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What are some of the best LGB and LGB community links you know? Anonymous 219731

Wanted to start a lgb link stockpile,for anyone in the queer community looking to avoid the trans plague.

After all this garbage with Hogwarts Legacy, I'd like to see some neutral places that aren't drowned in drama and infighting.

(Especially about a stupid game)

Anonymous 219732

There are not any gay spaces that exclude troons with the exception of one's that worship conservative pickme gays like Milo and Sam Harris.
Just be straight lol

Anonymous 219733

Anonymous 219735

>for anyone in the queer community
I'm LGB and i even don't know wtf queer means. I see this word paraded around by troons constantly.

Anonymous 219736

I'm a fag and would be interested in joining a space like this, but I'd also be worried about having my account complied onto some kind of Terf hatelist. So while the idea of this sounds appealing,don't give your normie accounts out for things like that and watch your back, nonas.

Anonymous 219739

You don't pass and wrong. Look around in the Twittersphere, see the people involved in The LGB Alliance and Reduxx. Plenty of lesbians who take no troon bullshit.

Anonymous 219740

It’s only lesbians though tbh. Gay men for some reason typically support troons and the ones who don’t are republican trad types

Anonymous 219741

I think they only support mtf because it doesnt bother them. I havent seen any gays support ftms.

Anonymous 219744

Before it was bulldozed I met a lot of lbg gay men on reddit's /LGB.

Gay men do NOT accept ftm's in any way usually.

Anonymous 219746

There certainly are. Look up LGB minus the T .

Anonymous 219748


They get to act like they can support trans because they dont have to deal with transmen as often and because theres more transwomen and they are often not attracted to men and often want to date women or other trans.

Anonymous 219750

I met a gay man some ten years ago that loved TIFs because he found them hot. Like, he enjoyed the fact that they looked like men and they still had a vagina. According to him, his favorite porn actress was Buck Angel. Google it, or better, don't.

Anonymous 219755

Sure you did. Some men will fuck anything that walks. No surprise there. But why would some men make up rage about a movement turning previously normal previously attrsctive gays into trans women?

What would the motivation be to lie ?

Anonymous 219757

why are there so many more MtFs than FtMs? My guess is difficulty for men in getting sex compared to women.

i guess this goes to show its not an inbuilt "born this way" type of thing

Anonymous 219759

Lots if gay men live in the delusion that if they put on a skirt they can bag straight men.

Anonymous 219763

so you think gay men are delusional nona thats very homophobic of you

Anonymous 219768


yeah and

Anonymous 219769

based nona

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