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Catfishing/transwidow thread Anonymous 219354

The "girl" that I was talking with on discord during the past 2 years suddenly confessed to me that he is a TIM. I feel really shitty because I had a crush on "her" and I don't want this to end. He is the person that I talk with the most and the person that I used to be emotionally dependent on during a period where my life was in shambles. I am honestly at a loss and don't know what to do.

Do any of you nonas have any similar experiences?

Anonymous 219355

Have you never heard him speak? Seen pictures? I feel bad for you but wtf nona.
You should dump him either way, he has already shown he's ok with lying to you to get his way. Who knows what else he might do to overstep your boundaries. I hope you never disclosed any of your IRL info to him.

Anonymous 219370

We spoke in vc for a bit and shared a few pictures. He was a bit reluctant and did not speak much, as if he was trying to be careful. His voice was a bit heavier than what you would expect but it wasn't too heavy either.
He never claimed that he was a girl, he just had a feminine name and I ended up assuming it, especially after seeing other users call him a "she". We weren't in a relationship but I planned to ask him to be with me.
I wish I was straight so I wouldn't fall for someone who larps as a girl. I can't stop crying.

Anonymous 219402

Unironically? Get off Discord and a lot of "social" spaces on the internet, and build relationships with people you actually know and have met face to face.

Anonymous 219428

I feel this could have been in the GC thread. I wouldn't call what they did catfishing, at least not intentionally.

Putting aside gender, this person seems to have been a good friend to you for years and it doesn't sound like they creeped on you. Why not be flexible in your approach to this situation? As long as they treat you with respect, you have an opportunity to have a productive conversation about gender.

Anonymous 219437

This, I think the big issue is that nona had romantic feelings towards this person and is disheartened by the fact that he turned out to be a man, but if he's been a good friend who's always there and hasn't tried to take advantage of you, I don't see the issue. Just tread carefully if anything goes arwy.

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