feminine name like Sophie, Anna or Lisa.

Anonymous 216780


Anonymous 216781

>traditional name, witch
>Julia, Hedwig
You seem to have no idea about Europe, do you?

Anonymous 216782

Good guess but nope! I don't want to post it bc of muh internet safety.

Anonymous 216783

I'm literally from Europe. Just because you came from a different part of it doesn't mean you can be a smartass.

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