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Death Anonymous 21744

Tell me what you think that happens to us after we die.

Anonymous 21745

It depends on whether you made an effort to be at peace with destiny or not. If yes, you will be part of the eternal order of things,if not, it will be over for yourself just like to desired.

Anonymous 21747

I have one last smidgen of hope I feel like I can't snuff out.
While I feel that deep down I know you just stop existing, I can't stop wondering that it's possible one can be reborn as an alien on a foreign planet with physiology far like our own.
Or that if you can come from nothing once, and that it happens to multiple humans constantly, (then what to say of animals?) then why can't it happen again? Even if it takes billions of years to recur.

Anonymous 21750

The same thing that happens before you're born.

Anonymous 21751

After we die our conscience is lost, it's just like passing out but like indefinitely.
When I was born I was dead for about 5 minutes but of course I don't remember that lol

Anonymous 21764

you become meguka

Anonymous 21766

i think everyone gets to enter a type of heaven. it's a perfect space, where you can be anything & so can everyone else.

Anonymous 21788

eternal sleep

Anonymous 21789

Everyone will have a party

Anonymous 21792


I’ve had these exact thoughts. I feel kind of helpless thinking about the possibility that this could be my only existence, but I try to remind myself that I wouldn’t even have a consciousness anymore so it wouldn’t really matter…

Anonymous 21794


I will invite you to mine

Anonymous 21798

Forever gone, and I am completely okay with it.

Anonymous 21799


Anonymous 21801

I think you have an encounter with Jesus and from there it's either heaven, purgatory and then heaven, or hell.

Anonymous 22577

We don't know what conscience really is so i don't know if my theory is even able to happen, but anyway here goes. Since time is infinite plus matter and energy are indestructible maybe in like trillions of years everything will repeat. And not to an approximation, but exactly the same, particle to particle, so when you die you are immediately born again(your perception of it not literally immediately). The exact same person and all and everything else is the same too. So we are trapped in an infinite circle that we cannot escape and can't be certain it even exists. That is what keeps me awake at night.

Anonymous 22840


only good things happen after you die
even if you were a bad person
dont ask me how i know

Anonymous 22845

I hope that i will be with my family and still would be able to do entertaining things. Maybe when I'm dead i will finally be able to finish all those series i started to watch.

Anonymous 22938

After you die you just disappear, anything else is a coping mechanism.

Anonymous 23536

Absolutely nothing. But the bible does say you can get resurrected if you work hard to do God's will while on earth.

"The dead are conscious of nothing at all."Ecc 9:5

Anonymous 23540

this this this!
I hope I can also be with my loved ones again too…
I don't wanna die anon!
someone hold me~! awwwah!

Anonymous 23961

Probably nothing, be like it was before you where born. I don't really like that, but I just can't see it going anywhere other way.

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