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Anonymous 218865

Why do most women-only spaces quickly turn into only talking about men for the most part?
Anyone else tired of this?

Anonymous 218866

>Anyone else tired of this?
Yes, I am as well. I do not care about men so I see no reason to talk about them. I wanna discuss my interests, things I like.

Anonymous 218872

There are threads about multiple topics that aren't men here. Why don't you contribute to one of those or make one about something that interests you?

Anonymous 218875

pls no not again

Anonymous 218890

lurk more ig

Anonymous 218939


>Why do most women-only spaces quickly turn into only talking about men for the most part?
what do you mean most? It's just like this on crystal cafe because it's marketing itself as a woman-only board with no actual theme and very few users so our interests are scattered and it's hard to find people who share them except for very broad topics. It's nobody's fault really.

Anonymous 218942

Almost like we are biologically wired to find a partner and the majority of people are straight…

Also, go to any men-only spaces and you will see how most of them only talk about women too

Anonymous 218946

Please fucking post in the actual hobby threads I beg of all of you. This place is slow as shit and that's why I end up having to use general spaces for hobbies.

Anonymous 218980

It all goes back to why this became a women-only space; to get away from moids. This community acts as a place to vent for a lot of women as they know they're surrounded by people with similar experiences. Which is good, women need a supporting community where they can confide, and talk to. However, it does invite in negative energy, and samey threads about said moids. I Can't say I blame them.

Anonymous 218985

You ever try /media/ or maybe /img/ or perhaps /x/

Anonymous 218994


if I want to talk about my hobbies or video games I can do it with men, too. This is the internet, I won't even know the difference. In fact it's kind of preferable because I'll have more people to talk to.

If I want to admit out loud that I think men are degenerates or rant about their condescending behavior I'll need a female only space. If I did that on a normal forum I would be banned or cursed to hell.

Anonymous 218995

There are no hobby threads. Only Img.. media.. feels and x..

Oh and hb. Because of course we're women we need hb.

Anonymous 218996

That just shows you're lazy and don't bother looking for threads about the interests you like. There are general threads for stuff like music, movie, anime, sports, fitness etc.

Anonymous 218997

*don't bother looking through catalog.

Anonymous 219027


This is probably a safe refuge for a lot of women, especially if you've been in liberal women's spaces. If you're in a position in life where men leave you mostly unbothered, that's great. Other people may not have that luxury due to their past or present circumstances, I'm sure there will be a time in your life where you'd benefit from talking with other women about your frustrations.

I do see how it can be tiring, but, I don't think it's healthy to bitch about other women having different needs and priorities than you. It's almost like you're trotting out a sexist trope that assumes women are obsessed with men, that a lot of women don't bother to think about more than that, that they don't have complex needs and motivations. This ties in with the fact that we are literally conditioned to think of them before us in many ways, but even when women are focusing on men too much it doesn't mean that they're being vapid or obsessed. It's always painted that way in the media and it's easy to assume, but, most of us have complex reasons.

Anonymous 219045

I'm not lazy, they're all mostly completely dead and hardly anyone replies to them when I do. Now lc is a different story.

Anonymous 219046

The traffic on this ib is almost dead as well. Should be obvious if you've been here for a while.

>Now lc is a different story.

Then go back to lc, no one is forcing you to use cc.

Anonymous 219539

this is like asking why women-only domestic abuse shelters only talk about men - last I heard it only needed to be women-only because men are awful. what would you rather talk about OP? nothing superficial pls

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