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What do you tell him? Anonymous 220483

You are given an opportunity to write a letter to a non-repulsive man who is fated to meet and fall in love with you someday, as you are fated to fall in love with him.
You will know nothing of his identity, and he will know nothing of yours until you meet. What do you write?

Anonymous 220497

It is the windfish, neither fish nor wind

Anonymous 220502

I'll write him my phone number, email, address, etc, so we can meet each other immediately.

Anonymous 220503

I would say "hi."

Anonymous 220505

My turned into how I would like to be loved.
Am I supposed to send him sweet words, because Ive wasted so many already.

Anonymous 220565

Do you have any advice to give him to make him more worthy of you?

Anonymous 220567

Can it be a woman instead?

Anonymous 220568

if you ask the windfish very nicely.

Anonymous 220572


I don't remember what I had originally typed. It was something like:
I'm a person who's been deeply hurt so many times throughout my life, so don't hold it against me if I am quick to being defensive. Understand that I am someone who needs love. Also I am human, I am prone to mistakes and I forget things, so don't hold grudges if I forgot to buy the milk.

I felt like I had more but I did seriously drank a whole bottle of wine like it was water.

Anonymous 220585

this is the only answer that makes sense. OP, what are you leaving out? why would I contact him? for what? he's not repulsive so he's an ok person (unless you mean he's only physically non-repulsive) and we're going ot love each other so what could I possibly tell him?

Anonymous 220604

I was clear in that you would not know him and he would not know yours until you meet. So if he received a letter with a bunch of contact information and nothing else, he would likely discard it.

Anonymous 220606

If its fated to meet him but until then he doesnt know I exist, what am I supposed to write?

Anonymous 220616

ok then I guess I include a note that says a magical windfish told me we're soulmates. circle "yes" if you want to meet up. YES NO

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