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is doing a trade a bad idea? Anonymous 218317

I am too broke and dumb for college but i can do trade school i am either doing electrical shit or plumbing
>i am 20 and never went to college

Anonymous 218318

No, trades will be always be prevalent and tend to make decent money. Join a union

Anonymous 218320

Not at all. It's a viable path. I had a chat with multiple people who worked in the trades, and they said they also wanted to work in electrical stuff as well, but they were not cut out for it. Lots of them tend to move into carpentry for some reason.

Anonymous 218857

no, there's a shortage of trade workers as the older generation begins to retire. the problem with them is they're physically demanding. be careful not to destroy your body! wear kneepads, eye and ear protection, lift with your legs, etc. if you like plumbing and electrical, maybe you'll like HVAC too? you do a little bit of everything in hvac. plumbing, electrical, welding/brazing, carpentry. i used to be an hvac technician but now i got a job selling hvac parts instead and its been comfy so far. maybe you'll like this vid on the pros and cons about hvac? its a fun watch. if u have any questions for me feel free to ask!

Anonymous 218891

Trades suck ass, it's doing physical labor for hours on end and if you screw up you can get yourself killed or maimed. If that's your thing then all the power to you but it's not a golden goose just because some tradie jobs can earn stacks.

Anonymous 219650

Trade jobs are easy to get but extremely hard to commit to in most cases.
>Take a job in plumbing, HVAC, Tree Removal, etc
>get hired with little to no fuss
>get promised "On The Job Training"
>Realize you will be making shit pay for labour that's either very dangerous, very tiring or both.
>Realize your employees and possibly even your employers are stunted drug addicts who will make parts of the job that are supposed to be smooth sailing the hardest part.
>Learn little if any and barely apply any skills other than patience
>rage quit after a month.

Anonymous 219765

my honest to God advice is to become a hair dresser or a nail tech. No matter where you are, what the trends are, etc. people are always going to want hair cuts or nails done. You will never run out of work. Salons are plentiful everywhere. If you don't want to work in a salon, you can work for yourself. Make a Facebook page and charge for bookings

Anonymous 219778

You can do a medical assisting trade program. Many community colleges have courses for it. I did one in my senior year of high school and if I recall correctly, it was only about a year because I graduated with both my HS diploma and my medical assisting certificate. However, in addition to passing the courses that certify you, you also have to pass a test to be state certified in some places. But private practices will accept community college certificates without state certification sometimes (just not if you want to work for the state hospitals/clinics).

Anonymous 219780

only worry with those kind of jobs is that when money is tight (like right now) people are more hesistant to go out and treat themselves unlike say plumbing
though it's always a nice skill to have anyway, for yourself and others

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