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The solution Anonymous 218362

God (yes, god was a woman all along) have seen you and all your peers sufering going for way too long, and have now given (You) the chance to fix the original mistake.

You must in a ten-word long sentence describe what would you change about men around the world to fix them.

Anonymous 218365


The world would be changed according to the SCUM Manifesto.

Anonymous 218368

yes, but we need to read, adapt and transform it into an action strategy

Anonymous 218375

Men are the evilest humans. You must erase them all.

Anonymous 218376

I would reinforce the chivalric code. I wish all men would act like gentlemen and all women be kind

Anonymous 218377

Brainwash men to become better humans and not trannies.

Anonymous 218384

Men die if their genitals touch more than three women.

Anonymous 218386

>mother (as a baby)
Who's the third?

Anonymous 218387

their daughter when they are changing her diaper

Anonymous 218389

kek i thought it said when they touch more than three women.

I guess the third would be their pediatrician

Anonymous 218390

wtf is going on in this thread. reported for pedoism

Anonymous 218399

The point is that he'd die for being a pedophile. Read the thread.

Anonymous 218401


Testosterone no longer causes violent urges or excess body hair.

Anonymous 218419

based nona.

Anonymous 218431

But guys, I'm going to ask a serious question now; if one nona here opened a company that could "contribute" with a possible "brought to reality" (of course not exactly as described in the book) of the scum manifesto, would you work on it??

Anonymous 218434

Anonymous 218439

Men become gentle, kind, tender, handsome, and cherish all women.

Anonymous 218486


This is all I want, I only wish for men to become emotionally intelligent, kind, and gentle towards us. There are too many hateful men in the world, who view us as a separate species, and hold onto hurtful beliefs.

Anonymous 218497


i agree nona. hopefully with medical advancements it will be possible.

Anonymous 218976

2-to-1 is the new sexratio and surplus moids die screaming

Anonymous 218978

That would just result in a perpetual state of warfare between scrotes and we would be caught in the crossfire. They're are already desperate and doing crazy things like bride kidnapping, and we're only at barely 1% more scrotes in the world.

Anonymous 218979

I mean't the opposite, nona. The surplus are the 66% of scrotes. Being a minority would make them powerless.

Anonymous 220271


Not a bad plan.

The modern era has been more psychologically abusive to everyone than any generation in the last 200 years. Girls have been totally fucked up by the adult men in their lives, boys have been fucked up by the women who raised them, and now neither sex knows how to relate to the other. Media and academia have done everything to exacerbate the resentments.

There needs to be some kind of reset.

Anonymous 220273

There's no such thing as the "chivalric code", so you'd have to make one.

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