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Jobs for people with social anxiety Anonymous 218837

Any ideas of good jobs that require little experience for people with social anxiety? I’ve been in retail for years and can’t handle it anymore

Anonymous 218840

I feel you nona, I've been in retail hell for 2 months combined and I had to quit many times. I haven't yet found a job that suits me, I feel like all the comfy jobs require an Y chromosome or credentials.

Anonymous 218843

Considered starting as an overnight stocker at a craft store but couldn't bring myself to fuck up my circadian rhythm for minimum wage, feeling very lost

Anonymous 218845

It doesn't get any better honestly, I have almost 4 years in customer support but social anxiety doesn't go away. I have trained myself to have great people skills but it all feels fake.

Anonymous 218852

Can you talk to coworkers and supervisors and are only anxious with strangers? Or is it everyone?

Anonymous 218899

>I’ve been in retail for years and can’t handle it anymore

That's odd. How bad is your social anxiety? Customer service should usually help you to get pretty good at faking enough confidence to get a better job. I always had pretty severe social anxiety to the point I could just not, even over life or death, speak to strangers over the phone. Working customer service, where I was expected to every several minutes, made me good enough at it to help me find much better jobs.

>little experience for people with social anxiety?

Honestly though, there's nothing really out there that wouldn't be beer money or already require high experience. I'm trying to go into Software Engineering, which people like to think would be a pretty isolated job, but even that isn't completely true (Because of fucking Agile everywhere, for one.) Find a way to make your SA at least semi-livable with, because most jobs will be pretty unsympathetic to 99.9% of mental disorders, especially one as obscure as social anxiety disorder.

Anonymous 218903

Warehouse, dishwasher, some of these allow you to listen to earphones

Anonymous 219193

>little experience
>social anxiety
Kitchen or food production. You'll still have to interact with your co-workers of course but not with customers.

Anonymous 219218

Work in IT. Everybody expects you to be a socially incompetent weirdo and leaves you alone. The downside is that you have to work with manchildren but they will probably never talk to you let alone look you in the eye. Nobody will ever fire you for not being personable in IT. Even if you sperg out on a massive scale nobody will say a thing because you will definitely work alongside bigger spergs with worse personal hygiene and no social skills at all. Remote admin jobs are entry level jobs you can work from home if you can find one, that's kind of hitting a jackpot.

Anonymous 219226

Hvac technician in a data center. Makes between 60k-100k a year. Thing is there is a hell of a lot of nothing to do because your job is to watch and maintain the functionality of server cooling systems. If anyone would like a link to a certification course just ask. Typically costs 200-300 to take the course and be done in a couple months. There are a lot of different kinds of data center technicians by the way though. This is a specific job. If you go looking don't get confused by all the different kinds of data technician jobs posted everywhere.

This is just as often a night shift job btw.

Anonymous 219366

>spend entire shift talking to people on the phone
>for people with social anxiety

Anonymous 219669


It will make you hate people, not be more scared of them so it makes sense.

Anonymous 219751

This is not true. I worked in one for a year and it was the most anxious year of my life. Every phone call was dreadful and I used to have bad dreams about the job. Never doing that again.

Anonymous 219825

I am interested in this field of work. I'd like to check it out, if you don't mind. I already have a job but what I earn is peanuts. I know I can do better.

Anonymous 219827

an archivist assistant.
spent my time in the government building's basement putting away dusty old documents. pretty chill. sometimes i'd sit behind the stacks and write fanfiction if my boss wasn't around.

Anonymous 219930


I've worked in one as well and I can confirm it is, because I went into these jobs having a complete phobia of talking over the phone (I mean to the point of dialing someone, freaking out and then immeadietly hanging up before they can even pick up). I came out of them being able to take phone calls from anyone and for anything now. And this was only for a few months. If you managed to do the job for more than twice as long as I have, you surely overcame some kind of fear just from being forced to do it over and over. Exposure can actually help.

>Every phone call was dreadful and I used to have bad dreams about the job. Never doing that again.

That's probably the toxicity from the phone call you receive, not the act of being able to take a phone call overall.

Anonymous 219969

Janitor, especially a night shift one.
Actually any night shift job would probably have pretty low social interactions, even if it was something that typically would require a lot of interaction, like at the front desk at a hotel or something. Sure you might get a call now and then, but not very frequently as most people are asleep then and it would be pretty low key and comfy.

Anonymous 220011

Thats the point nona, to over come the fear instead of living under its reign.

I've Been working at a resturaunt and making social relationships with the employees has been rocky, but its a steady improvement if you dont feel greedy and expect to be able to talk casually with no problems. Just be nice and thoughtful dont be sad that you cant laugh with them or touch eachother like the others that are closer, if everybody was a sperg you wouldnt desire laughing with someone because nobody is laughing. You are being taunted by what is unobtainable and its causing stress dont focus on what others have instead of you. Focus on how you can advance your situation.

99 percent of the problem is saying hi and asking about their day or some shite. Most of us are already interesting here and you can make conversation without being interesting. I personally prefer solitude and having one best friend or maybe friends I can count on one hand but being friendly with people is essential. You cant simultaniously live in society and not talk to people. I do it so social interactions stop being painful for me and cause me anxiety and the ability to not sabotage myself.

Anonymous 220012


Pic related

Anonymous 220022

Idk, most of these kinda jobs are grabbed up quickly (because no one wants to deal with lots of other people, not even people without social anxiety), and don't pay a lot

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