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How to find out if someone likes you Anonymous 220061

There's this guy at work. He's considerate, seems to enjoy talking to me and just is easygoing and always seems to have this upbeat vibe as if nothing can knock him out if balance, his presence is just calming to me idk. But he also seems to get along with everybody so I don't know if he's just being nice. Are there any telltale signs someone likes you like eg certain things they talk about, body language or something? I'm socially retarded btw if you can't tell and I'm mortified of making a huge embarrassment of myself and him avoiding me if I ask directly or show I like him

Anonymous 220065

Be brave and ask him to see a movie or something outside of work. The worst he can do is say no, and really it isn't that big of a deal.

Anonymous 220073


>him avoiding me if I ask directly or show I like him
Nice people don't do that. If he gives you the cold shoulder after you suggest a date, he would be the asshole in this scenario. I've been asked out and as long as the guys where civil afterwards, I've never felt a reason to ghost them. Of the guys I asked out, only one has declined and politely told me he sees me more as a friend. But as long as the feeling is mutual, it doesn't matter how nervous you are when you ask him out, it will be perceived as endearing. If he is weirded out by your nervousness, you never had a chance with him to begin with.

Anonymous 220554

I almost asked him out for a coffee today but kept thinking the opportunity isn't quite right yet every time and then the day was over I'm such a coward AAAAAA

Anonymous 220563

>seems to enjoy talking to me
do him enjoy talking with you only or is he extravert and talk with everybody?

Anonymous 220599

I think he enjoys talking to me especially but I'm bad at reading people, he just gets along with everybody from what I can tell

Anonymous 220601

>but kept thinking the opportunity isn't quite right yet
You already are acquainted with him, he might even suspect that you like him if he's good at reading people. Trust me, the opportunity has been right for a while, the only thing you need to do is step out of your comfort zone. I'm fully aware that this is something very hard, but the reward is potentially huge. You can do it nona!

Anonymous 220793


Ok I asked him(we have to work on weekends at our job sometimes) and we're going for a coffee in a few days, he said yes right away and we agreed on a time and place right away. Idk what kind of reaction I expected he seemed really casual, almost neutral and now I'll be mortified of him turning it down over phone for the next few days until we meet up for real. I'm both happy and anxious and I forgot half my stuff at work because I was so excited.
I guess I should be proud of myself and everything went well and now my brain is just trying to sabotage me fuck lol

Anonymous 220797

I definetly am proud of you. Make sure you remember that just because you asked him out that doesn't mean you can't say no to him. Just pay the same attention you would if he had asked you out. That said if you had an eye on him before you are definetly in a better spot than going out with some rando wo asked you out first chance.

Anonymous 221022


We were out for a coffee date and things went nicely, I was afraid of not finding anything to talk about because I'm boring but we still found alot of things to talk about. He was courteous, complimented my style and only touched my shoulder when saying goodbye, we're gonna set up something when we meet up again at work next time, maybe dinenr or something

Anonymous 221850

Congrats on the nice date, hope things keep going well!

It seems like the moral here is that all that 'play it coy' 'hard to get' stuff is nonsense.

Anonymous 221851

the guys you asked out and said yes, were they nice? Were the relationships good?
Congrats, pls update

Anonymous 221854

Who cares since he's probably lazy as fuck about cleaning up around the house and doing domestic work. There would be virtually no reason to have kids because they would dump childcare completely on you.

Who the fuck cares??

Moids aren't worth it.

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