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Are kpop idols setting unrealistic beauty standards for men? Anonymous 217459

Anonymous 217461


Moids should be attractive and in the same age range as their women counterparts in american media. I hate how hollywood pushed ugly old scroates with gorgeous women (picreal).

Anonymous 217463

*must be

Anonymous 217471

Males perpetuate this trope in American media as another way to help their own egos. They want to believe that no matter how fat, ugly, shit in personality, and financially useless they are, they can still get with a pretty, healthy, young, and submissive woman. It's like when males tried to create the stereotype that geeky boys are "poor oppressed unpopular geniuses who need a pretty girl's love". It's their fantasy land.

Anonymous 217476

I don't understand how they're perceives as beautiful lol. They all have short hair and dress too flamboyantly. Plus their 'personality' and looks aren't authentic at all, everything they wear and how they behave is engineered to be that way. It's weird.

Anonymous 217480

I don't think anybody other than kpopfags care about the "unrealistic beauty standards" of idols because majority of people seem them as fake, plastic and botched or "too feminine". If anything it makes the koreaboos see them unrealistically by infantilising and defending korean men at the expense of korean women when korean men are overwhelming misogynistic and have a serious incel problem.

Anonymous 217484

Unless the expectation is to be Asian- no. It is literally hard for men to be fat. Testosterone makes muscle grow quickly and much easier, their BMR is also higher than ours so they burn calories like a motherfucker. It is not an unrealistic beauty standard for men to peel their fat flat ass out of a gaming chair and do 30 minutes of exercise. It is not an unrealistic expectation for men to peel their crusty shirt off and dress better. The bare minimum it's not hard to wash hair or style it

Anonymous 217485

When I was a teenager I had a pretty hardcore kpop phase for like 2 years, I 'stanned' like 20 different groups, I watched dance videos and made fanart and wrote fanfiction. It was during the golden age of kpop, when bts was going global and groups had higher views on yt with every comeback. One day, I decided that it was cringe, and left. A couple years later I had this revelation, I think it was when I started taking my chinese-learning seriously, that they were just these random korean guys. They weren't the amazing hard-working multi-talented angelically beautiful creatures from a faraway land they're sold out to be, they're just these normal guys, who work in the entertainment industry. It sounds incredibly stupid and obvious out loud but when you're in the clasps of a fandom (cults lol) of fellow obsessives and consuming all this carefully cultivated content, churned out by mega corporations, you can only associate kpop with joy. Recently I saw there was a girl group that debuted with all of its members being minors or something like that, the systemic issues that the industry gets away with is insane.
Anyways to answer your question, Iguess it sets unrealistic expectations because it's a part of the internet, social media, and the content machine. All you'll ever get is the concept, the image of a person that is crafted for the sake of attention and money.

Anonymous 217489


Don't worry about men, you can't even peer pressure them into washing their asses

Anonymous 217491

for once i welcome unrealistic beauty standarts for moids

Anonymous 217499

never as unrealistic as the ones women are subjected to, and if men feel insecure im happy

Anonymous 217503

No, men don't care about kpop

Anonymous 217505

men might not like kpop as much as women do but ive seen plenty of men seething over male kpop idols getting girls attention

Anonymous 217506

The Goose can still absolutely get it.
Of all the perfect examples of what you're talking about (any DiCaprio movie from 2007 onward comes to mind) you gotta go after him? No no.

Anonymous 217507

Oh, then maybe, but you know moids would never actually put any effort into changing their appearance for women

Anonymous 217511


If you consume different K-pop groups long enough, you'll eventually realize how similarly most of them are to eachother. I've become disillusioned with several things:

1. "Concepts" aren't that original. It's usually either girlcrush, cute, sexy, summer, high school, or something else repetitive.

2. Following on that, hairstyles and outfits aren't that original. And I'm saying this as a huge BTS fan. There were hairstyles and outfits of some members that I would think are really cool and that I would then see the exact same ones on members from other groups. Makeup and colors - also copies. Companies copy eachother more than people think imo.

3. I went on a K-pop girl group binge at one point and I couldn't stand listening to another new girl group by the end of it. Almost all the songs from one group would follow the same beat as ones from another. Not to mention it is an open secret that many groups don't write their own songs, but rando American producers do.

4. Not all visuals are that convincing. I noticed this former member from DIA, Somyi for example (Picrel). She has a nose that's unconvential for Kpop standards. All it takes is some bad lighting, lack of plastic surgery somewhere where every other idol is getting it, and even making a certain facial expression, to reveal that K-pop visuals are concentrated on a surface, static level. I haven't seen idols looking nearly as good in variety shows as in posters.

5. Most idols talk very scriptedly. It's the same phrases like "I'll go and come back" anytime going to an airport, "Take care of your health" (Even when looking very sleep-deprived themselves), "Please remember to eat well" (Even when having a messed up diet, possibly eating disorder), "Fighting", "I love you", etc. Mostly things designed to craft a parasocial relationship, of course.

6. In large groups, there's more than likely at least two members that hate eachother. But they still have to put up a front that they are like best friends or family. The cracks can occasionally slip here as well, like with bullying scandals, but the reality is that in K-pop it's more than just the member's personality, likes/dislikes, hobbies, etc. that are carefully crafted. It's the relationship between all the members entirely.

I enjoy K-pop on a surface level, but unless you go for (usually nugu) groups that are trying to do more of their own thing and branch out, you can't enjoy it past that without some serious suspension of disbelief. 99% are like glorified McDonald's employees, in uniform and telling you to "Have a nice day" after you buy your food, and the K-pop company is the McDonald's.

Anonymous 217515


>ive seen plenty of men seething over male kpop idols getting girls attention
and their reaction is to stomp their feet and seethe that the woman is attracted to the wrong type of men instead of finding fault in themselves and attempting to change.

Anonymous 217522

Hell no. I think it's PERFECT and a long time coming. Men do the same things to us and it's never going to change. I'll never forgive them for the untold shit they do to women. This is NOTHING. If anything thank God. I didnt ask for anything from men, i want absolutely nothing rrom them. Hell no. Bring it on, in fact make it the universal standard please!

Anonymous 217524

At the end of the day the just want something from you, to use you, get something from you, fuck what Men want.

Anonymous 217543

kpop boys might not be everyones cup of tea but they sure as hell look hundreds of times better than the average scrote, i dont like the artificial look but i do prefer this to the moids that im forced to look at when im going about my day, truly ugly as fuck creatures, they really did need to build an entire intricate system to make it so women would sleep with them and even then rape is still commonplace, unsurprising given how repellent men are, no wonder now that women are more emancipated there are so many incels, falling birth rates, less marriages and so on, just the thought of touching the average man makes me want to gag, bring the plastic on if it means making these men either more bearable to look at or seethe, i hope that as entertainment degenerates it will become widespread showing off 9 inch dicks so that the last safe bastion of moid insecurity is at last conquered among their manchildren tears (the only sweet thing about men)

Anonymous 217546

I don't know if it's achievable by adult scrotes but I wish there were at least some standards. I've never seen an attractive man in Western media.

Anonymous 217547

No because men don't care about what women find attractive. Most men believe they know what women like more than women, and since they don't think kpop guys look good, they think women don't like them either. The only beauty standards men approve of is the gymbro body, created by men for men.

Anonymous 217548

Not enough.

Anonymous 217570


I absolutely prefer more natural. I think kpop is a bad example because it looks so unnatural I'm not super into kpop, but I get it I completely get why women flocked to it. Most men intentionally strive to look bad no matter what age. Fantasy is really the only thing women have.its impossible to be attracted to men, while they look at the kind of women they do, and look like they do. The double standard is disgusting.

I never asked for anything men insist on hoisting onto women. I never asked for amything from them. Never asked for this world or any of the shitty af gender rules between people (mostly assholes). I kind of want to pretend none of it exists I'm mostly effing done with all of it, and the way the world is

Anonymous 217576


It's more a american thing, I've seen series from Spain and Italy and theirs moids are decent looking.

Anonymous 217599

No but they should be. Most men think being a lazy unwashed sack of crap is acceptable and will get them bitches, they could learn something from kpop stars.

Anonymous 217613

I like how Kpop makes white moids seethe. My favourite kpop moid is BM from Kard.

Anonymous 217624

Exactly, women internalize men externalize

Anonymous 217673

Taehyung>>>>>other kpop moids

Anonymous 217682

Most of those men seething over Kpop idols are not seething over men being put to higher standard, but hate that those men are not testosterone monster gigachads. Gigachad physique is far far more unattainable to the average moid compared to Kpop idols who just have smooth skin, fancy dresses and lean body, and yet moids all over the internet no matter who the said moid is idolize Gigachad and simp for him. He isnt even real, he is just a photoshopped guy from some Instagram account, and yet I see him also regularly being mocked by women for being quite ugly. Men were also never complaining about action movies having all roided men in them. I dont think their hate is from insecurity, its from extended misogyny where they attack men that are not masculine enough and hate societies that dont fetishize masculine men

Anonymous 217695

The only reason scrotes worship gigachad is because he represents power over women. Why the hell do you think men pretty oppenly and shamelessly pursue sex dimorphism? So it's easy to control, overpower, and thus have sex with women.

Its not rocket science and i dont know why its a surprise. Women who are attracted to masculinity are supremely fucked in the head. I personally don't know how they got so willingly blind. No amount of charm would make me attracted to gigachad or a macho type.

Anonymous 217699

>Why the hell do you think men pretty oppenly and shamelessly pursue sex dimorphism?
Height is one of the most significant forms of sexual dimorphism in humans. Let us say that you see a series of posts here sperging about how height shouldn't be important and more specifically that male-favored height differences should be a total nonfactor in relationships, or saying that shorter than average women frequently have health complications from pregnancy with significantly taller than average men's offspring, or that anthropologists found that Xhosa hunter-gatherers are more effective when the male is shorter than average so any preference for taller men can't be due to capability as a provider. Do you assume that the poster could not possibly be male and that only males would oppose that viewpoint? Come on, nona.

Anonymous 217704

Either way nothing changes, gigachad is gross. Most masculinity is created by men for men, to center all the power around themselves. There is no attraction factor unless a girl is brainwashed to be afraid to deviate from "heteronormative".

Anonymous 217718

>deleted posts
oh so that really was a scrote lmfao

Anonymous 217728

> Gigachad physique is far far more unattainable to the average moid compared to Kpop idols
having a cute face is as unattainable as the gigachad physique

Anonymous 217754

You are wrong, dimorphism in strength is far greater. While women on average are foot shorter then men, you also see plenty of times really tall women and really short guys. If you have at group of friends that has at least 5 guys in it, you probably know a guy shorter then the average woman in your area. Now compare that to strength, the average man can very easily assault or overpower the average woman. Even the weakest nerds among men are still able to overpower the average woman without trying all that hard. And conversely women who work out a lot and don't take male hormones as supplements will still struggle overpowering the average moid. The disparity in strength is so great and it is basically the single leading reason why our societies even consider the idea of woman only spaces to be real, as well as the idea that rape is really bad and that moids cant be raped. This is also why all sexists push for men working out strength exercises instead of supporting weight loss and decreasing obesity, because fat men are still stronger then skinny men. Physical strength is the single biggest secondary characteristic among genders and perhaps the main/only characteristic responsible for masculine and feminine personality differences. Masculine traits are just traits associated with strength or cemented by centuries of being the stronger one, while feminine are the opposites where the woman was forced to do either work not requiring strength, or work that men did not want to do and could excuse themselves to not do because strength gave them the right to boss around.

Anonymous 217756

Anonymous 217766


"straight" moids have the same taste of gay moids. Most women find gigachad and bodybuilders like Cbum or Sergi Constance disgusting, moids on the other hand seem to get hard by they.

Anonymous 217769


This is pretty true unfortunately.
Even the top 10-20% of athletic women cannot bench press as much as an obnoxious highschool moid who's been in the gym for a year. A Highschool boy's running averages also tend to be world-record breaking if placed in women's running sports (cross country & the like). Even short men are ridiculously stronger than women who are half a foot taller than them if not more.

I knew a short fat boy who could easily overpower me with ridiculous grip and bicep strength. He could bench my entire body weight 10 times in a row without breaking a sweat.

He could even outrun me in a sprint or a jog.

It's so unfair its unreal. The game is rigged.

Anonymous 217770

>This is also why all sexists push for men working out strength exercises instead of supporting weight loss and decreasing obesity, because fat men are still stronger then skinny men.
I don't understand, is men strength training a problem for you because you think women could overpower them if only they were sickly stick figures instead? I'm sorry but that's not true. Most strength is in the bones themselves. Men have biologically bigger and thicker bones as well as a natural ability to rapidly build muscle from even the lightest of exercise while women's bones are much thinner and more brittle and we have more trouble building muscle. Even without strength training at all, the gender disparity in strength would be so prevalent that women's spaces would still be needed because, as you said, strength is the biggest sexually dimorphic trait.

Anonymous 217775

It is about the symbolism, not the reality. Most weightlifters are clumsy as nerds as opposed to guys who actually play sports. Glorifying strength is glorifying men because men are so much stronger then women.

Anonymous 217781

men can be stronger all they want ill just shoot them

Anonymous 217784

I don't think that's necessarily true nona, kpop idols looks sanitized and unnatural and quite frankly a little bit alien to me. Idol culture in general is exploitative of women so seeing the same applied to men just shows me how horrible and painful the experience is. Then I also remember that Korean parents cut their children's tongue tips off so they can speak better English and it's too much for me. Mind you roidfreaks also look alien to me.

There's no need to swing from one extreme to the other, it's just that we're living right now at a time where companies have created images of what a "real man" is supposed to be like, and those images are different depending on culture. Just two centuries ago men were wearing wigs, flashy clothes and shaved their faces daily, but now they would be called "gay" by other men. It's a collective shaming tactic they use to drag them down.

Anonymous 217787

> remember that Korean parents cut their children's tongue tips off so they can speak better English
how would that help?

Anonymous 217797


>most men start balding in their 20s
Holy kek, the future just gets bleaker and bleaker for males LOL

Anonymous 217799

holy shit he kind of looks like what my ex turned into (right before we broke up thank god). I swear he had a normal hairline when I met him - I just didn't think 19-25 would make such a difference.

I guess one good thing about this is maybe women will be able to see a man's balding genes early enough to decide not to procreate with him. Naturally selecting baldness out of future generations is one of the kindest things we could do to men.

Anonymous 217800

Okay but seriously why don't they allow unregulated gun ownership for women only? We already know like 95% of gun homicides and suicides are perpetrated by men, obviously only one sex is unable to control themselves when it comes to responsible gun use so why not just even the playing field and let women use guns given that they aren't chimp brained?

Anonymous 217801


Apparently it's common.

Anonymous 217802

why do people get so autistic over the fact that men are stronger than women? literally who cares - strength has nothing to do with power anymore. power comes from intellectual achievement and shrewdness in professional contexts, both of which are advantages women have over men (see us outcompeting them in education systems designed by them and for them). we also recover faster from traumatic brain injury than men (thanks to progesterone) and live longer than them.

men are obsolete and only chimp brains with no foresight think physical strength means anything at all.

Anonymous 217804


Men have the nerve to seethe at 30+ year old women for "hitting the wall" and their "eggs going stale", yet men's heads will age twenty years in just five and those five years will happen before the man is even middle-aged. Why do men age so goddamn terribly?

Anonymous 217806

I wonder if there's a kind of sexuality between heterosexuality and homosexuality (and not bisexuality because that shit's made up). Like, I'd be hetero for guys with normal hairlines but would probably prefer dating women over men with bad hairlines.

Anonymous 217807

What makes you say bisexuality is made up?

Anonymous 217808

You are too optimistic. Thanks to AI development in the past 5 years really kicking off I don't really have any hope for the far future. They still exist now and have power for at least the next 20 years. AI artificial intelligence, it is designed to replace intellectual workers. Just go check the latest chatbots and how smart they are, and the fact that they affect disproportionally female areas (medicine, biology, humanities, psychology, art) over male areas (engineering, physics, trades). Physical strength might be useless for the most part, but before the transition actually happens so will be intellectual disciplines

Anonymous 217812

Beats me, but plastic surgery is very common in South Korea.


Anonymous 217816

Are you sure it's tongue tips and not the lingual frenulum? The main phoneme for r in english includes a great deal of tongue twisting that some languages don't have, "releasing" more of the tongue by cutting the frenulum might help and is a pretty minor surgery, relatively common for speech impediments

Anonymous 217825

I disagree. I constantly work with the public and see so many men that intentionally hide or destroy their look/ attractive face. Men only weight train because it's about power obsession.

Anonymous 217832

yes but who the fuck cares? males are inherently ugly and very little of them ACTUALLY take care of themselves. i don't care if trying to be pleasing to the eyes kills them in the process, even better actually. men who aren't asian don't give a shit about kpop beauty standard anyways because they consider it gay. which is a shame, they could use some help

Anonymous 217835

"Idols" just like everything else millennials and zoomers make their identity about are something you're supposed to grow out of before high school age. If young & infantile weren't synonymous in the minds of people under 35 it wouldn't matter what beauty standard they set.

Anonymous 217839

Don't think this is the case in europe.

Anonymous 217843

I don't think it's juvenile to care about how you look though. My God if it wasn't so one sided imagine the motivation you'd have as a woman to date. I have none.

Anonymous 217846

You just cherrypicked that one out of the bottom of a karelian swamp

Anonymous 217848

The concept of caring about how you look is not the thing I am shitting on. It's kpop. Everything about it aesthetically and musically stems from a marketing language for Nick Jr. ages not 20 somethings. If the generations that loved it simply chose to not be infantile then this wouldn't be an issue because nobody would like it.

Anonymous 217850

Nope i dated a one.

Anonymous 217852

Then again he was a foreigner in my school. I didn't get to see ALL of Europe. It's too bad I was so busy back then I didn't get to enjoy any of it.

Anonymous 217859


Even with the filter he's ugly as fuck.

Anonymous 217860

Everything men say about women is always projection. Dude in the pic looks like he flirts with his own cousin and has a wardrobe full of musky camo clothes.

Anonymous 217864

Based as fuck, holy

Anonymous 217923

He's also 5"2'. I'm not even joking.

Anonymous 217924

Ero moids are ugly inbred looking pasty retards

Anonymous 217926

Not to diss on you nona but if Andrew Anglin is your idea of a typical moids then you're setting the bar really low.

Anonymous 218135

K-Pop does have some unrealistic beauty standards for men, but the REAL question is whether or not we should care. The answer to that is an obvious "no". Moids don't deserve happiness in their own bodies after all these dumb shallow shit standards they placed on women. Moids will call any woman a "whore" a "roastie" and everything nasty because of her body just being natural and not of their delusional preference. Why should we care when moids develop a low self esteem from K-pop? Let moids be jealous. Let moids feel lonely. Let moids feel replaceable. It's their true place anyway.

Anonymous 218136

Kpop beauty standards for men aren't even unrealistic lol, male kpop idols just get nice haircuts, wear light makeup and stay fit,why is that such an unrealistic standard? Yeah,most of them have minimal plastuc surgery done but it's nowhere as extreme as what we see women go through in Hollywood or even what female kpop idols go through

Anonymous 218145

Uh… I wouldn't call it minimal. For the women or the men.

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