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Anonymous 220358

Is there any niche journaling website where you can keep your dairy,private blogs,write plans,schedules,to-do lists etc. I think some creativity would help me keep the track of my discipline and give me more motivation.

Anonymous 220359

Neocities and Tumblr

Anonymous 220383

Not what you asked for since it's an app instead of a website, but I use joplin for that.

Anonymous 220407



It's got privacy, you can customize the appearance and it's ideal for taking notes of any kind like lists and diary entries. Also quite intuitive to use. I only use the online version but there's also an app you can download.

Anonymous 220412


Anonymous 220413

Not a site, but Obsidian https://obsidian.md
It has plugins for to-do lists and supports syncing with dropbox, onedrive etc.

Anonymous 220433

Maybe don't go for a site but a program instead?
I like Cherrytree.
The .zip encryption is solid apparently.
Or you could do something with owncloud on a raspberry pi/similar sbc.

Anonymous 220441

why not just have a physical calender, a sketch pad and a notepad

Anonymous 220447


tried them before like always, have terrible organization skills add severe ADHD on top of that, I either left it unused,forgot or lost them so digital web or app is a better option for me to keep reminding me what I have to do cuz it's all stored in one device

Anonymous 223893

bumping because of porn

I don't journal but I love Joplin and definitely see it being great for that

Logseq seems like another great application for journaling purposes, also seems to be updated more often than Joplin

Anonymous 223897

For calendar I use Proton Calendar, it's end to end encrypted and free.
However I don't think there's a good program/site that has both (calendar + notes)

Anonymous 223920

Try Obsidian. I just started using it and it's pretty cool- it has a lot of usermade plugins for it that are easy to install.

Anonymous 223959

Joplin with a crappy calendar plugin is not the same. I've used it before lol

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