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Creepyness natural state of moids Anonymous 218527

I have been thinking about this for a while now. Isn't the sole reason for some moids being creepy while others are not just nothing but lack of interaction with women (outside of their mothers)? And by creepyness I don't being being pervert, I mean the social creepyness, and little bit of the perverse stuff, just more unashamedly. I don't know a single moid that has a girlfriend and is also creepy in the weird sort of way. They probably are sometimes rapey towards their girlfriends, but aside from that they never act creepy. On the other way every time I interacted with a creep he was always single, not even just somebody who acted rapey towards me, just people that made me feel uneasy around when talking to them. And it is not even anything to do with the looks, gyms are full of quite handsome dudes that act like complete creeps, even in groups. And it also is nothing to do with them being starved for sex and acting uncontrolably on it, because I know one guy that is basically an incel that never touched a girl in his life, but he has lot of female friends including me, and he also is not creepy. I just don't believe that some moids are just creepy and some are not, and then the non-creepy ones just get female friends and girlfriends while the creepy ones never interact with them, I think it is the other way around and that moids are just creepy and cruel naturally. It is only the female socialization that makes them not creepy, from kindergarden up to uni and work. Even the moid-only spaces lot of the time have some traces of female socialization because of cultural osmosis, so the supremely isolated moids that don't even post on the internet and just stay at home all day with zero interaction with the outside world are the most natural form of moids and best example to look at what they are in their essence.

Anonymous 218528

This is an article written by the infamous male feminist Hugo Schwyzer.

The things about Hugo that you should be aware of going in are that he attempted to murder his girlfriend, and that he "slept with about a dozen undergrads a month" while teaching their courses on Women's Studies in his role as their professor (not a grad student or junior adjunct). To this day, I have never seen him described as a creep or as creepy. Just an attempted murderer of women and typical male feminist.

Anonymous 218529

i think it's just poor/underdeveloped social skills in general rather than a lack of socialization with women in particular that causes creepiness. If someone doesn't quite understand social ques and such, then they're always going to come off as a little off to most people.

Anonymous 218530

I believe all normalfags should kill themselves.

Anonymous 218531

Moid socialization most often starts out like the hunger games and stays that way until social norms dictate a more civilized approach to competition in college and beyond.

For most moids there is no softness and affection outside of the home from anyone except their mother until they are old enough to socialize with women without being made fun of as being girly or gay.

A moid who has not been socialized with women until this point will act like an animal seeking warmth in winter and trying to take up a spot in any car engine, chimney, gas pipe, etc. it can.

It's not inherent to moids as individuals but it's inherent to moids as a group. You take any moid and raise them without stigma in a mixed family environment where they have both male and female friends and they will grow up more normal and less creepy/desperate than a moid raised in an entirely male social group.

I believe this is what drives male desperation and creepiness. I wish there was a way to help them the same way I feel bad for rabid animals and infested dogs, but I can't justify putting a woman at risk for the purpose of healing them from their antics. The only way is for society to start organizing itself differently.

But I doubt that will ever happen because the most dominant group of moids in society (at least speaking in a western context) tend to take joy in the suffering and pain of other men lower than them on the economic ladder. I think it's cultural more so than biological but its just the case of the global corporatist-capitalist world we live in.

They're not like women where even well-off women feel pain and empathy looking at the suffering of poor women.

Anonymous 259856

>Isn't the sole reason for some moids being creepy while others are not just nothing but lack of interaction with women (outside of their mothers)

I do think thats a meaningful part of it, but i think there are a lot of other cultural factors

I think a lot of men are coddled as boys/young men. They are used to their mom taking care of their & their dad's/siblings' needs (food, cleaning up, making drs appointments, buying stuff for the household). They are not raised with any sense of community, family duty or civic/communal duty. They think only of themselves. They're taught by movies and tv that women should love them 'just for them', 'for being a nice guy', without actually investing a modicum of effort into their conduct, appearance, talents etc ever. When they cant find a woman to fulfill their sexual desires (which they see as 'needs'), instead of seeking to improve themselves they wallow in self pity and resent women as a whole for not wanting anything to do with them.

I really do think that like 75% of the "creepy guys" I've met are just really entitled guys who cant do anything for themselves, have no ability to self reflect (much less the will to self-improve), and are bitter that others dont exist to please them

Anonymous 261833

my dad is a good man overall but one time he got mad and kicked our old dog across the room

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