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Female hate propaganda Anonymous 219017

Have moids changed much in 50 years or are they still the same animals they always were?

Anonymous 219020

Most of them still think like that. The desire to control and make women suffer is inherent to moid brain

Anonymous 219150

>Women no longer property?
>I bitch and moan about being single online or I smash
Moids haven't evolved past caveman times

Anonymous 219178

Tbh op they used to be staggeringly worse. Just look at the way women were put in insane asylums in the 50s by their husband's. They couldnt purchase property or even ge a credit card. Staggeringly staggeringly worse.

Anonymous 219186


Not so long ago only moids had money to buy stuf. When your marketing is 100% directed to men is easier to sell anything by making women some kind of happy slave handmaidens.
We don't see it anymore outside anonimous sites, but that is what makes moids happy. What is worst is that they want us to be happy like this, woman allways look so happy in this 50' posters, doing the dishes and cooking and cleaning while the husband is just there.

Anonymous 219222

Historians joke that there were no good golden time in history. That everytime has some serious cons.
I dont get the American obsession over the 50s. Is it because a single income could literally buy a house and support a family of 4? Then why dont more Americans want a better regulated capitalism so that can go back to being even remotely plausible?

Anonymous 219224

maybe it's falling for the advertising, at least partially due to people applying current day ad logic to the 50s when the 50s ads are designed pretty differently

Anonymous 259300


Capitalism was far less regulated back then. Part of the reason that the middle class is shrinking is because there's so much more red tape involved in starting your own small business.

Anonymous 259316

>Then why dont more Americans want a better regulated capitalism
Because, in America, the states that are pro-regulation are these dystopian bureaucratic hellholes with some of the most inflated property prices in the world.

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