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Is it hard to live in a huge liberal city if you don't care for trans rights activism etc? Anonymous 217828

Do you run into them a lot? Will they harrass you? Well I don't really hate trannies I just HATE what the activism has become, the suppression of discussion.

Will they get in your face if you're a lesbian or a gnc woman?

Anonymous 217830

Well, let me tell you my experience. I regularly visit Cork city which is the "other" capital of Ireland. It's a lovely place however it has something very wrong with it- it's troon town. Whole thing is an episode of Loony Troons down there. A lot of the people just walking around are very visibly some form of gendie. The reason I go there is to visit someone special who has a friend group of mostly leftoids. Any interaction you have with them they will insert gender. All the jokes, all discussions of media, even just talking about their day, has to include mention of gender identity. The first time I met this group of people, I made a small joke about it to the person I was visiting, and he looked me dead in the eyes and said "does it make you want to kill yourself?" and then spent an hour venting about the hell he has to live in as a normie in an inescapable city of troons

Anonymous 217833

In Europe not at all

Anonymous 217834

Holy fucking shit. Trannies, enbies, and thembies are the definition of people who WANT to feel oppressed.

Anonymous 217836

ayrt the entirety of Cork City is my cringe compilation. County Cork is famous for a safari park where exotic animals roam freely, but for me the real safari experience is simply walking through the city and observing troons in an environment 100% crafted for themselves by themselves. In a way I adore it because I get to gawk at the weirdos and then go home to my own city when I'm done, RIP everyone who has to stay there all the time kek

Anonymous 217840

Yes, there's a very infamous troon that has a massive thread on KF, can't remember his name but he larps as a romani and has been kicked out of numerous feminist groups/meetings over the years, has advertised himself as a prostitute too.
Going to a video game event soon there, I'm actually terrified I'll be kicked out because I don't humour the troons enough or accidentally misgender a neckbeard with long hair.
What are other major Irish cities like with this absolute shite? UCC societies are just cliques of troons ruling over us normal peons, it's a disgrace there, saw a lot of snide remarks and bullying in the Discords I lurk in. Troons get away with murder.

Anonymous 217853

ayrt I'm living in Dublin City, the true capital of Ireland. Despite being considered one of the most progressive cities in Europe it's surprising not as harsh as Cork City. You can actually mostly avoid them and voice most opinions safely. People from all over Ireland travel to Dublin for our colleges and unfortunately that means our art colleges/district are riddled with the same gicknas destroying Cork.

While you're there, look out for the park destroyed with communist graffiti. You will recognise it by an electrical box with "I met Karl Marx doing Mushrooms in the park". Sit on any bench and just watch the people who pass through

Anonymous 217854

I lived in SF I never saw ANY. Also according to another similar thread, most people in massive liberal cities reported never seeing them. They tend to live online.

Anonymous 217857

Several months ago I was trying to eat a wrap in that exact park, and a troon just came up to me and started going "hey hi you look lonely!", big overweight guy in a drab long skirt.
I just said to him "you are a man" and he was really taken aback and just went "y-yes?" and he waddled off, I muttered "yeah keep walking fucking creep" and hope he heard it tbh.
Can't rest for ten minutes to eat a chicken wrap without troons accosting you.

Anonymous 217931

It sucks because Cork has such reasonable rent when compared to Dublin. You can get an apartment with more than one bedroom all to yourself for less than a studio in Dublin. But I agree the types of people on the streets everyday in Cork is a lot to handle

Anonymous 217933

ayrt it's so funny to me that someone else on Crystal Cafe is familiar with tankie troon park! Fucking kek, do you have any other Cork encounter stories? I have a really fuckin funny collection of them but I can't tell the stories properly without risking a loose retard on here launching gay ops against a niche celebrity in the Cork genderspecial artfaggot scene

Anonymous 218052

The Brog is a hotspot for them

Anonymous 218058

Used to live in a miniscule flat up in Cork for years but my landlord moved me to a satellite city due to my original flat being deemed a fire risk for the building I was in. I know my landlord is scummy, but he's the only one to give me anything.
Right now I live above a violent alcoholic scrote who has like 7 children with ex-wives and despises me because I didn't want to have sex with him after he tried to woo me. Even stole my post after I told him to fuck off, as some postmen here seem to leave my post (I live in an attic flat with a mailbox under the stairs up to it) in his porch as they see that as the easiest option I guess, aside from climbing stairs.
Well I tried to get in with the (sci-fi fantasy etc) society while I was at UCC and they all had drunk the kool-aid so to say. Spammed shit like "eat the rich!" and got triggered whenn I once replied "ok, when?".
The wokeness factor is insane here, I swear.

Anonymous 218059

The person I referenced in my initial reply is currently attending UCC and they have literally told me the exact same story. He won't try to take part in any extracurricular activities or join any clubs because everything he has tried was saturated with tankie troons. none of the activities or clubs are/were political in nature, they just force it to be

Anonymous 218060

Indeed. It's a swarm of rich kids who've lived in the expensive and lavish student accomidation their mammies and daddies have given them. Whilst sneering at us poorfags I've noticed.
It's all just flowing Kool-aid at UCC from my expeiriences as me.

Anonymous 218105

Please tell me more people have Cork City stories kek. The only place I've heard that comes anywhere close to as bad is Limerick. Theres a city in Limerick with a handful of art colleges and I've been told the place is just overrun with them. Limerick shares a border with Cork so it must be just the entire province of Munster

Anonymous 218414

That Cork shit sounds so funny, makes me wanna visit just to look at the freak show, it sounds like a human zoo

Anonymous 218417

If you're anywhere in Ireland/UK, just go to Cork. The safari park I mentioned is genuinely an Irish treasure and Cork city is actually a pretty nice place for things like fun caf├ęs, interesting sight seeing, some gorgeous beaches not too far away, and so much more. And while you're doing all that- free freakshow every time you go outside!

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