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how tf do i become a sculptor Anonymous 217724

i want to become a sculptor and make beautiful renaissance style statues
how tf do I become a sculptor? does anyone here sculpt in stone or just in general? tell me what to do

Anonymous 217764

Neat channel, thanks for sharing. I like to watch women create.

Anonymous 217793

The meme advice is probably to start with 3D
You can press ctrl + z on a stone slab but you can on a program like Blender.
It won't teach you real world tool use but it will open up your ability to comprehend shapes of all sorts.

Anonymous 217795

Also it's worth mentioning that sculpting is an extremely large set of different skills and applications.
Making beautiful art like the your pic and sculpting a new car design are gonna be very different. (The latter often consisting of tools created by the person doing the job to fit their preference)

Anonymous 217796

It depends, do you specifically want to work with subtractive methods? If not, air dry clay is really fucking cheap and IMO it's best to work directly with actual physical materials and not digital 3D if you want to do analog sculpting, because dealing with the material itself and physics is a pretty big part of it.

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