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Anonymous 217157

>visit your new boyfriends house for the first time
>watching planet earth (the caves episode)
>he goes to the bathroom
>decided to check crystal cafe on your phone and respond to replies
>"This IP is banned from posting on CC"
what do? Do you confront him?

Anonymous 217165

wtf i would

Anonymous 217192

no need to confront him. he'll probably see this post

Anonymous 217199

kill him

Anonymous 217296

actually happened to me

Anonymous 217310

Does he have a dynamic ip address? He could've gotten an IP that's banned in the site, happens sometimes to me on other forums.

Anonymous 217314

I have been banned from this site MANY times for posting radfem replies and getting called a tranny for dissing masculinity even though I absolutely HATE trannies. Idk op it can happen to anyone. Especially if you're using a vpn like me.

Anonymous 217329

LOL PLEASE CONFRONT HIM and then update us on what he says.
I mean, just ask in a casual way, it doesn't have to be accusatory. You can laugh with him about it or if he tells you he was doing something creepy, you can know to run.
There really isn't any drawbacks to asking.
So what? Its still a female only site.

Anonymous 217348

that's weird, i've posted radfem replies too and i've never been called a tranny. what do you post?

Anonymous 217349

Anonymous 217363

Regardless if he was posting radfem things or not, he is still a male on a site that is very blatently female only.
You must have very boring opinions and just agree with everything you see.

Anonymous 217364

Typically elaborating on how much trannies are just as bad as "alpha males" etc or something else? I can't remember all the post I've made. A lot of the time my post was just deleted c I was accused of "baiting" but I'd clearly stated how much I hate trannies in there somewhere

Anonymous 217367

> happens sometimes to me on other forums.
happened to me on 4chan, I can't post there because my IP was rangebanned

Anonymous 217385

not really, i've gotten into several arguments over my radfem replies. actually i've gotten into more arguments here than any other imageboard lmao. i'm guessing you've been called a tranny though?

ah, that's pretty normal. sorry that happened to you.

Anonymous 217387

>he comes back from the bathroom
>tries to sit next to me
>spread my legs across the couch so he can't sit down
>he asks why I did that
>tell him
>"you can't sit with us"
>and then I make him eat me out

Anonymous 217414

Imagine having a boyfriend that larps as a tranny to rekt an imageboard kek

Anonymous 217419

might just be a dynamic IP, I sometimes don't check in here for months and when I try to post again sometimes my IP is banned

Anonymous 217436

You can post here with a vpn?

Anonymous 217438

Well that answers my question.

Anonymous 217456

The "you can't sit with us" OC got deleted sadly. Don't know why

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