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Thought just came to me Anonymous 218911

>this entire generation of misogynist boys is growing up to be the world's next doctors/pilots/leaders/fathers

Just found out about "gooning". Is there anything that can even be done to fix them? Does complete isolation from the internet work?

Anonymous 218913

my cousin who was raised in a third world african country turned out better than all these western moids it’s insane

Anonymous 218916

>Does complete isolation from the internet work
The internet was the biggest mistake humanity has ever made. It should have become nothing more than an encyclopedia.

Anonymous 218922

Why is "gooning" the example you had to put out of everything?

Anonymous 218955


We are not responsible for fixing them. Men need to get their shit together. Picrel, we're at the "weak men create hard times" stage.

Anonymous 218998


Gooning means masturbating to porn excessively.
Gooners are porn addicts, but they don't mind it, it's their hobby.
Gooncaves are rooms designed for masturbation: several monitors for porn, sex devices, sex dolls…

Anonymous 219000


the weak man clipart looks kinda cute cuz it could be omorashi

Anonymous 219001

I had to google that and wtf.

Anonymous 219003

wtf. tell us more about this, I don't want to google it. Do they just watch a load of different porn at once?

Anonymous 219006

It's just extreme porn addiction where they watch more porn than normal and longer than normal. Often foregoing climax so they can just keep going for as long as possible. Sometimes not leaving their setup for half a day at a time. "gooner" is just a stupid term they came up with to make it seem like an exclusive club.

Even among moids it's looked down upon afaik.

Anonymous 219008

And they do it together??? surely its a closeted gay thing, like they just jack off together. Surely they jack each other off too

Anonymous 219011

Yeah pretty much, 4chans /trash/ board which is filled with furry gooners have dedicated threads for literal circlejerks

Anonymous 219031

So it's just hours-long edging?

Anonymous 219037

The good news is that most of them will never breed, especially gooners

Anonymous 219054

We've been in the "weak men hard times" phase since the 1970s. I'm starting to think there's holes in this philosophy…

Anonymous 219135

Yeah they livestream it together. Sometimes (though not often) there are women involved in their community.

Anonymous 219136

They will not become doctors or leaders or inventors. They will be cannon fodder for the next world war

Anonymous 219138

Anonymous 219144

they are not. its all online streaming. they dont leave their "goon caves".

Anonymous 219146


the way you nonas keep discussing this makes me think you have this disgusting fetish.

Anonymous 219148

also what they are doing is gay as much as they might try to deny and reframe it

Anonymous 219155

I mean at least one of them did mention omorashi so yes
If getting jerked off by a gooner counts as sex. This >>218998 is the kind of human contact gooners are having. The lads lying in bed curling their toes next to each other and probably stinking up the room something foul. Maybe they are moaning sometimes, signaling to his fellow goon that he is having a good time, which is about as much "intimacy" as these goonies get.

Anonymous 222567

delete all men

Anonymous 222876


did they put straight porn on the screens to try to convince others that a half dozen dudes masturbating in the same bed is a totally hetero thing?

Anonymous 223271

That's how the world always has been. Misogyny isn't something new.

Anonymous 224648

I feel like the type of people who become doctors are usually the type that are also not porn addicts.

Anonymous 224650

you don't know how far a man could go to fulfill his fetishes.

Anonymous 224651


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