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Anonymous 22081

Any Muslimanons here?

Anonymous 22083

no but im sure you'll get your flame war regardless
gl hf

Anonymous 22112

b8 is b8

Anonymous 22373


Anonymous 22552

Hey sis I’m Muslim and a hijabi

Anonymous 22623

If you are a muslim you should probably kill yourself. You're an insult to humanity.

Anonymous 22624

Stfu hoe

Anonymous 22625

Anyway anyone here based in murica? Currently attending uni in the Midwest ^^

Anonymous 22626

>>22623 0/10 bait

I do have a question for the muslim girls here that wear a hijab. I hope i don't come of as mean but why do you decide to wear a hijab? All the muslim woman i know that now life in the west all stopped wearing a hijab because they said they felt oppressed by it. Does wearing an hijab make you feel more comfortable?

Anonymous 22629

Yeah it does, I’ve been wearing it since I was in the third grade. Don’t really care to take it off, makes me comfortable to continue to wear it.

I don’t really let my hijab define me, it doesn’t hold me back in anyway. In my eyes in merely a cultural accessory, people in the western world put more emphasis on the religious aspect.

That’s how I view it though, everyone has a different opinion

Anonymous 34212

mariam fakr eddine…

here :3
i feel like the hijab represents me and my religion. i dont understand how one could feel "oppressed", the hijab is only a piece of cloth so its probably western influence, but if they wanna remove it thats up to them.
I've been wearing it since foreverr, its soo comfy and warm, feels uncomfortable without it desu

Anonymous 34213

My mom is a muslim and never wears one. Hijabs weren't common in Iran when she moved to Europe, so it makes sense that she doesn't see it as a part of her culture.
I've considered wearing one before when I was an awkward teen and too lazy to wash my hair, but never got around trying it.

>All the muslim woman i know that now live in the west all stopped wearing a hijab because they said they felt oppressed by it

I never got that. I like wearing chokers, and wouldn't stop doing so if they were considered "oppressive" in some country. That narrative is cultural erasure, and it's sexist as well because it implies these women can't make their own informed decisions. Don't tell women what to wear tbqh. Not allowing hijabs in universities (like it happened in France) is just as bad as forcing women to wear one.

Anonymous 34214

>That narrative is cultural erasure
No bitch, it's the truth
Take off your hijab in Saudi Arabia and see how gently you are treated
Wear it all you like, but don't pretend that if you were back home you'd have a choice about it

Anonymous 34215


Learn to read idiot

Anonymous 34216

>Pointing out bad things about cultures is cultural erasure
Guess black slavery was okay until it was erased by northern propaganda

Anonymous 34383

>i dont understand how one could feel "oppressed", the hijab is only a piece of cloth
I'm not a Muslima, but as I see it, the hijab is a manifestation of the different standards that are applied to men and women in Islam. Why don't men have to wear it? Why are only women considered (maybe a little exagerrated) sex objects? Women in many Muslim communities are objected to very strict regulations a man doesn't have to care about.

By wearing the headscarf, I feel like you are legitimising or giving in to every kind of opression that might come out of the different treatment.
That's just me and you don't have to agree, but maybe you understand me at least?

Anonymous 34393

lol when I was younger I thought about converting to Islam because of the outfits for women. "like a ninja outfit" I thought. and my family is half Czech, so head scarves for women aren't outlandish. babushka core~

and I don't see much of a difference between hijab and the headdresses that catholic nuns wear… I also hate men and I don't want men to enjoy looking at me.

I think the state legally requiring women to cover up with a hijab is wrong and sexist, same as it would be wrong to force all women to wear nun's habits. but there is nothing wrong with wearing it because you want to/because you yourself are religious.

Anonymous 34398

I agree. Apparently the reason for it is because otherwise women would distract men. Why not teach men not to get so easily distracted by women, or at least, to control their urges? Why is the onus on women to cover themselves up?

Anonymous 34404

Too much. You'll have to start hormone inoculations on men for any real effect. I think an anon here went over it before.

Anonymous 34832

Go back to your country or for some place like NY or LA.

Anonymous 34833

>not allowing hijabs in universities(like it happened in France) is bad
Don't come to France then, it's not a muslim country.

Anonymous 34951

Upper midwest or lower? Wisconsin and Minnesota tend to be great!
I worked with the study abroad offices at my old Uni so I did a lot of orientation with the Saudi students we'd get!

Anonymous 34952

Not a muslim but I tend to enjoy wearing them. They're pretty comfy (Especially in winter) and men tend to not bother me if I am wearing one. So that is a plus.

Anonymous 35108

exmus here, i put it on when i was 10. it was my choice but looking back i was basically coerced by my family and community to do it, as they would shower me in praise when i wore it. It's pretty manipulative tbh. When i got older i started questioning my faith, and it felt really awful to walk around with hijab because it sends a signal about who you are and what you believe, when i didn't agree with it for a multitude of reasons. When i tried to tell my parents i was going to take it off, they basically told me not to and wouldn't really listen to the reasons why i didn't want to wear it, only saying that if i was muslim, i had to wear it. it makes me very resentful and i hate that i look back on my childhood pictures of me wearing a scarf. i couldn't even swim without wearing multiple layers of clothing. just my two cents here and curious to see if anyone has similar experiences

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