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talking animal needs help Anonymous 216786

if you suddenly found yourself as the protagonist of a "Talking animal comes to the Earth world and needs help from a human" sort of movie/adventure, do you think you would be able to give your new animal buddy the emotional support it needs?

What animal buddy would you like to meet?

Me, I think it'd be nice to meet Hello Kitty.

Anonymous 216788

since you posted him OP, i'll claim sonic

Anonymous 216799

Since someone picked sonic already, I'll take Mario.

Anonymous 216800

I want to meet Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Anonymous 216810


That guy from keroro

Anonymous 216825

Mario is not an animal, just Italian.

Anonymous 216829


Okay, then I'll take Air Bud.

Anonymous 216842


Spaz Jackrabbit, he would be a fun, spunky, if not sometimes frustrating, little fellow. Both of us are already silly enough to probably be friends.

Anonymous 217516

If something like that happened I figure it would turn out like this.

Anonymous 217529


Instead of helping a talking animal, I'd rather be guided by a talking cat

Anonymous 217531


It depends on how easy it is to accommodate the character. I'd love a My Little Pony character but they are horse sized, so I'm going to settle for Cookie from Animal Crossing. The thing about Hello Kitty is that she is quite literally only a few apples tall so be careful you don't accidentally punt her

Anonymous 218065


Team Rocket's Meowth.

Anonymous 218206


Well I'd almost certainly find myself in a world of trouble very soon after but I'm sure it'd be a blast until then

Anonymous 218215


It would probably be fun, but…

Anonymous 218429

seconding your choice, he’s such a great character
also this image gave me a curious synchronicity today

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