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Justin Roiland Anonymous 218269

Many male family members of mine, my dad, brother, uncles, and grandfather are all big Rick and Morty fans. Recently the co-creater, writer, and voice actor for 50% of the characters was kicked off of the show after he got charged for beating up his gf, and all I hear is whining about "but why kick him off?? the show is gonna be ruined!" when he beat up a woman.
Just a reminder that men you think you can trust still value shitty cartoons over the safety of women, remember that.

Anonymous 218270

Is the show now getting canceled? I heard the show was gonna keep going after Justin got kicked off, but now I'm seeing people say it's getting canceled. Either way, good riddance. Justin and Dan seem to be huge man-children.

Anonymous 218271

Its not being cancelled I dont think, but people speculate thats the way it is going to go because he played such a huge role it won't be the same.
Either way, it was kind of a terrible show to begin with. It peaked at season 2 or 3, wasn't that great then, and its just getting worse.
The creators have the humor of edgy 12 yos, and yeah are giant manchildren and perverts. They just use being vulgar as a substitute for clever writing at this point, the entire show kinda boils down to "haha, sex!". It gets really old, really fast.

Anonymous 218273

>Recently the co-creator, writer, and voice actor for 50% of the characters were kicked off of the show after he got charged for beating up his gf, and all I hear is whining about "but why kick him off?? the show is gonna be ruined!" when he beat up a woman. Just a reminder that men you think you can trust still value shitty cartoons over the safety of women, remember that.
You make a very good point about men and their reaction to male creators being pieces of shit. Men always get like this when a celebrity male is exposed for being a monster. Matter of fact, it's always men who are crying "separate the art from the artist", to suggest that people just ignore that they're consuming media made by rapists, beaters, pedos, and whatever else of that nature. It's not even just for celebrity men, men always let their friends be pieces of shit because men rarely care to call any of these things out. I think men have this engrained reaction to always defend or ignore the sociopathy of other males to help groom another generation of girls into being okay with men at their worst. Men don't even have to be fully aware of what they're doing to defend the gross nature of other males. Men are very accustomed to being at their bad, or worst. With their self-centered mode of thinking, they tend to think that everyone else should be accustomed to men being pieces of shit. Men seem to always think like this and work as a hive mind, even when they're not even aware that they're thinking like this. Then when men do wake up and realize they were being garbage to women, you get those cheesy, low-quality apology posts on Reddit about how "sorry" the male was for sexually assaulting his teacher all those years ago.

Anonymous 218274

I followed Harmon all the way from his Channel 101 days and I'm completely unsurprised by this being Roiland's life course.

It's not just the safety of women that men will throw under a bus for their entertainment and their celebrity crushes. They would willingly feed male children to Michael Jackson or to their clergy and whistle happily while they do so. Gay "intellectual" men forgive Michael Foucault for willfully having sex with HUNDREDS of gay men in order to INTENTIONALLY INFECT THEM WITH HIV/AIDS. I have a hard time imagining politically active feminist women forgiving a male feminist for murdering hundreds of women on a basis of him having written some feminist philosophy but gays love a good gaykilling gay. And it's not just murder and violence that men are willing to forgive so readily, they love their 'alpha male' leaders almost specifically for adulterating other men's marriages–you would think that male possessiveness and mateguarding instincts would give them pause when considering the idea of a man abusing his power to have sex with other men's wives but that is not the observable reality.

Somehow men manage to avoid comprehending the idea that someone who violates other people presents a danger to them and to the whole of society.

Anonymous 218280


I don't think this is the best example I have at the moment, but I feel like this pic still demonstrates men (and boys) not being aware that their actions and the degradation of women make them bad people. Their lack of awareness regarding themselves. The boys in this study are degenerates for wanting to set girls up into unwanted pregnancies, yet they believe their actions aren't accountable for such an event if it were to happen. A man can be the world's greatest jackass and not understand how his and other male pattern behaviors would make him and other men bad people. This leads us back to square one: where men casually ignore the terrible behaviors of male celebrities and jump to claim that those male celebrities are still "acceptable" people or to "separate the art from the artist"…all while not even realizing how dismissive they are to immorality.

Anonymous 218312

I haven't seen many defenses of Roiland even among the fantards that over it. It's mostly just been disappointment and condemnation.
I do think they should outright cancel it rather than try to do it without him.
The show is very hit or miss without him present it sure as hell will be all misses without him.

I think if anybody deserves to be scrutinized for their handling of this situation it's Adult Swim.
I hate Sam Hyde but if what he did is bad enough to warrant his shows cancelation how the fuck is what Justin did not worth total erasure? Even factoring in the difference in relevance between their respective shows Adult Swim should be completely removing Rick & Morty from its roster and replace it with something else.

Anonymous 218328

Every single character in Rick and Morty is irredeemable, unlikable, and the show is just about shock value and literal potty humor. There was nothing good about it to begin with and why would someone who assaults women produce anything of value in the first place?

Anonymous 218330

How quickly nonas forget that Roiland was a showrunner that was perfectly fine with the Rick x Morty yaoi tumblr constantly churned out back in the days of season 1 and 2, and even said it was canon in some of the universes. He was pretty based in that regard, and I can separate artist from art. It sounds like your family can do the same.

Also, I love that people are only just now discovering his old, offensive cartoons and pissing themselves over the edgy humor. Even the pearl-clutching you're doing, OP, feels really pathetic. The court will see him in April and that'll be when he's formally judged for what he's done. People liking the show does not equal people morally agreeing with domestic abuse, and it's completely nutty to pretend that they are one in the same.

You won't see defenses anywhere with names because social media loves mob lynching the politically incorrect more than ever now. Idc if I get called a pickme, we may never see someone so big openly approving of fans' saucy taboo fanworks ever again and it feels incredibly bleak to me.

Season 7 is continuing and they're just recasting Roiland for all the roles he was in before. It works out since the ending of season 6 was about the main Rick we know looking for "the one true Rick".

Also accurate, though I did like the morty story stuff. I will be massively disappointed if the morty recast is bad.

Anonymous 218333

Why would a grandpa watch Rick and Morty that sounds fucked up.

Anonymous 218338

Another funny thing, why should they care? Something like this month AI researchers made AI that can replicate any kind of voice out there. You can try it yourself.
If the backlash against new voice actors got really bad, people could just replace the voices with AI Roiland that is free of rape

Anonymous 218339

until he takes adult swim to court for using his voice lol

Anonymous 218347

You're not even that wrong. Didn't Roiland do his script while he would be drunk or something?

Anonymous 218351


I honestly don't know what to think of a person deliberately getting stoned or drunk just to voice like two characters. Did Mike Judge ever do anything extra just to voice two retards like Beavis and Butthead?

Anonymous 218354

Lol ofc he looks like that

Anonymous 218355

Was waiting for this response. When she said
>Roiland was a showrunner that was perfectly fine with the Rick x Morty yaoi tumblr constantly churned out back in the days of season 1 and 2, and even said it was canon in some of the universes. He was pretty based in that regard
I was like, how the fuck is that based?

Anonymous 218358

Roiland is 42 years old.
I expected much worse, including balding.

Anonymous 218360

Wow you mean the male feminist, neckbeardy redditors that run the pseudointellectual Adult Swim shitshow both turn out to be women-beating pedophiles? It's almost as if male feminists always turn out to be predators in some way.

Anonymous 218361

Didn't Justin say he used to jack off to Summer because he thought she was hot? I think it's weird that he would choose Summer, the teenage girl, instead of something more "sensible" like the mom…

Anonymous 218366


IIRC, he drew some shit from his San Diego Comic Con, and this pic of Summer is one of his creations…yeah, I guess the Rick and Morty fans are right. This dude had a crush on his own teenage girl character lol

Anonymous 218397

You are right, it is pretty weak writing but I still enjoy it anyways from time to time. That wasn't what I was referring to with "pearl-clutching" though, what I was referring to was
>Just a reminder that men you think you can trust still value shitty cartoons over the safety of women, remember that.
because this is dumb and blanketing. I am so sick of inaccurate, general statements like this, blanket statements are why our issues continue to be not taken seriously. :/ They are everywhere on social media, and they continue to be the easiest way for people (and scrotes) to dismiss real issues. Yes it sucks that your family doesn't care about justice, your family is not whom I trust.

>if you can hardly call Rick and Morty art

Yes, shit you don't like is still art when artists put in the work to draw and color it. All cartoons are art, even if they suck.

>Go pander to fat manchildren somewhere else because you are just embarassing yourself here.

Sea sea isn't a complete echo chamber after all, what a shocker! Why don't you go back to regular social media with your lukewarm takes? It is popular to shit on R&M and simps will agree with you more than they would me.

I enjoy problematic content and I am aware of if. Why do you think I chose to remain anonymous?


>calls me "fucking stupid"
>I'm the inflammatory one

Anonymous 218398

Now THIS is telling.

Anonymous 218403


Here, let's all enjoy this gem

Anonymous 218456


>I enjoy problematic content and I am aware of if. Why do you think I chose to remain anonymous?
Holy shit you are insufferable and somehow have such a lack of self awareness you can't see how childish you actually are. Picrel is you.

Anonymous 219364

>Michael Foucault for willfully having sex with HUNDREDS of gay men in order to INTENTIONALLY INFECT THEM WITH HIV/AIDS
What the fuck?? Where can I learn more about this?

Anonymous 219367

>we may never see someone so big openly approving of fans' saucy taboo fanworks ever again and it feels incredibly bleak to me.
Why do you need your drawn/written erotica to be openly approved of?

Anonymous 219452

>that was perfectly fine with the Rick x Morty yaoi
>He was pretty based
Uhh was he really
or just he was a your regular fetishist getting off to pedo incest, I mean come on

Anonymous 219455

Anonymous 219527

the show was ruined after pickle rick. why are the male family members in your family so unfunny?

Anonymous 219528

> I can separate artist from art
why do people say this about objectively shit "art"? pickle rick isn't art you literal mongoloid

Anonymous 219551

Art you don't like is still art.

Anonymous 219566

I highly doubt it, but it is possible.
The way he tells jokes in that show is very boomer, in an old guy making fun of the youth sort of way.
Roiland is just a stoner appealing to other stoners with a similar sense of humor.

Anonymous 219583

Wasn't he being investigated for more than a year? Also R&M sucks.

Anonymous 219612

replace "stoners" with "twelvies" and I would be in agreement

Anonymous 219725

ty anon

Anonymous 219776

whats a twelvies?

Anonymous 219779

I think they mean people who are just starting high school.

Anonymous 219783

"Rick x Morty" fics with the creator being cool with it is not and will never be based. Idk wtf that anon is on.

Anonymous 219795

There's not gonna be any more updates on this situation until April so let's just let the thread die until then, unless something relevant unexpectedly comes up.

Anonymous 224895


Now what.

Anonymous 224896

soyboys are always evil

Anonymous 225070

Anonymous 225071

Thank you so much for posting this. If this doesn't convince people to stop watching this already shitty show, I don't know what will.

Anonymous 225965

The correct answer is: nothing.

Anonymous 225996

Why was she enabling some of the pedoshit? Shame on her parents. I would be disgusted if my underage daughter continued to talk to a 43 year-old saying things like
>"Yeeee im just super small"
>"I didn't choose the jailbait life!! It chose me"
>actually telling him about school
And also seriously, this stuff should be submitted to a lawyer, not paraded online for the powerless social justice kagaroo court.

Good on her for ignoring the really fucked up shit.

Anonymous 226073

That's wild

Anonymous 227446

teenage girls are basically groomed from childhood to be sexually suggestive toward men due to our disgusting culture and porn, teens are also obviously stupid and naive and interested in testing boundaries so they will say vile shit like that in order to feel appreciated by moids. it’s the product of literal grooming, I blame the parents and Roiland

Anonymous 227452


these comments are fucking awful I hate men so much

Anonymous 227453

Rick and Morty is a show directed at children. Most Rick and Morty jokes are middle school tier and its fanbase is incredibly young. It was made to groom children into being ok with crude sexuality, like in episodes where the whole family has an orgy with dragons or when Morty and Summer have a incest baby. Its just covert grooming under the guise of cartoons and thats obvious from the low effort jokes and marketing targeted at children.

Anonymous 227454

Men always do this. They have no sympathy for victims and will instead side with the manchild that writes the incredibly low brow humor jokes they like. Cringe how unfeeling they are.

Anonymous 227778

Disappointed but not surprised. Of course men would place larger blame on a kid than the adult in such a situation. Men have made it very clear that they do not give a flying fuck about victims in any situation, unless the victim is a male and can serve as ammo for telling women to stfu about our issues. Look at how many men tried to defend R. Kelly by saying that all those victims were lying about the abuse for money and attention. Men are also always the dumb motherfuckers who moralfag and try to push the concept of forgiving abusers on women too.

Anonymous 228149

Rick and Morty is dogshit and I honestly hope it gets cancelled because it's a complete embarrassment. Why has "adult" animation just become shock value and nothing beyond that? Why are all the relationships completely dysfunctional shitshows and why are all the characters devoid of redeeming qualities?

Anonymous 228153

The most popular and critically acclaimed adult cartoons of all time are The Simpsons and South Park, both shows feature disfunctional adults and shocking situations (South Park to a higher degree), the thing is that those shows were made by smart people who knew what they were doing and retained some level of nuance.
Since those shows were so successful, that resulted in most post-Simpsons post-South Park adult cartoons being nothing but poor attempts at mimicking them by copying the superficial aspects at face value (Idiotic adults and shitty kids engaging in violent and sexual situations) while completely missing the point (Family Guy being the OG Simpsons clone).
I personally haven't watched Rick&Morty so I can't really have a strong opinion on the actual quality of the show, I just recall everyone praising it in 2015 then despising it 2016 onwards for some reason.
I personally miss the experimental era of mid 2000's Adult Swim where everything was cheap as shit and they just hurled shit at the wall at random to see what stuck, but maybe it's just nostalgia.

Anonymous 228154

Serious drama is better played by humans than animation because it relies on subtle emotions. Even stageplay which is an environment without close up shots or camera level views of faces is famously dependent on lead actors, the audience's interpretation of Hamlet varies on any given actor's interpretation of Hamlet. Animation has no comparative advantage over live action in exploring human relationships and sentimentality. Even in fantastical settings more appropriate to animation, a cartoon version of Ryan Gosling looking at a giant JOI advertisement with a haunted expression would not be the subject of hundreds of incompatible video essays. For the same reason, more subtle or nuanced comedy is better served by live action than by animation. Animation is however a great asset to callous, cruel, harsh, bleak and dark humor, by revoking nuance from human expression and by creating an emotional and intellectual barrier between the audience and the action.

Anonymous 228292


Yeah… I think it has to do more with your male relatives than with males in general.
When I told my brother about this fiasco (as he doesn't really care for cartoons and news that much) and how Roiland treated his gf, he said
>lol, whoud have done the same
ofc I frowned at him, and he then he went like
>come on, you know me! It's not like he was my buddy or something
He said it in some way, like he was dismissing him, not even giving a tought about what some other (perceived inferior) guy was doing whit his life
>tl;dr I love my brother and I think yours that is a man child

Anonymous 228443

so here's a question.

Do you guys still believe he did it? At this point, whether you believe he did it or not comes down to personal opinion.

Anonymous 228484

He wasn't even that involved in the writing process. There was a point where he would just show up to do the voices and leave

Anonymous 228562

I dunno, you could say the same for Cronenberg-esque movies. 'He wrote about people dying gruesomely, therefore he wants people to die gruesomely'.

Anonymous 228645

I'm sure they're degenerates, I just don't believe they'd really be fucking their family members or anything. We could make arguments about all kinds of comedy being too inappropriate, but then what's left? And why is one sort of dark humor any better than the other?

Hopefully I'm not coming across as rude. Just speaking generally here.

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