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Trying to understand young people's refusal to learn how to drive a car Anonymous 218508

I'm not that old but I'm old enough to see how historically speaking kids always used to drive. Even in 2005.. 2009.. all my friends could drive. Everybody took pride in it, adored the freedom. What has changed? Why do I meet groups of friends where it's one guy chaufering everyone around because the kids refuse to get drivers licenses? How the hell do you live without driving but especially if yiu live in the USA? Where it's not like you can zip across your (most likey) huge city in 5 mins. And Uber is SO much more expensive in the long run, than having your own used car gotten for like 6-7k. It adds up. I'm really bewildered by this new trend.

It must really suck for your generation to refuse to drive.

Anonymous 218510

there's so much traffic in my city and it frightened me, what I see everyday is the opposite of freedom and it turned me off from getting a driver license, I'm gonna WALK

Anonymous 218512

What is this gay painting?

Anonymous 218516

Still its not traffic time all the time. Holy f you can't go anywhere or do anything to adventure or escape. When I was a youngin I would go on 2 day booze & camping trips near the river and pretty much escaped all weekend responsibility, many many a time.

The things you are missing !!

Anonymous 218522

they're bullies who have low self esteem

Anonymous 218559

i hate car dependent cities

Anonymous 218562

Is this copy pasted from some boomer website? Money, the answer is fucking money you retard.

Anonymous 218563

What the fuck is "freedom" about sitting in hours of traffic? My city is small enough not to have public transit, but big enough that every street is fucking backed up all hours of the day. There's nothing free about that. I fucking hate driving and I hate the US. That's why everyone here is fat, never walk anywhere and just sit on their fat asses eating fast food in their cars.

Anonymous 218565

>Young people grew up on the internet in car dependent cities so they're socially stunted
>Young people don't see the point in driving besides the bare necessities even as they grow old enough to drive since they're accustomed to being on the internet 24/7
Wow how could this ever have happened

Anonymous 218569


People drive like idiots where I live for one. I don't want my life endangered because someone else doesn't understand moving a 4k lb of metal 60 mph.

I also think decent public transportation should be a human right. I shouldn't have a car just to get and keep a job, to buy myself food, to hang out with my friends, and to go pretty much anywhere that's not my mailbox. I can't afford a car because of how much of a hole in my wallet it would burn (When you factor in not even just the car, but insurance + maintaining it), but then I can't afford these basic things without one either? Pretty much all the places in the U.S. that have decent public transportation then have crazy rent. This seems like deliberate classism. (And when you consider how people who use public transportation in the U.S. are viewed, it's no wonder.)

The U.S. needs to either seriously improve their piss-poor urban sprawl or actually start helping people move around it better. And people who go "I DON'T WANT MUH TAX DOLLARS FOR THAT!" are assholes because none of them need it.. until they do.

Anonymous 218583


Well I honestly hope you all vote in change for once. I honestly do because I believe in all of that, urban planning in the US sucks… it just sounds like a pipe dream. So you have no choice.

Either you drive to work and the rest of your life, or you don't and you have no job and you have no life. Some people may drive crazy but most don't. It is so bizarre and outrageous to be scared of driving though. Is that a real thing are young people just chickens shits about driving for real?

But yeah it's sad nobody ever talks about urban sprawl/ car dependence as core issues effecting national politics. Also kinda unfortunate young people don't show up to vote.

You still need a car though. The internet is only so entertaining and not having a car is such a restricting life impediment.

Getting delivery for everything is an unholy expense too and probably the biggest scam in America right now. How much money do you throw away for delivery in one year? If you can escape delivery it is a fucking godsend.

Anonymous 218588


>Well I honestly hope you all vote in change for once.

I would… if I didn't have to get to the polling location with a car. No mail-in voting either. It's a vicious cycle that continues.

>The internet is only so entertaining and not having a car is such a restricting life impediment.

Entertainment in suburbs amounts to strip malls and movie theaters. It's boring as shit enough already, but yes, considering they can only be accessed with a car or 2-hour bus rides, for a person without a car it gets 10x worse.

>Some people may drive crazy but most don't. It is so bizarre and outrageous to be scared of driving though. Is that a real thing are young people just chickens shits about driving for real?

Lol. Try living in area with a heavy amount of college drivers. College drivers drive like complete retards. I do and I've already been endangered several times by idiot drivers not bothering to stop for me at all.

>Getting delivery for everything is an unholy expense too and probably the biggest scam in America right now. How much money do you throw away for delivery in one year? If you can escape delivery it is a fucking godsend.

I can confirm this as well. I often get it when I want to avoid cooking or grocery shopping but there is no meal from anywhere (Not even McDonald's) I have ever gotten delivery with that doesn't come out to less than $20 total. Curbside pickup is easily at least half of that.

Anonymous 218623

Zoomers can barely pay rent to live in a shitty house, let alone to get a driver's license and buy a car. Everything is ridiculously expensive and the minimum wage is low. Of course people stopped prioritizing cars.

Anonymous 218629

i live in a suburb just right outside of a major city and it fucking sucks.

you cannot walk anywhere in this freezing weather, and even in hot weather the closest walkable place is 45 minutes on foot.

suburbia in 2023 is fucking hell.
there are no places for young people to socialize. it's all old people and children. the traffic to the city is insane, gas prices are high, the rent in the city is insane. The further out from the city you go it just gets worse in terms of lack of social opportunity.

i try to go to the city on weekends in hopes of finding friends/ a bf but often times its just so much fucking effort and the quality of moids is so low and the context is so alcohol-infused that its easier to stop my drive to improve my life by sitting at home and masturbating for a quick release of dopamine and endorphins so i can get through the day and not feel suicidal, which backfires by making me feel like more of a loser after climax.

I worked really hard to make my body beautiful and presentable but there's no point if there are no opportunities to socialize with moids. I dont know what to do with myself anymore.

I spent 2 weeks back home in my home country (dont wanna self-dox but think Mediterranean) and literally met so many cool, hot, funny, interesting young people (boys and girls) my age just walking around in public outside my aunt's apartment.

Here if I don't want to go to a bar and get drunk, in order to meet young people I have to drive 30 minutes to an Hour in sheer dogshit levels of traffic with all sorts of crazy road raging old haggots in dangerous Ford F350s, to get the opportunity to just look at a single scrote you meet on social/dating apps like hinge (most of the time unkempt and poorly groomed as american scrotes are).

I wish my parents never came to america.

This country is a prison and a hell.

sorry to rant. I needed to get this off my chest. I plan on leaving America first chance I get, the lack of social opportunity is driving me fucking insane.

Anonymous 218663

I don't want to learn how to drive, although that's related to mental health reasons. Most young people I know like driving though… They suck at it

Anonymous 218664

> millennial cousin with no license
> says "i don't need to drive, i live in chicago…i can take a bus or train"
> always asking for a ride
> always never going anywhere because can't get a ride
> diet consists of energy drinks,garbage food and overpriced cigarettes from only gas station in walking distance
> jobless adult, still living in childhood bedroom
The Truth About De-Evolution

Anonymous 218669

More like zoomer.

Anonymous 218671

I didn't describe the kind of car I'd usually buy, which is manual transmission and/ or extremely low mileage. If anything I'd say new cars are extreme wastes of money these days. It can be hard to find good used cars but when you do they're worth it. Especially something like company cars that were hardly ever used.

Um no? Most people don't actually work from home, a lot fewer than you would believe. And a lot of companies are scaling back working from home. My God that sounds like it sucks hairy dick being stuck between the same 4 walls with one person, and only pre-planned trips. Talk about living in the ultimate fishbowl.

Sometimes one of the best things you can do is go for a drive with your dog, a road trip, stop someplace random to swim or hike or explore without planning any of it.

It is really hard for me to believe neither of you has a car. You live in a huge city or a small town? I know some mornings a ride 10 mins away can cost 20$. I mean my God your husband doesn't have a car either?? What in the FUCK? That is suffocating.

Anonymous 218676

>and at least I don't have to waste time and mental energy driving.

Driving doesn't take mental energy, anymore than paying for an Uber. If anything its even worse because you have to rely on a completely different rando's driving EVERY time instead of your own. And either way you still wait the exact same amount of time in traffic.

Anonymous 218680


confirmed millennial.
(is cousin)

Anonymous 218699

> although that's related to mental health reasons

same nona, plus every driving instructor I had was a creepy man other than one woman who was just awful and called me pathetic during my first lesson lmao.

Being autistic/BPD/ADHD without any support sucks.

Anonymous 218701

Other people's driving scares the HELL out of me.

Anonymous 218704

Well, younger people spend more time at home, so they don't care about driving, which you only really need when you go out a lot, specially by yourself.

Anonymous 218706

>what has changed?
getting a license in my country became unbelievably difficult. they ask you stuff you will never need in the tests, such as how many kilos a truck can carry or some shit (when you're not even getting a truck license!!) and many other super specific, useless pieces of info. people spend a big amount of money only to fail driving school multiple times, and since everyone of legal age is either working or studying hard for exams, as the schools here are amongst the hardest in the world too, few people care to waste money, time and stress points that way.

Anonymous 218711

A car is an expensive thing to buy and maintain and the one thing you might do with it semi-regularly - come back from bars and clubs late at night when there's no public transit anymore - you can't really do. Legalize drunk driving and I might.

More seriously though, I think younger people (now?) are just (more?) shit at navigating bureaucracy and don't feel like they'd get that much out of a car to warrant figuring it out. I wouldn't even know how to get a driver's license (and I'm not that young!), I hear all sorts of horror stories about having to pay to be approved on your drivers test (ftr, I'm not american), I wouldn't know how to buy a car, how to sell it later if need be, how to file the taxes for it, I'd be constantly at risk of getting fined, and I'd need to keep track of how often maintenance needs to be done, and then do said maintenance. I'd need to have a parking space available to me at all times, which can add a ton of costs too.

I think boomers/Xers/older millennials who grew up with cars being very affordable¹ and the how-to-get-and-keep-a-car process very easily accessible and obvious underestimate the time, effort and money it takes to go through the process of acquiring, and then maintaining, a literal one ton machine.

¹ No one ever saw cars being actually "affordable", cars have always been heavily subsidized.

Anonymous 218718

>It is so bizarre and outrageous to be scared of driving though
>literally what is scary about operating a four thousand pounds metal machine that goes at speeds several times those of any animal humans might have used as transportation, through a space only slightly wider than said machine, near thousands of other humans zooming by on foot who would be killed if anything went even slightly wrong, bro, what are you scared of, are you gay?
moid logic. go back to 4chan

>You still need a car though.

>The internet is only so entertaining and not having a car is such a restricting life impediment.
>Getting delivery for everything is an unholy expense
Some people live close to things, including public transit. Shocking, I know.

Anonymous 218807

I believe if zoomers spend too much time on screens they might be less confident with their irl visual-spatial skills compared to kids in previous generations. There might also be a component of messed up attention spans and reaction times.

Anonymous 218825

It's not that we're shit at it, it's that no one taught us any of this shit. Gen X and sometimes even millennial parents just sit around and don't teach their kids anything about life and then wonder why they don't have any of the necessary skills. They don't teach anything, not about money or cars or sex or relationships, they expect their kids to figure it out on their own and the kids don't. Either they refuse to because they're understandably scared of a new experience they were never prepared for so never bother, or they try and horrendously fail at it because no one's good at something they were never taught, and then they either give up or are ignorant enough to keep trying and failing. I think in the past kids didn't have to rely on their parents so much because of extended family and their friends, but we've become so atomized as a society everyone moves away from each other constantly so kids are isolated with their parents as the near sole influence in their lives, and parents haven't taken up the necessary responsibility for such a role yet.

Anonymous 218826

Also social skills but that's granted with the digital isolation

Anonymous 218827

I'm 23 and and I don't want to learn how to drive because it's impossible to drive in the city. Between insane tragic jams and how easy it is to get lost, I'd rather just take a Luas

Anonymous 218830

I don't know about you but whenever I get on the wheel I get this urge to crash into things intentionally. I'm not suicidal and definitely don't want to kms, but the thought of crashing against something at high speeds feels thrilling.

Anonymous 218831

Burgerland sounds nice in paper until I see those massively wide streets even in little countryside towns while the big cities with public transportation are insanely expensive, dangerous and ugly.

really sad since here in SA everybody look up to the US as an example of prosperity, what a scam

Anonymous 218833

yeah, what is this painting? it's beautiful

Anonymous 218834


>I wish my parents never came to america.

>I plan on leaving America first chance I get

I feel the same way nona. I'm working on trying to get out of the country entirely. Or at the very least out of the suburbs entirely. Higher pay in the U.S. means nothing, in the grand of scheme of things, if QOL is so much worse.


I'm originally a eurofag that lives in the U.S. now and being able to walk to a grocery store or literally anywhere else in the city is something I will always miss.

Anonymous 218838


Don't half ass it nona. Leave the United States. Permanently. For good.

Go live the beautiful life you've dreamed of. Leave this shithole for greener pastures.
I will too once i finish my degree.

rooting for you!

Anonymous 218839

I was one of them.
At high school I didn't want to bother, went to college and was still ambivalent to it.
My parents basically cajoled me into it and took me out in the car. Managed to pass first time though.

My little sis is a good driver but has anxiety and won't drive faster than 30. She says that she doesn't like the engine noise, weird I know.

Anonymous 218848

same here anons. i wish i wasn't born in america. i hate having to drive everywhere and i hate living in an expensive, isolated suburb where it's so hard to date and make friends. i hope we all get to live in the walkable cities of our dreams eventually.

Anonymous 218849

I'm 19 and I don't have a driver's license.
This is mainly because I, one, don't have a car and, two, don't go out much, especially to far away places.

Anonymous 218850

Why buy a car when a bike is better for 95% or more of the times you need non-public transportation?

Anonymous 218855

i have my license and drive when i need to, but i hate traffic so much that i got a work from home job and became nocturnal so that i could do my driving in the middle of the night when there's no traffic. driving is a great experience when there's no one else on the road. it becomes a nightmare as soon as there are other people driving too.

Anonymous 218856

where i live theres no safe way to bike without getting rammed by a car because of fucked up laws to keep it short
shit sucks

Anonymous 218879

Well yeah, lacking cycling infrastructure is a good reason. Are drivers particularly bad where you live?

Anonymous 218889

Are you from a country outside the U.S. or something? I have never seen someone my own age in this country who detests driving out of principal alone since you're fucked if you don't have a car. I have seen people who are too poor to afford a car because of family circumstances, but I've never seen someone who refuses to drive for the sake of it.

Anonymous 219002

I'm just not interested in learning to drive, and haven't found any particular reason to. This nona makes a good point >>218711 just too many extra costs and responsibilities to worry about for something I'd rarely use. I live in a large city, the roads are overcrowded and confusing, and I'm not confident I would be able to learn to navigate that mess safely. I do not want to be potentially responsible for an accident. I've had no problem getting places with uber or public transit. And a lot of places I would need to go to are already within an easily walkable distance in my neighborhood anyway, and getting things delivered is usually pretty quick too. So yeah I just don't see the point in driving unless you really like doing it I guess?

Anonymous 219004


driving a bike is dangerous and difficult in america. the distances are far and the drivers try to push you off the road

Anonymous 219005

A lot of people in here are against driving because owning a car is expensive, but why not learn to drive without buying a car? Its a useful skill that might save a life in an emergency. What if the driver has a heart attack and no one else around knows how to drive?

Plus its pretty easy to learn

Anonymous 219025


Thank you nona! I really needed to read this because lack of enough job experience might keep me here another one or two years. But no matter how long it takes, I want to eventually.


I don't have any friends ('Cus pretty much none of them drive either lol) or family that would want to practice with me, unfortunately.

Last summer I actually managed to somehow finish an internship at a place with an unextremely unwalkable yet huge (5 million sq foot total) building. The outside was literally only parking spaces for every different gate zone. The gate zones inside were extremely spread out so if you had to come in from Zone 1 to Zone 12 you literally had to walk across every single one. Everyone working there talked to you like they assumed you have a car, which was pretty embarrassing. On top of that, I had to have them let me leave early and continue working from home just so I can make the long walk AND the horrible, "every 1 hour only" bus ride.

Anonymous 219026

it's something to do with the way the highway and residential areas are structured, anymore would be basically doxing myself lol
america just has schizophrenic urban planning, i don't know why we let it get this bad

Anonymous 219064

I have a driver's licence and have a car I can use, but after an accident I had, getting in the car always makes me so k.to my stomach. I'm fine when I get into things, but the anticipation and starting makes it rough. I've even taught younger family members to drive, but if I had the choice of reliable buses/trains… I would never drive again.

Anonymous 219070


I don't know where this trend comes from? I am of acquaintances with my 5 neighbors (they're all 17-20) and they all know how to drive, I can as well. I have a few friends though 2 IRL and 4 long distance friendships (19-21) and out of those only 1 can drive.

Anonymous 219077


I don't mind driving, I even have a dream car and only know a few people who meet your description.
But to answer your question: it's mostly just resentment and coping with a shitty situation, because any car that isn't in need of more parts than it currently has is unreasonably expensive.
A fwd <2.0 litre shitbox from the 90s should be less than $1000 even if it's in mint condition. It's rare seeing even crappy examples of such cars dip below $4,000 now.
ALL of my older high school friends had absolute POSes for their first car that they payed basically nothing for.
I hear high schoolers now talking about getting credit for vehicles of negligibly higher quality if that. I live in a state where rentals are available at 21 and I know people who depend on this because the idea of a cheap used car is one of fiction to zoomers.
The last bastion of cheap privately owned transportation is motorcycles and scooters. You can still get a 300cc scooter for what you could 6 years ago and it will have servicable carbo space, and is super fuel efficient. And if you're too cool for a scooter, motorcycles of varieties from sporty, to luxurious, to dirt bike with headlight for a decent value, and even the sought after classics are barely worth more than they were a decade ago. But that comes with the obvious reality that 2 wheeled transport isn't viable in winter conditions and the perceived (and if we're being honest actual) danger demotivates a lot of people.

Anonymous 219089


Cash for clunkers took millions of perfectly reliable vehicles off the road in exchange for modernized pieces of shit that were designed to break down after 100k miles. The reason that even shitboxes are so expensive now is because 15 years ago a lot of them got destroyed for no fucking reason and the trickle down effect of it is starting to be felt hard.

Anonymous 219121

I'm sorry I just can't drive, I get so nervous and anxious. I used to have dreams about getting into car accidents or driving off cliffs. One time I was so tense I got whiplash that knocked me down after stepping out of the car I was driving, almost went to the hospital. I once mistook the gas pedal for the brake and slammed the car into my neighbor's fence. Another time I crushed into a roundabout. My parents got us a manual car and after getting in with me once I drove so badly they exchanged it for an automatic one, thinking it would help. It did not.
I just can't. Thankfully I moved to Europe.

Anonymous 219131

I remember seeing plentiful cars for as cheap as I am talking about as recently as 2016.
Cash for clunkers was complete bullshit and I am sure it didn't help but the problem goes way beyond that.

Anonymous 219133

American bureaucracy would very quickly find a way to make wider adoption of public transportation, make our current situation look utopian in comparison.
We can't even have food stamps or disability program that actually effectively help people, it'll be the same for this.
Our governments social programs are shit by design and fundamentally unfixable.

Anonymous 219139

> It is so bizarre and outrageous to be scared of driving though. Is that a real thing are young people just chickens shits about driving for real?

This is such obvious bait lol, has to be a moid.

Anonymous 219238


The mass transit agencies here regularly seem to host "town halls" and pretend to look for feedback from riders, but still nothing substantial gets improved. A few years ago they had a whole info session/fair at one of my stops and I voiced my complaints, even filled out their freaking survey, but only very recently did they expand at my school but it's not much of an expansion at all. The area of operation is so limited I doubt anyone living around here can actually make use of it.

In my email, I saw they reduced the time from 1 hour to 30 minutes..but only for literally one route.

Anonymous 219380

I’m 25 and have my drivers license but just let my husband drive me everywhere cuz I’m frightened of driving. Transit in our city isn’t that great especially since it’s so cold. I’d rather have him drive me to the store than walk outside in the middle of winter, and it’s a five minute walk too.

I studied urban planning for my masters and I think the general populace are more and more open to the idea of getting around without a car. Cars clog up the city, create traffic jams, make the air smell unpleasant and are expensive to boot. By prioritizing biking and walking infrastructure, cities can be lovely to live in. I think people’s quality of life would improve if they had all their amenities within a 15 minute walking distance, and obesity rates would go down. You’d be surprised how much 30 minutes of walking can burn so many calories with little effort. Carbon emissions would lower too. I went to Europe once, Amsterdam was wonderful. Everyone biking everywhere or walking around. Not much very much car traffic. I wish North American cities could emulate european cities in that regard. Though here everything is sprawled out and not as dense, plus it can be freaking cold. Who wants to ride their bike in the winter time when a warm cozy car can get you places?

Anonymous 219389

I got my driver's license very late. Even for where I live it was considered late. But I live in a city and unless you have children you don't really need a car.
Public transportation is inexpensive and was even included in my semesters fee when I went to uni. I can reach most places by walking at most 25 minutes. The only time I need a car is when I go on vacation. When I went to uni I couldn't afford a car, vacation or the drivers license (around 2000 Euro).
Now that I have my driver's license I rarely get to drive because buying a car just for myself would be an immense waste of money. Tbh I regret getting the license because now I don't have an excuse to not drive but at the same time I'm so inexperienced that it's unsafe.

Anonymous 219793

are you serious.jp…

I didn't get my license until I was 18 a two years ago, and two of my friends are studying for theirs (one is almost 18, the other is turning 19). Half the posters in this thread seem like they're just scared of driving (fair) but I don't think they represent the general population. I didn't get my license until after high school because I live in a walkable city, and all my activities generally occurred within 15 minutes driving distance, so my parents didn't mind.

>"it's super difficult/complicated tests/bureaucracy"

In the USA it's not too complicated, the DMV used to be cruddy but I think they got some updates over the past few years. In my experience, it's not that difficult, you just have to actually show up on time for your appointments. It can be tricky for teens because they require hours/signatures/extra courses, but I think that's for the best if a 16 year old wants to be let on the road.

In terms of teens not learning, I think it's the fact that 1) so much socialization is online now, 2) parents would rather have their kids focusing on school/extracurriculars than working/driving, and 3) schools don't really offer driving courses anymore. In my mom's day, there were after school driving courses for kids, while now it's up to the parents to either teach them, or hire someone to do so. I can't stress the socialization aspect enough though, most of my friends in high school immediately had to go to after school activities, and so going any place after school was like, bimonthly at most. Even most shopping can be done online. The reality is that young people don't have any urgency in getting their freedom like they used to.

When it comes to young adults not learning, it's definitely cost imo. Expensive gas, insurance, repairs, etc. I also have zero concept of how to take car of a car, I just drive it to my classes.
I was terrified at the idea of driving, but that fear rapidly goes away when whoever is teaching you stops treating you like you'll crash at more than 5 mph. I still get nervous driving in unfamiliar places, I have a night class in a big city that takes me an hour to get to and it's awful driving, tiny streets and random complicated road signs. The biggest thing that got me over my fear of driving was realizing you can literally just pull over and reorient yourself. I'm still terrified of picrel but overall driving isn't so bad for all the nonas who are scared. Just don't be in a hurry yourself and distance yourself from the drivers who are. Road signs can be overwhelming too but honestly they get really easy to understand and it makes me feel safer because I can navigate on highways from signs alone if necessary.

Anonymous 220033

I'm a space cadet and pose a danger to myself and others on the road even without driving.

Anonymous 220088

wth is a space cadet

Anonymous 220098

as an eurocel i regret dropping money on a license as a teenager because i've never actually needed it in the slightest. the idea of living in a place where i wouldn't be able to get by with public transport is completely foreign to me. and i'm not moving to some rural shithole anytime soon so

Anonymous 220102

Cars are super expensive these days. Used cars are more expensive than new cars now because new cars have months long waiting periods.

Anonymous 220140

fr tbh if you suspected getting a car isn't worth it, you're right.

i make great money and got a decent car, paid off. it's honestly a giant metal sculpture that takes up space in the garage that costs me until i sell it just to upkeep, and i have to force myself to drive weekly bc battery. i don't really use it, i don't like driving, my friends and i don't need driving to get around, and peers who splurged on expensive nicer cars feel the same. would prob be happier in a walkable city without a car than an unwalkable city with one.

the pros are they're great in emergencies.

Anonymous 220150

I believe in this context it's being used to mean she's easily distracted and prone to daydreaming (aka her head's up in space), so she's not focused on the road.

Anonymous 220198

Well in my great progressive european state you simply can barely afford a car AND housing if you are not established and make top 10% wages which is nigh impossible for everyone getting a contract now.
Also the government is ideologically and economically unstable as fuck and doesnt give a shit about little obstacles Like laws. You can wake up here and some nepotistic green 20 year old aristrocrat wipped up a 150% tax increase overnight that gets approved by the house of nepotistic aristrocrats during the soccer match the next week and you will have to sell your car if you didnt already because gas regularly also doubles in price overnight. Meanwhile car models that are not used by the upperclass are simply forbidden to be used.
And since zoomers live on the internet anyway and there is little reason to go out after lockdowns killed 90% of establishments that arent McDonalds and Subway. So there is no reason to get a drivers license for 3000 bucks mininum.

Anonymous 220206

for me, learning to drive is expensive, and even once I’ve overcome the initial hurdle, owning a car is even more expensive. I would love the luxury of having a car, but I would rather buy a house and take the bus. However I am lucky enough to live in an area with decent public transport

Anonymous 220247

which country in europe is this?

Anonymous 220440

I have narcolepsy and don't want to die in an accident.

Anonymous 220477

OMG yes. My step sister doesnt drive and Im so confused by it. Dont you want to go places? "no". My dad drives her to work… shes 22 years old. I think hes forcing her to get her license though, he mentioned something about lessons for her. Still Its so strange she even needs to be pressured into it. I remember getting my license before my 16th birthday by virtue of going to drivers ed. There was a whole song and dance everyone did because it was the big step to freedom.

Anonymous 220573

if you live somewhere that you can reasonably walk literally everywhere you need to, i get it.

but, similar to the ridic cost of ubering everything you need /vs/ getting a car & driving yourself, i wonder:

if you calculated the amount of time waiting on a bus/train AND the amount of time spent "sight-seeing" all the stops that aren't your stop, would it be more effective to get a car and drive yourself?

Anonymous 220575


> McDonald's and Subway are the only things left standing in post-lockdown europe

we're all living in amerika, amerika, it's wunderbar.

Anonymous 220579

i want to learn, but i'm

1. scared. i really really do not want to die or otherwise be chronically injured because of some random asshole, or a two-second lapse of my own judgement (and i misjudge things a lot. i am ditzy, regrettably, despite my best efforts not to be).

2. cheap. cars are expensive. you need to buy gas, you need to upkeep it regularly, etc. purchases that stack up.

3. a homebody who hopes to wfh anyway. i so rarely go anywhere that can't be reached thru walking, or taking the bus. not to say that those are perfect solutions – if i had a car i could get places in five minutes versus twenty – but i dunno, i don't mind waking up earlier and getting out earlier when i need to do things. gives me a reason to walk and exercise, kind of.

Anonymous 225448

>boomer bitching
Yer funny.

Here are the reasons:
1. Cars are expensive
2. No time for learning
3. Even getting onto a driving course is a challenge in some places
4. Why should I pay for something I don't need? The employer should sponsor that.
5. Public transport is actually more convenient (depending on the location), especially now that Google Maps/Open Street Map exist
6. No need to pay for insurance
7. Ecologically friendly

Yer just mad that consumerist priorities shift.

Anonymous 225451

Not the anon you were responding to, but you summarized it pretty well. I'd like to add that a lot of parents seem to be pretty anal about teaching their own kids. Why parents think it's a good idea to spaz out when their kid is behind the wheel and just trying to concentrate? I'll never know.

Anonymous 225454

i haven't learned to drive because i was raised knowing how to walk and take the bus/train/ferry in a big US city (san francisco). now that i live in a much smaller and safer city there is no reason to take a car ever. my dad taught me how to bike to neighboring cities and if i want to go farther i just take public transport. i prefer walking to cars too, i like to listen to music and pace my steps to the beat. cars are expensive so i don't feel any need to get one as of now.

Anonymous 225462

I can't afford one so why bother. The current economy especially in my country is very damanging for everyone, but especially young people.

Anonymous 225464

cars are the past. i remember when i was a kid and people found it funny when i said in the future everyone would be flying. get with the new era everyone will be driving rechargeable helicopters and dont tell me to say i toldja so cuz i did. zoomers aren't refusing theyre just ahead of thier time

Anonymous 225499


>I worked really hard to make my body beautiful and presentable but there's no point if there are no opportunities to socialize with moids. I dont know what to do with myself anymore.

Anonymous 225649


>High schools used to have drivers ed classes as an after school program. Due to budget cuts, this is much less common (idk if it even exists at all anymore). Parents of the younger generation don't bother to teach their kids for some goddamn reason. Maybe it's because they have the expectation they'd be taught in school?

>Less young people driving reinforces itself because you are going to have less friends who CAN drive and will teach you for free, instead of drivers ed which costs upwards of $600 (for a few classes) where I live.

>The internet has made remotely purchasing goods, socializing, and working more accessible. Even if it's sometimes less convenient and limits your options, the investment to learn to drive is overwhelming for most adults who cannot.

>Because less and less minors are learning to drive (due to no fault of their own), the investment to get a permit ($60), learn how to drive ($600+), get a car (varies, down payment + monthly payments could be over $600 for a cheap car), get insurance (no idea, can't be less than $40 a month), is intimidating especially for adults with no help who have found a way to function without those things and are struggling to pay rent

>Ride sharing apps are a good backup plan for when public transit fails. It's expensive, but spending $40 in one month on a couple necessary lyft rides makes more sense short term than a car and insurance payment

>Covid only proved to young people that we can do more things remotely and make the initial investment seem even less worth it

>Cars are scary

I'm 23 and just got my permit last week. I'm excited to finally do it but yeah it's a huge investment if you have no help and don't have anyone to teach you. Even just the time to study the permit test, get down to the dmv by bus on a weekday (took time off work), and pay the fee made we want to put off the process.

Anonymous 227324

We cant afford them

Anonymous 227657

>hope you all vote in change for once.
>Chickens shits about driving
>Also kinda unfortunate young people don't show up to vote.
>You still need a car though. The internet is only so entertaining and not having a car is such a restricting life impediment.

Surely bait. Especially the last point; reads like propaganda from big auto itself. 100 years ago, horses were phased out in favour of cars. I predict the same will happen soon with autonomous electric cars. And just like with going from horses to cars, cars to electric-powered robots will probably be more expensive. Not really in favour of it because it'll be implemented terribly, but at least it will hopefully mean less land-clearing for parking spaces.

Anonymous 228290

Who exactly is refusing to drive? I'm a zoomer myself (23 y/o) and pretty much every single person I know got their license between the ages of 16-18. Many people started driving long before then even. It might be different for other parts of the US, but I've never found the narrative that young people don't drive to be true. Even when I was in high school, people were made fun of for not having a car or being able to drive.

Anonymous 228299

The duality of woman
(Think it’s a portrayal of the Good Samaritan)

Anonymous 228354

I'm 18 so I can give my perspective on this, mainly I just have no need to actually drive. Gas is pricy, investing the time to actually acquiring the time is annoying and I always have a friend to drive me around if not the bus.

Anonymous 228355

Yo further add onto this: the public transport is pretty good in my country, I live in a preety dense city where I can also get to most places by simply walking

Anonymous 228384

Aren't the men where this painting is supposed to have happened hairy as fuck? Guy seems too smooth and beautiful to be from around these parts.

Anonymous 228391

>than having your own used car gotten for like 6-7k.
There are no good used cars for less than 5 figures.

Anonymous 228399


I have aspergers and if I get into trouble on the road I have no idea how I would deal with police. I would sperg the fuck out if they touched me or told me to go with them. I also don't want to go and do the test and I don't want a picture taken of me and put on an ID. I don't want ID. I don't want any record of me if I can have it that way. So you know, I just never bothered

My mother or father bring me shopping for groceries once a week and maybe a second time if I need to go, but that's about it. I rarely go out. I don't have a life, really. Imma special needs retard and I don't like going out very much because of sensory issues. It's also why I don't have a job. Even if I could get over the whole getting a car and riving it thing, I would need a job to actually use it and keep it. My autism bux probably wouldn't pay for it. Yep, that's my life. I'm a 26 year old child and I feel like one too

Anonymous 228455

Fellow sperg here. Police will definitely make pulling you over a very awful experience on purpose, but unless they suspect you're either drunk or a cocaine peddler they won't have any reason to touch you or ask you to exit the vehicle.

Anonymous 228487

You should try working from home doing it support. Working with computers.. people pretty much know how to work with and expect some aspergers among coders, engineers, in stem. You can learn code in the meantime online. Its just nice to know you have that to fall back on if times get tough.

Anonymous 228527

Maybe try learning how to draw. Artists can earn quite a lot on commissions. Especially if they draw furry porn
>autism bux
You get some welfare for it? What kind of tism do you have? if you don't mind talking about it.

Anonymous 228696

I don't really understand coding very well. My family were kinda poor and I got a computer in my late teens for the first time and it was a rock. I could hardly do anything on it without the frames dropping to 0. I also got pulled out of school at 12. So I am not very familiar with computers or coding. I would really be starting from the bottom. How would one even begun to learn coding? What programming would you start out with? What would be worth coding?

>Maybe try learning how to draw
I might actually consider that. For a hobby at least, see where it takes me. Not ever drawing porn though. ESPECIALLY not furry porn

>You get some welfare for it? What kind of tism do you have? if you don't mind talking about it

Yeah sure I don't mind since this is all anonymous and all

I am not very good with people. The whole social disability, it applies to me. But that is just the least of it. What really messed me up was the sensory problems. I cannot remain exposed to the outside world for long until I start getting very agitated and overwhelmed. I can cope with it when I need to, but any longer and the stress just builds and builds until a bunch of mental disorders start showing due to stress. It's not fun to say the least. It makes me not very functional and it is exhausting torture. It's embarrassing too. So that is the main factor as to why I get autism bux

As long as I manage myself by only going out when I can afford to (when I am calm enough) and as long as I plan a head then I am ok. I don't have a learning disability or anything

Anonymous 228755

With AI art surpassing humans more and more with each coming day? Draw for yourself, because you love doing it, not for profit. Relying on it as a source of income will only lead to disappointment.

Anonymous 228791


I didn't drive until I was 20 and finally overcame my retardedness. When I turned 16 my parents asked me if I wanted to drive. I said no because effort and being afraid of wrecking a car, plus I got driven around everywhere anyway. Hilariously they didn't push the issue at all even though I could have helped ferry my 4 siblings around. Didn't think I needed to drive in college either, until my family moved right next to college and I was basically forced to live at home with them. Having my dad pick me up from a COLLEGE party at 11 pm was so humiliating I picked up a $1700 junker on Craigslist immediately and had my bf teach me how to drive. i'll never understand why parents enable dependence like this

Anonymous 229028

>What really messed me up was the sensory problems.
Yeah, I can see that being grounds for receiving money. If I were to get myself tested and it would turn out that I am indeed autistic it wouldn't give me any real benefits from being certified unfortunately.

Anonymous 229034

nigga you can still go places ur just lazy

Anonymous 229084

>had no money for lessons in school when everyone else was doing it
>mother completely useless at teaching, ended up shouting at each other
>now have money, but 6 month long waiting lists for lessons and university studies are more important
>couldn't afford a car anyway, mother takes hers to work

Anonymous 229352

It depends on where you live. In the country everyone with means will get themselves a beater at 16, 17 years old. Cars aren't negotiable. In the city: public transit being available and/or traffic congestion issues make driving far less desirable and urgent i assume. Suburbs were and are hell. Can't speak as to situation there personally though.
I live in a small town (not a suburb, >1h from nearest six figure city), a couple thousand at most, and there's plenty of young people and live music at one of the town's couple restaurants at least once or twice a week. Very much depends on which small town you find yourself in. Enough social opportunities for me and most others to get married by 25. Not that bad.

Anonymous 258284

Because I can't afford to drive. I live in a big city and everything is way too expensive. And if that's not bad enough, it's impossible to find a decent job around here without a college degree or trade certs or nepotism. I still live with my parents at 21 because a one-bed flat costs 3/4 of a minimum wage salary. I don't want to move out because I don't want to live in misery. I don't want to count pennies at the grocery store every time I buy rations for the week. I don't want to buy a car because young drivers get screwed so hard by insurance costs. Hell, you're lucky if you find a job that doesn't screw you over.

I got my first job at 19. It was smelly, loud, and the supervisor bitched at me every time I took a bathroom break. I got my second job at 20. The manager lied to my face during the interview and promised full-time hours, but the bastard only gave me 40 hours a MONTH. I got my third job a few months later, and the manager lied to my face during THAT interview. I was promised 40 hours a week, but guess what? She capped my hours at 128 per month. Me being me, I thought she was being nice by giving me a 6-day weekend at the end of each month, but no, it was just another one of those cost-cutting measures that completely screws you over and proves that retail employees get treated like dirt.


Anonymous 258285

>The internet has made remotely purchasing goods, socializing, and working more accessible. Even if it's sometimes less convenient and limits your options, the
>Covid only proved to young people that we can do more things remotely and make the initial investment seem even less worth it
Talking to mentally ill dyssgenics on discord is worse for you than not talking to anyone, far off from a substitute for real socializatio

Anonymous 258296

Driving is scary and I don't wanna

Anonymous 258297

Driving only increases your chances of death

Anonymous 258298

Driving is fun though.

Anonymous 258299

Maybe on highways or out in the countryside or something. In cities and suburbs it's just a lot of stops and starts and dealing with the other drivers around you being retarded

Anonymous 258308

>it's just a lot of stops and starts and dealing with the other drivers around you being retarded
But that's part of the fun. I got my driver's license at 25 and honestly I don't know how I lived before that. Going by car is super convenient. On top of that, driving is like my own little bubble where the road is all that matters.

Anonymous 258351

I'm currently in the process of getting a license, failed the exam once, and sadly there's a whole lot of corruption at our driving schools it's really discouraging if you don't have a lot of money saved up. My country has one of the most expensive driving tests in proportion to how much people earn, as well as one of the strictest tests, but you can get by easily if you or your parents know somebody in the driving school to help you pass quicker. I've been talking to a lot of candidates and they're open about the corruption, which makes it even more heartbreaking when you don't know anybody that could help you. A recent example is some 19 year old that told me he only waited 2 weeks to get a second try at an exam because his dad knew the examiners, while I'm a month and a half in and I still didn't get a date for my next exam.
Funnily enough, all of this rigorous testing means jack shit when the police presence is near zero on the roads and people drive like insane, we have one of the deadliest roads in europe.


I hope this will bring you some encouragement - age is really not important when it comes to driving school. I'm 25 and I was one of the youngest candidates when I had to attend theory classes. Most of the candidates were middle aged women which I found very commendable. 18 year olds were in the minority. I'm sure this class was an odd one, but you'll find people from all walks of life are trying to get a license.

Anonymous 258380

You have to pay so much for marking it's like - what's the point? I mean when you factor in parking, the car itself, car insurance payments and gas it's not entirely clear that driving really is that much cheaper than an Uber unless you're leaving your house every day (and a lot of us have remote jobs and no friends so we don't do that)

Anonymous 258381

why are boomers incapable of enjoying nature without alcohol? like is it mental illness?

Anonymous 258441

>Everybody took pride in it, adored the freedom.



Everyone was more free when cars didn't exist. If you've ever taken your fat ass outside you'd notice that its actually pretty dangerous to be a pedestrian. You literally can't go anywhere on foot without almost getting hit by some fat pile of trash in a SUV or something.

And no, its not cheaper to own a car in the long run, its more expensive for everyone even people who don't drive. Lack of physical activity increases obesity rates and put stress on health care systems. Also If tax payers weren't literally subsidizing car owners and car infrastructure the vast majority of people would be priced out of driving.

Anonymous 258443

>You literally can't go anywhere on foot without almost getting hit by some fat pile of trash in a SUV or something
Leave Florida

Anonymous 258446

>you'd notice that its actually pretty dangerous to be a pedestrian. You literally can't go anywhere on foot without almost getting hit by some fat pile of trash in a SUV
You Americans really have it bad, don't you?

Anonymous 258775


Half the people in here arguing against cars/for public transport are terrible advocates for their side of this.
"I never socialize, I work from home, I have no friends, here's my stupid opinion about how the rest of society I minimally participate in should function"
A perfect example of why The Internet is completely worthless for effecting political change.

Anonymous 258777

I will eventually after I move out and save up money for the lessons and a car, but even that will only be for when it's needed (eg. to get out of town into the sticks for hikes, to transport large objects, emergencies, etc.)
Being a pedestrian from spring until summer brings me joy and makes me feel capable. I can easily walk 5-10 miles a day which gives me exercise, time to listen to my music alone, and an appreciation for the small things I would never notice in a car. Next summer I will likely walk the hour to work each morning.
I also love people watching on public transit when I do take it. Travelling alongside others, from buses to trains to planes, fills me with an indescribable but positive emotion.
My point of view is likely coloured by living somewhere neither big nor too small.

Anonymous 260219


Not that I wanted to and that I still don't hate driving, but I finally got my own car. I am exciting about the prospect of finally being able to go somewhere outside that isn't just a mailbox or school. Here's to hoping I don't die first, however.

Anonymous 260290

>Why do I meet groups of friends where it's one guy chaufering everyone around because the kids refuse to get drivers licenses?
It might be just my school but I remember when people started getting driving licenses one by one at 18 years olds. Personally I haven't gotten one despite being 18.
>How the hell do you live without driving but especially if yiu live in the USA?
I'm from Europe, living in city with half million people so it's not difficult at all. I would say it could be harder with car even especially if you live in middle of city. We have busses, tramways and trains. Yes this means more walking for example I have to walk ~1.2km to school despite using bus but that's not a problem personally. Anywhere I need to go there is public transport. If I want to travel to another city or even to another side of the country there are bus lines for that. Only problem would be countryside.
>Where it's not like you can zip across your (most likey) huge city in 5 mins.
You can't, if I wanted to go to certain places it could take over hour with bus because there is no direct bus line from my area to there but to get to the center it takes about 7 minutes via train.

Overall I see little benefit of getting a car living in city.

Anonymous 260292

With countryside I mean very small towns where people live far away from each others so it's all spread up. I know that American towns are as populated as out cities. Like 20 000 people would be town in USA but here it is a city unironically.

Anonymous 260295

Getting a license is super expensive over here and so are car taxes. It's just easier to ride a bike or use public transport if I need to.

Anonymous 260297

Cars are dumb, and that’s why I use my legs. Walka walka walka

Anonymous 260300

I got my license late. For me it was because my parents were too dumb to teach me. You'll think I'm a cunt but it's the truth, some people are just not smart. I know you're probably thinking it can't be that hard to explain, and it's not, but it is truly beyond their capabilities. Yes, they really struggle to navigate life, manage their finances, discern information, spatially, etc. They can barely drive themselves.
I had to use Youtube videos and drive around my neighborhood to teach myself how to drive. Based on my experience working with this public this is probably not even that rare.
I also lived in an area with a fair amount of traffic.

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