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Anonymous 219189

Has this ever happened to you?

Anonymous 219197

god i wish i was her

Anonymous 219200


>god i wish i was her

In what regard? the wasting money on a random moid part or the getting rejected part?

Anonymous 219201

I've never seen this happen.
My moid friend rejected two women to their face and they left him alone very quickly.
One of them is even still trying to find him a girlfriend because he complains about being forever alone.

Anonymous 219206

The part where I'm beautiful with disposable income and going on date with a cute virgin boy who doesn't try to dominate over me

Anonymous 219212

>One of them is even still trying to find him a girlfriend because he complains about being forever alone.
what happened to having a spine

Anonymous 219223

I met a guy in uni and spent WEEKS taking the train together in the morning, going on cute little dates between classes, cuddling during movie screenings out on the green and spending my desperately needed money on paying for meals. I made it extremely obvious I was interested in him, I dressed and did my hair the way he liked, pressed myself against him, held his hand and even flirted with him in the morning by walking out from the shower in a towel. Then when I try to kiss him, he acts confused and says he thought we were just friends. Yes I lost it, yes I yelled at him and I don't feel bad about it. I'd wasted time and money, sure, but he was fucking hot, his ex-gf joked about him being amazing in bed and I'd been horny for weeks on end with no release, only for him to just act like a fucking wounded puppy for me DARING to say I wanted to fuck him silly.

Anonymous 219245

>Busting your ass to open the door for a moid who is stronger
>Spending money on a moid
>In hopes of fucking a virgin moid who probably cums in 2 seconds
Couldn't imagine a worse situation. Also, "bitch" is a gendered insult that literally means female dog so it doesn't work on moids. Libfem cringe thinking both genders have the same thought processes strikes again.

Anonymous 219246

For some reason I don't believe that even happened, I also feel that this thread was bait from the start

Anonymous 219247

Replied to the wrong post oh well

Anonymous 219249

Sad thing is she's pretty cute too.
:( She doesnt need to orbit him or his friends for male attention.

Anonymous 219250

virgin boys r 4 virgin girls dont take them from us please.

Anonymous 219256

I understand some of the responses, but I'd be pissed if I treated a virginal boy to a dinner date and kissed his fucking hand like he's a king or something, and then he couldn't even eat my pussy afterwards. I wouldn't yell BITCH though, I'd probably go home and cry.

Anonymous 219263

Nowhere in the comic is there any indication that he is a virgin.
Therefore my interpretation is that this is a first date with a man who has slept through half of his courses and half of your sorority, who decides to play hot and cold instead of romantic because from his perspective a date consists of sex with no commitment and therefore the buy-in of commitment that she is asking for creates a level of seriousness that he is unprepared for.
Now prove my headcanon wrong.

Anonymous 219268

Such a man you described would not blush and think of anyone as a 'gentlewoman' like in Panel One. Only a virgin boy would have such a pure reaction.

Anonymous 219270

Who said I wasn't a virgin?

Anonymous 219277

Why are virgin men so hot?!
I just feel bad getting older because theres no virgin men (without serious issues.) I dont want to be cougar.

Anonymous 219283

>Why are virgin men so hot?!
They aren't. If you weren't a virgin you'd know this.

Anonymous 219284

>I dont want to be cougar.
Why not?

Anonymous 219286

I barely have enough energy to get my through the day and that the thought dating in general sounds so tiring.

Anonymous 219287

Says you, I find how excited and giddy they get to be so adorable.

Anonymous 219290

Ime virgins were always porn addicts who didn't know or care how to make me cum at all. I don't think it's fun when they're "excited and giddy" which is usually just desperation to finally get laid, I think it's immature and gross, especially because you know it's because they see you as them finally "scoring" and a sex object.

Anonymous 219291

You're right about a lot of that. I'm not going to argue with you.

Anonymous 219297

cute virgin boy.jp…

maybe most virgins are loser incels, but in the ideal there exist boys who are pure and without arrogance and don't treat women like objects

Anonymous 219331

It depends on the moid.
I know a cute moid who is mid 20s and a virgin (took some meds which lowered his libido temporarily) and his main reason for being a virgin is that he wants romance and doesn't like when girls are just interested in hookups. Granted he's kind of a dummy and frequently oblivious to clues from girls, so much so that he accidentally makes them jealous and for no reason. Like bringing his friend (girl) who has a crush on him to a date with another girl.

Anonymous 219332

yes, far too often men would refuse to put-out after i treat them like kings. but as soon as stacy comes by, treating them like garbage, spending all of their money on useless things, and constantly cheating on them, all of a sudden they aim to please. i guess it's true what they say, nice girls finish last.

Anonymous 219341

unknown (37).png

I'm confused. You don't think being with an older virgin would be tiring? I'm 30 and in my experience younger men are way easier. Gen-Z are emotionally intelligent and sweet compared to most guys my age or older. I've dealt with a lot of self proclaimed anxious guys who use it as an excuse to be bitter and mean spirited. Younger guys are so much more fun because if they like older women they don't mind relinquishing control and since they are younger, they have more energy to go out and do things. Most guys who I know that are older just wanna fester in their house. It is so easy to find a casual sex partner who is younger, don't settle for old bones when you can have fresh prime meat.

Anonymous 219351

Why aren't you going after him?

Anonymous 219357

Nice post but the image is vile.

Anonymous 219362

Anonymous 219368

What's this moid's name and where does he live?

Anonymous 219369


>Stacy sexhaver out here destroying our fantasies of pure virgin men with pure and genuine intentions

Anonymous 219373


do you actually wanna know lol

Anonymous 219374

>Makes a post about virgin men
>"fresh prime meat"
>"cute virgin boy"
>"boys who are pure and without arrogance"
>"Why are virgin men so hot?!"
>36 replies in under a day

This is the most active CC has ever been. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Anonymous 219392


classic tranny repressor behaviour

Anonymous 219394

Why does this place feel dead nowadays anyways? Did some of us become Stacy's and throw CC under the bus?

Anonymous 219396

CC and lolcow are both dead. I have been silently wondering if there was a mass migration I missed.

Anonymous 219397

CC moves at a good pace for a small IB at least
most people straight up just moved to social media/discord group chats

Anonymous 219408

i like volcel virgin men the rest is trash

Anonymous 219409

Why would you want to lift a man up and kiss him against the wall when he should be lowering himself to your level and awaiting his orders

Anonymous 219411

it used to be deader

Anonymous 219412


Because I generally like and respect my partner and don't treat him like a goon to do my bidding. I prefer mutual softness, and affectionate acts going both ways.

Anonymous 219414

Ew that's weird!!!

Anonymous 219415

>nona likes virgin boy
>deflowers him
>instantly disgusted by him

Anonymous 219416

I'll even admit this… I prefer being the big spoon! I like grabbing his groin from behind.

Anonymous 219417

Based, I do the same to my partner.

Anonymous 219418

Big spoon, based
Grabbing his crotch, CRINGE! What if he gets off on it?

Anonymous 219420

image0 (20).jpg

Based sis!

If he ever makes a mess of my hand I'd smear it in his face to teach him

Anonymous 219421

NTA, but I get off on it more than him.

Anonymous 219422

I, too, enjoy fondling his gummy worm

Anonymous 219424

>moid is overly sexual
>ew moids are apes
>moid is reserved
>classic tranny behavior
C'mon, you gotta at least give them a win condition.

Anonymous 219438

Anonymous 219441

I know him IRL. He's definitely not a tranny. Very much into working out and trying to accentuate his masculine appearance.

Anonymous 219451

>Very much into working out and trying to accentuate his masculine appearance.
nvrmnd i dont want him anymore

Anonymous 219454

trannies are hypersexual perverts too

Anonymous 219464

So then how is being decent and reserved somehow classic tranny behavior?

Anonymous 219466

why wouldn't you want to be strong enough to prove your dominance by lifting your man?

Anonymous 219467

I'm not that anon

Anonymous 219471

Yeah. Seen this happen to a Christian Orthodox friend of mine. The girl reacted in a similar way though less intensely despite him telling her up front that while he didn't expect anyone to convert for him, he wanted to wait until marriage for sex.

Anonymous 219472

sounds like an autistic self-proclaimed 'femboy' made it

Anonymous 219484

I have a cousin in Utah who tells me Mormons have ways to "get around" pre marital sex. He told me that Las Vegas marriages are popular because they are fast and can get annulled just as quickly. I was also told they will do something called "soaking" where the will put benis in bagina but not move so they technically aren't having sex.

Anonymous 219491

What's with all this "deflowering" "impure after lost virginity" shit? Is it a larp or a joke or something? Deflowering means the man's penis breaking/stretching the woman's hymen during her first time having sex. Virginity is a moid fetish because they're gross and think a woman being penetrated by another man makes her used goods. You all sound like larping AGP moids at this point talking about moids being "deflowered" by their precious mommy dommy

Anonymous 219493

not that anon but I see very little appeal in sex outside novelty. Trying something intimate for the first time ever. Together. The idea of a man who has already had sex with someone else doesn't exactly make him disgusting, but it makes the act less intimate and I lose a great deal of attraction to him.

Anonymous 219500

lmao thats ok hes still cute to me. He tried to gain weight by working out for 2 years and failed. In the end he became leaner but didn't get any bigger (perfecto).

Anonymous 219501


Yeah some of the mommyshit sounds moid written if not moid-inspired but tbh I think its natural for virgin girls to want and fantasize about a virgin boy whose expectations aren't tainted by sex with other women or porn. They can teach him to meet their needs without his own stupid ego or expectations or fantasizing about his ex getting in the way.

It's nothing like the violent scrote fetish for domination of virgin girls and robbing them of their childlike innocence and happiness or "marking their territory" in her blood.

The appeal of an innocent virgin boy isn't being his dommy mommy (disgusting) but rather the trust and gentleness he may exhibit towards you (cute).

At least this is my reading of it. Any other Nonas feel free to chime in.

Anonymous 219502


>Ime virgins were always porn addicts who didn't know or care how to make me cum at all.
I've been with experienced men who also did not how to do this or outright fucking refused because they're selfish.

Virgins might not be gods at sex their first time around but I absolutely love the eagerness from them to want to learn how to please me.

>I don't think it's fun when they're "excited and giddy" which is usually just desperation to finally get laid, I think it's immature and gross, especially because you know it's because they see you as them finally "scoring" and a sex object.

Complete opposite of my experience, virgin boys tend to make me feel amazing and loved as I shape their sexual tastes for ages to come, while experienced dudes are more like "oh, another notch in my belt. cool ig". "Whore" really is a word that isn't limited by sex. Rare is the experienced boy that actually feigns innocence and inexperience in ways that are cuter and more passionate than a true virgin, that's the REAL best experienced kind of guy.

Unfortunately, imoe, most experienced guys do exactly what you're saying virgins do, and act like women are disposable fuckmeat. Experience, or there lackof, are not filters for guys that will actually focus on your pleasure. The closest filter I've found so far is whether they're openly willing to go down on you or not.

Anonymous 219503

Holy cow this thread exploded in less than a day. Nothing gets nonettes worked up like the thought of innocent virgin boys.

Anonymous 219504

It's a joke. Bad example, it's like if someone had a weird fetish for NEETs but then grew disinterested once he got a job.

Anonymous 219505

It's funny how what's popular on cc will often be found nowhere irl. No woman irl wants a virgin man because as far as I've heard (I wouldn't know I'm a virgin) once they actually do get to have sex with a woman they're mostly shit in bed or are pornsick from years of fantasizing and jerking off to violent porn. One of my friends actually told me the moid who she found out was a virgin when they went back to her place told her she looked like one of his fav porn stars and actually showed her a picture of her. I gagged even hearing the story.

Anonymous 219508

Even funnier because the OP isn't explicitly about virgins

Anonymous 219509

>dommy mommy (disgusting)
As someone who sincerely enjoys gentle femdom and MDlb, I feel hurt…
I used to think the same way, that virgin x virgin and being as mutual and samey with the boy as possible is the best, and it's fine, but it wasn't until I started dipping into mommy stuff is when I started having some of the best sex of my life.

Mutual virginity is a perfectly good fantasy and there's lots of guys that prefer that because they prefer to be a more dominant-lean switch. I still wasn't happy with that though the more experienced I got. I wanted even more submission out of a guy, and a mutual was too typically masculine and egotistical to let me do the things I wanted to do to him, such as: letting me be the big spoon, grab his butt (and other stuff too naughty outside of /nsfw/), giving him cute pet names, letting me spoil him, etc.

I do think most scrotes prefer having a woman as an equal or inferior over having her as a dominant, so it's w/e, but I'm really happy that I took the mommypill. It hasn't been a perfect journey, and it's not for everyone, but I'm happy.
I just know I can never go back to being purely a femsub ever again lol, the majority of mdoms are just too selfish and cringe for me to fully trust.

Anonymous 219511

See the problem isn't their virginity, but their access to porn. I'd say a man who was exposed to porn barely counts as a virgin anyway as his mind is already molested.

Anonymous 219516

So the choice is between non-virgin men (blech) or extremely pornsick virgin men who treat you like nothing more than just a porn fantasy…

Anonymous 219517

As someone who sincerely enjoys gentle femdom and MDlb, I feel hurt…

Sorry nona i didn't mean anything gentle in that post. I meant the violent deflowering BDSM moid version of it is disgusting.

most gentle fantasies by women are not bad unless they go into pedophilic territory (almost nonexistent).

Anonymous 219518

Let's come back to this thought because I think this is also an interesting take.

Even if he is experienced, he's definitely a switch at the very least if not an outright bottom. The average douchey fuckboy wouldn't think of "gentlewoman!", he'd probably somehow try to flip it as she's still ""submissive"" and ""worshipping her king"". (vomit)

I can see the hot and cold making more sense if he's used to mostly being the dominant and he's being surprised, and intrigued, by the role reversal.

What will really make him float or sink is how he feels about being called a BITCH and then being walked out on, if he gets offended and goes back to slutting it with the sorority again or if he realizes he enjoys being being treated like crap a little bit by a woman more powerful than he.

Anonymous 219519


There's always that rare third option

Anonymous 219521

I've had a number of guys confess to me that they were virgins online, but I think my most cherished memory is of the Korean student going to Kyoto University that I met in Japan. I encountered him in the communal area of a sharehouse and exchanged pleasantries. I kid you not, within 10 minutes he expressed to me he was a virgin. It has been a couple of years now, so I can't remember if he had already known I was traveling with my bf or not, but it stunned me. I couldn't understand why he felt the need to share that with me, but I later pulled my bf aside and asked him offer some advice to the poor guy (which is hilarious since my bf has only ever been in relationships with girls who chose him). I just remember him admitting he was a virgin with such a pitiful voice, like he was embarrassed. But also… he didn't NEED to tell me. He could have just kept it to himself.

If I wasn't with my bf at the time, I would have suggested I could blow him or give him a handjob. He was adorable.

Anonymous 219524

>lived in japan
>meets virgin Korean boy
Get off my cc, stacy

Anonymous 219525

No, I want more Stacy stories on cc.

Anonymous 219526

As a gen Z it's the opposite for me. Compared to guys my age millennials are usually way more sweet and understanding even though a lot of them are already married and unavailable buy it's to be expected

Anonymous 219529

They are probably that way because they want to cheat on their wife with a young zoomer girl.

Anonymous 219530

It doesn't seem this way, the married ones never made any advances towards me

Anonymous 219531

>implying a man wouldn't just fuck you and then cheat on you for being a pick-me

this isn't how men work, but this is how pick-me women work

Anonymous 219534

A man would cheat on you even if you weren't a pick-me

Anonymous 219535

>she's wearing makeup which is what women use to look attractive and get men
>but she also has to be the chivalrous one and pay for everything in this comic
>he doesn't try to make himself look good at all but he also doesn't have to do anything
i don't get it. is this the future pickmes want?

Anonymous 219546

>she's wearing makeup
How can you tell with a cartoon?

Anonymous 219552

You're retarded

Anonymous 219555

She's not wearing make-up, those are generic "girl cartoon" lashes.

>but she also has to be the chivalrous one and pay for everything in this comic

"Has to". Right. Because no nona could ever WANT to treat scrotes like the actual objects they are and play the role of the domineering partner that pays for it all. Ugh. It feels like people like you set us back further. :/

>he doesn't try to make himself look good at all but he also doesn't have to do anything

Again, you're projecting shit so hard?? He's clean shaven, they both have nice hair, and his lips have a little more color to him than hers. His arms are smooth and his clothing looks respectable rather than being sloppy gamer moid clothes so I have no idea where you think he's not trying. It might be a little basic but have you fucking SEEN how men dress themselves?? Good lord…

Anonymous 219557

I really don’t understand cc sometimes.
Plenty of women are go-getters, Showing basic interest in a moid and going out of your way to get him doesn’t make you a pickme just because it didn’t work out and left you feeling embarrassed.

Anonymous 219559

holy shit this post is so autistic lmao

Anonymous 219561

Aw yeah you're totally treating scrotes like objects like paying for their meals! Mhm yeah! Getting him that ps5 really stomped the patriarchy didn't it? Despite the fact that women get paid less on average, get little to no maternity leave and half to work twice as much as moids do for the same pay, m-hmm, girl power! Don't even split dat bill, go straight to paying for the whole thing because if you don't you're not an epic feminist totally girlbossed up sugar mommy!

Anonymous 219562

Why are you so mad? Stop derailing and infighting because of your projections

Anonymous 219564

If I'm mad then so is the person I responded to, which I assume is you. Your post was butthurt as fuck and also infighting and was full of assumptions at literally lines on a paper prompting you to trot out weird pick me talking points that don't even make sense. The only one who is projecting is you onto this silly comic.

Anonymous 219565

No I'm not that anon you retard

Anonymous 219567

>sees cartoon about woman pursuing mood she likes
>straight woman hate ensues

Anonymous 219570

Not entirely related, but after reading this comic, I decided to vent about the "stupid women sleeping with assholes" stereotype. A lot of dudes fabricate entire personalities just to get in their pants, or to trap them in a subservient lifestyle. And by the time the woman realizes that he was actually a fuckwad the whole time, it's too late because she already sacrificed too many acts of kindness for him. When I see people calling women "fucking dumb" and shit for sleeping or being trapped with jackasses, I judge those people for not only being unsympathetic assholes but as generally unwise because again….in the real world, people lie all the time, and many traps are set. There are more than enough situationships where a woman discovers far too late that their boyfriend or husband was faking his entire personality and even his interests to her for years, but right when the story is let out, all these worthless insects crawl out from the floorboards to call the woman a "dumb bitch" as if they could have figured out what was going on any faster. Just like men, these people look at a woman in a bad situation and immediately place 100% of the blame on her, minimizing her intelligence for a male she couldn't control, while all these judgemental strangers gas themselves up for their nonexistent "higher wisdom". Knowing and not knowing when to trust someone isn't black or white. I wish those who are judging such women like that to kindly go out and maybe get hit by some fucking truck, because if you're that stupid to think of such a situation in such a childishly retarded way, your genes can't be good for the human anyway. Moids, women, teenagers or any hidden mods here who think that way should be ashamed of themselves and kindly fuck off and away from women who have actually been through some shit.

Anonymous 219575

men shift blame more than they shift the axis of their ugly dicks by compulsively masturbating, they will do literally anything to get laid and then want to be treated as humans when they're literally just pathetic animals. you would almost feel sorry for them if you didn't know about rape and murder statistics.

Anonymous 219577

Something off about the scenario in this post. What's up with all the anons caping for Korean men anyway? Place is a misogynistic shithole. Did anyone else see the hate that K-pop star got recently for marrying her Russian boyfriend?

Anonymous 219579

Do you mean the Kpop idol who married the English woman? I can't find anything about a Kpop idol marrying her Russian boyfriend

Anonymous 219580

they just find korean men more attractive physically.
misogyny is widespread everywhere, just more enabled in certain countries, like Korea as you said. i don't think the average korean scrote is any more or less misogynistic than the average another country moid.

Anonymous 219581

Pretty sure most women who find Korean men more attractive, me included, are aware that they aren't better than men from our own or other countries. You smell like a moid from how triggered you get over one anon talking about a cute foreign virgin.

Anonymous 219585

What? Straight women normally don't want to pay for their date's food dumbass

Anonymous 219591


>so mad, had to doublepost and project even harder just to embarrass herself
You need to stay in your containment thread honey, you're completely unhinged. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a manhater website.

Normally no, but that doesn't mean there aren't some of us that enjoy doing it and the power behind it. I am amused that this troll is trying to paint a picture of me being some kind of woe-is-me underpaid wagie that can't ever actually enjoy spoiling boys that bend under me willingly. That I'm just some poor pickme femsub being bullied by fuckboys and there is no possible reward for what I do or pride in it. It kind of horseshoes back into being misogynistic, thinking like that. The maternity leave part is especially schizophrenic, implying that all of us want to bear crotchfruit and deal with that shit.

"No, a straight woman could never grow up, work hard, and go her own way. She's either a lesbian, a troon, or simply fictional." -How most of society thinks of us.

Anonymous 219594

>"No, a straight woman could never grow up, work hard, and go her own way. She's either a lesbian, a troon, or simply fictional." -How most of society thinks of us.

Hit the nail on the head pretty much lol.
So many miners in this thread sound insane and jealous.

Yeah you're right. No straight woman would ever pursue and try to spoil a man in hopes of getting with him, must've been a lesbian. kekw

Anonymous 219596

>If I wasn't with my bf at the time, I would have suggested I could blow him or give him a handjob. He was adorable.

you would've cheated on your bf if he wasn't present with you at the time?? Or do you mean if you didn't have a bf at the time?

Anonymous 219597

white western moids are always butthurt when they realize that kpop and anime has influenced western women's tastes in men for the better.

They can have insane rape-crazed borderline pedophilic yellow fever for east asian teenage girls and lolis but god forbid white women are attracted to cute east asian moids and its accusations of being a weeb, racist, etc. (kek)

Anonymous 219598

agree with everything on this post except the fact you dont hate scrotes, thatd be based. i spoil the males i date so that when i break up with them theyre completely disoriented, thrice as heartbroken, and forever haunted by me as their best gfs. its a power and control tactic for me

Anonymous 219600


Sorry nona, I'll keep my other misadventures with Asian men to myself…

This post stinks of malding moid. Concern trolling over women's tastes in men isn't going to stop my appreciation of attractive men. He can be black, white, yellow, or any other color. If a guy looks good and acts cute, it'll melt my heart no matter his race. Just as there is misogyny anywhere in the world, there are also sweet, decent people. For the record, I've traveled outside of Japan as well and I definitely adore European men over American men, but Japanese take the top spot by far. Every guy you see walking the streets of Japan is smartly dressed, well groomed, and clean. Most are businessmen and whew… when I tell you how hot it was to watch them strut around with their shirt sleeves rolled up, to reveal their forearms, during the summer months. I adored oogling the business men…sigh… You just reminded me that I need to go back!!

>moid absolutely SEETHING
I'll let you stew with whatever nasty ideas you've cooked up in your head. Stress will thin your hair out, ugly.

Anonymous 219601

Men should and will pay for everything and be happy to do it.

Anonymous 219602

>agree with everything on this post except the fact you dont hate scrotes, thatd be based
cough cough,,, with all that said, some men are too low-effort, absolutely "used goods", and/or are pretty much unlovable. I'm sure you know as well as I do,

>i spoil the males i date so that when i break up with them theyre completely disoriented, thrice as heartbroken, and forever haunted by me as their best gfs. its a power and control tactic for me

–because this is unfathomably genius and I see a likeminded individual. You get it.

Anonymous 219603

I don't like the underhanded expectation that I'm obliged to "repay" them for doing so in one way or another, it makes me not want to be paid for by them at all if I don't like them. I don't want to feel indebted to a guy I'm not interested in. That's why I work and pay for my own things, and that's why I also like putting my money on boys I do like.

Anonymous 219604

That's why I said he'd be happy to do it and expect nothing in return, except perhaps your company. Yeah I understand paying for your own things though. Maybe spend money on the moid if it's his birthday and he's been a good boy.

Anonymous 219606

We all don't hate moids for no good reason. I don't get into relationships and treat my partner like an enemy wtf If I want to give him gifts I will be generous with anyone in my life I care about. Stop being weird.

Anonymous 219607

Sorry I was born with an inbuilt sense of disgust for males. I understand wanting to be tender and kind, just don't spoil him

Anonymous 219608

>I'll let you stew with whatever nasty ideas you've cooked up in your head. Stress will thin your hair out, ugly.

Calm down nona i'm not one of the people attacking you for liking asian men (i like them too) I was just confused by your wording in the original post.

Anonymous 219610

Realistically I doubt anything would have actually come of it. The Korean guy was ultimately in the sharehouse for less than a week. I wasn't going to offer to deflower a guy the moment he told me we was a virgin, I don't care how cute he is. I was just uncomfortable with how aroused I was by learning that information. Suddenly learning the sexual status of a guy I already found attractive just triggered something inside of me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't find it arousing, or that I didn't immediately want to tease him. But, again, I had a partner at the time so I behaved myself. Nowadays I have no problem shooting my shot or flirting with guys I find attractive. There's nothing wrong with making a guy blush and squirm from the attention. I guess that memory always triggers a warm feeling inside of me, knowing how embarrassed he was just makes me absolutely crazy. I wish I could have fucked him.

Anonymous 219618

Ahh, as long as he expects nothing then yes, I'll graciously take it. I'm still careful about it because there may be invisible strings and he might go Nice Guy mode and try to turn his gifts into threats if he feels slighted. I do not tolerate that behavior, and neither should anyone.

The other day I saw some guy whining about how relationships feel "transactional", but living itself is pretty "transactional" with bills and food expenses so idk what his point was. Being alive isn't free or effortless.

Anonymous 219619

If they're into literal teenage girls, they're straight up pedos, not just borderline.
Plus their fetishes for East Asian women are far more racist than a Kpop fan's naive but harmless fantasy over Korean guys being romantic, caring boyfriends with good style. Moids with yellow fever, however, don't even see the women they claim to prefer as human beings. They project unrealistic anime and porn fantasies on them and have the gall to complain when they realize Japanese and Korean women are mostly normal people too and don't match the racist, misogynistic stereotypes they have of them.
But honestly, that's a general moid thing I've found. Moids from non-western regions of the world also love to stereotype and fetishize foreign women heavily while putting down their own women. Most moids are the same, it doesn't matter where they are from. (Sage for off-topic.)

Anonymous 219638

>Plus their fetishes for East Asian women are far more racist than a Kpop fan's naive but harmless fantasy over Korean guys being romantic
>They project unrealistic anime and porn fantasies on them
Sorry but I just can't agree with the notion of the kpop obsession not being as bad and delusional, I've seen girls fetishizing every aspect of male kpop singers in the grossest most unrealistic ways

Anonymous 219659

I want to hear more misadventures with asian men

Anonymous 219660

>Contrary to popular belief, this is not a manhater website.

Anonymous 219662

The worst KPOP fantasy as bad as it may be doesn't even remotely compare to the loli-rape fantasies of white moids for east asian girls.

Anonymous 219676

Talk about doubleposting when you obviously double posted yourself. What's your hang up with you thinking people think you're a lesbian? None of the anons you replied to said or implied that but you brought it up twice.

Anonymous 219689

did she have sex with him despite this display of autism

Anonymous 219690

>Most are businessmen
Do you mean they wear suits? That's uh, the same in any other CBD of any other major city…

Anonymous 219691

>i don't think the average korean scrote is any more or less misogynistic than the average another country moid.

Korean women in the professions often leave South Korea for China because they find the misogyny is less extreme in China than Korea and there are more opportunities for advancement in places like Shanghai. BBC did an article about it a few years ago.

Ask yourself how bad a country's men have to be for professional women to consider China a more progressive place to work.

Anonymous 219692

>naive but harmless

I don't think it's harmless. A lot of young, unpopular women who feel they don't fit in with their peer groups back home end up going to places like Japan and Korea because of these delusions. If you don't think the men aren't aware of this and predate on them accordingly then you've never spent much time there.

Tbh I've not really heard many bad things about Japanese men at all, but Korean guys anecdotally and more empirically seem to be awful even by western standards

Anonymous 219701

i don't think anyone consciously wants children, they are "programmed by evolution" to seek sexual pleasure which results in offspring, I'm pretty sure at some point human males weren't even aware of this link and their role in reproduction… In other words, they will keep throwing their money in the sink and they will pay for your abortion too.

Anonymous 219704

im sorry but i know more about my life than you do i think

Anonymous 219705

you don't know men

Anonymous 219706

i know the men i dated :)

Anonymous 219709

You know men as much as men know women.

Anonymous 219710

are you butthurt or something? i dont care about being loved by men if it upsets you so much that might be a reality for me. i care about being idolized, which is something scrotes are absolutely capable of doing.
its not in my place to say how "men" are since i have limited exposure to what is an entire gender. i dont know if they are capable of love or not.
what i know is that all my exes absolutely adore me and are not over me. i spoiled them because i can afford to and craved control, and i got it. i am like a goddess to them and i love this extreme validation (i have diagnosed npd).
but spoiling is just a small part of what can get a moid obsessed with you. it doesnt work for some, and it's not a necessity for others. it happened to work for me but it's not something i would recommend most women to do for various reasons.

Anonymous 219711

Screenshot (393).p…

Based, I am jealous; you are Stacy
Cringe, you are jealous, all I see is WAH WAH WAH

Anonymous 219712

I don't get what you are trying to say. You make it sound like the conclusion is the same, so what difference does it make if anon just does what she is doing or if she has a stable relationship with "actual love"?

Anonymous 219713


Anonymous 219717

How the fuck could she even do that? Was he heavily drugged?

Anonymous 219719

I need to contact her for advice

Anonymous 219729

>Korean women in the professions often leave South Korea for China because they find the misogyny is less extreme in China than Korea

Anonymous 219738

All she did was hit him, and he just kept pushing her off.

Anonymous 219797

I'm >>219591 and no lol. I would post a screenshot to prove it but cc doesn't use (You)'s.

Please don't derail the thread.

Anonymous 219868


no need to be jealous nona, you have what it takes to be stacy. every woman does, but you're a step ahead because you deal with negative emotions gracefully. you dont lash out at another woman you might see as a "threat", it makes you inspired to improve yourself and your self confidence, and are willing to compliment people too. this means you're sweet and mature while also not letting people walk over you. and being confident enough to like other women means you also have other superficial good attributes such as being pretty. this is the formula of stacyness. best of luck in your maneating <3

Anonymous 219869

i was born asexual. i'm not a slave to anything but self worship. i don't feel sexual attraction to men (or women), though i do find sex very fun and it can feel good if he knows what he is doing.
the only thing i seek is validation, and god how much do i get it. i focus on my career more than scrotes because i love money, so i have the right amount to have great experiences and bringing people along, or buying cute gifts. it's never been a problem for me. i'm happy to do it.

keep making assumptions about me and my life, such as you already did saying how i'll never be happy, how i've never been loved or how i've never loved, what my exes think about me, how i can't change. go on. but allow me to make a couple about you too, since it takes two to tango.
i've never heard of someone "becoming" asexual, i don't exclude that men might have turned you off so much you can't feel attraction to them anymore, i fully know how rotten they can be. but the way you attack another woman purely because she's successful with men tells me you're still a "slave to your instincts" and are coping by feigning asexuality. you taste like sour grapes, and i gave you the benefit of the doubt but i'm not the only one who thinks that itt. perhaps it's all a big misunderstanding and you're looking out for another woman. in that case apologied and thank you. but it doesn't really come across that way.

don't presume to tell me how i'd be better off. i don't accept suggestions from someone who is so unhappy about their life they make a shit ton of mean assumptions pulled out of their ass and encourage me to dig the same kind of holes for myself. actually, dont tell anyone how they should live their life, for the love of god don't push people to "become" asexual. that's the kind of behavior that gives people with our? orientation a bad name.
keep doing your thing if it makes you happy, i'll definitely keep doing mine because i'm fulfilled that way.

Anonymous 219871

I somewhat did that to a guy once.
He's my boyfriend now though.

Anonymous 219895

so if sexual attraction isnt important to you does this mean you accept moid fatties and uglies into this self-worship arrangement? lmao??

Anonymous 219896

i miss when this thread was about finding the love of pure innocent virgin boys instead of people fighting about incels, narcs, troons.

Anonymous 219916

I so wish to find a sweet, tender, virginal boy

Anonymous 219917

praying for this for all of us

Anonymous 219919

tell us the story

Anonymous 219944

People concerned with social status are absolute cancer. I prefer modest men and I've had luck with them.

Anonymous 219945

This is such a blackpill and why I just stick to stalking/staring/masturbating

Anonymous 219978

I think what a lot of people are missing out on this thread is that the experience of being the first of an innocent virgin boy whose spirit has not yet been tainted by casual sex or dating culture means you have a greater chance to mold and shape him into the man you want without him trying to put his gross STD infested moves on you that supposedly "worked on other women".

Also pair-bonding has a greater likelihood of keeping him loyal as male likelihood to cheat on their wife is statistically shown to increase with the more sexual partners they had in their life before getting married.

Not every virgin boy is sweet and innocent, but most innocent boys are virgins.

Anonymous 219980

>after years of being verbally dehumanized in the most absurd ways by extremely online males.

no one in this thread is suggesting you to date terminally online men.

Anonymous 220006

People in certain Asian and European nations put a lot if effort into how they dress.
America used to be like that too but somewhere along the line they became content dressing up as dumpy as possible. There are a lot of American moids who literally have never worn formal clothes in their whole lives

Anonymous 220028

>art ‘nerd’
>thigh highs
Opinion discarded, try approaching virginal boys while looking like a normal girl

Anonymous 220029

Pair bonding is disproven bullshit. Humans don't pair bond. Don't start using moid talking points but reversed just because they used it. You're like a child pointing and going "no u"

Anonymous 220035

What country are you in? You experience is very unusual by anglo standards.

Anonymous 220039

still a fact that the more sexual partners a male had before you the more likely they are to cheat. stop coping an accept it.

Anonymous 220043

I mean, is it? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pair_bond
I know wikipedia isn't exactly the greatest source but I'd imagine they'd remove section on human pair bonding if it were disproven outright.

Anonymous 220047

Do you care to expand on what the dynamics of those three individual instants were? I've dated both younger and older men and younger men have always been easier to date. Its so common for them to express relief that all of the pressure is taken off their shoulders. Ultimately what people of both genders finds most attractive is being sought after and feeling desired. Honestly, if you stop acting coy and tell guys what you want from them, flirt with them and just seem sexually hungry, it gives them the courage to be more open themselves. Obviously I have encountered depressed guys who get anxious from that type of overt sexual attention, but most well adjusted guys absolutely loved me and were always finding ways to get more of my attention. Younger men are eager puppies and I love playing with them.

Anonymous 220056

>The majority of men do not like being pursued by women in any way, because it threatens their superior social status
This doesn't really make sense, if you think about it. It would heighten their social status. The issue is mainly just that they don't know how to handle that situation, they only know how to be the pursuer.

Anonymous 220058

This may have made sense 100 years ago but with the wide availability of porn, virgins are often way less "innocent" than men with experience. Men with experience have had a chance to figure out what actually makes sense to do with a real life woman, while virgins only have all of these ridiculous fantasies from fetish porn.

Moves that have worked on other women >>>>>> Moves that appeared to work in porn

Anonymous 220089


Nice Wikipedia article but sorry no, "serial monogamous" species like humans aren't included in the actual definition of pair bonding, which only applies to monogamous animals. Even in the Wikipedia article you linked, it says "The term often implies either a lifelong socially monogamous relationship or a stage of mating interaction in socially monogamous species" and the human 'pair bonding' section is only speculative. Birds are mostly monogamous so they do pair bond and bond for life. Most monogamous/pair bonding animals also have low sexual dimorphism where males and females are usually of the same height and stature. In humans, however, there is a greater instance of sexual dimorphism which suggests a "serial monogamous" or polygynous mating structure and this is the case for most mammals.

Anonymous 220105

>Birds are mostly monogamous so they do pair bond and bond for life.
No. Birds are monogamous in that they only have one mate at a time, but most birds only mate for a single season and very few actually mate for life.

Anonymous 220113

hopefully you wouldn't encourage the same thing in humans tho

Anonymous 220298


Can I still get an innocent virgin boy if I'm not a virgin myself?

Anonymous 220311

this is just propaganda to get moral women to sleep with STD-ridden fuckboys you dumbass. Enough with this shit

Anonymous 220356

Anonymous 220364

Wouldn't that make me a hypocrite?

Anonymous 220366

Hypocritical about what?

Anonymous 220367

Because I want a virgin boy when I'm not a virgin myself.

Anonymous 220370

It's not like virgins won't cheat on you
It depends on a person more than their experience

Anonymous 220372

As long as he is OK with you not being a virgin it seems OK to me. Sometimes we look for things that aren't present in our selves but as long as everyone involved in the relationship is satisfied there is hardly anything wrong with this.
I'm very emotional but I prefer calm men and I feel like they're a calming influence on me. Maybe it's a bit hypocritical if we look at it in "only expect the same things you can give" way but as long as it doesn't bother anyone involved who's to say that it's wrong?

Anonymous 220373


But it's much less likely

Anonymous 220374

Divorce rate doesn't equal the frequency of cheating though
There are plenty of reasons people divorce

Anonymous 220375


It doesn't equal, but it is highly correlated with

Anonymous 220378

>local maximum at 2 partners
Very interesting. I don't know what to make of that.

Anonymous 220380


Actually I think I just figured it out, it's literally the sexual Dunning–Kruger effect.

Anonymous 220395

This is why society needs to start encouraging male virginity and male sexual purity.

A boy with self-control who hasn't turned his dong into a brown mushy banana with p0rn and secks needs to become the new epitome of masculinity.

Anonymous 220398

No it doesn't inherently make you a hypocrite.

What would make you a hypocrite is if you started out intending on celibacy and to wait until you have a long term relationship and then got impatient and had sex and now regret it and now want a virgin boy.

However, if you lost your virginity before knowing what you really wanted and then figuring out that moids who sleep around are sluts and good for nothing and that real relationships can be had with more inexperienced boys, then no you are not a hypocrite.

Anonymous 220399


>brown mushy banana

Anonymous 220404

This graphic, Except unironically.

Anonymous 220405

I was unironic too

Anonymous 220445

Anonymous 220545

the joke is "haha wouldn't it be funny if that the roles were reversed" the implication being that it in fact doesn't happen.

Anonymous 220556

>divorce rate for 0 partners has been decreasing throughout time
I wonder why?

Anonymous 220560


I don't know if this is a coincidence but

Anonymous 220564


They see all the unhappy people who had sex before marriage and realize they're happier together with their fellow former virgin saving-it-for-marriage- partner maybe?

Anonymous 220576

People are less and less pressured to save themselves for marriage, so fewer people are rushing into bad marriages just because they want sex.

Anonymous 220580

In the ideal world they'll stay this way even after losing their virginity

Anonymous 221681

I agree with you. Some of my rage is more tempered though because I think it comes from a place of fear. The women saying 'she was stupid to fall for that' sometimes are actually trying to insist to themselves that they couldn't fall for it. It's still terrible. People do it all the time to like amputees and stuff- they want to know what happened, and immediately try to theorycraft how to avoid it. It's kind of instinctual I think.

Anonymous 221939

You are dumb, those “experienced” men are just as pornsick, at least a virgin boy you have the chance of them not having seen much porn and also you can figure out what you both like together like how it’s literally supposed to be

Anonymous 236179

>My narcissism isn't a pathology, it's my super power!
I've met many like you, hun. You're not special, having love only for yourself is all too common, and is a sign of weakness. Those with full hearts are obliged to pour into the cups of others. Hopefully one day you will be healed enough to truly give and not just take from other's cups.

Anonymous 236184

Who deserve the virgin boy among two virgin girls?

Anonymous 236916


I'm going to fuck all the virgin boys and you can't stop me.

Anonymous 236917

Anonymous 236919

you can but you don't deserve one. i hate when virgin boys are taken by normie sex having women. but whatever moids will take what they can get and i'm not going to stop you

Anonymous 236921

>i hate when virgin boys are taken by normie sex having women.
How often have you seen this happen?

Anonymous 236933

Lots of boys lose their virginities to easy women in their teens. I've been around some women talking about doing it with "lots" of boys in school just by talking to them for a few days and telling them to "be a man and do it." I'm willing to bet you'd find as much if you found threads online about how guys lost their virginity.
It's such a shame, sex should be something special for people truly in love with and devoted to one another.

Anonymous 236939


Hmmmmm well okay then

Anonymous 236940

They suck at sex and they've seen as much porn as the non-virgins ones, 15 second erections are not worth it.

Anonymous 236974

sour grapes right here lol

Anonymous 236978


I can't for the life of me understand the appeal of having sex with a virgin. Like, I guess teaching somebody how to do stuff could be sexy, but it makes me uncomfortable lol. It's giving me mid-life crisis moid chasing high school girls. People that young should be fucking around w each other, when you're w somebody more experienced it shapes your sexual development

Unless you mean like non-teenagers, in that case women like you should be revered for teaching neets how to eat kitty instead of frantic bunny humping

Anonymous 236984

Less mentally corrupt, open to new things, fresh, not a darkened mind most likely.

Anonymous 236986

There is something very romantic about the idea of being someone's first, and its an experience that they will remember forever. You will always mean something to them.
The innocence is cute in a way too.

Anonymous 236991

idk man, a lot of guys just think of their first as some slut they pumped. Unless they were in a relationship or something, but sex is so cheap and easy and mandatory these days

Anonymous 236999

But it's true. Having sex doesn't corrupt the mind, it's pornography and other types of sexist media/depictions of women and sexuality that do that. A vingin guy isn't more open or more caring than a non-virgin, they're probably equally misoginyst. The average moid consumes pornography since he's a preteen. I'd say that the less obssessed any guy is with losing his virginity the better. But dating a virgin guy won't ensure you he doesn't have any weird paraphilias they al do

Anonymous 237000

I disagree they're way less jaded. And the higher body count the more gross he is tbf. Also nowadays I think friends play just as big an influence as porn.

Anonymous 237168

Fuck off

Anonymous 245617

his toes look like hands

Anonymous 245790


And they will never be real

Anonymous 245864


I believe in you.

Anonymous 245865

your picrel is only possible with a TIM and a TIF, not cis man and woman

Anonymous 245866

Screenshot 2023-07…


Sienna Mae would beg to differ

Anonymous 245868

Queen behavior

Anonymous 245874

wasnt expecting this to be so hot

Anonymous 245875

Anonymous 245877

>you're doing their future partner a HUGE favour
>just assuming from the get go that the relationship will be a failure that serves as nothing but a stepping stone
this is why you'll never get one in the first place.

Anonymous 245887

It's hotter if he looks and acts like he doesn't want it, but he secretly does. There's nothing in the comic suggesting he's enjoying it, but my imagination is not constrained by suggestions.

Anonymous 261419

for me its simply being an overly envious person.
so the thought that someone might've had an experience with someone other than me makes me insecure

Anonymous 261454

Perfectly rational to want your beloved all to yourself.

Anonymous 262148

Sorry about your breakup nona you'll get through it

Anonymous 262350

Probably because of less stigma attached to premarital sex.
There were probably some people on the fence about it, when they decided they didn't care it only left the most dedicated believers of monogamy in that category.

Anonymous 262693

im into femboys

Anonymous 262741

the fact that nonas might be chasing teenagers didn't cross my mind. sometimes i forget there are teenage nonas on cc, which i suppose a lot of the virgin chasers must be. i preferred virgin guys at that age, and still do. it's an impactful fantasy. regardless of the reality.

now i prefer virgin guys my own age. they aren't difficult to find when you're a loser neet who talks to other loser neets. a lot of these men self-identify as submissive. they've reached an age where due to the crushing shame of virginity they could never pursue a woman. so they prefer a woman who is blunt and forceful. in my experience they often aren't submissive mentally, emotionally, nor sexually; they're just shy and awkward. and they have a different relationship with intimacy than young virgins, mostly because their virginity is due to some failure in their life as opposed to simply being young.

but i don't mind. every moid is fundamentally flawed. all that matters is whether i get a thrill out of him. if it's thrilling to have a virgin in your hands, like it is to me, then a good virgin is a diamond in the rough. the best boyfriend i ever had was an older virgin, one year older than me. he was actually submissive. best sex i've ever had.

Anonymous 262757

Anonymous 262785

>they often aren't submissive mentally, emotionally, nor sexually; they're just shy and awkward.
How can you tell the difference beforehand?

Anonymous 262800

nta but i believe the difference is that shy and awkward men seem submissive only because they’re too weak willed to be anything else (and they probably wish they weren’t) whereas genuinely submissive men submit because they enjoy it

Anonymous 263003

nona im sorry but are you dumpy?

Anonymous 263015

I know a moid that always makes hints to him being submissive and he told me in private that he is still virgin. Nonas, should I proceed and try to make him submit in some situations to test if he really is down to submit to my demands?

Anonymous 263111

Moid filth

Anonymous 263114

>Nonas, should I proceed and try to make him submit in some situations to test if he really is down to submit to my demands?
Might be a bad idea, do you have anything in particular planned?

Anonymous 263118

Kys Danda

Anonymous 263126

Not really, but I thought I could just tell him to do things for me in the sense of getting me stuff or making him beg if he wants stuff from me. Or just I act even more assertive?

Anonymous 263132

>Or just I act even more assertive?
I think gradually starting to be more assertive towards him would be the best, it's more organic that way.

Anonymous 263153

You're no less of an animal than any man (or woman) on this planet sister.

Anonymous 263812

Where would one even find a virgin man?

Anonymous 263830

vintage/resale shops
online games
discord groups

Anonymous 264549

best option. pure innocent boys here
>antique stores
good ones here. met a few that just wanted to talk about old sewing machines and shit
>dog park
literal golden retriever boys.
>animal shelter
lots of highschoolers looking to get volunteer hours on resume for college.
and my personal favorite:
you dont even need to actually go to the college, just hang around if you are young enough. lots and lots of nervous freshman boys that melt if given the slightest amount of attention. thats how i got my moid. i was 23 and he was 18

Anonymous 264551

Did you approach him?
What kind of situation is appropriate to give them attention?

Anonymous 264563

oh no, a four year age gap between adults. both were college aged. it would be different if nona was 55, but she wasn't. when i was in uni i was in a lot of classes with 18/19 year olds while i myself was in my early 20's. it would have been weirder to deny myself a crush on a boy because he was a freshman than it would have been to pursue it.

Anonymous 264564

i can't count for shit

Anonymous 264607

Did you find them in your class? What did you do to approach them?

Anonymous 264630

Is this a runnign theme in these comics because it so hot__

Anonymous 264631

The rape comic I understand, but what's hot about the comic in the OP?

Anonymous 264669

I have a problem expressing myself to men and being flirty.. consequently I only seem to connect with really aggressive guys who just do what they want and a lot of my sexual encounters recently have been borderline me getting raped..

Anonymous 264757

that comic is an edited version
the OG didnt contain the rape scene

Anonymous 266138


i approached him. i was in grad school and it was the beginning of the school year. he was sitting alone eating dinner and i essentially just forced my way into his life lol. i didnt really ask for anything, more demanded it and made it hard for him to decline. instead of "hey, can i get your number" i would say "hey, give me your number"
'lets get dinner toghether' => "we're getting dinner, i'll be there soon so be ready!"
'i want to go to this party with you' => "theres a party, but i dont want to go alone, im counting on you to escort me"
another tactic i used was to just randomly show up in the evening with my girlfriends and peer pressure him into coming along. it is easy to say no to one girl, but saying no to 5 is impossible. even when he would try to say no (he liked to go to bed early lol) we would physically drag him out of his dorm lol. his roommate was so fucking jealous. i even knocked when he was (presumably) masturbating and had to wait a minute for him to compose himself but holy fuck he was a bumbling mess and his boner was showing though his pants haha.

theres really no wrong area to approach a boy, but some places are better than others. most of these apply to universty
just sit down with a boy sitting alone. comment on the type of food hes eating. ask about where hes from and if they have any good restraunts there. once you have him talking a little, hes in the bag. just give your number and ask to eat together again.
pretty similar as before. ask about books, his favorite generes etc. once youve got a conversation, just give your number and say that hes an interestign person and that you'd LOVE to talk again
a little more difficult but much the same. talk about jesus and how much the lord means to you. convo, number, meet again.

no, i 100% am a predator. i didnt even want to have a relationship at first. i just wanted to exploit him for his money, buying me meals and the like. turns out he was broke, so i decided to emotionally manipulate him for my own gain, but he wasnt much use for that either since he had no connections or clout. eventually, i sort of saw him as more of a pet than a human. it was really interesting watching him grow. he would tell me his grades, ask me for advice, work on projects… all that stuff. it was like watching a dog teach himself tricks, super adorable. right before winter break, our friend group was chatting in the lunchroom and he got up and walked over to ask a girl from one of his classes if she wanted to go out. i got angry, and stormed off and didnt talk to him until half way through winter break. after thinking about it for a while, i realized i was absolutely fucking livid that some random whore caught his eye instead of ME. i guess thats when i realized i was in "love" with him, but i dont think it was 'love', more just being upset that my property was being trespassed. i dont know whats wrong with me, but thats just how i viewed it. so i reconnected (it had only been 2 weeks since we last talked haha) and when we got back from break thats when i started having sex with him. so yeah, thats how i claimed my moid

i know im probably fucked up in the head, but idk what to do about it :/

Anonymous 266146


haha what the fuck

Anonymous 266147


This whole post is an emotional roller coaster.

Anonymous 266149

>i know im probably fucked up in the head, but idk what to do about it :/
You need professional help nona, at this rate you will only end up hurting yourself and others too.

Anonymous 266162

Big mood

Anonymous 266166

simultaneously supremely based and unbased post

Anonymous 266169

Megabased, good job nona.

Anonymous 268547

>the level of detail that went into copying the og artstyle

Anonymous 268560

kinda hysterical that even in the satirical omg what if roles were reversed comic, the woman has long hair, dresses skimpy and presumably wears makeup whilst the male gets to look normal

Anonymous 268586

>he liked to go to bed early lol
this part is the most evil

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